: thats the thing the worst i ever said was 'i may be feeding but at least im not useless' :/
I somehow don't believe that. Regardless. You broke the rules, you suffer the consequences. Simple as that.
: Perma Banned for having a bad day.
You broke the rules, now you face the punishment. There is no excuse to being toxic, especially to the level of perma ban toxic. "Having a bad day" doesn't mean you can tell someone to jump off a cliff. Sorry dude, permanent means what is says.
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: make the split rewards somehow meaningful
For fun little icons and emotes, they won't make it a challenge to get them. Maybe more impactful rewards like a hextech key or chest might be awarded each split if you achieve something like 10 kills in 1 game :shrug:
: Mordekaiser has bugs, and they should fix them if they got programmers working there, but I've played hundreds of games with him and the bugs have not been a game breaker at all. Outdated visuals? Ok then improve his model and the sprites of his skills. Outdated kit? Why? I think Mordekaiser is a very healthy champion and I bet you that most Mordekaiser mains would agree that he did not need to be deleted. Cause that's what's happening, they call it a ''rework'' so people get less pissed when they just delete champions like Mordekaiser right now. And most people fall for it because the champion and skills look more fancy.
"bugs have not been a game breaker at all" is not a good reason to not fix bugs. It would take longer to fix the bugs than it would to rework him 100 times over. He is outdated in every way, part of the pizza feet brigade. He's one of the oldest champions in the game and is his kit is far too outdated, bland and flavourless for the current league of legends.
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TheDøctør (EUNE)
: General Problems on LoL
You do realise they have seperate teams, right? The skins team is completely different to the animation team, which is completely different to the balance team, which is completely different from the gameplay team and so on.
Loofy (EUW)
: lol? i never said i flamed him where are you getting this info from? iam saying that 5 reports in 20 games can result in a bann. and league of legends has an automatic bann system
Bans are only issued if you broke the ToS. If you get reported 100 times in 20 games, but did nothing wrong, you won't get punished. I don't know why you think Riot has a personal vendetta against you and your family..
Rioter Comments
: I Will Reform.
So basically, you were toxic, but blamed someone else for you being toxic and then you blamed people for "baiting" you into flaming because they were "trolling". Doesn't sound like you've reformed... But I hope you do/are. Being toxic is never ok and can actually cause people to feel like shite. Wish you the best.
: How do i make a chargeback payment with prepaid rp cards
If you used the rp cards, it's illegal as it counts as fraud.
: New bug?
Have you read it? It seems to me that the system is telling you a reason why games could start a bit slower than normal, but what do I know, it must be a bug.
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iaapvp (EUW)
: Just explain to me, how is the matchmaking balanced if Im a 0% winrate?
Because you've only played 10 games. The system needs a bigger sample size to get your truer mmr You've got negative kdas on all games You won a game where you went 0-20 on Katarina Your cs is stupid low Stop blaming anyone other than yourself. You're a bad player. To climb, you just need to get better. No one else is at fault.
: Ripped off by riot games after Prestige Skin Purchase.
Just stop being stubborn and follow what it says. It clearly says "Contact Player Support for more detailed info". Do just that. If you don't care, why did you make the post? You clearly do care if you decide to spread awareness of something that doesn't exist. You remind me of those people with tinfoil hats thinking the government is always watching you.
Aąravos (EUNE)
: Essence Emporium
Last month they said it'll happen in the next few months. So probably June/July would be my guess
: I dont need the jng to help me lol The whole reason i want to take it is because im better than them
That's not how this game works tho. The jungle is designed to be harsh in the early lvls. Taking away the first buff would mean the jungler will have an extremely hard time clearing his jungle, unless he's someone like Fiddlesticks. There is a reason why junglers need leashes on their first buff. The reason of "I want it because I'm better than you" only works up until you're not better than them. It also is a shite reason to ruin someone else's whole game. As an example, you might be better than gold players, but diamond players would stomp you (Not sure if true, just an example). So your reasoning makes 0 sense.
