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: Since catch up xp was disabled supports are lagging behind in xp again?
Thanks for the clarification. Maybe I posted a bit too soon and I still need to get used to the massive changes going on right now. And after reading the post I guess it dies indeed make sense to make roams punishing if you fail them.
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: League needs to feel more like "Warcraft III" and less like "Street Fighter"
Well he's not wrong! Why even bother putting towers on the map? might as well put wall where they are now. They've been focusing so hard on making the average game time shorter that turrets are basically there for show. They hurt a bit during the early game but as soon as people get some armor they can just put up a tent and sleep under them. They don't even tickle your hp. Towers base damage is good but they need to scale better into late game. Same with drake and baron. Maybe add some % hp to inhibitor and nexus turrets (on champions). Right now half of the kills in league games are tower dives, it's not even a strategic decision turrets don't do anything anyways. I liked league better when scaling comps were still a thing. Now late game is 20 minutes and if you %%%%ed up once you have no chance of getting back into the game. Yes OP post a lot of complaints about LOL but i totally agree with this one. The game is becoming bland and boring
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: WTF is going on the with the lag in the client?
only seems to happen to me when queuing for the new game mode. Think rito just broke their own client
: I'm really enjoying URF this year...
I don't. The point of a fun mode is thats it supposed to be fun. By just making this another all random gametype you take away the fun and add tons of frustration. I too would like to play syndra or veigar or lux something that is godlike in the mode... but random crap says nooooo, youre gonna be playing shit champs all day and there's nothing you can do about it Or eeven if i get something decent for once the game goes: here you can play this vs a lux a xayah a tryndamere a talon and a garen HAVE FUN
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MdoublEU (EUW)
: Cant login it says incorrect username or password
Had the same issue yesterday, everything back to normal after the game ended.
: Why do so many people trashtalk riot support?
I don't have a problem with their support, I have a problem with their communication towards us, their customers. Sadly this is not something unique to league of legends. Many major online games do not take the effort to inform the players about certain things. For example, yesterday my pc shut down while a match was loading (some PSU problem looking into it) When I tried to log back in to the client it said my password was incorrect for like 20 minutes. So I went to the forums to see what the problem could be. Hundreds or even thousands of people have had this problem since 2012. And on all these forums not even a single red post. I think that when a large amount of people have an issue the least you can do is help them with it. In the end i did find a red post. On the NA boards. But i dont feel like going to the NA boards every time i have a issue
Trias000 (EUNE)
: This tilts the shit out of me
I agree with one thing. Towers are way to weak. They lack HP and they lack damage. But that's all riot's fault. It used to be different... But then rito said oh no we want fast paced games so they nerfed towers to bits so you're no longer safe under your own turret.
KOHquest (EUNE)
: Thank you, Riot
Oh yeah they did one thing right in the past 7 years let's all rejoice
SmB Koji (EUW)
: Password bug
I'm so ready to uninstall this game right now. It's always something, it's about the worst community anyone can dream of, the client is shit (yes they made a new one but it's still %%%%ing shit) and there are so many weird issues that keep %%%%ing up your games and get you reported/banned. And the worst thing of all is that on half of the issues multiple people report on these forums they don't even have the guts to answer. Do we need a reply for every little post? no we don't. But if multiple people have the same issue I think replying to your CUSTOMERS is the least you can do.
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: My first game was just pure chaos as well, but there is so much more to this game mode. Save your teammates with clutch lanterns, save yourself by grabbing an anchor point. Dodge skillshots and outplay the oponents. It's simply awesome. Not to mention that there is no champ select and stuff so it's just fast action. It's something that was really missing although aram tries to accomplish this.
> [{quoted}](name=Rptro,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GAJuaIzq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-05T07:47:05.053+0000) > > My first game was just pure chaos as well, but there is so much more to this game mode. Save your teammates with clutch lanterns, save yourself by grabbing an anchor point. Dodge skillshots and outplay the oponents. It's simply awesome. Not to mention that there is no champ select and stuff so it's just fast action. It's something that was really missing although aram tries to accomplish this. But.. it's not fast action... the whole game feels so incredibly slow.
: The dark star thing you call "new fun mode"
I'm a thresh main and this mode is absolutely shit. There is nothing fun about it. The only thing you need is a premade so you can coordinate with people.
