SlySherX (EUW)
: Last game i played with him I couldn't ult even with Alistar and Cho knocking up people. I got the "target is not airborne" message, even though they were. So annoying -.- Riot only disables champs if the bug benefits them. If it doesn't they let them be. Gj rito
Well to be fair if he was left enabled in a state that allowed him to kill people from the safety of the fountain it would be a much more game breaking experience. The way I see it is a champion gets disabled when players cant influence the performance of said bugged champions for example being a penta spewing spawn fountain camping machine.
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: Change vayne's W to bonus%hp damage or magic damage
In this post people forgetting that the best way to counter vaynes damage is still armour and HP. Specifically Frozen heart and Randuins omen.
: Riot is probably suing the f*ck out of them rn
> [{quoted}](name=PotatoOfPOWER,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=f9N44UjE,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-07-14T19:50:54.429+0000) > > Riot is probably suing the f*ck out of them rn Only if a riot employee finds out about it, and seeing as this is EUW!
JAMx3trio (EUW)
: I have OCD too i know how u feel medical marihuana helps me try it{{champion:432}}
Haa even if a meteorite was heading to earth unstoppably about to destroy humanity with only months to arrive the British government would refuse to legalise medicinal marijuana. And I have OCD too so I would love for that too change. Oh and reordering masteries/rune pages - yes please.
Eveninn (EUW)
: The power of xD
xD infuriates people as often as lighten the mood. makes em think your laughing at 'em
Roj3 (EUW)
: Answer to this question is not easy. With tribunal Riot is trying to re-educate toxic players. What is acceptable behavior during the game is on as, community to decide. Putting toxic player with non toxic player should teach him that negative behavior is not acceptable. I think that toxic players can't be just removed from the game. Remember, this is a game and sportsmanship do count. Try to teach that every toxic player in the game that you encountered and believe me, they will feel the shame. On the long run, we creating the game and that is not easy.
Not sure I quite understand your post but the people that get banned generally have huge egos and its impossible to feel shame when you're always right!
Synx7 (EUNE)
: Prisoners island confirmed. Give them ranked restriction for "x" amount of time and don't give them draft games needed in order to get rid of their punishment .
WHATS THIS! Riot's finally done something about me afking after I concede first blood on Renekton, calling someone a retard because they use a different jungle route than I do and wishing cancer upon those that get outplayed. Touche Rito.... Touche...... *logs on smurf*
jersatt (EUNE)
: It's a nice idea but don't forget to post it on the NA boards. Rioters are a lot more active there.
Viggaa (EUW)
: those who could actually get affected by some normal games in a non toxic environment won't if you make this change. Everyone will see it as a waste of time instead of some hopefully getting better
I comprehended the mentality and direction riot went with and even agreed with it when it was first announced "ah great, they'll finally start to direct attention to the glaring issues in the community" completely unable to foresee the actual effect the changes have had. Most of the time I come to these boards I see a half a dozen or so posts about "why was I banned!" "why rito give me chat restriction for nothing!" A common trend in these threads is that they honestly felt as if they did not deserve said ban/restriction and that they was unjustly reported by "the toxic duo that reported me for not carrying them hard enough." etc People will then continue to attempt tell them that something they said was the cause of the ban to which the OP will reply with something along the lines of "well i'm only stating facts how else will they improve without CONSTRUCTIVE criticism" they'll in turn get shot down and have it explained as to why its wrong to criticise in any manner and that the game critiques players for them and the OP will throw a minor tantrum say something something rito, rito that, this is bullshit etc. I'm going on a bit so I'll make my point, the people that receive punishments deserve them but they don't realise it, they won't accept it when its laid out in front of it, and they will deny it fervently when faced with some evidence to the contrary. These people are not adjusting their behavior by playing these games as evidence by the "i got chat ban till 8 minutes plz no reporterino me for refusing to communicate :P" (which I personally believe is a snide way of portraying their I've been restricted unjustly it's such a joke mentality) I'd be willing to wager with anyone that at 8 minutes game time if the games not going perfectly your going to see some flame, a comment on how its someone elses fault they just got ganked or that the enemy got a dragon in whilt the junglers pushing down a tower top etc. Again going off on a tangent of sorts so back to my point. If the players do not believe they are being justly punished and they do not change their attitudes in the games they do play whilst restricted then all the current system is doing is concentrating them into an environment which was traditionally meant for players who did not want to deal with ranked, perhaps wanted to play/learn a new champion without penalty, wanted to play something "off meta" and didn't want to worry about whether they would win or not as heavily. Seeing as the toxic players must win to get out to get returned to their "important" ranked games they expect you too play it like a ranked game, they'll throw a hissy fit as soon as someone locks in a miss fortune or a yorrick or something that they believe to be bad and cause the game too lose, in their minds those players are just wasting their time. Furthermore the people that play unranked normal games in the past were playing for the fun of the game not elo, not competition, so theirs probably something to be said about making the toxic players play the game we feel is fun as a punishment for their behavior. At the end of the day making them play games as a punishment for being an asshat in a game they love to play seems like an extremely soft punishment, I whole heatedly believe that the only way to fix player behavior is to take something from them such wiping IP, Division demotions, timed account bans. (lolol time to play smurf) Hell why not make them play 50 games of doom bots which emote spam taunt you and type rekt ez ? so bad etc in chat throughout the game whilst proxy farming you at the spawn fountain for 30 minutes with doombot ai allies that calls you a retard for team mates? Its a complicated and possibly impossible issue to resolve, riot is essentially attempting to change the way some people just are and whilst I can't offer a solid solution to the root problem I can highlight the problems the current "solution" is doing more harm than good if any in my opinion, segregating them would at least return the game to the way it used to be for me, tolerable.