: Full ad team
Or... Just play whatever you want. Team comps don't matter until you get to high diamond or 40-50 minutes. There are talon one tricks in challenger. Just play what you enjoy, stop trying to fill out a comp because you're just playing stuff you're not comfortable playing and you lose more because of it.
: Why does jng get buff at start of game?
You mean the buff that spawns at 1:30? THE first buff? Because junglers need exp and gold, the same way as laners do. Most camps require most junglers to be lvl 2 to actually do them. Do you really want a lvl 3 jungler at 8 minutes?
Ninmini (EUW)
: False banned for scripting
First thing is, be honest. Did you really script? After having a very quick check on your profile, your stats are pretty suspicious. Having a 5 kda on Jhin over 50 games, averaging only 3 deaths per game and 9 kills per game, that looks really suspicious, especially since you are a 53% win rate silver over 180 games. The easiest way to tell if someone is scripting through just raw statistics is even win rate with insane kdas. Scripts allow people to dodge skillshots (evade script) and hit skillshots. But scripts do not teach people game knowledge or how to cs. Macro and csing is where scripters normally faulter, which explains your low cs counts and 53% win rate, you fail to macro rotate. If you are 100% sure you haven't scripted, next thing to check would be to think back and check whether you had anything open at the time. My friend got banned for scripting when he had a GTA 4 hack menu open. It would count as third party scripting software. He wasn't able to get his account back because neither Riot nor him could prove it. If you are still 100% sure this doesn't apply to you, just wait for a response from support back.
: so you're telling me people expect players to read the tos in games? you seriously live under a rock dude
When did I say that? I stated that you sign a "contract" per se when you sign up to create an account. That contract is the ToS. In the real world, if you break a contract, there can be dire consequences, as there are in this situation. It's up to you whether you read the ToS or not, like it is in the real world, it's up to you whether you read a contract or just sign it willy nilly. Normally, the statement "Don't be a d!ck" is enough for 90% of people to not break the ToS, but there are some people who don't understand that. You broke the rules, you suffer the consequences. It's as simple as that.
: Look, when I play a ranked game and we lose it cause someone fed or went afk i just want my LP back because it wasn't a fair game. I don't care if i get it back a few days later but when i report someone cause they intentionally fed or went afk and Riot looks into it i just want my LP that's all idc if they where toxic just punish them for it but not me. That's all i'm going to say about this cause i am tired of it.
If you don't break the ToS, you won't get punished. Simple? Right, moving on. If you got punished that means you broke the ToS. With me so far? Fantastic! Although Riot CAN "refund" LP, it has to be done manually and is only done on very very rare occassions. Can you imagine if you get 200k messages each week saying "So and so trolled my game give my LP". It's never going to work. It sucks when someone from your team loses lane or dcs. But it happens. You just gotta move on. Theres like 6-7 months remaining this season. Pretty sure you can get the 20 LP back.
: Then get the trolls out of the ranked games otherwise there is no point of playing ranked anymore
It's not as easy as that. What defines a troll? Someone who dies a lot? Someone who flames? Someone who intentionally runs it down a lane (not just losing lane, but running into towers ect tyler1 style)? All of the above? None of the above? The current system is doing what it can to decipher real trolls from bad games. There is no room for any false flags (even tho they do happen occassionally). If you can make a system that has pinpoint accuracy on 100% of all cases with 1 game of data, you'll still get people like you complain because people have different perceptions of trolls, often leading to the wrong ideas.
: how do you know if you win lane or not?
There is no such thing as "winning the lane". Or, there are many things that correlate to "winning the lane". Some people say cs numbers, some people say towers, some people say kills, some people say nothing. The phrase "winning the lane" is something the community made up to make themselves feel better after losing a game. It's not a bad thing to do, it's just inaccurate af.
: Nope cause there isn't a rank
I don't get it. You want a game mode that has a ranking system but only for fun? Some people perceive soloq as that already, some people perceive normal draft to be that already too. You can't make 72 different queues because people want them. You have options, either use them or don't.
Vingthór (EUW)
: You actually do know that. Instant feedback shows you just how many toxic people get away with their behaviour. I liked the times before instant feedback better, at least you could be under the illusion justice would be done and just move on.
