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: Thats nothing new my friend,just quit this shitty game.U WILL FEEL BETTER ,i promise
Wtf are you doing on boards then? looks like you can't let go
: Because that is the only mode im literally having fun playing? Like im having fun again playing league. No tryharding just having fun. Also no one makes you to play URF, so yeah, If you don't like it bye. EDIT: Readed whole post rn and URF is just made to be broken lmao, what do you expect a champions to be balanced with 80% cdr? do you even think before talking? Sorry that people don't tryhard in urf.
I want what you're smoking. No tryhards in urf... lol.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Remind me, why did people want URF back?
Urf is supposed to be silly... that's why I hate it.
: Middle East gets a server but not South Africa
Dunno if you've read some posts about this on reddit, but basically our player base is too small and it will mean 10min + queues and some game modes being disabled. But, from my personal opinion if they make a server here, market it a bit, they will have enough. Then again they don't want to spend their resources on player experience of a minority so that won't happen. We're stuck with 200 ping
Shamose (EUW)
: Middle east isn't getting a server. They are getting the arabic language as an option on EUW.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: both. it was sarcasm
I know, it was brilliant
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: ofc they won't do it. they are preparing to shut the game down. all their actions speak of it
not sure if I should laugh or cry
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: - the settings some time get to default after a patch or maintenance like a bug - the settings some time get to default if connection to the server is bad due bad internet or client bug, client can't communicate to the server and settings go back to default and runes pages get deleted. all this are just client bugs, (or rare cases real internet problems) nothing to do with pc specs the most annoying thing to get back to default is default settings for voice chat that make you automate join voice on UNmute, terrible privacy problem since when you usually have it to not automatically connect and also on mute, and you join a friends group or some strangers premades that like how you played and invited you for a game, and you are used to click on connect+unmute yourself when you are ready, and realize game got default settings and you are already connected and unmuted and they could hear what you talked to phone/family etc. Is disgusting they don't make default to be mute or not connected.
yeah the reason I was talking about specs is because that is the message a get when I open the client. I can't remember the exact words, but it is something along the line "we've detected your _hardware_ and applied the _recommended_ settings". The fist time I saw this message I was like great! Until I notice the client looked shit. And those two settings I mentioned are the only ones that change. I must say it is very annoying. I've created an Na account to play with TFT with my american friends and also new clients and accounts for my sister and cousins who were playing with us. When we created our first party they were automatically connected on voice. I immediately thought to myself how could this be the default setting. Like Facebook with it's privacy settings is trying to force a norm onto us, riot is forcing us to talk to strangers. If they want that they should redo clubs. The old clubs there was a SA chat so that was a nice why for me to play with fellow south africans.
Dookusan (EUW)
: South African / African Server
I've read a rioter comment about this on reddit. You have a much larger chance of being heard on reddit than on boards since riot don't really care about boards. Basically, what they guy said that they are monitoring the player base and that they like what we do with DGL (if it still called DGL). But the reason they haven't started an SA server is that the player base is too small and that it will affect our game negatively and will move over to EU in anyways. It will affect SA players negatively in terms of matchmaking and insane queue timers (from what I can remember). Now here comes the rant... my opinion is: LoL has a low SA player base because of the high ping. SA CS:GO and DotA servers are functioning well, their ranked systems are tough to get higher ranks and a lot of players will play those to games for online competitiveness because "the ping is just better". Our own group of friends doesn't even play league anymore, we'll rather play RTS games (like company of heroes) or now TFT or ghost recon wildlands because lag doesn't have as big say in who's winning or not. That's not to say you can't be good with 200 ping, there's a lot of very good SA-ns playing league and one can only wonder how good they would've been if it weren't for the ping.
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: Thats the thing nobody expects special TT treatment, they are just worried the mode will be removed, same with ARAM... you dont balance for those, let the players enjoy it.
That is true. I personally would've loved if TT got full attention, I believe it has the potential to be the best game mode. That being said they can just leave it there and let those who enjoy it be able to keep playing it, it is not like it is causing any harm.
