: You are getting upset about basically nothing. Who cares if you get reported? You certainly shouldn't! As long as you didn't break any rules, reports don't do shit. All reports do is trigger an investigation of your behavior. So if your behavior is fine, absolutely nothing will happen, no matter how many reports you get. Random reports are something you should never worry about, since they don't harm you in any way. If others feel the need to blame you, let them. Who cares? They can't harm you. If you want justice, report them after the game. If you want silence, mute them.
hahahahaha xD I am on account No. 7 cause of this shit. tell me again how nothing happens....
PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: Did everything by the book and still got destroyed :( Advice needed.
hi, had kind of the same problem. I used to play tanky/cc supoports like thresh or alistar. I won every lane in every game but lost in the end. It might seem obvious but its a team based game. No matter how good you are, if you team doesnt do the job you lose. I switched from support to jungle to have a bigger impact on the game and "won" the jungle/early to mid game EVERY TIME. But it didnt change my win rate. I tried to work on my communication, champ pool, skill but it didnt work cause nobody gives a shit in this game. you cannot help ppl that dont want help. Gank mid lane 10 times and give 10 kills to your mid lane and top and bot start crying about you doing nothing. You cannot win in LoL cause 90% of all players are %%%%%%ed 12yo %%%gots =/
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