Twitchhy (EUNE)
: Sion doesn't even work as a toplaner {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} As a support he can't heal or shield, you just have to stay in the bush hoping nobody will ward and someone will come nearby. If the enemies rush your ADC you just exhaust someone but it literally does nothing. But if you play some supp champ such as Bard or Tahm you can actually save the carry. Edit: I was Jhin that game and I had no chance to do anything without a support who can *help*, there was no synergy. >Aggression: 70 Chemistry: 22 >No defenders >No mobile characters
Doesn't even work as a top laner ?! Lol i'm sorry, then you have a lot to learn. Basically you're saying that this champ shouldn't exist because... ? I won't go further on his top lane, i'm just gona explain his role as support. He is a meat shield with cc, his Q combos with his Ult delivering a long cc, his E slows and shreds armor, his passive can change a team fight and his ult it's his ult. Overall he has poke from Q, W if not destroyed. Also he can make a knock up with Q from a bush and he goes full tank which works wonders on him. So there, you got sion supp explained. You like maokai supp ? Yeah, he was meta but before he was meta i played with him supp and i can even tell you sejuani and zac supp ARE OP ! It all comes down about skill, you think it doesn't work because you saw bad ppl playing it, just that, you can't say he sucks in general, he is solid {{sticker:garen-swing}}
Twitchhy (EUNE)
: Well I don't know, maybe I wasn't that toxic, but nevermind. I guess you shouldn't say anything recognized as a bad word if you've got 2-week banned, but you have to abuse the chat three times in a row to get 10 chat restricted games.
You and the post owner deserve the bans. Your toxicity is beyond words, you get tilted for everything. PS: Sion support works {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Supports like Soraka?
You can also consider Bard but he doesn't have much healing power
DuckyJJ (EUNE)
: How to get out of silver
I'm in the same position as you. I'm silver for 3 consecutive seasons lol the first time i was a first timer silver, last season i played like 3 months and had a huge break from February till November so i basically didn't play much after reaching silver, and now this year i climbed to silver again and i feel like stuck but im gona try harder this year. Personnaly ? I think you should spam your 2 best lanes with your best champions, but be prepared to play any role decently cuz of autofill. Next ? Easy champs ? Nah, i rather play champs that i like to play and that i play good with them, this way i'm having fun and i'm doing the best i can. Next things ? Pretty much what everyone is saying, don't die, farm, ward without facechecking (ward the bush behind a wall), save a ward for a moment that you suspect they might doing a global buff, save your summ spells until you are really forced to use them. I dont know, theres a lot of things really. I'm being positive always and i tend to embrace the obvious defeats and try hard on possible games with comebacks, specially those games that go for over 30 min lool those games are always possible to win. I only accept defeat when 3 of my team mates are like 0.10 without any drakes or barons and with 3 inibs down... so yeah, i almost never give up ! xD {{sticker:galio-happy}}
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I'm here to complain a little. come and read if u want
Bro, i've managed to leave bronze to silver for 3 seasons now but more than that... it's really hard to do ! As usual in placements got placed in bronze, fought my way to silver and so far so good, but as soon as i hit silvers seriously, i get paired with unbelievable players making me sooo hard to actually reach gold anytime soon. It doesn't even matter the role or the champion, as soon the system pairs you with these ... "uninformed" players you won't win. Since i got to silver like 1 week ago i was winning losing 50%, but now since 2 days ago im losing sooooo hard ! I'm about to be bronze again if i don't start winning today. Idk man, you can see my matches, open them and see myself, my allies and my enemies. See the difference between me and my allies. I almost always have the most farm, the most dmg, the most vision score, the most everything except for deaths (which sometimes very rarely happen) i do rotations, i go push when my team goes baron with the enemies dead, i ward when i suspect anything and i don't face check, i ward behind the walls idk what to do anymore unless wait and hope for better teams. These days i had as well a 90 cs ezreal at 30min+ mark when i as a jungler had way more farm like 200 and the nunu supp had 100 farm as well lol I don't know man, idk
: Honor lvl 3
Ohhhh mannnn, let me login right now to see if i got it too {{sticker:sg-jinx}} EDIT: not yet it seems... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: In their deformed brains Assist=failure. Other roles get a high assist score when they fail to carry, or can't prevent the other players from stealing their kills. Not to mention how it is so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy to get assists as support. Just toss around heals and shields for freeeeeeee NO EFFORT money from the assists. Supp is ezpz and %%%%%%ed SLAVES play it only. Pretty much that's their thought process.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Indeed xD You said everything ! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: There were missions for playing ranked games. Not sure they're still available.
