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: Is smurfing OK or unaceptable towards the community?
Smurfing is allowed, but ofc you can get some salt of the enemy team if you just rekt them like they are bots, but you just ignore them so you don't get reported cause sometimes you get insulted and you get warnings or punishments for answering to that. What i don't like, and i think riot should make a system to ban some players to do rankeds is the elo boosted pricks, i just got some, you look at them and you obviously know they are bronze players playing on higher elos, which i always warn them that if they screw their MMR, on the next season they will need to pay more to get on the same rank from last season, and i don't get why that people play rankeds after they get boosted, it's like you are paying someone to tame a lion and cage him, and then you go there, open the cage and get eaten, not only that, but you are screwing other players, i got so many eloboosted people on my team that is like having a bot who's like a big creep feeding enemy team.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Ranked feels random
In fact, it really seems that way, there are games where u ask yourself what are you actually doing on the game cause your team is breaking the nexus while you still trying to push your first tower of your lane, other times you get stomped so hard that you are chilling on your lane and they come 2 behind your turret, dive you, kill you and u look at your map and everyone on your team is dead lol Riot new system to queue up players takes some time to balance teams, and even with that you sometimes think it's uneven matchups, if we wanted to have the perfect system we would wait an hour per game. My advice is ward your lane, play safely, get objectives like towers and dragons cause that is what wins you soloq games and leave the bloodshed to your team, even today my mid was feeding, my bot was ahead and i was even on top (well i was slightly behing tbh), jungler started beating my botlane and every single player on my team was flamming, they even start flamming me for no help while me and their top were always there and they we're losing 4v4... Then i bought a zzrot and start putting pressure on towers, pushed top, tp'ed into a dragon teamfight where their top was tp'ed too and keep pressure o top with zzrot, placed zzrot on bot and ported top to keep my tower, then did it on mid and when i realised they needed to be at least 3 guys to beat me and my team was smart to push other lanes while they we're trying to stop me, no more flame and we won the game, i do this so often and turned much games but ofc, you can't win every single game, just keep cool, think on objectives instead of chasing a single chapion the whole map.
: so 300 armor and 30 MR will take about 22dmg plus (5,625x4) over 2 secs or 22dmg plus (5.006x4) over 2 secs with reduced armor Anyway Liandry's will be better as it gives More AP, hp M pen and passive
It's like a first impression, the damage will be low but we need to consider champs who would benefit this in a toxic way like brand or kayle, and this item gives you stats like armor/mr/cdr and lindary's gives you 10 more ap, hp and flat mpen, if this was a good idea i would give the numbers to rito since im a little bad at math lol
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Can we PLEASE get a kill indicator on Kalista's E?
ZED has one, when the target got enough damage to die from ult, cho has, garen has as long as the enemy champion is the villain, just kalista and twitch doesn't, and the reason is the multiple damage it deals to any target who has stacks and it's not a single target spell
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: it would be really cool if we could use mklol .at least for trying skins before buying them.or riot should let us play with every skin in a bot game FOR ONCE .i bought alot of skins that i didnt play twice with em just because i didnt know how they gonna look in the game
In fact you can check them on youtube and on lolking skin viewer, but for example, on dota 2 you can try any cosmetic items (instead of skins, you equip a hero with an hat, or a quiver, or a sword) and you can try everything that is affordable, trying the skins on a custom game gets more feeling of the skin other than see them on a vid, for example, if i had a pbe account that would not be a problem to me, but i like to see skins ingame and i used MKLOL
: > [{quoted}](name=Fiddle de Castro,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=GAksUuFW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-03-19T17:16:01.410+0000) > > Dude, i always support developers with bug reports because i know they don't collect any personal data, and it helps on makign the game better, but if they do collect i will never support them again, not saying i will still use the program, cause i won't, i don't wanna lose an account, but if they collect personal data like my account details i just won't send them more reports, if they want me to support them on developing their software they can give me a pbe account. It's actually pretty easy to get one and totaly worth it if you're in it to play champs for fun things they can do because PBE is laggy af
It's easy, right, i already signed up and still no account lel I borrowed one of my friend's to test the pre-season marksman update and yeah, it's laggy cuz the server it's on NA
: MKLOL is still a 3rd party program, imagine you had a product you'd made and someone else came up with something that can replicate that perfectly, even allow more customization, for free. Ofcourse it's RIOT's intention to not have that around, they are a company after all. As for the detection of this, I believe bugsplat asks to send information about your system with it (?, not sure, app bug reports do), but other than that, maybe chats saying "30 seconds till x respawns" would give you away. Just saying.
Dude, i always support developers with bug reports because i know they don't collect any personal data, and it helps on makign the game better, but if they do collect i will never support them again, not saying i will still use the program, cause i won't, i don't wanna lose an account, but if they collect personal data like my account details i just won't send them more reports, if they want me to support them on developing their software they can give me a pbe account.
Cosmick (EUW)
: If I'm not mistaken, Riot changed the game to be mostly server sided a while back, and all 3rd party software needs to hook onto the client in one form or another, so they don't need to scan for running programs on the players side.
