Etherim (EUW)
: Looking for people to play normals ;D
We got a group of fun lads to play with if u like. Here's a link to my thread;
: Still looking for people? I m looking for people to tilt with myself :P
Fawakko (EUW)
: Existing group of players looking for more~
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Fawakko (EUW)
: [EUW] Looking for some people to play with. (Any elo for normals, certain rank for ranked)
: Hey! I have a community you could come play with if you wish! We mainly use Teamspeak for communication :) But of course, that doesn't mean much to you. So how about this? Feel free to check it out. :) If you are interested then here: HoA Ancient
Fawakko (EUW)
: [EUW] Looking for some people to play with. (Any elo for normals, certain rank for ranked)
Friendly Bump! Can always use some more people! Elo does not matter if u just wanna have some fun games and maybe learn/teach!
Fawakko (EUW)
: [EUW] Looking for some people to play with. (Any elo for normals, certain rank for ranked)
Lots of people added, a few where available for games. Had a ton of fun! People are still welcome to join, just add Fawakko ingame and i'll invite you to a Club where u can meet our other friends and join games. No ELO or lvl restriction. Just let people know beforehand if you still need to learn or whatever.
Fawakko (EUW)
: [EUW] Looking for some people to play with. (Any elo for normals, certain rank for ranked)
Nice amount of responses, i like it! I have added all of you, and after dinner-ish I will see who is available for some games! Edit: I have also created a club for all the people who are adding me, so even if i'm not on, you can play with people of similar interests!
RekKinnG (EUW)
: Hi! I'm also looking for some league players to have fun games and climb ranked. I'm 18 from England and I'm a Silver 5 ADC main but I like to play other roles a little too. Is Silver V good enough for some games with you? I've come from being a high level CS:GO (LE/LEM) player and I lead my own team through many victories, so I understand the importance of playing competitively and team functionality. My interests have turned to climbing the League ladders now and I'm always trying to improve myself. If you're interested, please let me know!
Everyone is good enough for games with me! I don't care what elo ur in. We can always start with normals and get to know eachother etc.
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: Searching in the shop
Tons of damage is for Triforce i think. :P
Guldman (EUW)
: Would this skin come ever back?
I got it on Halloween in season 3 or 4 I think, and i have seen it being sold a bunch more times. Mostly during Halloween/Christmas time.
: Why does Riot protect Zed?
Do you do anything other during the day then make complaint-posts on the league forum? Or do u have someone helping you?
: Thank You Riot for the Clan System telling me who Premades are...
We'll see. I don't mind either way. Dynamic, Solo, for me it's all the same. If I play with my friends, we are on skype, yeah but we focus only on the game. I never noticed premades to be worse, or more toxic then solo-players. Unless you count this thread, solo players seem like the more toxic types. If soloQ comes out, I think both ques will have a long timer, and Riot will have to make a choice at that point. What that choice will be? Im guessing DynamicQ. Time will tell, stop being so angry all the time, nobody REALLY cares what you write on these forums anyways, I don't see a reason to be THIS angry over something you have 0 power over.
Liinad (EUW)
: But then again, you are simply saying that you have to build cetain teamcomps or pick certain champs just to fight against Udyr which isn't really balanced in my eyes.
Not just udyr. If they play a hypercarry botlane, you would want to build a team that can get to that carry, right? If they favour Teamfights, with Oriana and Malph for example, would you build a comp that's supposed to stick together? Ofcourse not, you would want something that can avoid that. Same principle with Udyr.