Oh, i see, i must have played them if they were released less than 2 months ago, but i don't recall being like 15k BE xD
Shiwah (EUW)
: It's in your loot.
I didn't got anything like this ! What is this, for first timers ever ?
: Playing support in solo queue
Im sure everyone can relate "O.7 supp report" But... what about the 24 assists ?!? Why does everyone in low elo pretend that assists score doesn't exist lol
: The ONLY thing you need to do to make people play Mordekaiser.
TheRakun2G (EUNE)
: League can cause anxiety and depression
It can, but it's not fully derivated from that, maybe you have some life issues that you aren't solving or can't be solved and you are drowning your concerns in this game like a escape-goat from reality, in the hopes that you might forget everything while on your league time. I know, i felt it and i do it and i have those problems but i'm treated, but the main reason for that in my case, it's from life problems. Btw, don't smoke weed it only makes your condition worse, that's the main reason i gave up on it, booze too lol. Look for help, really. Best of luck
I felt every word ... lol global score 0.6 ? Gg wp, ff in 2 min ... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
ChillPill91 (EUNE)
: Advice for bot lane please
1) Aim a goal in farm, at 10 min mark you should have 100cs more less. 2) Farming under turret is important when against hard lanes, front lines minions full hp can take 2 turret shots and are ready for your last hit, back line minions are harder, but usually you need to auto them one time let them take a turr shot and then are ready for the last hit, but this is hard to do honestly. 3) Buy Cull, many ppl don't buy this, they understimate this item, but i always buy it to maximize the gold income which gives me a edge on getting my first item faster than the enemies which can be a lane changer. 4) Try to poke enemies when they try to farm (they always want the cannon minion lol) 5) Positioning, the mosttt important thing about an adc. 6) Earn knowledge about your enemies bot, sometimes i know when my lane is going to lose for example and many times i know when i will win. These are just general tips ... the best thing to do in those situations is really to avoid combat and farm until your turret is almost gone, and when that time comes don't stand there. In these situations your best hope is the mid/late game with at least 1 solid team fight. When you're winning your lane and ahead, thats another story i'm just focused on those situations of losing lanes. This game is vast and has a lot of things that count, builds, team and enemies composition, synergies, map awareness and vision, personal skills and knowledge, gameplay knowledge, situation readers (knowing when to rotate, to dragon, rift, baron, split push, defend etc), timing and a whole lot of things. Summ spells management is also very important, to know when you must really flash or hold on because you know you can escape without flashing. I'm just silver for 2 consecutive years and now it's gona be the third one, i almost didn't play the whole last year but oh well xD lol I'm not acting like a pro or anything cuz i'm not, i'm just sharing my knowledge, i know i can reach higher than silver because i really have above average knowledge of the game compared to the typical silvers bronzes etc I've met smurfs who told me that, i have a guy i met in the game who got carried from gold to plat on his main acc but still he tells me i don't belong in silver and i should be at least gold, and i know it, and i became his friend and we are playing everyday for like a whole month now. So why can't i ? Truth be said, many smurfs out there know how silver is the real elo hell if you don't believe my friend, just search for info on smurfs opinion about silver loool It's so much easier to climb with a duo, but attention, make sure that if you want to duo, you need to find a person tilt-proof most of the times, a nice guy overall and positive, with at least the same game knowledge as you and the climb will be so much more fun and easy ! As a personally, i know as well that to climb i must be tilt-proof, be patient and play, fight for obvious wins and embrace the defeats (hello yasou supp and veigar top) I'm willin to share more info if you want to ! xD good luck friend
: I honestly feel like we might be able to see or atleast get more informatin about Setaka. In the new Varus lore, Varus was defeated by a 'golden-armoured warrior queen' who sealed him in hi weapon and left him in Ionia. I seriously think that this was Setaka since the lore ends with Varus in a Shuriman ruin searching for his 'sister'. Maybe this is another Darkin deafeated by Setaka.
