Nurin (EUW)
: yeah a free Voice chat would be nice to have :) but than agai 90% of people who add me dont have a mic {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
LOL pretty much everyone has a mic, pretty much all earphones have a mic, healdphones sometimes have and even if they don't have any of these, if they are playing on a notebook, it has an inbuilt mic and a desktop, usually, if your monitor has a camera, it has a mic... that's more like an excuse because they don't feel comfortable to talk perhaps... it wouldn't cost too much to riot to open the voice chat to all... and who doesn't want to talk it's fine, but at least they can hear and know what's going on...
: Ofc!!! I also picked Leo and Ali top in season 7, especially if enemy pick was Trynda! But I am not playing MSI games or MLG games so usually I have four other persons I dont know in my team. And then try to explain to them to let me as Blitz support go top vs Jayce! At best even if I have score like 4 0 0 and top is obviously outmatched, outskilled, and outplayed they would never switch with me...... But yeah! You are right! But nowadays its more kill or be killed. So put dmg, HAVE LUCK, and gg XD Thats just my opinion ofc! (And I apologize if I understood you did swapping when playing with premades, cause it made more sense to me.)
yeah that's the reason why so many people play bad honestly, they just care about kills, nothing more. the thing that annoys me the most is how people just surr in ranked... there's a fed enemy? they are scratching our hinib towers? they have all the drakes? a baron? perfect recipe for a surr nowadays... people are so negative nowadays, you only need a guy 0/4 that he is already calling for an early surr vote... makes me feel like I don't want to play ranked anymore, are all a bunch of pussies...
: I am Toxic I am very very very toxic
I don't understand the purpose of this post...
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Wtf is matchmaking
I think skill level played a role there... if you or any of your friends has been winning lots of games, that might happen, it has to all of us at some point... you guys might be unranked, but if you play like a gold, you are gonna get gold/silver/plat enemies... the only place where you won't is in ranked, where the system is forced to put you against players from your own league. this is perfectly normal, when your skill level drops on the system, you will have more fair games, as you win games the system just puts you against harder and harder opponents and as you lose the system gives you weaker opponents. also the system is kinda broken, as the enemies are much weaker when you lose games than they are harder when you win, I frequently found myself last year winning like 10 games in a row, than I would get matched to better players than me, I would lose 5 or 6 games in a row and I would go on a 10-12 win streak again, doing the yo-yo effect.
RipJaw101 (EUW)
: Need silver adc / jungler for 5 man flex
im a pretty shiet adc as I currently don't main anything because I don't have the time to actually improve on this game (play like 2 games during the week and like 15 during the weekend). I mainly play jinx, lucian and kai'sa and yet I don't think I am that good with them, the other adc's or I don't play (varus, MF, tristana, etc) or I am pretty bad at the beginning of the game, like with vayne or twitch. my farm usually sits at around 150-200 per game (30-40 mins) depends on what I do on the game, if I don't roam too much I might get 300cs and right now I only know theory, I don't play that good (I play like a low silver/high bronze, i feel like), but if you have the patience I might improve with you guys. I am Silver 4 right now, I was placed B4 when I did the placements, worked to B1 and after 3 tries I jumped straight to S4 and currently have 34LP (I think). haven't played ranked yet since I was promoted to S4. if you have patience, I might be good with you guys because I will learn to play with you and coordinate things. my map awareness is average right now as I am focusing more on farming because I lost my skill because I stopped playing for a year but I usually am good at knowing when to go in and out, specially on premade teams that I know who i am playing with.
: how is that not bannable?
the bot isn't capable of understand the context of a bad word, I think it only seeks bad words and when you say a certain ammount of bad words I think you get flagged by the bot and a rito employee will have to go and check the chat logs to see if it was addressed to someone, a joke, a friendly insult to a friend, etc... even when you say "I am %%%%%%ed" the bot may flag you because again, it doesn't understand context. in my experience, riot is very forgiving, but very ruthless at the same time. I've had my weak days and I rarely get banned (I don't for 2 and a half years now) and 9 reports won't do me anything (happened last year on a bad day that I flamed), but for a person that is already black listed or flagged by the system, like a friend I had (he would say noob all the time, he would get punished with a chat restrict and eventually, he got permabanned after 3 months of warning and chat restricts and temporary bans) he would just get punished again just after 1 game out of chat restricted because of saying noob again. it's kinda hard to explain this, after all I don't know anything about the system although I am pretty old on this game, I don't know the core of the system, but there are many factors that decide if you get banned or not. maybe that guy was just on a bad day or something and generally he doesn't say bad words, it's called the benefit of the doubt and rito uses it a lot.
