herbiko04 (EUNE)
: ?
This specific board is to discuss feedback or report problems with the client, your post doesn't meet any of those, you should have posted this on a regular board
herbiko04 (EUNE)
: Some suggestions!
Wrong board to post this.
: Patch 6.23 Release date?
As mentioned here, the next patch should be on Wednesday November 23rd
: Games anyone? Come hang out
I'll def check out the stream :D
: Let Alpha client testers log in on their second account
Open beta is coming soon, you will be able to login with any account.
LordSocom (EUW)
: Yea they said they will do it over multiple patches so the update wouldn't feel too big, and after the final update they will remove the old client so everyone has to play on the updated one :) but this can still take a few weeks :p
Open Beta will for sure start next week with the pre-season update.
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Eambo (EUW)
: H2K - can we make it through?
Ryu is playing really well, good performances on ryze
: how does riot counts patch versions by the alpha client?
Current patch is 0.10, the PBE has 0.11. The 1.0 version should be the first build of the final product
: Every single LoL champion in a nutshell (Yep all of them)
Weelah (EUNE)
: Your kidding right just google "lol patch X.XX"
There are no patch notes for the ALPHA CLIENT for version v0.10
Eldevin2 (EUW)
: Anyone know were the Patchnotes are?
"We won't have a changelog this patch since we're mostly focusing on tuning performance."
Sangy (EUW)
: Yeah i thought i heard there will be an open beta but i am not so sure about that.
Yes, there will be an OPEN BETA once the Alpha client has all the tools the current client has and is in a stable build.
Sangy (EUW)
: Once we have all the features ( i think next patch) the client will go in open beta or it will be released. They didn't add Ranked yet so i guess it will be enabled in a few days or upcoming week. And if i see the patch history the next patch will be released early October.
Next LCU patch is coming on the 21st of September, they patch every 2 weeks and the client still needs alot of features to be finished, the rotating gamemodes queue is still missing, you cant play custom games or bot games yet on SR or TT, item sets are nowhere to be seen, ranked 3v3 missing, ranked teams interface no there yet and more I won't list. Give them 2 more months to get everything together and fix critical bugs and we might see beta.
Joshuwaaa (EUW)
: Audio
More audio options are coming next patch http://prntscr.com/cgktxx
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: i don't know, but for sure it is ot going to be any time soon, they made the season 7 champion pick for a reason
The season ends in 2 months and pre-season starts so I would say it's kinda close. Also the plan for the current PBE LCU patch is to have Hextech Crafting, Clubs, and Co-op vs AI mode added, they're getting closer to be at the same level as the current client and we're still 2 months away from the end of the season.
: Having a champion in your profile background...
I think they should make it so we can choose what we want set as the background
Phantoms (EUW)
: Would UK get a server ?
Now I know why the google search "what is the european union" went up like crazy, people don't have a clue and think they just left europe or something
: the same way cowsep plays trydamere, the same way trick plays galio mid, the same way Sirchez plays taric/poppy top. Gosu is known for his {{champion:67}} and he mostly plays it.
If we go this way lets just add Fatefalls {{champion:105}} to the list
: {{champion:11}} Cowsep {{champion:64}} Gripex, Blem {{champion:35}} Shaclone {{champion:92}} BoxBox, BestRivenNA {{champion:67}} I am Gosu {{champion:75}} {{champion:27}} Sirhcez {{champion:77}} {{champion:106}} Trick2g
gosu isnt really a one trick, he plays any carry
: {{champion:121}} - [Metaaphor](https://www.twitch.tv/metaaphor) {{champion:41}} - [Tobias Fate](https://www.twitch.tv/fate_twisted_na)
: >Where did you imagine Portugal to be located? Why would i try to make up a random location for a country i do not know where it is located in. >How can you not know about Portugal, I know a place called portugal exists. >one of the oldest countries in the world with a huge history I don't care for portugals history. At that point its even "look it up yourself" stuff in relation to school, you dont learn about every countries history. Not that i would even care to learn it, maybe its mythologies but not its actual history. >and if you ever watch football Portugal is on the EURO16 for a reason. Yeah just like turkey right?
Turkey is considered europe, they are even trying to join the european union if you didn't know
: Is Portugal in the EU?
Where did you imagine Portugal to be located? Asia? How can you not know about Portugal, you hear about it on the news, one of the oldest countries in the world with a huge history and with one of the most spoken languages around and if you ever watch football Portugal is on the EURO16 for a reason.
SquirrelXq (EUNE)
Repair the client see if that works
GLurch (EUW)
: You get compared to other players of your champ at your elo in the same lane and if you are better then the average,you get an S rank.
Elo has nothing to do with grades
: Fizz - From fish to monster.
Everyone complaining even after he was nerfed.
edups420 (EUNE)
: Why didn't i get an S rank?
130 minions killed in how much time? thats the real question cause as Veigar you can cs pretty easy
: Champ mastery on ARAM
Guys read the patch notes! FROM PATCH NOTES: "Champ Mastery’s making its way to Howling Abyss and Twisted Treeline **over the course of 6.12**!"
