: Your fault is how you communicate with people. You just seem to have not single dropplet of respect for other people in your mind. I mean its not for a person to go to his mother and: P: yo dude, scratch my ballz MOM: no fek yourself P: dude, you are my mom MOM: its not my fault P: lol gg ez
I do not understand how I am the one at fault here... You understand I was the one being flamed the whole game just because I called a lane, right? I wish you could see their chat logs but they were flaming me not the other way around.
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: Every line (literally) of text in your chatlog is extremely annoying. For example, we can just take the first one: FakrBakrPlayMakr: iim not going vs illaoi What people could think about this line: - That you want to switch lane or you troll - That you are a bad player and you doesnt want to play the difficult part. You just want to see flashing lights saying that you are good. You have absulutely no respect of other people. Thats what i can see from your writing. I looked over every single line of yours. I would report you for every single line of chat. Not a single line was positive. I don't continue to write because the next would hurt you, depending on your personality.
Bro i said im not playing vs illaoi cuz illaoi was top and i called mid, and plus, after that i offered to switch lanes. Also pls continue im trying to understand what im allowed to say cuz at this point everything gets me banned...
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