Woahhh, i didn't know about that, i'm not been up to lore lately, but right now what most is most interesting is that sister of varus... that is lit ! So it's confirmed that the next and 4th darkin will be a female, quite good info !
GoPro92 (EUNE)
: Why you cant climb and make it harder for me
Yo, i want to share a funny sad story similar to yours for compassion ! lool So, i am a low elo player, silver last season and was placed in b5 and climbed out to silver again this season. Along the way when i was like b3/b2 i found this gold player who played with me and we played decently that game, we won and i added her because she is from the same country as i am (it's a she not that this is relevant tho). We never traded a word, until certain day by coincidence we got matched against each other and we then start talking in the chat like "hey wassup lol" and since that day we started building a "player cooperative friendship", i don't remember if i won or lost that game but she complimented me since i played nice the 2x she saw me, so we started playing together. We won some games and we lost some others, nothing special, she was enjoyable to play with because it seemed she knew what she was doing and she never tilted or flamed same as me. We only went duo everytime we were on, sometimes i was on and she was not and vice-versa. In all of this i managed to climb to silver like i said, while she fell to bronze 5 (yeah a gold 5 stuck in bronze 5 and she still is today lol) so for pity i asked "what's going on ? we gotta change that, let's play" and this is when everything happened. She suddenly changed personality, she started flaming everyone even me for every single mistake (firstblood, extending, no vision, getting cornered etc etc you name it) she starting to imply that "i should play with HER ONLY and not giving a shit to the other team mates", didn't mattered the role as a jungler or supp, so i told her, this is a team game i play with everyone and whatever my role is she needs to start playing better herself and try to win her lane (like the godess she thinks she is). The result was i start losing a lot of games and herself said she didn't wanted to play anymore with me (while on every single next day she asks if i want to play with her lol hypocrit) So yeah, i rejected to play with her for quite some time i didn't even answered to her messages, and i start climbing again while she played solo meanwhile and is still bronze 5 lol and yesterday i was 1 game away to silver 4 promo, yeah she asked me and i went with her for pity and of course, she came more with her bullshit flaming everyone but never herself and i lost the game and the next ones so yeah i will never more play with that boosted again. She doesn't hear my advices, she doesn't understand when i tell that yeah sometimes she is right that "this guy is bad or that one is this" but flame makes players perform even worse, she doesn't hear me because i'm silver and she got that meaningless gold borders which she shouldn't even be proud to have because it wasn't due to her solo hard work. Because yeah, in the times we were playing chilled, she told me she had plat friends who got banned and allthough i never asked or she never said anything more i know she got carried untill gold by her plat friends thanks to the 2016 ranked flex boosting players like her. I could block her or something, but i won't because it makes me feel good to know that myself a low elo player is more humble than her and managed to leave bronze 5 by himself 2x, while she the epic professional gold 5 hypocrit boosted noob adc player with 0 positioning awareness is still stuck in bronze godamn 5. By the way, she is 40 years old with no kids or husband (i have her facebook, legit photos calm down xD), but how sad is she flaming everyone and bossing around thinking that she is challenger but ain't shit ? True story, i would share the game tag but name & sharing is not allowed. But 1 thing is certain, i won't ever more play with her again and if she gets all crazy imma gonna call her boosted and block her 4 life even if it pains me lol PS: Sorry for some of the language, but i couldn't hold myself just thinking on how good she thinks she is but in reality she is terrible.
: > In the lore it said he is a serial-killer and he just looks like a big augmented grown up mentally disabled baby who has been chewing gums xD He is like that in the lore as well... mundo is the comic relief character, he is supposed to be goofy and silly, well at least that's my take cause his lore had me cracking up with laughter but that's just me.