Game was always server sided, but only the data sent and recieved is the game data(like player position, actions...), not the file data, ofc i'm not an expert, to see a skin ingame the lol .exe needs to be injected and maybe, just maybe they can scan it for a CHECKSUM but that way they could prevent all 3rd party programs from working... Any displayed information like timers that doesn't change the aspect of the game (that probably slightly give you advantage ingame) are just overlays and i think it's almost impossible to detect since they don't interfere with any game files. At last, the ingame auto messages they are easily tracked by riot since they are pre-made messages sent ingame and riot collects in-game chats, if they get a pattern or if you use the default messages that comes with it obviously you are asking for a ban. With this my question is the same, riot use a bug report to catch people using 3rd party software? cause i just used the skins and anything else, not even auto-messages and maybe it's coincidence that i got the warning when i sent bugsplat reports to them but it's really strange.
: Has anyone else noticed all the bots in ARAM lately
It's probably on low levels (1-18) where everyone is leveling his smurf, past 25 is risky cuz at that level it starts to appear lvl 30 players with knowledge about this and they can get reported, are you lvl 30 OP?
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: GG rito on server lag
Again, same crap today, got trollteams 3 loss in a row without any loss prevented, manage to win a game it's loss prevented, and the funny fact is there wasn't even lag.... Oh god
: stop crying about lp this happened 3months ago and its not that big of a deal....
lol, i love this guys who come here saying "stop cry", man i'm tired of dumb people and their "stop cry" argument, this is the new era troll, come to foruns or write in chat "stop cry", this sentence should be banned like "gg easy" and "ez". Is someone that have bad luck, have a whole team lagged and lose the match and loose full lp's and get a 10 LP win for "server problems" that unlucky bastard it's me, i know i know it's not on purpose to affect me, ofc but it's just a random fix for server problems, riot should monitor their servers and ALL games where the problem occurs and not only the problem is reported should have the LP refunded for loss or limited for win, or just cut out this stupid system, i'm the one crying today, don't wish u're the one tomorrow. Peace
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: But being unraked doesn't mean that they haven't played for a long time. Maybe they focused just on normals instead of worrying about ranked. And where do you put them? In Silver? Riot can't really know what his true MMR or level skill is at that moment if they haven't played for a long time. It's just impossible for them to know. And the most approximated thing they have is their last MMR, and that's why they're put in those games. If you choose to deliberate put them in a lower MMR game, you can be risking to put someone who is going to roll over all of their enemies if they kept playing on another account or in normal games at his elo. I understand your frustration, but Riot did nothing wrong here to be honest. This was a mid-high Gold MMR game with some premade ( probably Voli with someone). And the MMR of every ex-Plat/Diamond who wasn't played for a long time will be put around here, since it's where you decay when you don't play for a long time. After the first game, Riot adjuts his MMR again, but they can't do anything to really know where they should put them without more information.
I understand that point, but riot could put one unranked in each team instead of putting them all together on the same team, i know the mmr is balanced on both teams but crap, top played horribly bad, supp just burned all the creeps as morgana to my friend and made them zoned out without warding while i couldn't gank cause they warded, i know that many people play normals then goes to ranked but there is also many people that don't play for a long time and find their lol password account and go straight to rankeds, yeah i should not cry on the boards and instead make a request to riot for implement this system that consists on balance the MMR and balance the unrankeds too for not beign on the same team, i've never had such an horrible game for a long time like i did on this one.
: I remember before the end of the season I was playing ranked games in this account S1 and the enemy team was full platinum.. I mean you have a point for some reason my MMR was high despite having a low ranked win rate
Ok, i can tell you many stories like i won 4v5 games, carried eloboosted noobs, won vs diamonds (all this on rankeds), but that happens when u have only 1 guy who's really bad and mess up the game, putting a fucking whole team of badddies u know where it goes...
: Yasuo was a Diamond S4 and Gold S3: Morgana was Platinum S4 and Silver S3: Vladimir was Gold S4 and Silver S3: So, the matchmaking was actually in your favor, other thing is that you all played poorly, which is normal. Some games you get stomped, and the matchmaking is not the reason, like in this one.
The point is.... normally, this unranked or guys in placements or wtv they don't play for a long time and istead of practising they go straight ranked and lose hard, this is something obviously seen on this match, vlad had the lowest ranked opponent (one of his rank) and he just lost hard without even the presence of the jungler and made that lane ungankable, vlad should not have any problems dealing with a volibear if he was decent, i focused mid and botlane but the game at 10/15 mins was uncontrollable, riot should never put so many unranked dudes despite their mmr on the same team, i was the only one warding and ganking any lane was always countered by the jungler or other laner, all lanes got stomped not cause i was bad, or their jungler was good, all lanes were stomped cause of the matchmaking.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: well i just had a game where everyone was silver-gold apart from 1 plat on each team and also they had a diamond 3 player what makes this worse was it was a fizz mirror match of me a gold 5 v him diamond 3 but in end i crushed him and we won the game just shows you never know what can happen
If it was a mirror match obviously u played a normal match and people doesn't care or tryhard, when i play normals that happens me often too but im refering to ranked queues where this matchmaking is completely ridiculous, apart from other unbalanced games i had this one made me completely mad and i just don't stand this... that's why i post
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