: And I understand that! You can use that same math for every champ since everything is paper noawadays. But I dont play Trynda vs Leo! I wont engage Leo solo! I understand that theory but since you have that much knowledge then you also realise neither I nor you will rush in tfs with Trynda especially if I already died by ENEMY LEONA FOCUSING THE %%%%K OUT OF ME IN TF! He is risky! That is completely true! Like playing any assasin, mage, adc..... You will get bursted if you are not careful! But I don't think he is riskier then others!!! You are never playing risk free game! I only play him either top or as jungler. And I only pick him top if I counter enemy top pick.... Who in their right minds would pick Trynda vs Leo top? Or engage Leo solo?? As jungler he is excused of those things! He ganks and lane fight is usually 2vs1 or 3vs2! At best, I can get ultied, snared, rooted,..... but I am never alone! I am not tank to engage, neither I am Zed with his escapes.... Although your argument is VALID and has TRUTH in it! But you just put Trynda in completely impossible situations! Its like Trynda is going to play VS Morgana (mid), Lux(support), Neeko(adc), Eve(jungle), Ahri (top) and everyone is just focused on killing Trynda!!! Yeah, he is glass cannon! Like how Rammus full tank build dies in seconds by the time he reaches Vayne full build...... Everything is paper noawadays so I dont understand what that means.... I kill Vayne and Nasus in same time span of 4 sec... Why? Like Vayne would stand still and let me kill her..... Risks, builds, team comps... I am not mindlessly picking trynda and playing him..... HE IS RISKY! I am not saying he is not! But like it should be; YOU HAVE TO TAKE SOME RISKS AND SEE IF IT PAYS OFF! I get it! Player base learned not to take risks ( afterall Zoe, Zed, Yasuo, Neeko....) but I find him fun to play!!! And AGAIN!!! HE IS RISKY!!!! But even if you picked Leona, I would have ADC, MID, SUPPORT AND TOP LANE! Have fun focusing player that can easily flash, e , ult and for what? You completely disregarded experience, meta, game play rules (its afterall 5vs5 and I did say I PLAY HIM AS JUNGLER, SO UNLESS LEO IS CAMPING ME IN JUNGLE I HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT) !!!! And now calculate chances of someone picking Leo top vs Trynda top and not having someone dodge that on Leona's team? :D (This is joke! Don't take this seriously!!! )
haha honestly, yeah, I wrote it very specifically but thing is, it's not an example, it's what I do. back when I main support role, I would lane swap with others if I could create a match-up more even, even if that meant I would play soraka vs vayne (and that did happen). thing is people just worry too much about the meta and don't see that a support will just straight up counter the enemy they have no matter if it's a darius, a nasus, a tryn, heca or a damn teemo. but yeah, meta is what counts right? LOL
Rioter Comments
: True..... But thank God that every stun, snare and root is fired in straight line and trynda has 4 sec on his e. You just keep spamming that e. Which means if you do manage to crit, and you will ;) , you are using it constantly. And I apologize, I didnt mean whole build on crit items. Just two items. And its Shiv and Infinity Edge! And thats it. You can do whatever you want with his build after buying those two items. Hell if you want more crit buy it, but I usually either go Guardian Angel ( bcs tf and their focus on me, and bcs I want to troll enemy team XD ) and Frozen Mallet. And with this build I can easily mow down enemy champs, I need like 2 aa on adc..... maybe one on support! And that is all me using e and autoattacks XD He is not hard to play, neither hard to build but its prob what you said in last part of your comment! He is risky to play!