Yes, i do feel ya but can you imagine his splash-art like a big refreshed mundo in a pile of bodies injecting himself with a silly face ? xD That would be awesome ! I also do imagine amumu with some creepy crying eyes in some old bandages giving him a fresher badazz look preserving his identity still but in an improved way !
: Riot have a priority list not a to do list. So while yeah mundo is a higher priority than eve they had a direction and concepts that worked for eve and they could begin production of the eve rework but they didn't for mundo... so why would they sit on a project that was ready to begin because a higher priority wasn't ready to start yet... that's no different to what riot have always done and they have told us this is how they do it several times. So it ain't hypocritical... just logical to do the reworks that can begin production instead of delaying multiple reworks in favour of another one. Plus mundo has historically been less of an issue than eve... being too weak is not that bad, especially since his weakness is being caused by outside factors.
Actually, that is true. They said at some point they knew Urgot was a "must right now" but they didn't advance cuz they didn't have a solid idea while now they figured him out. They have the priority list, but it always come first the ones who they have ideas on. I'm honest, i will love to see every single rework ! Mundo has a great potential and right now he looks silly in terms of visual and splash art. In the lore it said he is a serial-killer and he just looks like a big augmented grown up mentally disabled baby who has been chewing gums xD
: > [{quoted}](name=FirstBlooderPT,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=O1AoyE43,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-22T02:37:26.982+0000) > > {{champion:36}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:5}} and a few arguable more. {{champion:75}} is also 8 years old without a single rework so far.
One of the few arguable more xD i agree, he needs some refreshment
: Psychologically terrifying Champions
Just imagine a super fed talon jumping through a wall outta nowhere !
: Riot is a hypocrite
{{champion:36}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:5}} and a few arguable more.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It can, actually, if the violation is severe enough. For intentionally feeding the goal is to catch and punish the player after a single game. For cases of verbal misbehaviour, you can be escalated directly to a 14 day ban, or permaban, for cases of racism, death threats, homophobia, etc. This can happen after a single game.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It can, actually, if the violation is severe enough. For intentionally feeding the goal is to catch and punish the player after a single game. For cases of verbal misbehaviour, you can be escalated directly to a 14 day ban, or permaban, for cases of racism, death threats, homophobia, etc. This can happen after a single game.
Maleficio (EUW)
: Cant log in again :(
Same, i can't login all of a sudden ! I was already in, but the lobby froze so i logout and when i tried to login i couldn't anymore
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: i was just saying that he got banned unfairly because he had a bad game and was calling out how bullshit the system that punishes the players was , and what about my friend that said "idiot" got banned for inting ? Really ?
That is not true. Or he was lying or you are. The system don't ban a player for a single game.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > and the reason of ban was inting even tho he was not for 14 days Then he got chat restricted? Intentionally feeding bans are either 14 days, or permanent. If he was calling people idiots, he may have been restricted for verbal misbehaviour.
Yeah, probably, or he could just be 4.16 and trash talking people using more the chat than the mouse and whenever he picked the mouse to play he died fast. That can be seen as intentional feed and verbal abuse. But this is just my opinion !
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: i just got banned for inting in a normal game , and thats not it
Dude .. lol sorry but i gotta say, i'm so happy a inter got punished ! It makes it feel worth to actually report a player for inting !
prince dh (EUW)
: I agree it may be a little powerful.. but still, Maybe with the ability of **Randomize** it will be balanced and more FUN. and who said no TO : **RNDOM** .. The most fun thing in every game xD He Copy every ult or any other ability (at a time), but he make it better.
See, but that's the thing, this game should be based on skill and not rng. We already got rng for critical strikes, drakes and plants. With the randomize option sounds more... plausible, but still if you are unlucky enough he will copy the most op ult, seriously just imagine 2 amumu ults lool
prince dh (EUW)
: The Special Champion!!
Sorry bring it to you, but that's one of the worst ideas i've ever read here ! Why ? 0 balance, 0 originality, no personality and i don't know what to say more, it's terrible, and how can you get to choose your ability scales ? I don't think you understand this game at all. To make it more clear to you, how cool it would be having 2 malzahar/yasou/fizz ults in the same team ? Yeah, not cool !