Speknekje (EUW)
: Zac update
> [{quoted}](name=Speknekje,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FHe6QUn6,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-03T12:07:18.849+0000) > > Hi there, now I know when things change people can go ape sh*t about it, well I try to look at what they changed more specifically and I must say I do not like the Zac changes. > > To be honest the old Zac's ultimate was way better, not only early on, but also late game I think (teamfighting). A flash R to knock people away or into your team was way quicker and more efficient in my opinion, giving the enemy team less time to react and walk away. Now you have to charge it, which leaves a gap of +/- 1.5 seconds for the enemy to walk or flash out of it, meaning its easier to dodge. I know you can cast it immedately but yet then there are 2 bounces and some movespeed taken away to disengage in comparison to the old ultimate. > In some way i like the q, but i think the casting needs to be a bit more natural, having to do an autoattack to be able to smack them together isnt quite what i was hoping for (meaning that f.e you could use the old hitbox, and slap everything together that is inside). > > Well i know these are just my personal thoughts, but i gotta say that Zac, even though he was my go-to jungler, and the changes have a decent idea behind it, has less attraction to play to me (his voice changing thingy is awesome btw :p) > > Edit: These are just first impressions and not final thoughts btw. > > -Speknekje You have no idea how devastating his ult is now when used well. It has WAY more impact than his previous ult. If used correctly you can literally pick up a carry from their backline and drop them in the middle of your team his old ult gave a minor movespeed and a single small knockup.
GothStar49 (EUNE)
: New Champions Xayah and Rakan Nerf
The problem is that they are op when on a lane together. Said it before riot made it impossible to balance them, when they play on their own they're just about fine. But riot will have to nerf their synergy so after that they'll both under perform.
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GripaAviara (EUNE)
: How riot thinks master yi is balanced?
Yi literally needs to nothing but farm early game, ward your lanes, don't overpush your lanes and counter jungle. Before he's 6 and has jungle item he does very little damage.
: We all know that if it wasn't random the same 10 to 15 champs would be spammed, making it AR keeps it different and be happy they don't reserve the game mode for the 1st week of april it used to be!
> [{quoted}](name=Metalbraind,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7evUmm5R,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-24T13:20:00.108+0000) > > We all know that if it wasn't random the same 10 to 15 champs would be spammed, making it AR keeps it different and be happy they don't reserve the game mode for the 1st week of april it used to be! there is another solution, make the most played champs in urf unplayable in the next urf
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Martinius (EUW)
It's assassin season. Why are adc's like vayne and twitch doing better than others? because vayne can R>Q>E away from any threat and twitch can stay invisible until the assassins show themselves. If you pick a adc without any CC or any disengage you're gonna get screwed, royally screwed
Alphard92 (EUW)
: I troll because this games isn't fun anymore to play for challenge. Too many wrong choices by rit0, too many op champs, money-grab with these broken champs, focus only on competitive scene and no focus at all for <platinum elo. Also mmr and matchmaking sucking same for lp system. Snowballing system is just frustrating. So i startex to troll to see lf they really care. I started to play nivia and walling allies, making them die. Tahm kench with smite and stealing jungle. Feeding the enwmy most dangerous champs without being too obvious. I got 0 bans. Tbey just don't care trolls ruining other experience, so maybe when will be more trolls than actual players the game will be funner.
There is another solution, if the game isn't fun anymore stop playing it instead of ruining other peoples games.
: Summoners rift blood moon skin
and it hurts my eyes RLY BAD
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: Rage Quitters, Trolls and Toxic players in my recent return to league...
Yeah, it's bad. The game isn't even fun anymore. People not giving a single f*ck about what role they queued as and still just pick roles by order, people just feeding because playing a game serious for 20-40 minutes is to hard, and people being just plain douche bags. The community is slowly suffocating this game and at a certain point no one will play it anymore. All of my friends already stopped playing because of all the childish bullshit going on in this game and I'm seriously thinking about quitting as well. This game used to be chilled and relaxed in beta and early season one, then it got popular and now it's a living hell if you play bronze - lower platinum.
Tiichu (EUW)
: So fucking hate people who make up lies...
Don't worry about banning what somone else says ban a champion you can't play against. In the end there are 6 bans for 134 champions. You can't ban them all
abixbg (EUNE)
: Riot, what we are supposed to do in full toxic match so we don't get report/ban?