Jasuo (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline has to stay
I think the dev's and balancing team don't have the time to focus on TT. Therefore it is much easier removing than fixing it. I believe if TT got half the attention SR were getting then it would've been a super fun game mode. There was a time I preferred TT above SR, but that was on the old map. Damn the good old days.
: I found this quite funny (I just added the link as reference)
I think there's maybe too much "stuff" that needs to load from the server side, because if my connection is shitty the client performs worse. Edit: also what is the client doing with 750MB of ram? or is it natural?
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sepaurora (EUW)
: player opinion about diana
It depends on the match-up and also she is an assassin so she is meant to 1 shot squishy champs even with just a few items. Riot have said something about giving her a minor rework or something, but it is not very high on their priority list. She has a 49% win-rate on so it is not like she dominates every game. Lastly unlike other assassins Diana has no escapes, so there is a bit of a trade-off for her high burst.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: 99% of the time you won't get an instant feedback report if someone gets banned
So the answer to the title is yes? is there anyway of knowing if someone got banned?
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Ahries (EUW)
: Old game modes
Hexakill as well... I for one don't like arurf or nexus blitz, but my friends do, so during this time I play alone all the time... {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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MasterRed0 (EUNE)
: You have to enable the option in settings: "E-sport rewards" or something like that... Found out now after watching 3h fullscreen... <3
Found this thread when googling. Where do I find these settings? I can't find it in the league client, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place :(
: My fps is at 180 then I get this 3 second lag thing and afterwards my fps is down to 110. It's been happening most of my games and it happened to me just now my previous game while I was ganking bot and couldn't do anything for 3 seconds only to find out I'm busy getting hooked by thresh and unable to prevent/or do anything about it.
going to put v sinc on and see if it helps
: Weird lags at minute 5-10 in every game
My fps is at 180 then I get this 3 second lag thing and afterwards my fps is down to 110. It's been happening most of my games and it happened to me just now my previous game while I was ganking bot and couldn't do anything for 3 seconds only to find out I'm busy getting hooked by thresh and unable to prevent/or do anything about it.
: Feel The Climbing is based to highly on SMURFS or a Big MMR miss match?
> [{quoted}](name=CC Solar Sun 40,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NAhpAjEv,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-28T13:47:45.840+0000) > > So far every game I have played has either been a stomp on our side or a stomp against me. In a video from Riot, can't remember which video, the dev said something about match making. He said if the players' win rate is 50% it means the match making is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Which makes sense, if I'm at a silver 3 skill level it will only make sense that I'll win 50% of my games when I play against other people of that level. So the dev then said the player's win rate is 50% implying the match making is doing what it is supposed to be doing, but is it really? From my personal experience I say no, because of the part of I quoted. 50% of the time my team do the stomping and the other 50% of the time we get stomped. It is frustrating when my top laner got solo killed for the 5th time in lane and I'm here in bot lane trying to make plays as a support and hopefully my adc can get as fed as the enemy top laner, just to keep up, and then there is now follow up from the adc even after a perfect engage with Rakan. I make desperate plays, failing, just to try and make up for that feeding top laner. I can't even tell the guy to stop feeding because then he'll think I'm flaming and play even worse, then I motivate the guy then he thinks I'm sarcastic, so by now I've learned just to say nothing. Needless to say, I lose the game and just thinks to myself: 'I don't mind bad players playing the game, but why is that guy match made with me, sure, I'm bad, but I'm not that bad, wtf is this. So I queue for the next game and I'm just a spectator in a team who's winning me the game and I try not to feed and make it harder for them to do it and show up for the team fights on time. Boom 50% rate and riot is happy. So today I pray to God for the match making algorithm to place me in a team that can carry me to gold when I partake in the 2019 ranked season. Even if I don't deserve it I wont say no to that Gold border and free skin, because it sure looks good and then I can tell my silver friends they are boosted when they make mistakes *(sarcasm)*.
: About remake
have you recently bought your computer, and do sometimes get blue screen when you alt+tab in other games as well?