: its funny how all these champs ''need a nerf'''
"HurrDurr, Enemy (Instert HyperCarry) lost lane, so i ignored him and let him freefarm for 20-30min and now he got a penta, RITO PLZ" Is 99% of these posts
: OH right, im sorry mister challenger, but i thought forums were for this exact kind of thing? Second, so you're implying that the whole purpose of playing league of legends should be to stop enemy jax from getting fed and helping your jax to get fed. Why not just call it League of Jax? Third, you're implying that I alone have 100% control over my games, even though the patch notes from the previous 3 seasons beg to differ. Fourth, let us do the math: Guinsoo's Rageblade+Devourer= 30 AD+ 40 AP + 8*(8%AS+4AP+3AD)=54 AD + 76 AP + 64% attack speed + 40% attack speed + 60 on hit magic dmg. Now to count in passives: UNIQUE – GUINSOO'S RAGE: Deal 20 (+ 15% bonus AD) (+ 7.5% AP) on-hit magic damage to the target and nearby units in a 350 units radius area of effect. UNIQUE – PHANTOM HIT: Every second basic attack against non-structures will trigger a phantom attack, applying on-hit effects twice. So from two items you get 104% attack speed, 54 AD, 76 AP, and an average of 157.6 magic damage on hit (part aoe, rest single target, assuming you dont have any other bonus AD, or AP) That means that from those two items, without any other attack speed/auto attack skill or steroid, you get more dps than jinx with phantom dancer and infinity edge. Now, imagine a jinx that deals half magic damage, with infinity edge, and a phantom dancer, with a gap closer with 5 seconds of cooldown, and an AOE stun that also dodges most single target spells. Also if you proc ult you get +100 each resistance. but, wait thats not all! because if you call now you will get a +300 magic damage every third auto attack and a +150% attack speed when continuously attacking something for more than 2 seconds. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE because all of the above are stats with only 2 items and lvl 18 jax. Now we add boots of swiftness (+60 movspeed and 15% slow resist) and we then add 3 tank items, Deadman's plate, Spirit visage, and Stearak's rage. Your argument is fucking invalid. And last but not the least, you came in all high and mighty telling me that since im that bad i deserve to suffer, when in reality you're just gold 4. Even now with my 40% winrate im gold 3. Ex plat. And you didnt even bother to check if im bronze, or diamond You didnt bother to check pick and ban rates No, all you saw was somebody complaining, and you came it to SHOW THEM WHO'S BOSS ... jumping to conclusions much? You dishonored the summoners code, the bit that says: No newbie left behind, even though in this case, you're the newbie.
> Second, so you're implying that the whole purpose of playing league of legends should be to stop enemy jax from getting fed and helping your jax to get fed. Why not just call it League of Jax? Yeah, unless you want to lose the game, the point is to stop any HYPERCARRY to stop from getting big. Is this a surprise to you? Mister EX-PLAT HURRDURR (Meanwhile, Gold3 with a terrible winrate) And yeah, u don't have 100% controll over your games, thats true. But you ARE the little schoolgirl crying on the forums about it. Best Regards, Mister Challenger. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Liinad (EUW)
: If you read my post, you should have noticed that I said that Udyr just runs at me and kills me, also I said, that I played Kalista as well and I couldn't kite him either. Also when I'm staying behind my team because I have to and we don't have hard cc he just ignores everybody that doesn't pose a threat to him and runs though them to kill or zone the carrys.
The reason Udyr is allowed to just run at you is because you are in a bad position, your teamcomp is terrible or your team doesn't peel for you. Just because you, or your team screws up, doesn't mean a champ is bad.
: I'm now 100% certain that Sion is broken
I used to main him, before the nerfs. Back when he could take half your healthbar with one E. That was broken. I still play him every now and then, he seems fine to me. When he's allowed to get full build, he's no more broken then a fullbuild Nauti or any other tank for that matter?
