: It is Riots fault to not disable ranked and so on.. sure, but yet you won't get anything back, because nothing important is lost. Some lp are lost, if your account would've been banned for that, than you could ask riot to unban it. Otherwise you can ask the support if you get something for the trouble.
That's what I did, opening a ticket. It's not that I want money (lol) but since I won that game I expect them to recognize it as a win. In the first place I haven't choose to disconnect. I mean, if it remains like this I couldn't have any chance from the beginning: if I had lost it was lost, if I win it's still a loss... They just have to fix that "lost game for leaving".
: And again you don't see that RED BIG marker in the client? Don't play ranked if its clearly stated there is connection issue. Its not really Riots fault if you decide to play ranked. You won't get the LP, you won't get the loss back, just wait until its fixed and climb up again. But i agree in 1 regard. Ranked should be disabled or at least loss prevented should be enabled.
I saw the red button, I then saw that ranked games were available and thought that the problem wasn't so big. It's Riot fault to keep ranked games up and running when players can't play them. It's even worse that during a "we have connections issues" they didn't enabled any loss prevention. This situation is entirely Riot's fault and that's why they should give compensations.
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