Shukr4n (EUW)
: can u please describe me which are those gay behaviours that made varus gay? please.
Maybe watch the video or read the comic.
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: 10 Gemstones. What to do with those?
Wait until they release something new for gemstones.
: Wait you thought I was serious when I told them in an ingame chat to kill themselfs? I'm not that evil, lol. As I've said before, I never thought someone would take it seriously ingame.
> Wait you thought I was serious How am I or anyone else who is not your friend supposed to know if you are serious? If I tell my premade to kill himself, what do you think it looks like to the other 3 people? _Oh I bet he's joking_ or _Wow what a toxic person_ Let me spoil the ending for you, it's the latter. You are playing with strangers. Not everybody is in on your jokes towards your friends.
: read the quest. Only SR
Pretty hard to read the quest when it isn't in my missions list.
: Ok Let's say im stupid and my friends are stupid and we are all suicidal and I don't know people that think suicide is a tabu theme. What do I do in this situation?
You and your friends are suicidal. And then you tell people to kill themselves? What the %%%%?
Shroud (EUNE)
: Not skipping with good mmr?
The MMR on sites like OPGG are estimates. Your true MMR is only known to Riot.
: We need a better way of showing the players what to use and what not to in the chat
> Don't ignore that League is played from people all over the world and people in 1 continent may have totally different viewpoints if something is offensive. Something that is a joke in Bulgaria may be something you could get killed for in UAE. I think it's fair to say that no society thinks that telling people to commit suicide is okay. But it should be common sense what things you can say and can't say. > Something that's offensive in Bulgaria might be a joke in Germany. And this is just totally false. There are no jokes in Germany.
: This Courage mission is frustrating as hell
: Tiny Lock in Collections
This champion is free to play this week.
: Where to buy tickets for the Worlds 2017 final in Beijing?
: Vision from player made terrain
Maybe because it's an ultimate.
Wither432 (EUNE)
Post it on the PBE boards. This is no place to report PBE bugs.
TKP B1lly (EUNE)
: Is it worth buying a rune page for 6300 IP now with the upcoming changes ?
: Then why are you complaining? Some people don't have those skins...
I didn't get them from Hextech though.
Erín (EUW)
: How do slurs still get through Summoner Names?
Shemale is a slur? Shemale is offensive?
: What did you expect to get? Grey Warwick? If you put in consistently good rewards then people have the motivation to cheat the system. If you are motivated to cheat the system, then nobody is really honored for being honorable. You see why this is bad?
> What did you expect to get? Grey Warwick? Nah I was hoping for a few key fragments. I already have those 2 skins you can get from them.
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: A Bunch of Dos and Don´ts for new Board Users.
Don't: Make a long shitpost no one will fully read. Because it's wasteful of yours and others time. Instead play some league.
: Gonna compare it to Team Fortress 2 now, because for all I saw, Overwatch is kinda similar: In TF2 you can use plentiful of voicelines, but afaik noone is bothered by spam because: a) there is a soft-limit on how much you use can use them; once you repeat voicelines too much, the CD between them becomes larger to a hard cap b) you can mute players c) ppl would often join in the choire to spam popular voice lines like "Pootis spencer here!" To punish a player over these small things seems small-minded and dense to me.
Overwatch has both A and B. Never heard any choires though.
Khoreth (EUW)
: Player Unfriendly
This UI is unfriendly? Please provide some pictures with what you mean. Because I've never seen this UI as unfriendly or difficult to understand. I just can't picture anything about the UI that isn't clearly stated or shown.
: You want to make fun of overwatch?
Meh I deleted Overwatch a while ago. Like people say this community is toxic haven't seen what overwatch has to offer. In the first few seasons I climbed to high plat with junkrat only. Got flamed almost every single game because "Junkrat sucks". Had to deal with trolls once in a while because the game was "already lost". Then the Junkrat buffs arrived and now either everybody is picking Junkrat away from me or flaming me because they want it.
: ouch another wall! umm well how about this, depending on your performance in the game the punishment would be lighter or even non existent and ofc you would base that on your team performance sounds good?
> depending on your performance in the game So if I have a bad game and people decide to report me I get harsh punishment? And who or what is gonna judge performance? The grading system we have now is already stupid as %%%%.
