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: I read your post too late yesterday. I just re-read it and now I understand what you mean. It indeed does not enforce a meta, and would solve a lot of communication issues. Well, I +1'd your post already yesterday because I did agree with the main idea, so I can't upvote it again. Some people seem to have downvoted it, though :(
Ty anyways, its nice to have some feedback even if the post is not popular. Though I wish the downvoters would give their reasons for doing so.
Pokku (EUNE)
: Unfortunately, Riot won't do this because it would enforce a meta, which is something they are against. Sad, but true. Personally, I would like a way to indicate my lane and role in champion selection, in a similar fashion to Team Builder or Dota2 ([look at the lower right corner of this picture](http://i.imgur.com/qudIk.jpg) )). This solution wouldn't enforce a meta since many people can choose the same lane.
**It seems there is a misunderstanding: ** - My post only said that the matchmaking system looks for a combination that would fulfill all 5 roles. - It never stated that you, as a player, are restricted to those roles during champ select. - I also never said that you cant choose a role which has already been taken. I deliberately didnt post these things, because i had the exact same concerns you stated. Yes, the restriction you stated would enforce a meta, but i never included those restrictions. In other words: you have complete freedom during champ selection - the differnce is just that there is additionally a suggestion by the system and that you can now see the choices your mates make without having to read. I hope this clarifies the issue. Thanks for the input :)
: They were working on a draft pick teambuilder, not sure if it got shelved or if they're still working on it though..
Its true they worked on it, but I dont think they are anymore. They see that the Team Builder isnt working optimal already, so they wont introduce the same to ranked. Especially sicne the player pool the system can choose from is far smaller in ranked (due to less players in ranked compared to normal and the extra splitting of divisions) -> getting a game woudl take an eternity. Which is why i suggested to eliminate 1 of the 5 roles, rather than choosing a specific one - making each player a 4/5 chance instead of a 1/5 chance.
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