: Dude. Pls. Tell, me, how do I counter Jax with this build: Devourer, Rageblade, Hextech gunblade, Trinity force, Spirit visage, Dead man's plate. With the reworked bloodlord mastery that gives lifesteal on champions according to missing health. Tell, me, how do i counter Xin with this build: Devourer, Rageblade, Hextech gunblade, Trinity force, Spirit visage, Dead man's plate. With the reworked bloodlord mastery that gives lifesteal on champions according to missing health. Tell me, how do i counter Yi with this build: Devourer, Rageblade, Hextech gunblade, Trinity force, Spirit visage, Dead man's plate. With the reworked bloodlord mastery that gives lifesteal on champions according to missing health. How do you counter ANYTHING that can stick to you and deal 2x more damage (mixed dmg, if yi, then true dmg) than your overfed adc, while at the same time being tankier than the actual tanks because of 2 tank items and tons of lifesteal/spellvamp. Hell, try playing any champion with that build, doesnt have to have any specialised auto-attack steroids like yi, kogmaw. I so far tried nautilus (works), udyr (works flawlessly), talon (you will make the enemy soraka ragequit), kayle (stacking rageblade is pain, but after that its inconcievable damage), aatrox (like xin, but with more sustain/range), akali ( go 2 tank item first, then build rageblade and hextech, and go 1v5, fun guaranteed)/ The only 'counterplay' is to ban those champions in champ select. You could argue that you can counterjungle and what not, but that only delays the inevitable, and you sacrifice your lategame in order for the enemy to reach their lategame a bit... later. Not worth.
If you are bad enough to let them get to that point, you deserve the loss. Just because you have no clue how to play against it doesn't mean you have to come to the forum and cry like a spoiled little girl who didn't get her favourite toy. Again, if you are bad anough at this game to let them get to that build, and have no idea how to counter it, maybe you should educate yourself a little bit before comming to the forum to cry and look stupid. "OMGZ GAYZ, I FED JAX AND NOW HES STOMPING MY TEAM, PLZ NERF" "OMGZ GAYZ, I WON MY LANE VS JAX SO I IGNORED HIM AND LET HIM FREEFARM FOR 30MINS WITHOUT ENDING THE GAME AND NOW HES STOMPING US, WTF RITO"
Liinad (EUW)
: Is Udyr too strong?
You play Jhin, an ADC without any mobility. Of course you will have problems against Udyr. Maybe we should nerf any champ that can get to you? I mean, its easier then learning how to position yourself right? Or learn how to play against it? Lets just bitch and moan on the forums like any other bronze,silver,gold player and cry for things to get nerfed instead of learning how to deal with it. So tired of these posts.
: Why nerf ? Balance it .Why i must deal with zz portal 10 seconds 2 kill it with ramus or ap champion with low ad ? Why Summoner of this thing must have gold and experience from kills it makes even if champion on other lane or in jungle ? Do you read what problems i was covering in my post ?Are you all blind ? Whats wrong with you ?
You don't gain experience for the kills the minions make. Just gold.
: its not about new tactics .its about free gold free farm and freepush .That are not even reqired 2 be near this lane .You may have decent push potential from low cost item with decent stats .And apearence on lane dosent matters .if you use on splitpushing champions item become way 2 strong .Only counter play 2 it its push even more and it means you must take same item vs it ( league of portals ??? Wth ?) Its make me sick .it was already bork league bulwark leagues and alot of same shit .Im just sick of this .Being blind and trash talk its only this community actualy can ?:D You dint sayed anything right over thare .
You seem to completely miss the point, over and over. And thus, continue to look stupid, getting more and more downvotes. Maybe call it quits?
: To Riot, Very Important.
Breezing though this thread, and checking your match history, you seem to be a toxic person? (Also on the screenshot of that riven game) From what I noticed from your match history (Might be tilted?) You seem to die alot, and the games you do win, you get hard-carried. On the Riven screenshot, you won your lane vs a Lulu, but you had 98 Farm. The enemy team had 3 AP users and Annie seemed to be fed to hell and back, but I don't see any MR in your build? (I don't play top, and i have no clue how to build Riven, but this seemed to stand out at first glanse) Instead of flaming and blaming your team, look at your own mistakes. There will be games where its going to be hard to win, or impossible but blaming everything on your team? You might aswell just quit the game and play a singleplayer because you wont improve, ever. And yes, I know. I'm a low elo scrub aswell, but I see posts like this daily, and every single time I look at the match history, they end up being feeders, and the wins they get, are the ones they get carried. At this point, you are only a bother to your team. I know it sounds really harsh, but I don't mean it to be. Improve yourself, look at your own mistakes and get better. Stop draggin your teams down and you will start winning alot more games. As an end note; Stop playing Riven, Zed, Jax and the like. They are somewhat hard champs to play (Its why i dont dare touch them). And whenever I see people play them in low-elo, they end up feeding. Pick easy to play champs, Volibear is great! I see you won 6 out 8 games with him, your stats are not the best, but u find wins with him. I know Riven is flashy, and cool. But there is nothing cool about being yet ANOTHER Riven player who feeds, flames etc etc. I hope I didnt sound too mean, it was not my intention, but I think it could help you. <-- This is where I found my info on your matches. I hope you will improve soon, and find some fun in the game. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Mepodis (EUW)
: Yeah ofc you come with these shit arguments. If someone decides to intentionally troll its definitly fair and great and all, but k. Downvotes just mean you have no own opinion but instead agree with the majority simply cus you fear them.