8 secs at max E + 45cdr (max you can get) = 4.4 cd. so, max points on E + IE + shiv AND 2 CDR items... you are aiming for late mid/early late game... Lux Q: 5.5 nami Q: 4.4 lulu W: 6.6 Leona Q: 3.3 etc. pretty much all champs have 3-8 secs cooldown on the same conditions as you... in the case of leona, she can trade 2 stuns while you can only do 1 E... and she will have that 45% cdr since pretty much all sup items have cdr... so, you will be pretty much useless by that time if the enemy team has a brain and focus on you before you can get all that and even if not, it's still gonna be really hard for you as you will probably use E to engage on a TF. Leo will just allow her teammates to delete you because her cd is lesser than yours, the most you're gonna do in a TF is hit someone 2 or 3 times with a basic attack than she stuns you again 1 second from you getting your E and by that time you are low so you will use R and E to deal damage and than try to escape alive... right after you do E you are getting hit by leona's R (another 1.5 seconds stunned) and than E+Q and there you go another 1.5 secs stunned... and, you're dead... and you lost your feed. and now, you are useless and you better be good at split pushing and warding because you won't do anything else because by the time you spawn and reach the lane, she will already have all her abilities and she can just play the same song for you and because of that you may lose the game because you will need to get fed and you are also a glass cannon (you may have lot's of health but low armor and MR, so your 4k HP will vanish real quick specially if the enemy adc has 100% crits and 2.0+ atk speed, as most do)... just wanted to complement how risky it is to play crits trynda... and it's not just tank, it's experience, that is what I do, whevever the enemy team has a trynda, nasus or other hard to play against champ, I play leona. or I used to play, when I was main sup.
: When I am playing my main champion, I have a win condition in mind: Play early game well = Win Game. If I don't win when I've played early game well, I at least come very close to winning and gave my opponents a hard time. Of course sometimes my team mates might be feeding, but if we lose, it's because I didn't carry them, not because they fed.
let me give you this scenario: 1- you play your main. you get fed. pros: you are fed so you can do whatever you want you roam to get more kills you are 2, 3 levels ahead of everyone your life is a piece of cake you can do deletes to post on youtube you can experiment cons: you can be zoned and killed because, after all, you are 1 and they are 5 you make a mistake, you die you die, your team dies and if you keep dying, eventually, your nexus dies. 2- you play your main. you get fed. pros: you are fed so you can do whatever you want you roam around the map you deal the damage but you let your teammates keep the kill your whole team snowballs because of you your whole team starts to become independent but your team stays together so you can't be zoned individually and lose your feed if one of you dies, the others can still do something... it's harder to lose the game and the overall feed since the team is not relying in just one person cons: you can't experiment your life isn't so piece of cake you aren't 3 levels ahead of everyone there won't be deletes what do you prefer? 1 or 2?
: Daily routine in league of legends
honestly, it just depends on the community... community is getting younger and younger compared to the people that turned League of Legends on what it is now, it's gonna be our legacy for the community, which, obviously, the youngest will neglect and %%% up... the chances are, you are most likely getting at least one person in every game you play that is under age... and that is the problem... they don't understand what is being kind, being civilized... they just think they can do everything without consequence and than, they are kids compared to the folks that have been raising league of legends since the beta (pre season 1). they aren't just mature enough, so they respond to threats/annoying words... the chance is, you are older than 20 probably and you already know how to behave... but they don't and I bet with you that like 90% of the flamers are under the age of 20... as old as you get the better understanding you have, that's why you keep it quiet, for yourself, even when your adc is a total %%% head brain dead troller motherfker with crap inside his head instead of a brain... but kids? you can't expect that from them... they don't even understand the logic of it, much less the why... the community is so full of kids that I pretty much get a guy in every game that gets annoyed and plays bad or grief or whatever just because the jungler didn't allow him to keep the kill... or because the sup took the kill unintentionally, even after the sup said so... like, my last game my sup literally took 4 kills in a row, accidentally, but our mid lanner started just to get annoyed and soon enough started playing bad... so yeah, you are gonna have to live with that or quit support or the game itself.
: True! Crit build Trynda is just erasing champions........ To the fact that I dont understand why he is not played more!
because if you have just a snare from a lux on your team, he is dead before he even can kill anybody... tryndamere crits, why not? so, you will build like an adc, IE and AS items like phantom dancer or shiv... and than what? if he goes with a crit build he won't be able to last more than 3 seconds + his ult... and, morg's Q is already 2 seconds... than pretty much all champs have some sort of crowd control even if it's a slow... like, as simple as a morg Q + a Fizz R is already enough to deny him the whole teamfight and their team will be playing 4 at all times pretty much... unless... you know what to do... and that's the tricky part... you can't TF a good comp enemy team with crits, you will need duels... so you will be hunting down enemies in the hope that they are alone and you will be uncertain of a kill, losing farm, exp, etc... it's a bit of a risk honestly and I think that's why not so many people play Tryn crits...