You do realise Riot have stated themselves that you rarely get the instant feedback reported. They said that it gives players some relief, but they don't like doing showing it. Which means you don't know. I have had it many times where people I have reported get banned but I don't get a feedback report (I stalk their op.ggs because I'm sad and lonely. Some also message me on alts). The illusion of justice is still there, nothing has changed, you just need to read past the instant feedback report.
: I don't flame or int or anything but i just want justice and it's not justice that my team has to lose LP cause 1 person starts feeding or goes afk
Not gonna repeat myself. Re-read the above post for your answer.
: Yeah but do they get a punishment? You don't know that
Do they not get punished? You don't know that either. You just report them and move on. Simple
: Ranked
So maybe like, Normal Draft mode?
: Then how DO you beat it?? cause If and when i play a ranked game there is always this 1 person that is either; toxic, feeding, afk or all 3 And then i lose my game and my LP and get demoted? SO that is fair that they reun my games they may do all of that yes? but i can't name them? Sorry but that's BS...
YOU don't do anything. You let the justice system take action. When a person in real life murders someone, you can't go and murder the murderer, otherwise you will be punished. The same applies here. Just because someone breaks the ToS, it doesn't give you the right to do so too. The way to beat toxicity is to not be toxic. Don't flame. Don't int. That way, eventually most of the people that break the ToS will be punished, and we will have a mostly clean community. You can't get rid of toxicity all together, same as you can't get rid of murderers in real life. But you can limit it.
: you see i wouldn't be that salty if i was actually able to open the 12 chests i have, but it's literally impossible to get keys without my honor level being 2+
So you're salty because you can't access free loot which is normally paid for because you couldn't play 5 more minutes of a game? When you made your account, you signed a contract of sorts agreeing that you won't break the ToS. You broke the ToS, breaking said contract. Think yourself lucky that you didn't get your account taken away from you.
: "Name shaming"
Because name shaming is another form of toxicity that promotes witch hunting. You don't beat toxicity by being toxic.
: about honor levels
As Shamose said. Honor is intended to be built up across the season. As the season progesses, it will become slightly easier to increase your honor level, however it's supposed to be something that takes time and effort. The system is fine as it is, you're just salty because yours got reset.
: > [{quoted}](name=SweetStar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=r2R59OzI,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-04-22T12:09:40.218+0000) > > Yes, because Riot is out to witch hunt everyone that is in promos. How does that even make sense?? Think before you ask such stupid questions. Think before you make such stupid statements, it actually makes a lot of sense.
I mean, the amount of coding it would take to make your statement true would bring unimaginable torture to the client and the fanbase. Riot doesn't make people afk. Riot doesn't make your jungler forget smite. Riot doesn't make your lanes die and flame. Riot doesn't intentionally match people against hardcore smurfs. Riot doesn't players forget runes. You see how dumb these sound? It makes no sense at all. It's a random matchmaking system based on numbers and algorithms. You're not the main protagonist in an anime, so stop trying to make the world revolve around you.
: Does riot give you bad teams during promos?
Yes, because Riot is out to witch hunt everyone that is in promos. How does that even make sense?? Think before you ask such stupid questions.
: You're in the top 3%, rank 22.656 (of millions I presume) obviously not everyone can get there :D Have you thought about invading EUW? I'm an elo digger!
Op.gg is a bit inaccurate when it comes to numbers like that, but generally speaking diamond and above are in the top 3-4% of players in EUW. I myself am sitting at plat 3 on EUW, feel free to drop me an add ^^. I use this website https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/rank-distribution to look at rank distributions and stats :P
: It's super stupid tho. Why even let people get to a rank, than make them stuck with 60%+ win-rates ? Doesn't make sense. We should have been getting the shit LP in P1/P2. Why make a rank bottom heavy. Like, D4 now is not an achievement, but D3 is like old D1 or what ? Diamond in itself should have been something not everyone can achieve. Guess it's not like that any more. Doesn't make ANY sense.
