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kimret (EUW)
: AP items are severly overloaded.
True... If only riot would balance mages to the point that there's a way to punish them for spamming abilities, rather than buffing them every 2nd patch. Mages have waaaayyyy too much base damage, and too much scaling. Look at a champ like Neeko for example, she ahs cc that goes straight through minions, and is able to delete half you hp with 1 ability, level 2. As soon as she gets that lost chapter, she's out there 1-shotting champs left and right. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Play Galio like Mikyx and Hylissang
Heres the problem though... Galio wasn't reworked to become a support, he was supposed to be a melee tank mage in top/mid... The constant buffing and nerfing of him has sent him down to the support role. This is extremely frustrating, and sure he might work well in the support lane, but that IS NOT where he's supposed to be! Riot needs to adjust his damage numbers so he can play solo lanes without having a 44% win rate in mid and even worse in top! Go back to how Galio was just post rework, he was perfect! He never needed the insane ap ratio buff that he got, and he definitely didn't need all the nerfs he's been getting lately!
: Wouldn't you dodge a game when one guy start cursing and jerking around? or a guy saying mid or feed? Does that mean you don't wanna play? you do - just not with that guy. I actually think the punishment should be per queue (aka softer). But that's just me.
The thing is, I don't care about the "kid" that gets salty and goes off on a trolling rant in champ select. I simply ignore it, and then mute ingame. easy as that. But I thank you for your input, always interesting to hear other another individual's opinions :)
: I wish someone from my team would dodge when we have shit team comp and enemy team has a great one in solo q.... to be honest. I dont mind waiting if that will make my chance of winning higher.
I can see where you're coming from, and I'm not saying that's completely wrong either. I just feel like the timeout should be a lot longer.
Mada (EUW)
: I think punishments in general need to be buffed. I haven't heard of the Player Behaviour Enforcement Devision nailing someone's head to the floor since Beta.
I agree with that. I've seen people walk away not getting punished for major behaviour flaws, while others get banned more merely defending themselves when getting flamed.
Hajrulla (EUW)
: No. What about if you have teammates that purposely ban your champion? I had 2 of them and lost a game also because of them, and I regret not dodging it and waiting for 5 minutes. You don't have any common sense.
I see your point, but your argument is coming from a more passively aggressive standpoint, not a neutral one. My points are perfectly correct when it comes to at least normal games, but I can see them shifting when it comes to ranked. Also, that I "Don't have any common sense" is simply showing your lack of holding a discussion with someone without having to point out flaws of an individual, nor use them as an argument. This is basic stuff everyone learns in school around 14, so please refrain from using the pathological thinking of a 12-year-old. Your argument would have been a lot more acceptable if you hadn't added that last sentence ;) just a tip for next time
: league is not a short game. one has the right to dodge and not get into a game he would regret playing.
That is true, but I just think that the punishment for dodging simply due to "not wanting to play" should be a lot harsher.
: It's a 5 minute timer first. Then a 15. Then longer. Penalty increases with the frequency they do it within a 24 hour period. It sucks to get dodges in a row like that, but it doesn't happen super often.
I'd say that would be correct, but recently it's just been happening a lot more frequently.
: {{champion:17}} main detected.
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