: i like where you are going with this, but it won't happen
Sad, but I think you're right. I'm just fed up with careless players in ranked. Not that I am THAT competetive. But I want to have fun. And losing because of someone that is that careless is frustrating and not fun at all.
: yea my idea was to ban new/reworked champs from SoloQ/FlexQ for 1 week or 2 weeks
that's a good idea too, but that will only work for the new champs. But it's a start I gues.
: you can multi search, copy paste " X connected to the lobby" on op gg, it's faster (smurfs have very high winrates and you can check their normal games KDA and such)
TY I'll do that. But the system I put forward would be better for everyone. It is too comon. 9 out of 10 games there is a player first time playing a champ. And I should not wait or lose LP for someone else's mistake. He will just go into another lobby and do the same to other people.
: Just ban new champs? not ideal but it works
True, but I'm talking about all champs. Just players trying new stuff in general.
: dodge if you see that guy, better to lose 3-6 LP than 19 LP AND MMR
But if I don't know if a guy is on his main or not? I can't check overyone on my team before the game starts.
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