Singuard (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fisherman Fízz,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ZyLyWYAc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-14T23:42:50.993+0000) > > Yes, lag is pretty normal if the other server is far from your current location. I have an account on NA and I have 130-145 ping on NA (I live in Portugal btw) Would you say that it is still playable? Or does it feel somehow uncomfortable to play?
It's still playable because the ping is pretty stable doesn't move at all ingame, personally I don't feel much of a difference unless I play Fizz. You can create an account and test the ping for you, It should be lower than mine :D
Kamachooo (EUNE)
: how long does the server take to apply new patch ?
Singuard (EUW)
: Game latency between regions
Yes, lag is pretty normal if the other server is far from your current location. I have an account on NA and I have 130-145 ping (I live in Portugal btw)
Supermook (EUW)
: Can you just make /remake work please??????????????
Doesn't work because the patch isn't out yet...
God, you remind me of someone from the NA boards
: https://media.giphy.com/media/3o85xoMrpdzMwQiMkU/giphy.gif
This just made my day thanks alot :D
: This is my friend.
: FYI: blood has same boiling point than water
Nice to know I thought It could be higher
Rayz01 (EUW)
: it's funny because mercurial scimitar stopped removing his ult.
Still removes the slow and gives you that movement speed for 1 second it's something, if you have your team around you can get a shield and you'll be fine
Rayz01 (EUW)
: I'm not a fizz main but I abuse him for freelo sometimes, Gotta love 100-0ing ADC with 2 spells without them even landing a single auto attack on me :^)
Only on low elo hes free elo, people don't know how to lane vs him and end up feeding Fizz, I play alot of normal games (Ik its not the best thing to compare things) and my MMR is pretty high (I get lots of plat/diamond on my games), I can tell there's a huge difference on playing vs a lower elo person that I can abuse on their mistakes and playing vs a high plat/diamond player where I struggle to cs under the tower, because they know how to make my life a living hell and delay my items as long as they can. If you never played Fizz vs an ADC that knows what they're doing, you're gonna have a hard time, they will make your life a living hell by getting mercurial scimitar, banshes or hexdrinker/maw and you won't be able to 1v1 them or delete them anymore. This said, yes hes abusable in low elo, but once you play with experienced people you will have a hard time.
: As a regular player of Tristana i have to agree, simply because as far as im concerned fizz is still bugged. His E is supposed to make him "untargetable" but apparently a Tristana Bomb already attached to him is completely void.........Makes absolutely no sense. iv already targeted him, iv already attached it to him, iv already pumped in 3 stacks.....HE SHOULD BE DAMNED WELL BLOWING UP!!!!!!
It makes sense, it's a delayed targeted ability like zed ultimate, he can't dodge the damage because the mark/bomb was applied when he wasn't untargetable. Just remember, untargetable not invulnerable so he can take damage :)
HalerJLord (EUNE)
: [6.11] Fizz E deals damage, even if he died while mid E
Yes, if Fizz dies while on his E, the damage will still apply, its pretty much the same as if I used Zhonyas mid E, you still take the damage even if I didn't complete the animation.
: Are you sure?..,. Well, that's something I didn't know. I was sure he could evade ignite damage whilst on e
Fizz can be killed while on his E, delayed stuff like Zed deathmark, tristana's E, Vlad R and so on, he can die to any DoT like ignite or poison from teemo or singed are examples
: No hard feelings. I hope to get my ass kicked by you some time :)
Something I did not expect! I hope blood has a higher boiling point than water :P
: Fizz.
Ok good to hear that {{champion:105}}
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Yes, since like last patch it should be available.
No sir, they pulled out the decision to add /remake on 6.11 due to feedback on how to improve it
: Uhh seems good, thank you very much ^^
https://twitter.com/RiotSocrates/status/738099627929391104 1 day after the patch come out
: And who told you guys the patch would be today/tomorrow? I can't find any announcement in the server status part of the website.
Patches are every 2 weeks on a Wednesday unless there is a delay
Xiaoyu (EUNE)
: When is the Fizz skin (Super Galaxy) comming out?
I hope soon, my RP is waiting patiently
iTzFame (EUW)
: Fizz Q - delayed Spellblade activation is back
I remember this happening around patch 5.1 if I'm not mistaken, when they made Fizz's Q dodgeable. Thanks for letting us know this and hope riot fixes this asap.
tacrota (EUW)
: qss and fizz ult ( patch 6.9)
Fizz ultimate is CC and it's pretty normal that QSS continues to do it's job here. It's an intentional thing as you can see from here http://prnt.sc/aug0i6
: Remove a dmg ult, sounds very game breaking to me... 1)Pro tip: just use cleanse, Fizz gone. 2)More tenasity less time to react to fizz ult... Intented you say
If you build tenacity then you're most likely a tank anyways and it will just help you get rid of the slow and shark faster.
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