Well, it has been like this for years. It was exactly the same last year and very similar previous years. There's a number of reason. 1 is that a lot of people that get to diamond just sit there. They're done for the season, so they just sit d4 0 lp and play 1 game a month to stop decay. Another reason is that a lot of players get boosted to diamond because it's known as high elo to many people. So they sit there too. There's also people trying to climb out of d4 that shouldn't belong in higher divisions because their mentality. Only a small number of people escape D4, because everyone else is stuck in the same mentality. Mentality is what changes from plat to diamond. No one, or not many people, are more skilled than plat, it's all about mentality and how people think about the game. And there's nothing Riot can do about it. They can't restrict access, nor can they punish people that sit there with 0 lp. There is no solution atm. It's not Riot hating on people or anything like that, it's simply because of the overpopulation in D4, you have to push past 3% of people in one chunk, in a place where 1% of players are above you. So it's a huge push.
: So this happened....
It's not a new issue. It's been like that for a long time. There is an over population in diamond 4. There is 4.03% of players in d4+ and 2.99% of players in d4. That means there is 1.04% of players in d3+. There is not much Riot can do about it because of the amount of people that just sit on 0 LP in d4. That's just how it is.
: Champ Design - Blakenee (Manipulator of Life and Death)
I like the idea. I've always thought League could use a necromancer type character and I do like Azir's kit enough to think that a similar kit could be used. The backstory is decent. By the sounds of it, she could be a Darkin type character as there is that demon (Like Rhasst for example) mix in with her. Aatrox's Darkin is the sword, Kayn's is his scythe and Varus is the bow. Maybe Blakenee could have like a spellbook or something like that as her Darkin form if you wanted to go down that path. Having a look at the base stats, I used Azir, Zoe and Orianna as my comparions as Blakenee looks like an ap caster type champion. The health base and growth seem a little low, but that's counteracted by the Passive healing. AD seems fine, although maybe 52-55 could be a better value instead since csing would be a bit on the harder side. Even Azir has a 52 ad base. AS could be a bit higher, sort of in the region of 0.61 and above. Even Neeko who has synergy with AS has a 0.645 base. Armor growth should be +3 instead of +2 to fit in with the rest of the mages. MR is fine, but might find a slightly high base start would benefit her if she went into testing ^^ MS is fine Health regen same as MR Range is more complicated and I'd need to see it in testing, but 420 seems a bit low imo No mana so I assume her resource would be the life/soul essence Onto her abilities Passive - The issue here is that it's a pseudo Warmogs/Sunfire passive, with quite a fair bit of range. It's gonna need a lot of tweaking because I see that because the passive is as is, people would just build tank and destroy people with aoe. Add a sunfire on and you're dealing like 130+ aoe damage per second late game, as well as the fact that her abilities are flat costed hp rather than % costed. The range is considerably high so she would always be getting that healing in lane and at lvl 6, before laning phase ended, she would be insane. In 3 seconds auto attack trades would be healed up, not to mention the damage onto it. I like the idea, but I don't think something like this would work in practise. As well as that, the idea of a necromancer controlling an undead army having a heal is a little contradictory in my opinion. Could be changed to something like a buff for how many soldiers she has or something like that, something to synergise with the main theme of an undead army. Because of her AS being lower than normal, maybe you could design something like "For every auto attack on an enemy champion Blakenee absorbs a bone that gives 1-3 life essence randomly." or make it have a 3 second cd for example. Q - Looks to be the bread and butter of the champion. From what I see, I guess it would be a half circle "skillshot" ability, like a cone. I think a point and click would be perfect for this ability, especially since it's a resistance shredder. And if you do change it to a point and click, base damage can be increased by 10 or something like that. Pretty good design W - I really like the idea. I can't really comment too much on it, I am conflicted because on 1 end I think it could get out of control and overwhelm your opponent too easily, and on the other side I think they're a bit too weak to limit ect. Since I picture them to being similar to mini champions, I think they need to be altered in some way to either be mini champions or not be. E - Might remember Swain's old W "Nevermove". Nevermove had a radius of 125 and was sometimes difficult to escape. A radius of 200 would need to be explored a bit more, it might be fine but I'm thinking something along the lines of 150 would be more appropriate. But other than that minor issue, I'd say balanced. R - Really like it, the synergy between R and W is amazing, numbers would have to be altered upon testing. I realy enjoy the kit of Blakenee. I feel like she could be a bit too strong with the passive and would recommend a complete rework of the passive. Q is an optional suggestion, as with W. E is a recommendation. And her R I really enjoy. Really enjoy her backstory. Would be a champion I'd be excited for. I'm a little confused on the whole resource bar thing, since I would either say she has no resource bar or the life/soul essence is her resource bar. But there is no synergy other than her W for the essences. Maybe make her Q and E have a cost of life essence, but have it reward essence back for each enemy champion hit for example.