mjsbang (EUW)
: Yea you actually right but at least if he is a tank he musn't deals this sick dmg don't you think so
garen is not a tank, he is a juggernaut, rito brought us this new "role" and forgot about it... in rito's own words: juggernauts are built to deal tons of damage, have massive vitality and be extra slow... rito managed that with skarner, mordekaiser and darius, they are slow as hell, morde doesn't even has a gap closer, dariu's is like shiet and skarner can only go in a line... but if you take into account the lore of the champions, garen is the only one with an elite military training, which means that garen is extremely well made right now because garen got the best military training ever and so he can improve his "skills" (quickness, damage, etc) by training, as he does, every day, turning his body into a weapon, so, the military training is what makes him so OP and different from the other juggernauts and that was extremely well conceived by riot when they turned him into a juggernaut. also, if you nerf garen, it's like kicking a rock and another overpowered champ pops out... at least you can deal with garen easily by making your adc building armor Pen, his only weakness because rito, to keep his citation in lore, has made him strong to AP damage by default, but he is vulnerable to AD, hence, every garen makes Armor and lot's of HP and mid game a spirit visage that will be enough to prevent AP champs from killing him, making the name for his magic denying armor on his body on the lore... a dominic's regards and a duskblade will shred garen like butter, taking into account that your adc is well protected from the remaining enemies and is kiting him till low HP. but wtf am I saying, I am a main adc right now and I don't buy those items, total waste of gold to make them just for 1 champion as they won't do anything against the other enemies, keeping garen even more OP... dusk and regards would need an update to be worthy over an IE, a GA or a BT... and right now, they aren't... but nerfing garen I don't think that's the solution, I think the solution is giving adc's the power to end juggernauts and tanks, but either updating the armor pen items to be more worthy or giving armor pen passives to the usual built items, just don't give 35 armor pen to an IE or BT, I am talking about let's say grabbing an IE and give it 5 armor pen for example, like, distribute the 50 or 60 armor pen you can get on the game on several items.
: > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OIosdqO4,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-04-19T18:25:22.043+0000) > > it's a 1 second invisibility, easily countered by a pink ward... yeah you can only see the silhouette, but that is enough to know where they are heading and hit them with a stun or snare... I don't really see a problem here, I think having tanks building a Tri force dealing as much damage as an ADC with infinity edge and having twice the HP is much more worrying. Twice the HP? more like 4 times the HP + 300 armor + 300 magic resist and still do more damage than ADC and can literally one shot ADC, i play a lot of Garen, shouldn't ADC counter Tank? i can just E an ADC to death unless they have flash or a good dash like Lucian.
garen isn't a tank, he is a fighter and besides that, a juggernaut... juggernauts are champions that seek to eradicate whatever comes to their path and being fighters means their kits is built to sustain damage but also deal damage. and ADC is meant to kill tanks, that's why they build MR/armor pen, crits, etc... but this is in theory only because the devs messed up the game.
: i just don't understand the balance changes anymore
winrate is uncertain, it's based on the players so if you have 5000 people playing that champ and losing and winning the winrate changes, so if you had a new champ and only one person played it and won, that champ would have a 100% win rate. the win rate doesn't tell if the champ needs buffs or nerfs. for example gragas never had that huge win rate, in fact, in season 8 I think he was one of the champs with the lowest win rate. and he was still being used on LCS and high elo matches. vayne kinda deserved the buff, I mean, she is easily countered, MF rips her off, caitlyn counters her because vayne doesn't has long range abilities... as of rakan, so you want a champ that moves at 50% his base MS (so it would be around 500ms, I don't know never played him), once he hits the first target he gets 150% bonus MS and still be able to use W? don't you think that would be tooo freaking OP?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Yes, but if I try walking up for minions and I'm not a tank, I'll most likely just get cc-ed and die. If I have for example a Xerath and an Anivia on my team, the minions will die before even getting close to me. And once again, if I try walking up for CS, I'll just get engaged on. And dying just drastically reduces my chances of getting an S.
tanks all of them have AOE which makes it extremely easy to farm. play maokai for example... stay out from the bruisers, you may kill the tanks early game, but mid or late game you can't unless you are really fed like 8/0... top lane, in the current meta and how the game is, is meant for tanks ONLY, not bruisers. in the current state of the game, top should always be a tank, jungler a bruiser/fighter like xin or hecarim, mid is AP, adc and AP sup (even if it's a tank, has to be AP, like leona). so to play bruisers on top, or either it's a juggernaut ( or you are really good with that fighter champ. otherwise, just play with a tank champ (
: Ghost over Teleport as Nasus.
I think ghost is better, as like hecarim, he becoes extremely powerfull with ghost, specially a highly stacked nasus, the enemy team will run for their lives when they see you, but if you have ghost, you can chase them down and kill them.