: Build Path with Janna (Platinum)
Well i am low elo, was silver last season and right now im bronze 2 games away from the silver promos (ill be back again xD). But my opinion is nop, it's not worth, just like The Febos said, you're just wasting gold ! That could be saved to invest into the next item.
Tiffany (EUW)
: You mean to have those 2 ticks on "enable low spec mode" and "close client during game" ? I already have those ticks... I have a laptop that is quite new (gtx970, i7-6700,etc) so it's not my laptop problem... I hope in the future with the new patches they can reduce the timing of loading of everything...
Well, thats better than my own pc ! xD Guess it really is the client then ! They will certainly fix it, in the future of course. But about that crash, never happened to me though
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Have you tried enabling low-spec mode? It can solve a lot of issues. Once in the client, click the little cogwheel icon in the upper right corner. Under the "General" tabh, you should be able to check "Enable Low Spec Mode". Check that, and potentially restart your client.
Exactly this ! And if you experience lags in the game when you reach 20min, it's because the client is heavy, choose the option "close client in-game". However, i have the low-spec and the close client option and i still face those issues she is speaking of. At least i don't lag anymore when i reach mid game but everything inside the client takes it's time. My 2 guesses ? You have a low-end computer like myself other than that it's the client itself who still have some issues and it's quite heavy (riot said already on the video talking about runes, honors and voice chat, they mention that they are still improving the client and his performance) Don't strange it it will be better with time !
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: 4800ip champions
All of those are good champs on their own ways. To be honest, if you're looking to climb and you play jungle/supp mainly i suggest you keep in those roles and you should go for leona and then lulu, depends honestly on how many supps you have, if you have few tanks go for leona, if you have few utility/AP supps go for lulu (she is actually very strong going full ap on mid for example). You don't have any jungler listed there so i won't say nothing about this. However if you want to improve on top and increase your champ pool i suggest you do it once you are satisfied with the division you are (let's imagine you are bronze 3 and you don't mind to lose a few games because you know you will climb again when you switch to your main role, so it's fine) So personnaly i would go for rumble, he is underrated somehow not so popular and never banned as well and almost never picked and very, very, very strong ! However the deal with him is, you need to keep spam abilities to make your heat bar above 50, so you deal extra damage but on the other hand you can't let him reach 100% or you'll overheat and you can't use abilities in that time BUT in that time his autos deal extra damage. He isn't hard and he isn't easy, he only requires timing, the only ability which requires some skill to use it's the ulti though and even still it's straight forward. Vladimir, it's cool, powerfull as well but very picked right now so personnaly i would go for rumble because i like less played champs, but this is just me ! Tell me which one you bought after and how it went playing some games, i don't mind sharing some thoughts on builds ! Have funnn ! PS: Have you considered irelia, voli, wukong and trundle ? Wukong is a very nice jungler and can fit top !
: cassiopeia boots {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Troller is a car! But because i said something you dislike i'm a "troll" I don't see you coming up with anything...
The guy asked you "what's the point" on having another account to the boards and you reply that it's to show that mages can buy more boots, that is indeed troller non-sense. You didn't said nothing that i dislike, i just disagreed before. I've came up already with my opinion, i'm sorry if you are to busy just looking for commentary wars.
: Ekko has to drop {{item:3152}} then, because hextech items share cooldowns. Too big price for hextech boots for kEkko. Xerath - sure, he needs to autoattack (with passive) anyways.
Oh yeah i totaly forgot they share cooldowns ! But those go on cooldown because they have an active, in this case the boots would just have a passive, so it could still be viable :P But it would be broken for sure ! Ekko is already very mobile even more with that item and if these boots would be true, damn, his passive would deal hell of a damage and i can imagine people start using thunderlords + hextech boots passive xD However it would benefit immobile champs but it would make certain champs like ekko in this case broken for sure ! With xerath it would be great and lux with her passive + thunderlords + that hextech boots passive = bang with just a single AA xD The boots ain't real, yet ! But i see a lot of room for improvements overall but since they had some changes a few years back and with the removal of boots extra upgrades, i don't think they're gona touch them so soon, but it would be nice though. I look always forward to new things and improvements, but oh well, for now i'm happy with the remake feature and more now with the 10 bans, honor improvements and weekly (?!) missions. Sounds dope !