: "I got triggered by the client not working properly, so I just decided f this and made the call." Well if that is the thing that triggered you, i think you should definitely stop playing this game yeah
I probably shouldn't have used the word triggered then. What I meant was, I was already losing interest, playing less frequently. Most of the friends I met on league aren't playing that frequent either. Some will rather play other games. So we decided Monday night we will all play league of legends and play together, because we haven't played together in a long time (we've all still stayed in contact with each other, but we were just not playing together anymore). And then we created (or tried) a custom game and the client just gave as a big fu and said: you will not be playing tonight. Everyone went back to their other games. And that's what "triggered" me. I reckoned: if I'm definitely not going to play the game alone, nor with my friends, whats the point I keep on playing?
: Are you waiting for an applause? Maybe an award for your playing time? Just go ffs.
you taking your time to comment was enough
: BUt why though? XD
There is too many variables, my post would've been too long and that wasn't the point of my post, it's not about ranting on and on why league is bad and why I've left, it's literally just about saying good bye. But if I have to give a reason why; it is because of my personality. That is what I believe is at the core of my decision. I don't like change. When I was young my parents traded our Opel at the dealership and bought a new Nissan. I hated the Nissan. I refused to drive in it with them, and I hated my parents for selling the Opel. I've grown up a bit now, but I still miss that Opel, thinking off tracing the car and buying it from who ever is owning it now and fixing it up, but that's where it stays, in my thoughts. So the comparison I'm trying to make is, playing League was like driving that old Opel with my dad, sure the electric windows wasn't working and it had it's flaws, but it was fun and it made me happy. League today is like the Nissan, is it a better car (game)? Yes, definitely, but it's just. not. the. same. I don't get the same feeling from it, if it makes any sense. So yeah, it's been coming for a long time now and today, after 2 months not playing, I got triggered by the client not working properly, so I just decided f this and made the call.
: Your name doesn't suit you then, "MrNeverSurrender" but surrenders the game :P.
XD, I do love irony and couldn't help laughing when I read your comment. I hated surrendering games that's why I changed my name to that.
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: they are doing both.
Do you have a link maybe? want to know what they're planning
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: You can't teach someone to be better if they themselves aren't looking to improve. As for what's best to do, you can have him be on voice chat with a good player in the bot lane (doesn't matter what role, either adc or support). At least that way the other player could guide him and he'd catch a few pointers on what he should keep in mind for the future. Also, it might be a good idea to keep all of this in normal games.
Ty. We usually play flex and people in our team get irritated if we start losing, so when he's out 1v5ing we might use a few not needed words, so normals would be better (but it's so boring). We do use a voice chat and we have decided we are going to put him on bot with someone who can guide him. Both will play adc and supp, their pref champs actually quite complement each other so it works out kinda good.
: That sounds a lot like me a few years ago tbh. What made me perform better was simply listening to everything my friend said. His knowledge how to rotate and which objectives are more important was way better than mine in those days. So I just blindly listened to him and did what he told me. My mechanics were good enough for the rest so we performed pretty well. He usually knew where the jungler was, he payed attention to when they warded where so, for example, abused the enemy jungler's positioning to roam botlane and stomp them. If your friend has good mechanics, why not put him on midlane and give him a jungler who practically "babysits" him and commands him where to go. (Of course that person has to have enough game knowledge for that role ^^) It helped me more than a lot to, on the one hand, learn more about decisionmaking, and on the other hand, concentrate on my mechanics, because I didn't have to concentrate on the rest. Over the time I just "naturally" learned when to go where and which objective to take, because I played enough games with my friend to already know how he would have decided. It's still not perfect but I improved a lot through this :)
Thanks that actually helped a lot. The guy is very hard headed so telling him what to do is hard and we don't always have time to explain why we say certain things. Also most of us are just focused on our own games, so we are going to have to do a bit on our side as well to guide him. But I think with you, you wanted to learn, but he already thinks he knows everything and there is nothing new that you can tell him. So we need to do as you say and guide him and look after him, but also change his mindset.
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Treycos (EUW)
: Try it What's your problem ?