Welcome to online gaming. It has been like this for decades. People are shitheads, well some of them. They're sitting in front of their computer and they insult and flame because they're basically untouchable. Yes riot can ban their account (i said CAN, lately i get the feeling they don't) but other than that they can do what they want. As long as people don't change there's nothing riot can do. They could ban every flamer, troll, .... Nothing prevents those guys to just create another account and do the same all over again.
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: Redmercy & Jeremy are click-bait speculation and are almost never right, take that with a grain of salt.
Nah there was something on nexus about it as well, dunno if they'll do a rework but they will be doing some serious things in upcoming patches to start with.
: yasuo minirework ?
Why would you need to get something? They're talking about a minor rework, some pruning. Why would you want to get a legendary skin? because they plan to change your fav champ?
: Well, at least when we see these threads pop out daily, we know that there is something wrong with Yasuo and it's not just a lonely feeling. He is definitely not fun to play against. His playerbase is mostly very, very toxic. His skillset gives him lots of free stats (which Riot claimed they hate - why do you remove all the armor and attack speed from Jarvan but keep Yasuo's free 50% crit and free 50% arpene is beyond me) He has Windwall (this is a chapter on its own) Mash all these together and you can see WHY does Yasuo get all the hate.
The problem ain't the stats, it's the base mechanics of how he works. Sit in lane, Q minions, wait for whirlwind to hit, ult. If someone tries to trade with you => wall (stupid thing lasts forever) if they're ranged, Q if they get to close (you can't dodge it, hit radius to huge), or dash all over the place. They made a low risk high reward assassin that's only countered by champions with a long bind or a stun. That is if they can land it cause if you don't bait his wall he can block all the ranged ones thrown at him. That being said, I've only seen 2 yasuo's Either they're fed and delete everyone or they're not fed and they're useless (as with any assassin) However right now it's not to hard to get fed on yasuo. And people playing him know all this, but it's just the same as with every champion. If people dare comment on him or talk about nerfs others get mad. Everyone knows something must be done about it, but they won't admit it
Perilum (EUW)
: It's your machine, not the client.
Oh yes how weird than that the only issues I'm ever having is with league of legends client. The darn things sucks, lazy coding
: It's called **BETA** Client for a reason. If you have performance issues with the new client, just use the old one until the new client is finished.
well the only thing I can possibly deduct from this is that they didn't build a new client, they used the old code from the last client and the same issues are showing up again
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: I realized I am complete shit this seasson as I deciced to play few games monthly (4-5). But as my advice even you are fed, you are still paper ADC, just let your team fight for 3-4 seconds alone, and when enemy waste their cooldowns on your team, its your turn. Its better than go in fight in same time and die because they focus you.
and that's why twitch is the only really viable adc right now
Sefi (EUNE)
: Ok, no, just not. Beta existed, remember that? How about season 4? Or season 5 anyone? Full tank fizz doing more damage than a fed Draven? The before mentioned juggernauts? If anything the meta we have right now is the most balanced it has ever been, and it most likely never get better than this, as perfect balance is a) impossible and b) boring as all hell.
It's the most balanced yes, if you're playing assasins
: Arent Assasins made to take out squishy targets pretty fast?^^ Imo its way more annoying that some Champs can go tank with one offensive item (or not even lel) and still dealing a insane amount of dmg.
there's a difference between pretty fast and 0.5 seconds.
OlmiLux (EUW)
: blablabla i main adc and can't 1v1 enemy fizz because i don't buy GA or veil blablabla Everytime i'm playing lux and i'm fed i get this kind of cry in all chat. Jesus if you build full ad and have 1500 HP @30 i will oneshot you all the time
: only problem with ADCs is the playability gap. i've seen more games carried from behind by a caitlyn simlpy because of her pure disgusting range then any other champion. but without range or mobility carries are untouchable. so you dont see kogmaw, or varus. because without a dash you are dead. mobility is too common in every other lane. even supports have mobility. that and corki needs looking at. since riot tweaked ADCs to be hypercarry or bust, hes just not able to compete. doing wierd mixed damage isnt worth it if your scaling is meh and you need to build Tforce to lane. you just get 3-shot by cait while you try and get to anyone on her team, or Qed 4million times by blue ez and still never get in range. maybe ADCs just look bad now because they have been the easiest role to carry with since the juggernerf. vayne used to be pick-or ban, but now if your team is competant you can sit on her and she dosent ignore it and get a quadra anyway. id be interested to see how MF does, since i havent seen any ADC but cait, vayne, ezreal and a bit of jinx in like..... 50-100 games. but again no mobility. whats the point of an AoE ult if everyone can just dash out of it. and PLEASE. assassins? all have mediocre lane phases but fizz. havent seen a single one thats more of a threat then a 40-min irelia who's done nothing but farm. talon is way more clunky, just cz bronze 5 players never ward and die to roaming doesnt mean he is broken. zed is allmost never played, and considering how fanboy his playerbase is hes gotta be right down in the trash for that to happen. only played assassins i see are jungle kha, who is allways useless since below plat cant play him worth a damn but hes meta anyway, and fizz.