: Why is LP a thing?
As a season 1 veteran, I can say that the ELO system they had in place just wasn't fun. It didn't mean anything. It gave you a number and that number went up or down. The ladder system they have in place atm, while not perfect (because no system is), it gives a great sense of achievement when going from gold 2 to gold 1 for example. If you can code a system that never breaks or faulters that can judge games based on your own personal scores/gameplay then be my guest and code it and become a billionaire. Because coding a system like that that caters for the millions and millions of players, even if possible, would break the game so many times. And who says what the baseline scoring system would be? Why do I lose LP for going 1-10-16 as a support but gain LP for going 20-10-16 as a support as an example. It's much much harder than you think :)
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: That can't be right, I've been playing since Season 3.
16 total games this season. Mmr has a soft reset every season and so you have to play a number of games to get an accurate representation of where you stand.
T1 Nuke (EUW)
: Scripting is getting out of hand again.
I haven't seen a scripter in literally years. Like, since 2015/2016. Scripts are also not a button. The evade script dodges skillshots if it's running, as it will detect the line of the skillshot as soon as the skillshot is thrown out. No script is 1 button, that's why they're called scripts. They are continously running.
: Unpopular matchmaking opinion
And have a 7 hour queue time for both? No thanks. I'd much rather just get into a game and mute people that are toxic. Simple.
: Ah, crap. Can't believe I forgot that, will add now.
So here's the issue. You have 16 total games played. The system can't accurately put you into a specific range because there isn't a big enough sample size. The more games you play the more accurate the system is going to be with pinpointing your "mmr". The only thing I can suggest to improve your experience is to play more. There is no system that can be accurate with such a small sample size.
: Honest Question & Proposal
You said there was a problem, but never said what the problem was. What exactly is your issue? Maybe I can shed some light on something or explain a common misconception. Riot has teams full of members to analyse data, statistics and help provide solutions for a better system. Chances are, if you think of something, they have already thought about it (90% of the time).
Shamose (EUW)
: > Darius is a ~~bruiser.~~ Juggernaut.
"Bruisers are champions that focus on building mainly damage items with very few to no defensive stats and are often viewed as great duellists but terrible team fighters with the exception of a few. They also excel at split pushing and scale amazingly into the late game. Juggernauts are champions that build one or maybe two damage items and then focus on going tank the rest of their build and they often have kits that can let them duel to an extent before they get out scaled and have to go team fight. Tanks are champions that scale amazingly early because armour Shred items tend to be build 5th or 6th often making them powerful in the early to mid game but are very weak to split push bruisers aka Fiora or split push juggernauts aka Yorick that can easily bully them and take towers without a fight." - https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/O6JW4U93-difference-between-bruiser-juggernaut-and-tank By definition, Darius is a bruiser. He builds mainly damage nowadays with very few defensive items, maybe 1 or 2 towards late game. He excels at splitting and is bad in teamfights.
: What counters Kayle?
If it's 2v2 tournaments, normally there is a ban phase, so if you're struggling you can ban her. If there isn't, early game champs usually destroy her. So picking a combo of an early game bruiser/ranged carry + supportive champion would do well.
"Tank" "Tryforce and Steraks". Failing to see how that is a tank? Darius is a bruiser. He is supposed to have a fair bit of damage while also having a fair bit of health. Common misconception, tank =/= person with lots of health.
: maybe post a valid name xD
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