Ofcourse, anyone who doesn't agree with you is wrong and must be brainwashed. You are quite entertaining.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Lol whatever you say, i can see you agree that they are allowed to flame however they want to. Cant take people like that seriously unfortunatly. If thats not brainwashed, idk what is. Looking past that people are allowed to openly flame you on boards and get love for it. Makes alot of sense. But if i am unpleased with a game where someone goes 0/42 riven, thats not alright and deserves alot of flame. Logic.... Logic. Please.
Ok, so... Logic huh? Let's make rage posts all over the forum. Go into discussions with "Brainwashed" people. Claim that, even though this account, that you are clearly feeding on, is not your main. (In Bronze) Continue all this, day after day. Doesn't sound very logical to me? Either you are trying to somehow troll on the forum, or you lack some intelligence. Which one is it?
Mepodis (EUW)
: 9/0/12 lucian 6/0/8 Ezreal 0/1/28 Soraka 3/1/16 Zilean What you dont know is that neither of these games were wins, fun huh.
It's not anyone else's problem you don't know what to do with a lead. Fun huh. Keep crying on the forums ,day after day. Downvote after downvote.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Can this end?
1/19/1 Yasuo 0/3/0 Amumu 1/8/1 Ryze 0/6/3 Heimer 2/14/12 Ashe And you are complaining about anyone at all? People like you are why games are too hard to carry. Rito pls.
: Its prety much placed on map always with that cd .And if you count all stats it gives ( not only Mr and armor ) This is just unfair .Did you even read what facts i bring ? Or you here just 2 protect the item that are easy can be abused 2 win games bcs of double lane influance ? And i dint sayed it must be removed or something .It must be balanced ( acording 2 cost and power of item )
If it's so easy to win with this item, how come you lost with it? Could it be that the item is not that strong and requires an actual brain to use, or maybe you are just too bad to win with an overpowered item? Which one is it?
: its strong on Tank champs that have issues with splitpush .And Overpowered on champions that splitpushers by thair nature and 2 slipery 2 get tham .And passive pushing with out champion aperance are retarded and not supose replace entire champion on the lane with 1 single item in inventory . If youre Squishy . You placed zz portal and enemy team so busy with that shit that thay wont ever come for you even if youre squishy thay will deal with zz portal first or will be forced in teamfights that can cost entire game if thay are behind enof .
Please, just stop typing. Stop adding replies to this forum, you look less intelligent after every post you make. You get more and more downvotes, just leave.
: And what rude did i sayed ? :D You have no facts .Only love 2 this item .And realy( - ) me for showing you truth its very funny . is here any legit players ? Or only emo ones that cant point thair position .Prove me that im not right .
After seeing this post, it just shows the level of intelligence you are working with. I understand you have a hard time playing against a strategic item. Maybe Pokemon is more of a game for you?
: Zz-rot portal disbalanced .
Oh no, a new tactic came out! Lets not learn how to play against it, but cry on the forum like a little schoolgirl to get it nerfed! It's easy to shut it down, just because you can't seem to get your little head around it doesn't mean you should go onto the forums and cry about it.
KingTwin (EUW)
: My road to getting demoted..