Primo88 (EUNE)
: MMR is calculated from the win-defeat ratio and a bit from KDA.If Riot would just make the MMR being calculated 50% from win-defeat ratio and 50% from KDA,matchmakings would be SO mUCH BETTER.Better players=Better teams=Better games=More enjoyable games=Less negative attitude.Simple math xD
Would sure make old school spawn Karthus with investment banking masteries and all keys but the r removed a lot more to climb.
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0GameDos0 (EUW)
: it works like this :copied from lol wiki A unit with 60 magic resistance has 160% of its maximum health in its effective health, so if the unit has 1000 maximum health, it will take 1600 magic damage to kill it. so a unit with 500 mr and 2000 max hp will need to take 12000 magic dmg to kill it so 10000/2000 =6 magic dmg to lose 1 hp so 2000 Magic dmg will lower your hp by 333.33 hp note:sorry I seem to have messed up in my former post
That's my bad I read it as his ult will deal 1667 damage too you with 100 hp and 500 mr resulting in you being over killed by 667 points of damage. As for Veigar balance, in lane his flat burst usually wont kill you, you can run into his wall get hit by a q and his aoe his ignite and ulti and he'll still need to land another q, and this is assuming you didn't have a heal barrier shield or other damage mitigating ability. Other AP Nuke champions have this kind of burst with the bonus of having mobility in lb's case akali has dashes shrouds and fizz has troll poll dash etc. Veigar lacks the range to nuke you indiscriminately and has no mobility so just let your tanks keep him at a distance and be wary of a flash play and he wont be nuking anybody if he nukes a tank the tank did his job and he probably wont die, he will however be seriously wounded, but in a sense so is their team as their mid lane nukers now out of the fight for a while at least..
: "Noob champion"???
A "Noob champion" would be a champion that requires little mechanical input to make the most of its kit. For example Warwick and riven. In order to make the most of Warwick all you need to do is press w r on an enemy press q a few times, fairly sure his q does not attack reset but i may be wrong. He even has a passive that makes it easy to stick to the person that you just mauled and that's the absolute most you can get out of said champion. Riven on the other hand has her passive stacks that she builds after using an ability and has to weave those between each ability cast whilst auto attack resetting with her abilities to get the crazy bursts shes capable whilst also have a shield to time properly too mitigate damage dodge skill shots and last but not least land various skill shots. That having been said I don't like the notion that champions are noob choices most noobs I see tend to play hard champions lose half their potential due to being unable to play them properly and get killed relying on the "fkin noob champion you're so bad" response which is basically "I've only died 5 times in 5 minutes because my champion is harder too play than your's so I'm still better than you" excuse.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: if his ult does 2000 and you buy 500 MR his ult will deal 1670 dmg it works like this damage by spell * (totall MR /(100+totall MR)) so 2000*(500/600)=1666.6666666666666666667~1670
I heard it works in the matter that each point of resistances ups your health by 1% to that kind of damage. So if you have 1000 hp and 500 mr you would have to take 5000 points of magical damage too lose 100 points of hp. if that was the case those numbers seem wrong,
spharic (EUW)
: ***
Never say never. The point of the discussion was again to create a debate, its not a qq complaint thread but a suggestion in the suggestion forum. The overarching statement was not about me me me I want to play the new champions, it was about wanting them to be played so i can learn to play against them as much as playing them as well as putting an end to the whole "new champions are released op for sales" bullshit notion large portions of the community seems to have adopted, opinions like this cant be formed in than a day but around here they are made in minutes. So again my point was that making them unbannable allows players to: 1. practice how to play them and against them. 2. obtain metrics on champion strengths and weakness for appropriate balancing to take place based on numerical evidence and not hyperbole. 3. create realistic scenarios as apposed to mirror matches that only the draft pick system provides. And at no point did I mention applying this too ranked. So this whole "me getting my way toy" stance you've taken is just another example of you inability to read comprehensively. You're points so far have been 1. QQ more 2. Play team builder 3. Muh rites 4. Deal with it. 5. It will never happen anyway so forget about it. None of which are valid civil debate points, seeing as you lack the social skills to debate and instead turn to uncivilised crap flinging I don't see any point in continuing to reply to your nonsense however if you can muster a valid civil logical response to my points I'd be happy to debate them with you and concede my belief on the matter if they prove too be valid.
