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An Icehole (EUNE)
: Movable AoE Heal Circle... do you even think before you type? it's already broken as is. And seriously if they're thinking of buffing her im out, being able to go 1v2-1v3 is more than even riven could do.
More than Riven could do?? xD Fiora only has a stun if she ripostes a hard CC, which doesn't scale of her AD, instead AP... Fiora's only dash is on short cooldown only if it hits an enemy champion/minion, she doesn't get 3 of them, with a knockup, that go on cooldown after the very first one is used. Lastly, Fiora doesn't also have a shield/dash scaling of off her AD... Why talk about her ult? They already took out the "Untargetable" from her old ultimate which made people cry so much. x)
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xLyo (EUW)
: some people just shouldnt play any team games
Yeah I hear ya... I was 6/1 as Fiora jungle (and before anyone says I just took kills for myself instead of helping lanes - I ganked Lux (to help Zed) at level 2, I killed her. Yes. Then Shyvana died to Fizz in Top... I come in 5 seconds after and kill Fizz. That's basically how I got fed. Then.... as I was 6/1, Varus 0/4 says to me that I'm bad... Like, really? You're 0/4, while I'm trying to carry your sorry ungrateful ass and you call me bad? I just lose my temper with things like this. I wish I would have the strength to just mute them at the first sign of abuse, but I can't, and would prefer not to, because they might have something actually valueable to say. Plus, I want to know what kind of stuff they're saying about me, because I want to be able to defend myself. Not that it matters much in SoloQ anyway right?... End of game I get "Report Fiora x9 pls". Idk if it's cause I play Fiora... Or 'cos from 6/1 I stopped giving a damn and was 7/15, just 'cos ZERO teamwork. And I say "Wow, you guys can't teamplay for s***". It's not the most positive thing to say, but after I've been flamed at, trying to carry, I don't think they deserve my respect. :)
yoniame (EUNE)
: cool skin, but instead of love she would need a rework or a nerf, so she actually she will be an 1v1 fighter, not a champion who can win 1v3 with only a {{item:3074}} and a {{item:3254}}
Fyi, she can 1v3 if shes fed. Dont allow her to get fed by playing in ur tower instead of feeding her more. :D
Trias000 (EUNE)
: What the fuck does she have instead of her hand?
PRoxy oQ (EUW)
: Actually it was inspired by SNSD group and their song Genie as well as clothes and face etc. but I liked it i like this one as painting but i never was into Jedi/SW theme or movies ofc some of you are so i would not like this as i want Fiora with good skin (aka one i like).
It was the best thing closest to a skin I could find online. Please, if you have any ideas have an artist pull them through and present them to RIOT like I'm trying to do (im not the artist... just fiora lover). Also - I never even saw a SW movie... she just looks good.
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: One word for you: Vladimir Unless she can score an early all-in kill, the lane is over. Riposte doesn't block his abilities. He can farm excellently under turret if she decides to push. His pool counters her ult. His sustain is much stronger. Him being ressourceless allows for a rushed Seekers. And lategame, Fiora is either squishy or useless...while Vlad has armor, MR, 4k hp and still hits like a freight-train.
I can reply to that. She will score an early kill. He can pool... Then I ult. And why would I be squishy? I can get a Maw of Malmortius / Spirit Visage, then you do no damage at all. :)
Aénigma (EUW)
: Riven
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