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: Hey, I've been using Blitz for a few months and i've had no issues with bans so far. Blitz receives new updates continuously, so it may get you banned in the future, for example if new feature suddenly triggers Riot's anti-cheat, violates Terms of Use or something like that. Just keep in mind that i'm not Riot employee, so i can't give any official or accurate statement regarding this software, use it at your own risk.
That was my concern as well, which was why I wanted to gauge community feedback and of course if a rioter would be able to respond to this as well that would be great so everyone has a picture. I see nothing in the app at any point so far that would break ToS and given the fact it's made by the same people who made one would think there would be a bit of collaboration between the two parties to make sure that there is no issue. Thanks for your insight though bud I appreciate it :)
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