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: In a way I guess it's true that this could 'stop' or 'prevent' impulse purchases. But then again.. what would you rather have as riot? This is kind of a black and white scenario but for example's sake: Someone who can't be arsed to play much anymore since he recently purchased a champion he doesn't enjoy at all? Or miss out on an impulse buy, but at least that player knows the champion he tried out isn't for him and keeps playing with other champions he does enjoy? And while I would like for Riot to add sandbox and replay modes, this is quite a different issue. The tryout mode is simply meant for those who don't own the champion and wish to get a quick playable demo and feel of how the champion works before purchasing. Regardless of them adding it sooner, later or never, it's a suggestion, if they pick up on it (if they haven't already) it's good enough for me > planting the seed!
You don't know the average LoL player well if you think a bad champion purchase is enough to make someone quit the game. I know people who bought several skins on champions they don't even use now - and yet they log in and play, almost every day. Riot screwed up in many ways, and I'm the first to call them out when they do, but their marketing strategy is on point. They will not work towards a profit loss. Same reason why they don't have a "full package" like in Smite, where you can spend 20-30€ to get all the champions available. And just like the other features I mentioned, it's still a specific "queue", with a different mode to be added - even if it's just a copy of the tutorial map. Also more load for the servers whenever they're not on fire.
Hexa Kayle (EUNE)
: Once OP or never OP, doesn't matter, now unknown.
"that champ exists?!" - go ask Gambit when they got juggermaw'd.
Gerbie (EUW)
: Try a champion
The idea is good, but then again it'd be a profit loss for Riot (since "impulse buys" will stop) and we've been waiting for replay and sandbox modes for years already. I don't see them adding this feature anytime soon.
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fail Smite,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NXTYqpLT,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-03-13T12:55:21.057+0000) > > > He'd be in a good spot if one of his ability scaled with his own health. This. I'm really surprised he doesn't have any kind of %health scaling with his own abilities or what not. > he's bad, you can't have any opinion from normal games. ...OK. (Man I hate it when people say utter shit like this).
> ...OK. (Man I hate it when people say utter shit like this). Uh? Where's that quote from? I never said that. Edit : my bad, I'm an idiot and boards suck :D
: cant believe im saying this after so long...zac is actually a really solid pick now
Meh, it's a step in the right direction, but he's still not on par with Sejuani/Amumu/Nautilus (who are in a pretty good spot now). The problem with Zac is that they gutted his base damage, but the only way to increase it is with AP - which you cant afford to build unless you're snowballing like crazy. So you're reduced to being a CC bot, but the other tanks do that much better. He'd be in a good spot if one of his ability scaled with his own health.
: The community has been asking Riot to ban new champions for a week or two ages now.Wtf are they thinking each and every time?
That doesn't make sense. Some people are good at picking up new champs, some practiced on PBE, and high elo players in general don't need more than a couple of customs to grasp the champion's mechanics. Also many players only play ranked, so "releasing" the champion in ranked 2 weeks later wouldn't change anything for them. Not to mention the increased toxicity of normal games where everyone and their mothers will instalock the new champion or dodge/troll when they don't get it. That said, Bard is poorly designed. Some champions have "some" trolling potential, generally one ability at most (Anivia's wall, J4 ult, Blitz hooking the wrong person, Thresh throwing a lantern then walking out of range when you want to pick it (or suicide-flashing with you), etc. That's okay, because it's only a small part of their kit and, well, shit happens. But Bard's entire kit is made for trolls. Passive encourages him to roam - which the vast majority of players cant do effectively - leaving a lane 1v2, possibly even going to annoy the jungler. Q is the only decent ability. W is basically like the health packs in ARAM, where everyone wants to take it and rushes it without caring about their surroundings. E is a blatant "don't piss me off or I'll bring the entire enemy team in your face" button. And I don't think the ult even needs to be mentioned.
Sháco (EUW)
: I can't believe you're platinum and crying about Riven. Seems they give out ELO for free on EUNE. P.S I love how everyone's comments against these "QQ Riven is too far up my butthole" threads gets down voted. Just 'cause of a majority of people agree, doesn't make them correct. There is a very good reason why you don't see Riven in competitive play, if she was as "OP" and "broken" as you peeps like to make out, she would be insta picked and banned every game, but she isn't. Think about that...
> Just 'cause of a majority of people agree, doesn't make them correct. And that's why boards suck. QQ threads about a champion that isn't even played competitively (and hasn't been for a very long time), poorly worded and straight up vulgar are upvoted to the top. Not sure what Riot expected with that.