Nah my friend's game can't get past the authentication in the login screen He's from NA, but plays on EUW server
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Tarolock (EUW)
: the amount of topics about league losing players and smurfs ruining new players experience despite both is false is amusing no, league did not lose players, actually they grow so big that they were able to make a server for turkey, which they cant do without growth then the smurf "problem", the smurfs are identified in a few games and once thats done they are queued up with other smurfs >He said that it's become so team orientated that individual skill isn't that important anymore because league is not 1v1, its a TEAM game so ofc it needs teamwork, your own individual skill can help you win your lane, but thats not enough to win the game >What I enjoyed when playing dota is that you can almost take any champ, any lane and play any role and it's ok. Now, thinking from the top of my head, you can take yas, block every particle with your windwall, buy redemption and be a support. So the new items does allow it, but it is still not optimal to do so, which is right, but if you do it, and it actually works you'll get perma banned. you can go with any champ in any lane and if you are not feeding/trolling most of them will work, wont be optimal (thats why we have meta) but it will work, either because of the enemy team did not see it before so they dont know how to play against it (reminds me of my games as illaoi support, fun times) or its just a situation that boosts a champ (ziggs adc for example, he can kill 2 champ he can farm while the support takes care of the enemy and he will be a towernuking beast) and i never heard/saw anyone getting permabanned for something out of meta... (if you mean the singed support, he got banned because he was toxic NOT because he played singed support) >And Riot Games' biggest focus is on pro-play and trying to get the non-pros to play like pros. Play meta and get rewarded, play out of meta and get perma banned. And their state of mind gets carried over to the community and everyone wants to become pros and no one should have fun playing league. this is just wrong on so many levels... first of all the meta is dictated by the players not riot, prolly this is the reason why they didnt say where will be Kayn or the new Urgot played, then the focus on pro-play, thats where the game is, silver players know nothing about balance since they dont know the best items/combos for their champ and they dont know how to play around enemy, and pros are pros because they have that knowledge, so why would they focus on casuals? in bronze/silver yasuo is ban/pick but as you go higher less and less player playing it because everyone knows how to play around him so he is not a threat, or azir, he is weak atm because if they give him a tiny bit power he gets stupid op in the hands of pros while still useless for soloq etc >Riot Games should put their main focus on having fun. actually they do, just look at the gamemodes, events etc, the problem with fun is that players are twisting and turning it into something unfun then cry about it i remember the first few days when URF came out, it was tons of fun, every match you saw new champs even the champs that were never played on normals, then next time urf was up the meta already formed and the fun gamemode turned into a crap with a pool of 10 champions and if you did not pick from that 10 champion you could watch the whole game in black and white from the fountain same goes on with the poro king, i still play it because its better than aram, but when i see the same few champs 5 games in a row its just boring then there is dominion, well the definitely not dominion, i would love that gamemode, something new that is not get to their base and destroy it killing everyone in the process, but nope ppl cant play it, they dont know what the bases do, they dont know how to use the buff, nothing, i had a game where ppl asked me at the end game screen how i got most points if i did not kill a single player the whole match... so how do you have fun when everyone else focusing on getting the most kill even if it does nothing (i won games where enemy was ahead with 20-30 kills), or the trolls who just focusing on ruining your fun?
Thanks for reading and replying, you definitely changed my views on everything you mentioned. One last thing, what do you think about dropping the lvl 30 idea? Just generally, not in the focus of league losing players and new player experience.
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Thaya (EUW)
: What type of internet is the best to play league?
lol first world problems... I'm here in South Africa, opening this in a new tab thinking: 'He'll probably ask which is better, ADSL or 3G?'. But yeah, I saw you already got your answer, based on info I got from a friend living in Australia, I'd also say Fiber.
Wallach (EUW)
: Honor progression
> [{quoted}](name=Wallach,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=VleXjq9a,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-06T21:06:17.361+0000) > > on this note, riot will we get a progress bar or some thing like it, so we&amp;#039;ll know where we stand? a little transparency make the experience way better. That would be nice
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