spharic (EUW)
: and here's my valid point to not make em unbannable: blinpick&teambuilder. if you dont want to have mirrormatchups/non meta teamcomp, then you have to deal with it. mature ppl can deal with it, immature maybe less... ;) (pro tip: you can skip teambuilder team's and search for a new one if you dont like it) there is absolutely no fuckin reason to make champs unbannable in draft. and luckily, thanks god, this will never ever happen. :) your turn now. :)
Again none of your post was a valid point as to why my points are invalidated. All you have said is deal with it and that there's no reason but you've backed it up with nothing to validated your stance but passive aggressive remarks about immaturity and sly wink faces. Its not very mature too bring that kind of attitude to a debate, especially if you're not going to add anything constructive to the discussion.
spharic (EUW)
: carry on QQ'ing back to the debate: ppl can ban WHATEVER they want, there is absolutely no point for making him unbannable. period.
I've listed a bunch of valid points for making a newly released champion unbannable. You've listed nothing but a bunch of childish qq comments and "muh rights muh life I do what I want" rhetoric. I'm going to guess you're younger than 20 right?
: Some people usually play Blind Pick or Teambuilder and just play Draft Pick when they deem something overpowered, broken or simply don't want to have the same enemy lane over and over again. We should be able to ban those champions simply to let those players have fun too. Ekko is in pretty much every game right now, Draft and Ranked are the only exception because he gets banned there.
An interesting perspective, I wrote blind pick off a long time ago because every game included a lb zed yasuo or katarina though.
: Did I ever say it was a good thing? Besides people do have the right to play whatever they want. People will probably be against it, but fundamentally they have done nothing wrong.
So you're fine with the people troll picking double mid leaving the adc in a 2v1 lane?
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: who plays normal draft beside those that are forced to?
Those of us that don't play ranked "e'rry game cos its the only thing that matters" but also want to avoid the negativity found within the blind pick model and to avoid mirror matches.
: People have the right to ban whatever they want, new champ or otherwise. And chances are, in this instance, they've played against Ekko before and, from the reactions a lot of people have had towards him, just don't want to deal with him.
You're not really making a debate as for why we SHOULD be able too ban new champs more and the logic is flawed, using your comment I can spin it too validating support dodgers who instalok something troll, like so! "People have the right to play whatever they want, role lane or otherwise. And chances are, they've played support before and from the reactions a lot of people have towards supporting random ADC's, just don't want to deal with it adc would rather duo mid. #Muh Rights" If you feel new champs should be able to be banned for the first few weeks back up your stance with an argument, why is new champs being perma banned a good thing outside of ranked games.
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: It's bad to ban him in Normal Draft because you lose the chance to either play him or learn to play against him. People forgot Normals are for fun and for learning so they tryhard there and play like shit in Ranked. But. Yes, if someone wants to ban him, they can. Why not?
Why not? Bandwagoning, I'm only suggesting this for the first week or possibly two. not until the next champion is released. As for reasons why not beyond the ones I mentioned, if no ones playing new champions riot won't get the numbers feedback and work out whether buffs/nerfs are needed and won't know where they are needed.
FPSBurkey (EUW)
: Mirror matches are stupid though and don't teach matchups.
Also congrats on bringing a debate down to a playground level of maturity! xD
spharic (EUW)
: ***
Mirror matches are stupid though and don't teach matchups.
