NeptuneXI (EUNE)
: Finished in gold division, Silver frame?
HH i finish gold for flex,solo,3vs3 and i have unranked past rank. RIOT give at least borders ....
: Changes to Honor Eligibility for End of Season Rewards
When I have only honor 0 ( I had a chat restriction...) Does that mean will not get any end-season rewards ? When i have gold rank for Flex, solo/duo, 3vs3 No legendary skins and Gold Borders ? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Loading screen past rank after update
Should not the honor be reset in the new season at level 1? This means that when I do not have honor level 2 until February, I will not have a Gold frame for season 9 ???? And do not even get Oriana chroma skins????
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Past rank for new reflects Season 7 ranked, so if you did not have one then you wont have a past rank
i was Gold S7 and my status is now like unranked.
: Loading screen past rank after update 3x Gold s8
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