Typical post. Feels like I read this baby-rage thread a million times. You probably won't climb out of Bronze, because you don't see (Or refuse to see) your own faults. Especially like te 0/10/4 Thresh game or 1/6 Ekko? 2/5 Poppy? 2/6 Fiora? 0/9/5 Thresh with a longsword? 0/14/5 Ryze? Happy demoting {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Irrsinn (EUW)
: I was travelling down the Loire and later I went around the south. Same for me, everybody friendly. Interesting.
Maybe it's just me then, or Dutch people? I hear this in holland alot.
Irrsinn (EUW)
: Must depend heavily on the area. I was in France myself and all the people there were very friendly, even the "don't speak english" stereotype did not apply if you made at least an effort to use French language.
Went to Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Elzas, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and Rhône for the wine-trips. All pretty much the same thing happened
: What is with the french in this game?
The ones who refuse to speak english, are the bad ones 99% of the times. On a side note, since there is so many french people in this toppic, i have a question; Whenever I goto france for a holliday, I love the country. It's amazing. The only problem is the actual people? Non-french are treated like shit in this country, and it leads to people actually have a saying: "I love France, its nice! It's just a shame you need to deal with the locals". So my question; Why do the French act as rude as possible towords people visiting the country? I visit many country's, I love traveling and France is the ONLY country that keeps leaving a bad aftertaste because of the people there?
Kalypsö (EUW)
: Who do you use to jungle?
{{champion:32}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:154}}
: Why I am forced to carry my team as support 99,99% of the games???
You are not the hero they deserve, you are the hero they need! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Mepodis (EUW)
: 2 levels advantage, 6/0 vs 2/4, 1 and a half item advantage...... Could that be the case? lol
Appearantly he outplayed the shit out of you. But i'm kind of done with this discussion, I won't change your mind. You just keep spamming the forums about champs that need nerfing and refusing to see that it's just you being bad. Just like 80% of the little baby-ragers on this forum. Have a great day, and keep blaming other things/people for your lack of skill.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Unfortunatly u cant bring pinks if your inventory is full.
So why did u go and duel a Vayne without a pink?
Mepodis (EUW)
: Thing is, they had Gragas and Malphite to just r in on me in tfs lol... So i tried to pick vayne off with my q when she was solo farming, but nope, she just 3shots you while being invisible for the entire fight lol.... I hate this champ way too much
Its your own fault for not bringing a pink and still wanna "Assassinate" a vayne with her ult up. I'm pretty sure a fed twitch, coming out of stealth vs a vayne that got shit on would demolish that vayne if he's smart enough to bring a simple pink? I dont know, i dont play ADC alot.
: I may be smurfing but I can't carry this
I actually learned from this.
314exeexe (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mepodis,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qeyH7EJA,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-20T13:14:59.831+0000) > > I doubt any smurf would ever go Ohmwrecker > banner of command toplane amumu........... Ohmwrecker and banner of command are really strong if you are a smurf and know how to play the game
Its obvious, his team is elo boosted every single time he looses. I mean, that sounds more plausible then them playing against smurfs right? A smurf wouldnt play random shit for fun co's hes gonna stomp his lane anyways. A smurf would tryhard!
spironas (EUW)
: Oh, ok. So whats the name of your main?
Why are u even bothering with this guy. He's obviously Challenger material. It's just his gosh darn team that holds him back! Kappa
Mepodis (EUW)
: Yeah i wonder what you would say when u 2 games in a row go 6/0/6 Ezreal and 7/0/9 Lucian, and get 2 losses for it. Seems really fair and skillrewarding doesnt it? lmao, but boosted 3/5 kalista and 2/7 vayne gets wins for being absolutly useless?
Maybe they where less toxic then you are? Didn't tilt their team? Kappa
: How to get out of bronze solo?
Stop playing champs like Yasuo, Vayne, Elise and Nidalee in bronze.. I honestly don't get why people play them in that elo. Focus on "Easy" champions and it should be way easier. (Granted that you have half a brain) Play shit like Caitlyn, Malzahar, Warwick and Garen or some shit like that. I'm by no means saying i'm good at this game. I'm low elo myself but even I found bronze to be kind of easy. (Was placed bronze 4 last season I think? Ended Gold)
: yi deserves a nerf
{{champion:33}} Ok.
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