Adama (EUW)
: I don't know. Smurfing gets boring quickly for me. Not because ''omg im so pro ez clap'' but because it feels like normal games, there is nothing at stake, Win, lose, it doesn't matter. Not sure how some people smurf 24/7 and not get bored.
try to get to iron 5 its actually harder then going to diamond {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Joyblack (EUNE)
: Auto vote wouldn't work, but what about a silent ff system? you could vote at any time and all it would do is paste in the chat 'X have voted to surrender [x/5]' no popups. once a majority voted match ends. no waiting timer and no obstructions, everyone is happy
forgot to mention you could let it hide the surrender votes i think and automatically vote and / or just show certain votes to certain times it was a cool tool pretty much did everything you could ask for
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: In what season did you have the best experience playing league? (and why)
must be the season where you could int feed to 0 20 on purpose just to win 1 fight and win the game best season evaaaa !
: Ive never had so little interest in playing league since season 3.
> How can riot fix this? They cant {{summoner:14}}
: This new change not only is annoying but enables trolls
I remember the good old days with league lsi or whatever it was called where you could auto denie surrender votes and never had to look again ... i think they banned that tool not sure though havent used it since season 3 or 4
: Well, try to consider some facts, like: Why do higher elo smurfs easily beat your elo? Like, easily. They also get trollers and afks on their team, but they manage to get around 75% winrate all the way to Diamond. There are also Challenjour level smurfers that beat even Diamond elo easily. This was proven many times by various twitch streamers and professional players, as well as elo boosters that do it for a living. Why is that? Probably because skill DOES matter, and if you played significantly better than the average player on your elo, you would climb fast. If you play just like the average player on your elo, games might actually seem like a coinflip, because it's 100% dependent on the team. But it's just the way it should be. If you want to actually carry, you should either focus on improving your skill, or maybe get a smurf account and enjoy beating players on lower elo. Nothing is wrong with how it works now.
> They also get trollers and afks on their team, but they manage to get around 75% winrate all the way to Diamond. They also get stuck some times and cant climb out solo but no streamer would show you that huh
Adama (EUW)
: so many trolls in low diamond lmao I've played this game for 7 years and never have I seen it worse.
isnt that the reason everyone jumps on smurfs and ruins others low elo games ?
: So people in euw just shut up and play? I'm there dude!
They troll and int feed to go undetected as long as possible trust me its worse ^^
ElkasRith (EUW)
: what about changing ranked system?
Tldr They actually dont have people that understand their own system thats why they wont touch it ! otherwise they wouldnt be that scared to touch it to make progress
: Update: I asked riot how do they detect who is inting and who isn't, also explained that i just try my best even die so that teams stay alive or get any kill , also don't talk in chat and this what they said about it [] I hope everyone see this and don't worry about getting banned since even riot confirmed as well you wont' get banned if you don't flamme and aren't inting you are just having bad games, also ignore the reports threats, they are meaninful they are just trying to bait you to have an excuse to get you reported. End the game report them don't talk in chat and you receive things like this [] PS: Forgot to mention if you are like me that gets super focused on chat that is flamming and makes you distract and makes you not feeling even sad about your own team playing instead of being positive and try to play the game instead of spamming flamme just mute the chat or if you want a permanent solution each game use the command /mute all to mute everyone in your team and enemy team. It will lead you to the right path and you will be more focus rather than distract.
> you wont' get banned if you don't flamme and aren't inting you are just having bad games, also ignore the reports This is completely wrong they just say out of the blue you are inting they wont give you any explanation and just bann you ^^
: Not really i sended ticket to riot they can't ban me for no communication also ping is a way of communicating, don't try to make riot the ultimate evil corporation they aren't the best but they aren't the pure evil.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=J77Zj0s1,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-05-15T10:37:01.701+0000) > > My main account had been clean since it was made in season 2, no punishments gotten, not even leaverbuster. > And the first %%% I dropped got me 14 day banned. > > I didn't spam it, there were 3 total lines in my chat log from 1 game. 2 sentences about someones positioning in game, and one %%% in the post game lobby. > That got me banned. > > But people writing long insults at me telling me and my family deserve to die are still playing. > The list of unpunished people keeps growing. While people that drop one %%% as a retalliation are getting instant 14-day banned. Without going into detail, this is entirely not true. I just had a quick look at your logs, and you said much more.
His point stands your bann system doesnt work at all {{summoner:14}}
: Is it possible to be perma banned if you didn't even talk in chat?
If you dont say anything theyll just bann you for not comunicating with the team ^^ its really just from what side you want to look at it
Black0Price (EUNE)
: Permanent Suspension Policy
to long didnt read just give your money to another company and leave why even start a discussion
SkyFly (EUW)
: Like they said, only few people play Dominion Draft and you'd rather decide for the majority than the minority. Also it's better to make these few people angry rather than all the others.
people dont play draft mode cause they need 28h to find a game :) if i play dominion i play blind but not because i like that ^^
Dromaius (EUW)
: Dominion Draft Pick queue retiring soon
How about disabling blind pick that everyone picks draft like it is supposed to work ?


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