Wazzi (EUNE)
: I own my nick "Wazzi" since 2009 also youtube channel Wazzi and Twitch channel and now RIOT force me to change into other nick? Thats some kind of bullsh1t thats how riot respect ppl who are core of this community and game????
i was forced to changeit cause neither cant play with friends, which is even better "if u want to play with ur friends, change ur name or "f uck" u"
Saveon (EUW)
: Why you cant use your current name for Riot account?!
could be nice to know why, cause i cant use the original mine neither his shortened verison (which is the one i use with the PBE account) and it pisses me off and sucks
: Update to Riot Account - Forced to change Username?
im seriusly forced to change my name?? dear rito, i have been using this name for a long time and i love it cause its pretty unique, and now im forced to change it, fan- f u c k i n g -tastic seriusly, this pisses me off, i hope u can change the username later, cause this is bullshit edit: ofc neither can use the shortened version of my name which is used on the PBE THX RITO MUCH PRECIATED THE STICK IN THE "A S S"
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