Kontrollo (EUW)
: Update: For myself, the situation has improved a bit. I think I saw it officially mentioned somewhere that the spawning of minions caused some of these problems. I'm assuming this got addressed, probably in the recent hotfix. However, I'm still having framerate drops occasionally when there's a lot going on (team fights usually), where the game was running much more smoothly before 7.24.
Yeah, what ever that patch was has helped abit but as you said there are still some heavy frame drops in key moments of a game.{{champion:41}}
: At the start of the game, when im clearing my first buffs as a jungler, my game freezes every few ms( sometimes only every second). My FPS are quite normal but my 120 FPS feel like 15 ... its is really laggy. **Would be nice if that was fixed**.{{champion:421}}
Apparently they are working on a fix. Something to do with minions spawning affects FPS for some reason. But hopefully it won't be like this for long! {{champion:41}}
: I have fps drops 2nd patch in a row. Then riot release 7.23 I thought that the problem is in the project minions. Right now they are deleted but fps drops still with me:( All time have fps drops when someone start casting skillshots!
Same with me. Minions spawn and Abilities start to fly thats when my FPS dies. I did not mean that to rhyme. {{champion:41}}
Ademers (EUW)
: Apparently they said something. > On FPS issues, Meddler provided an update from the engineering team: > "Quote: > What about those FPS issues? We really not going to be able to play 'till Jan/Feb? > Ok, engineering are currently working on it. They've identified an issue where minions spawning are dropping FPS somewhat, suspicion is that's > probably not enough to account for reported FPS drops recently though so they're still digging."
Oh well thats a good start! Thanks for notifying! {{champion:41}}
Ćutie (EUW)
: patch 7.24 Fps drops
Upvote all the posts about the FPS drops so Riot can see the problem. They haven't said anything about it just yet! {{champion:41}}
: Patch 7.24 Constant disconnections + FPS drops
Alot of people are experiencing this! I made a post about this yesterday morning and there doesn't seem to be any word on if they are working on a fix! We just either have to put up with it or just not play until they sort it out! You aren't alone! {{champion:41}}
: Upvote this so Riot can see this!
Yes! Hopefully they will see it and sort this mess out! {{champion:41}}
: Same here.. I cant play In last game my team mates were abusing me for being useless in game i cant even see minions.. Plz fix this issue as soon as possible.. We want to play games again..
Yeah, i got spammed pinged and got flamed. Like, it's not my fault i can't my own frames! Kappa.
: Fps drops succk hope they work on it soon having same issue
Ćutie (EUW)
: Same here i dont think they work on it because there is no error notification :( #Feelsbad
Yup... Still trying to figure it out and it's got alittle better.... Well not really but it's better than this morning. I have done the full repair which helped it alittle, Disabling shadows seems to help and just cleaning the computers files seems to help too. But there are still so many frame drops and it's so frustrating! Just waiting for it be fixed whilst playing with jittery frames! {{champion:41}}
: maybe i'm crazy but i suspect that the reason for this lags are the adaptive runes and damages they implemented. maybe having to calculate that much data for every player is more taxing than anticipated :\
: this thing has been going on since (i think) two patches BEFORE preseason. nobody knows what the problem is, it's mainly in EUW and a lot of players are suffering from it. they always give you the same answer "it's your connection" or "it's your pc" even if they worked fine until that patch.
Yup. My PC was running league fine yesterday! No FPS drops or Connection issues. But as soon as i installed this patch league just doesn't want to work.
: i got this problem since pre season patch came out, before pre season i had 250-350 fps, now im having 100 fps at the beginning with a lot of freez which drops to 25-40 fps in teamfights later. All my other games still work on 300 fps+ with way better quality, but leauge is having problems right now :/ using hextech repair tool and redownloading the patch helped me a bit
Yeah, I tried the repair function and it seemed to have a very small difference. But I'm still having the fps drops. I don't really know what to do. I'm lost at this point.
: Same here Its unplayeable now -.-
Well I'm glad I'm not the only one! I still can't figure out why it is doing this. I have been trying different things all day!
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
This pirate would love a new flashy ward! It may not be a very MANLY ward but hey! It's cute! WHAT! This pirate has a soft spot for cute designs alright! {{champion:41}}
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