: > - 50 ms > - Each 10 seconds your next basic attack deals "X" AP dmg So... Hextech boots? Nice idea actually, for mages who don't build hextech stuff
That name would be cool though ! It could be that situation but also for example for immobile mages who don't want to build 1 of those items to save a spot to another item that have more use, the boots could be a way of choice ! For example {{champion:90}} or {{champion:101}} are immobile and they usually doesn't build {{item:3030}} {{item:3152}} so those hextech boots could prove to be very usefull ! But of course i can imagine ekko using hextech boots and being powerfull with those ! lool this, if we are counting with the passive but of course the stats can be changed to make it less broken, there will be always items op in some champs so ... i think it could work anyway ! xD
: To show that mages can buy more boots than just two... I'd think that would be obvious. Different boots for different situations.
: Maybe you should try some common sense when you try and do an example! It's really obvious that those boots won't be the best on her. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Lol you are the one with non-sense here. Why the hell would you say then that mages can build any boots ? It's the same that saying that any champion can build any boots. Duh, the shop's selling them of course you can get any boots.
Tarolock (EUW)
: and why it doesnt worth it on lux? more attackspeed means you can pop your passive faster :D
You don't need attack speed to proc your passive, you only need a single auto, and to keep the taking advantage of the passive you need to keep chaining abilities. Lol why do you need to complicate ? {{item:3006}} on {{champion:34}} then.
: Mage can build any boots they like.
Everyone can build any boots, the things is, is it worth ? Don't tell me {{item:3006}} is worth on lux. Your commentary makes no sense.
: Rito, maybe another kind of mage boots.
Mages can also build {{item:3158}} ! BUT ! i love your idea, never thought about that and I DO THINK a lot about new things that could be done ! For some time i thought about armor pen boots, which kinda makes sense since we have magic pen boots. But having another type of boots who could suit immobile mages aiding on their mobility would be very cool. When the mages update was implemented, they made {{item:3030}} {{item:3152}} to help the immobiles, but to be honest while they are indeed cool items not every immobile mage build those whatsoever. I'm not sure about the stats you're providing it seems kinda a bit broken. It would make more sense something simple to not make it broken like: - 50 ms - Each 10 seconds your next basic attack deals "X" AP dmg I choose more speed to really make the difference however the passive is a bit weaker but everything must have a consequence. Players would have to choose between less speed but more pen, or more speed with no pen but a bit of extra damage on auto attacks. While this would solve the problem it would be strong on champions like lux, oriana and a few others, but let's be honest, each item is broken in some way with some champs, there is no way to avoid it. I also choose only to apply ap damage because that way no ad or hybrid champs would build it normally.
: Tried your build and advice and i can see the difference lol ty (yeah Varus doesn't suck).
Always at your service good sir ! I'm glad i could help :D PS: I forgot to tell you one more thing, if youre facing a lot of ap (at least 2 strong ap's like kassadin mid + elise jungle for example) i suggest you make {{item:3139}} instead of {{item:3072}} , because it will give you a fair ammount of damage, magic resist, some life steal as well and it will give you the active which can save you sometimes. I prefer the bloodthirsty but in order to survive against those ap's i need to pick mercurial. I choose to change with the bloodthirsty because you get to keep some life steal at the expense of a bit less dmg, life steal and the shield but you will have resistance against them and you will have that active (which in my example it could save you from the elise stun xD) I wouldn't trade with the statik this item, because the stats are way to different ! You would lose 100% critical and attack speed, so it's really better change bloodthirsty for mercurial because you get to keep like almost everything with the difference in some numbers xD
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: man i like the way you think with the items you build , about 8 in 10 of my friends dont even know what they are building.
Ty man, i always try to put some thought on everything like what to build according to the enemies and what will benefit my champion the most. I even do that for masteries ! xD
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: Man i think you need one of the Last Whisper upgrades late game if the enemy has lots of armor , excluding that i think your build is fine, just a friendly advice.