: Let's talk about Ekko, The boy who shattered time.
I don't see why people act like hes "broken" tier OP, he is OP but nowadays the only things played are the OP picksplayed in LCS so that seems too be the only means of making a champion viable. His ult is unreliable as its more on your enemy to allow you to set it up, its damage whilst high isn't so insanely high that it needs to be toned too much. The heal it provides is strong but compared to say fizz's troll poll (who deals high burst and seems to be very similar in my opinion to Ekko) can potentially save you as much HP, and if said ability you dodge using said ability was a stun/charm etc fizz wont get killed for polling it where as Ekko would be bursted. His w again relies on the enemy to make a mistake as much as it relies on ekko to use it cleverly. His e blink has great synergy with his kit on the offense and can clear a lot of ground but can't be used to run away as effectively unlike say fizz's dash which I believe is a greater distance, or LB's distortion katas shunpo. and finally his q is so easy to dodge the second portion of which is the majority of the damage. finally the damage portion of his passive seems about the same as diana who on the whole has a better kit for running away over jungle camps and her burst doesn't have a don't stand here to avoid it mechanic tied to it either. I actually feel that hes balanced with an argument to possibly tune down the passive slow sprint part but that's all. So yeah I agree the whole Ekkos way too op broken ermahgawd cant believe riot was thinking this would work bandwagon is more of a short bus.
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: Just use mute option and play your own game. In my experience, normal games are just the same as they were before. Ocassional afk, plenty of whiners, blamers and flamers, some bad players, some good players... nothing new.
> [{quoted}](name=kubasvaton,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0nfUqEbe,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2015-05-22T00:24:32.145+0000) > > Just use mute option and play your own game. In my experience, normal games are just the same as they were before. Ocassional afk, plenty of whiners, blamers and flamers, some bad players, some good players... nothing new. Oh I don't get offended by the flaming raging and afking, but the game play alters drastically when someones decided they're going to feed endlessly or afk or just spam the chat box with insults instead of actually playing.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > **Here’s a peek at where we’re headed:** * Recognition of honors and rewards for positive behaviors and communication [source]( At the end of last season, everyone who hadn't gotten a restriction was given a mystery skin.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0nfUqEbe,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-05-21T07:59:02.511+0000) > > * Recognition of honors and rewards for positive behaviors and communication > > [source]( > > At the end of last season, everyone who hadn't gotten a restriction was given a mystery skin. Everyone of my friends accounts that had been and currently where ranked and chat restricted received said skins, I'm fairly certain everyone received them. Also 1 skin per year isn't going to entice someone that does flame to stop flaming
huckasex (EUW)
: you could always play ranked games since its the same as draft, just with less assholes (since those are forced to play draft)
Gief Trio queue options
: While this is a very intuitive and understandable assumption, it's simply not true. About 75% of the people with restrictions improve their behavior up to a point thats acceptable after the first restriction. A lot more follow with further restrictions. Only about 1-3% are never able to improve their behavior, no matter how hard you punish them.
The main point of the post wasn't about reform but effect, the effect being that non ranked games are now flooded with players that are only playing normal's because they was chucked out of ranked for being massive ass hats.
Kageryu (EUW)
: Thats the thing, it makes no sense if you consider Riots intentions with the ranked restriction. The intention is for people to HAVE to learn to communicate in a gamemode that does has the pressure of a "Ranked game" while being virtually the syme in theory. In that light to let the guys play vs AI in custom games (which helps noone to be frank), or a completely different gamemode (Dominion) makes simply no sense.
Well in that case their intentions for the ranked restrictions have been for nothing because it has only created a cesspool of toxicity in normal non ranked games, they're not learning to communicate using the current ranked restriction model unfortunately.
Kageryu (EUW)
: > I would therefore request that this measure is removed and tougher punishments are introduced. > I don't have the answers but a few suggestions that come to mind are - > > 1.Permanent and time based bans. > 2.Custom game only restrictions. > 3.Dominion only restrictions (though that would be unfair for the dominion players) 1. They went away from those because people would switch to another account and just play on, now they are forced to deal with the consequences of their behaviour 2. That makes no sense. 3. That makes no sense.
Makes no sense how, in the way it was wrote? 2 and 3 are essentially the same as what we have except I suggest punished players are limited to either playing dominion games, or playing custom with 9 ai games. Oh and as for point 1 - ban based on ip/mac address.
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Azrerael (EUW)
: keeps disconnecting?
Having the same issue, makes swapping masteries runes summs tricky.


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