: Thank you a lot for your feedback! I indeed started this guide with the intention to go more into the depths of jungling, but quickly realized, that it is just too complex. I mean what you see here are 10 pages of Text to cover just the general stuff that every jungler needs to keep in mind at all times. After realizing this I decided to make 4 more guides on the topic of jungling. One is for the general jungle route and strategies (including alla eventualities you have to build against) and 3 are dedicated to each individual lane. Including: + How to gank the specific lane and the certain champions on this lane + How to react to certain eventualities. + How to build against certain team comps and on certain situations + The mathematics behind jungling + Top junglers in the current season and why I agree with you and again highly appreciate the feedback, because I had the feeling to first go for a guide to gain some awareness for the game in general with focus on the junglers position. Also as this is my first guide besides some champion analysis, I wanted to see the response on the board and if it would be worth the effort to go for the 4 more guides, because writing these guides consumes a lot of time and research and as I am busy working the whole day I spent my evenings writing here. But taking your detailed comment I suggest, that it would be good to go for the 4 guides. I will not exactly improve this one and unfortunately cannot change the title, but I will expand it with these new guides and hope to get the puzzle together that in the end will represent the whole complexity of jungle.
Hi again, glad we agree :) I also had that possibility in mind yes, just expanding that guide would make it a huge wall of text, so it will be better to have separate guides, depending on how advanced you want them to be.
: Guide for General Understanding of the Jungle (Part I) - to help you improve
Fair warning to people willing to read the whole thing: it's fairly well-written, and it's long. But it's by no means "in-depth". This guide is purely aimed at people who know nothing about the jungle and want to get started, or want to learn the very basics of the role. For instance, parts 1 and 9 are basic game knowledge. Parts 2 and 3 are pretty much copypasted from a support guide and apply to everyone in the game. Part 7 is pretty much pointless, and the rest has some good ideas but remains very vague where it matters. At the end of the day, a new-ish jungler will read it, feel inspired, start a normal game and lock a jungler...and quickly realize they still have no idea what they're doing. I know I might sound negative but that's really the feeling I get from reading it. A few things you could change, improve or add: - Play champions you're confident with. I'm pretty sure we're not talking about LCS-level gameplay here, so filling a team comp is really overrated. Most games can be won way before team comp becomes a deciding factor, if you are good enough with your champion. Yeah it's great that you picked Sejuani because the team had no tank, but if you suck with Sej you're still going to be a liability. Meanwhile a good Shaco could have carried in 20 min tops, despite having no tank (or playing tank Shaco...) - Also on the topic of filling a team composition, if that's really what you want to do: think it through. For instance, you suggest picking an AoE-CC tanky champion in a team where everyone has single-target damage; this may sound good on paper because you do something your teammates cant do....but it doesn't make sense. If your entire team is based on bursting down one target, then you want to add hard CC and burst to your comp, and play a catching game rather than forcing teamfights that you cannot win. - Know your match ups. Not just in the jungle (ie Pantheon beats Lee in a duel, J4 generally loses to Vi, Lee tends to make Wukong's life very difficult, nobody counterjungles Rek'Sai without preparation because she will always have the initiative thanks to tremors, focus a lot on vision against a Nidalee because whoever sees the opponent first wins, avoid walking in bushes because you'll probably eat traps...) ; if possible, know lane matchups too. Before you even choose your starting camp at lvl 1, you should have a good idea of how your lanes will go. If you have a Vayne + Leona bot, don't start on bot side, you'll just guarantee that this lane will lose. Instead start topside, let them get gromp/golems, possibly come for a lvl 3 gank while they have a level advantage, etc. If you have some crazy pusher like Malzahar or Caitlyn, buy an early ward and put it at the most likely ganking path for their opponent. If you have a Vlad top with TP, don't bother ganking his lane and put all your focus on something else - he offers no burst and no CC early game, you will most likely waste your time top and lose in a 2v2 situation. Etc. - Some generalizations are just wrong or poorly worded. For instance "Farming is the top priority if you go for full damage jungler." No. Farming is the top priority if you go for a farming jungler. Yi is a good example, same for Rengar or Warwick pre-6, because of how these champions work and scale. But the same thing would apply for Shyvana or Udyr, even though they build tanky. On the other hand, if "farming is the top priority" on Pantheon or Shaco, you're doing something really wrong and you fail to play on the strengths of your champion. In other words, your choices in ganking/farming/Counterjungling (typically early game) have nothing to do with your role (damage, tank...) in mid-late game. It entirely depends on the champion's mechanics and how well you can use them. - If you want to call the guide "in-depth", you need to work on 2 things, especially in this season with so many changes: 1) more details about items, including jungle items, stat choices, importance of CDR on specific champions, particular synergies, etc. When it comes down to actually playing the game, many people just don't know what to build and follow gut feeling. Guts do not rule over brain for a reason. 2) Actual routes. Unless I skipped (it's late), you only mentioned one route. There are multiple possibilities right now, including lvl 2 invading cheese, lvl 2/3 ganks, 3 camps + crab back for jungle item rush, or full clear, as well as recovery paths if you are invaded early on. This is one of the most complex parts of jungling right now IMHO, and one of the most confusing for newcomers. You should probably give more thought to that than "just full clear till 800 gold, then clear some more till lvl 6". Again, I support the idea and the post, it just feels lacking for now, I just hope you can improve it.