well now that i think of it, I think adc's have to depend on their support more than ever now. I gotta say if you have a decent support that knows what he does he can save your ass. I was just slightly raging when i wrote this post. Anyways I can always go back to urgot.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: When I started LoL back then in season 3, it was common to build like 1-2 defensive items on adc... If anything then adcs got buffed and items changed to their favor, so that they didn't even need to buy defensive items anymore. (especially support items and lifesteal items) What do people expect if they go like 6 dmg items, even selling boots? If I would do that with any other champion, even if it was a "tank", the outcome would be the same. I'm tired of adcs losing and feeding whole game because they keep buying dmg only, even tho a Guardian angel or Steraks would safe them so hard. You are worthless if you are dead, so why that attitude?
I'm not a fucking retard. I buy defensive items since I started in season one. the truth is that right now assassins just have too much kill potential. right now nearly all of the popular assassins have a low risk high reward playstyle and it's just wrong. I don't mind them doing a lot of damage but I think it's retarded that there is nearly no chance for counterplay. I mean if you don't even have the chance to press the flash button there's something wrong.
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: This is one of the more balanced metas we have had for quite a while actually. ADCs always get blown up if they can't figure out how to buy a defensive item. Most unbalanced ever? Do you even remember the Judgernaut rework?
no, even with defensive items you get blown up, recently i got guardian angel and a randuins, still got one shotted... but you'll see once a pro goes nuts on assassins nerfs will start.
: So vayne, ADC who has true damage,dash and invisiblity, the one who can 3shot 50% hp of a Tank(so about 1,2sec) is underpowered? Adcs needs nerfs, not buffs. Not our fault that you get caught easily. Maybe I'm not ADC main, but when i'm filled as ADC, I pick {{champion:202}}. His damage is insanely huge, with proper build, you CAN 3-4shot tanks, can you kill any tank that fast with a mage? No, the answer is, you can't. So we need ADC nerfs and mages buffs.
Adc's need damage nerfs but they also need survivability buffs cause fed or not they're dying way to easy in the current meta.
: thing is, lets say zed, yasuo etc. have to do proper combo to oneshot you, that isn't that easy as it seems. All what you have to do as ADC in fights is just rightclick at enemies and keep yourself safe. ~mechanics~
yasuo and proper combo shouldn't be used in the same sentence, He can play super safe hit minions and suddenly launches a way to overpowered whirlwind, nothing hard about that.
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Ireli4 (EUW)
: well done ! nerf Akali !
So this is how you guys design assassins? take away all the burst they have? You nerfed her ults base damage but also decided to cut the % of ability ratio IN HALF, YES BY 50% and DOUBLING the cooldown. So basically now we're doing 0 damage. it's probably better to build her full AD now or do you actually want people playing her as a tank? Then that new passive, yes it gives her some sustain and thats about it. with all the CC in fights you're never gonna be able to land that second attack. You should've never removed the Q proc on her ult to begin with and now you made it even worse. Do you guys even think before you change a champion? She has no damage, because of the ult cd she has way less mobility and that little shenanigan on her W does not make up for it.
JesterHX (EUW)
: I honestly do not want to see URF this year anymore. People just spam the OP champions really, instead of trying something funny (like going full-ap Jhin :D) Honestly, RGQ is perfect as it is now. A bit for everyone
One problem, right now it's not a bit for everyone. Last months it has only been hexakill (boring), poroking (boring), ascension (really boring), not dominion thing (even worse), and nemesis draft (fun). So since it has been about 4 months since URF and we haven't even seen doombots, you can't say it's a bit for everyone cause most of those gamemodes are shit for me. A rotating gamemode should be random, not the shit riot keeps feeding us.
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