Oh yes ! I forgot to add that ! lool i wanted to add that when i talked about the mortal reminder and i forgot totally. Lord dominik is also good changing for statik when the enemy has lots of armor and overall tankyness. It's a must if the enemies got at least 2 full tanks, leona + amumu for example (not bruisers)
Allosen (EUNE)
: Aurelion Sol cant throw daggers :c
And mundo don't have a stun, a skillshot ult and can't fly over the map and he is melee. Why this post ? xD
: Thanks for the advice, i'll give it a whirl and see how it goes.
I hope you enjoy it, he is one of my top 3 favorite adc's ! Good luck ! Oh, and im seeing those "probuilds" don't go for {{item:3153}} {{item:3508}} those are good items but it is well suited for others. Look the guy named Cody Sun in the recent final builds, he got the best KDA on all of that site from a far 13.1.11. Why ? Because he did that build that i've shown you, except that he made the BORK but that can be argued over the key here is that he made {{item:3031}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3046}} and those are core on varus. And he did ninja tabi, but i assume he did it because he was against a team with a lot of auto-attacks reliant i suppose (maybe vayne/mf, xin etc) either way he would use berserkers which is the way to go most of the time. The rest of the players got low KDA's because they made bad item choices, they may be pros but they are meta sheeps (don't be one please xD) and perhaps they are using those items because in higher elos things are different but in low elo trust me my build rekts. They are assuming that BORK is op whatever the adc just because lucian is broken with that item. Don't imitate, try my build and you will see the difference xD
O Gamiashe (EUNE)
: I need your thoughts about Ashe.. (RIOT pls check this out)
It seems that your problem is positioning or protection on team fights. Ashe is very strong and she is in a perfect state to be honest. The lack of mobility is the consequence for having slows and a stun. If ashe had mobility adding that cc, she would be broken without weaknesses. About zed, he one shots every adc and apc most of the time, that is not only ashe problem. But you do have a chance, did you ever consider doing {{item:3153}} {{item:3072}} and using your Q active ? you heal for so much and with the attack speed items you just delete every tank with the Q. The only true immobile adc's in the game are ashe, varus and jhin. But all of them got their own strengths.
: He is immobile,squishy and does no damage,take this as you may
All adc's are squishy. Ashe and Jhin are also immobile and they are very strong. Varus has his own strength as well ashe and jhin. All adc's do no damage if they aren't played and builded correctly. Your statement is false, i assume you are hating varus because you had some few varus in your team doing nothing, but that's maybe because they didn't had the skill and the right build.
: Does Varus suck?
You're definitely doing something wrong with him. Varus is an adc who can't walk alone mid/late game, i mean, all adc's shouldn't go alone but specially not varus because if you get picked you'll end up wasting your ult and burning your flash, and since he got no escape abilities, it's always better to save those. The key to win team fights it's your timing on combining your ult with someone ult with strong cc, amumu ult for example. Don't forget that when you use your ult the enemy ulted will have the 3 stacks, so right after you ult you can unleash a strong Q to proc the stacks and keep on auto-attacking until you reach the 3 stacks and you use again your Q or E (both proc the stacks but i rather use Q to proc the first stacks). Before fights use your Q to harass while your team is waiting an opportunity to fight and remember that your Q can decimate low HP targets and you got a long range, maybe you should practice more your skillshots. Your E is also excelent to cut the healing in half for those who stand on your E. It is excelent for champions like ww, vlad, olaf etc and it also applies on life steal items, so if you ult, you use E and (lets say) jinx who got some life steal already she will try to fight you but she will only heal for half, because of your E. Further more, it also depends on the build. Many people use {{item:3142}} but for me that's not the build path. {{item:3006}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3087}} This is the way to go for me, i can change statik for GA if i'm dying way to much and if the enemy have a lot of healers you can also use mortal reminder instead of statik which will do wonders with your E. Try this build and tell me after, people say it does no damage, it's a lie, with this build it does and you will have 100% critical and a lot of attack speed which helps with your passive. This build is also the same the one i use for twitch in case you want to try him at some point. Varus is rarely banned and rarely picked and it is very OP played the right way.
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