: Wait what? Lee is one of the top tier junglers again thanks to the fact he has his lifesteal+shield and the most broken thing, his %max health Q has no cap against monsters. Why?? It should be capped 80/120/160 damage (lv1 lv9 lv16) against monsters, it does enough base damage + the bonus AD scaling itself. When Baron is low his second Q does 800 damage only from the %missing health part lol.
Please post a screen shot of a Lee Sin's Q dealing 800 damage to baron. Hint: you can't, because it's capped against monsters and you're talking out of your ass.
: Dude AD Fizz = Build armor AP Fizz = Build magic resist Tat's how i counter Fizz , lb , Ahri ...
Except you don't counter Fizz because he builds tanky, with only 2 damage items. He's currently top tier jungler, possibly stronger than even J4 or Vi.
Leopard III (EUNE)
: I think, that Riot is going too far into E-Sports with their balance
Veigar got destroyed and Riot straight up fucked up with him, no doubt about that. Kassa got treated the same way. The generalization is just silly though. There have been a lot more nerfs than buffs throughout LoL history. "mortal kombat where you get deleted in nanoseconds and can't even prevent it"? Please. Have you ever heard of the old red elixir? Rengar/Riven/Shaco/Lee Sin/Xin lvl 1-2 cheese? Release Ryze winning 1v2 with his bouncing orb? The game is A LOT more tactical now than it used to be.
: [Resolved] Impossible to login - server issues
This may or may not be related, but I disconnected from my last game after 2 minutes. Attempting to reconnect, even after rebooting the client, would simply result in the usual firewall issue. After rebooting the computer, flushing dns and so on, I got back in the lobby. The game literally just disappeared, and the other players I added had the same thing happen. It's already pretty hard to climb when you get +10 and -30 LP gains for no reason, but when the game wont even work...RIP.
CryoBeat (EUW)
: Guide to AD Manatank Kassadin, Buffed by patch 5.4
Tanky/AD/Mana Kassa has been a thing for a while, and the build itself isn't bad - it might even be optimal now. Still, last patch was a nerf no matter how you look at it, and the champion is garbage no matter how you build it. It's not even a situational pick anymore, it's a liability.
: Do I dodge or do I lose?
1) The first restriction is only 6 minutes. If you actually care about climbing in ranked, you should have a lot of time for that, so 6 minutes isn't the end of the world. If you have to dodge multiple times in the same day, you either got really unlucky or you're biased and dodging just because you think the team comp could be better - which isn't the intended use of dodging, hence the penalty. 2) You don't lose MMR while dodging, only LP. Now I'm all against this stupid hidden rank BS, but that's still how it works. The LP you lose by dodging will essentially be earned back in future games, as your gains should slightly increase (or losses should decrease). As for the time lost, it's certainly shorter than what you would waste on a troll game. It's not a hard choice at all, if you know you're getting trolled and you care about the outcome, always dodge. 3) Riot is working on a teambuilder ranked queue. Now that's not saying much, but at least they're aware of the issues in soloqueue. 4) With your suggestions, some players would straight up stop playing ranked. I know I would use it to dodge an Ashe or Urgot if I had one in my team, just because I dislike those champions and believe they're bad. But what about those guys with 3k games on Ashe or Urgot, who only play them? Should I have the right to prevent them from climbing, just because their champions aren't popular?
: Is Sion too strong ?
He's a very good pick and he's pretty fun imo. Not "too strong", but he does his job well. I do have one counter in mind one plays it anyway :p
Bondegg (EUW)
: How to stay relaxed, in ranked!
@ beginning: Please don't do that in your videos. The whispering feels like someone is spitting in my ear, it's just awful. Either speak in a clear manner or not at all. Much better after 2:57, funny attitude. Also a tip to go along with your behavior, quickly vote on surrenders. As long as you do not vote, it encumbers everyone's screens, possibly bothers them and might increase the rage. If there are 2+ "no" votes we already know the result anyway, so just remove the thing entirely.
: #Decency: Why I started muting everyone from the get-go
It can help some people for sure, but I don't think it would fix much. Aside from the extreme cases of spam and harassment, flamers are just a minor annoyance, and flamers can be muted once they start - while you can still read other players. The real problem begins where the "mute solution" ends: when players start griefing in game just to piss you off. It doesn't have to be going afk or feeding on purpose either; simply running around and following you, stealing farm/buffs, or just refusing to group when necessary. Those people are ruining the game a lot more than someone calling you an *a*sshole, and nothing can be done about it.
: I just got harassed by the enemy team for building Lich Bane on Veigar
People still play Veigar post-castr....errr, "changes". The more you know.
How about most upvoted post/thread of all time? Highest amount of pictures? (hmm..I kinda expect this one to be NSFW actually) And yeah, is it possible for us to check our old posts (or the total count) without pestering you about it? (if not, what about me please :D)
: She's not a ninja, so no energy for her.
I agree, remove energy on Lee Sin ;D
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: Patch 5.4 Changes
Awesome, and very accurate. In the same style, I love this one :

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