: oh yeah haven't thought of that well how about making it so if you get reported by 3+ players in 1 promo match you'll get a punishment (anything you see fit)
> well how about making it so if you get reported by 3+ players in 1 promo match you'll get a punishment How'd you like to get troll reported by 3 people and get punished while you did nothing wrong?
: i was hoping if you could at least take a look at my idea
That'd make trolling people in their promos so much easier.
: I Still Don't Get How To Play Against Vlad In Lane...
I use 2 picks against vlad. Either I play talon and jump on him every chance I get. Or play AD kennen and out him every chance I get. Both options involve buying {{item:3123}} for obvious reasons.
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xGunna1 (EUW)
: yasuo and zed were for months permabanned and no nerfs yet but squishy ap galio permabanned one day
Well Yasuo and Zed are just annoying to play against. Galio is legit broken.
Arildo123 (EUNE)
: Should reformed players get their pemabanned accounts back?
TKP B1lly (EUNE)
: Yesterday i got perma banned for being negative. Today riot unbanned me after i sent one ticket.
jasper101 (EUW)
: Autofill...
Wtf. I thought someone who left the boards a while ago came back to whine about autofill. But I guess your names are just really similair.
Ubeh (EUW)
: Neither do you apparently.
This dude mentions 8 points and that is your counter argument? Wow.
: Popstar & Elderwood Kindred Concepts... once again
I'd like elderwood better than Popstar. They already have that flashy skin in Super Galaxy. I'd like something more serious for them now.
Víbe (EUNE)
: Rengar new transformer-cat-thing skin?
_HEY RIOT WE WANT A %%%%ING MECHA RENGAR SKIN_ **Here you go rengar mains, have the skin you wanted.** _HEY %%%% THIS SKIN_ But the transforming into vehicles thing is part of the mecha line. Only Kha doesn't have it, but he doens't have a special recall at all. For reference, Aatrox becomes a Jet, Malph becomes that drill tank from YuGiOh and Sion is a %%%%ing train. Imo the skin looks good. Only the colours are godawful, which is probably the reason he gets on release chromas.
: New champion teaser?
That's elderwood leblanc.
U405120 (EUW)
: i got chat restricted for 10 games for this
> i don't understand barely any toxic here Are you sure about that?
: Ping tool in League of Legends client
: death sworn kata
SirZeel (EUW)
: Guns of Icarus - Free
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Noice.
: U cannot rember something like this (%%%%ing worthless brainded scum%%%% bastard pile of trash mental %%%%face that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate he is) word on word after 2 years. Do u think im stupid?{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I have it on a hotkey. Is that wrong?
: And thats the only thing u heard watching the video again.
I didn't watch the video again. And why should I?
: Then u remeber 0 of it
I clearly remember dunkey calling someone a _%%%%ing worthless brainded scum%%%% bastard pile of trash mental %%%%face that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate he is_
: Did u even watch the video?
Yes, 2 years ago.
: It was just an example
Of a justified ban?
: Permabanned toxicity Not Faker no bus (eune)
> Tyler1 is getting unbanned. Jensen was unbanned. That thing about this that many people, including you, don't understand. Is that Tylers and Jensens bans were VERY different then what your ban is. Tyler was banned from playing the game at first. Then Riot let him play it privetly. Now if he can keep his account clean he can stream LoL again. Jensen was banned from pro play. In 2015 Riot sat down with him and deemed him not toxic anymore. Neither Jensen or Tyler are getting their banned accounts back. They only have been allowed to play again.
: (BANNED) Riot's investigation system is unjust
You can raise as much objections as you want. But the fact of the matter is that Riot handled this according to the ToU. So there isn't really any room for debate.
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LeCruz (EUW)
: Mission progress for "Death Sworn" only in PvP modes?
Since they don't say PVP I guess it can be done in Coop vs AI aswell.
: Perma banned?
_OP used dunkey video_ _It isn't very effective_ _Credibility decreased sharply_
Min Yoongi (EUNE)
: Rakan.
Well the shield on his E is part of the dash. But he already has a self shield in his passive though.
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