: looking for 3v3supp meta player bronze/silver range
hm... I am a rusty support but you want to go an play ranked in 3v3?
: perma unban
if you got perma banned you probably deserved it, as perma bans are the actual league of legends staff that give it to you, not the bot that makes you wait 5 minutes for queue dodging... you can always try to sort it out with riot's staff, maybe talk to them to give you one more chance (through a support ticket) saying you won't do it again, etc, but that is much likely to never happen. I remmeber a friend that got perma banned and he wouldn't even curse, he would say NOB (noob) and start saying "you don't play good; you are trash" etc. no cursing, but he would do it almost every game, he would kill an enemy and say in all chat "nob"... he got perma banned just for that and lost 200€ that he invested on the account. so, basically, you will also have to lose all the money you invested - if any - and create a new account but watch out, if you curse again on that account, if you flame, if you dodge games too much of AFK and you get perma banned again, to start with rito will know it is you because of your IP address and chances are you end up being banned from IP, not just from your account and if that happens my friend, you can say good bye to league, you will not play this game any more, no matter if you create 1 million accounts.
Lari (EUNE)
: My client decreased in size
as Ero Nascooosto said, just click the gear icon at the top right corner (settings), and barely it opens you will see Window size. just put it to your computer's resolution or choose the one that suits you best. if the maximum resolution is still too small compared to before, don't worry, it will go back to normal. last year I had that happening to me, after a patch my window went down to 1024x576 but league will always prefer the highest resolution possible that your monitor supports, so eventually, 2 days for me, it will go back to normal.
Shamose (EUW)
: He could do with an actual passive. But he doesn't really need any buffs otherwise.
yeah I would say if he got a passive like Jax where he deals extra damage every 3rd basic attack (like 40 extra dmg) would be great, since his Q counts as a basic and without R he only kills with basic attacks.
: Lets talk about the majority of 4 man premades being bullies.
most premade will be talking to each other, allowing them to make better plays than the ones not talking, so you, since you can't coordinate anything with them, will perform worst. try enabling your voice chat for all games, if you don't feel comfortable talking just leave the mic muted. even if you don't understand their language, you will know by their voices when they are up to something.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I do try enough. I'm doing my best to get every little bit of farm (really difficult if I get a melee champion), I'm not risking to die for the team, and trying to get as much kill participation as possible. But when I get an A+ for 11/4/18 while having the highest CS in the match, I just don't know what else I could've done.
11/4/18 and a+ just means that a group of players, on the same situation as you, did better. also it's easier to farm with melee champs, don't stress to much because you are an inch from the enemy, with a melee champ you don't have delay to kill them (ranged besides the animation still have to wait the projectile to reach the minion). also, usually, melee (assassins, bruisers, not tanks) deal more dmg to minions that ranged, specially if the ranged is AP.
: 1st) a pink ward doesnt reveal shit (only camouflaged units, not invis), a sweeper lense shows you the silhouette. 2nd) sweeper works in a CLOSED RANGE, around a SUPPORT probably, with DELAY. 3rd) and even when you magically hit a NONTARGETED spell, these have often MINIMAL SNARES, often not even a stun and 4th) you STILL CANT CLICK an invis unit, even when stunned under sweeper
yeah, I forgot pinks got updated. anyway, the champs that go invisible are easily killed, if you have a lux for example or a champ with a stun they are dead because we not all play adc champs, we don't need to click, non adc champs they just spam skillshots and the invis unit is dead in 2 secs...
mjsbang (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7WJxeIHz,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-04-19T18:41:04.121+0000) > > so you are worried about a garen dealing 1000dmg with ult every 40 seconds, but not with a champ that deals you 700 damage with every basic attack? (lucian, jinx, vayne, etc). > > makes sence... > > garen is easy to play against, if you want to kill him easy pizzi, just play an adc and he is toasted... vayne kills him like he is butter, jinx, MF, lucian, etc kill him like he is a puppy... but quiin kills him like he is nothing... when I get to play against garen I insta pick quiin. in late game, I just hit him E and Q and start basic attacking and he runs for his life... if he gets too close just E on him and you get more far... > > or just play a mid lanner or a ranged top lanner (except jayce and teemo) and you are good to go, you kill him like butter. if you play any ranged champ with some kind of escape ability, like a slow, a stun or just bigger mobility than his, garen is just dead and there is nothing he can do about it... Yea you right you have good point but those are champs that we can kill fast and so easy but garen in the other HAND is unkillable bcs of his insane dmg while he is so tanky got it. I don't talk about mages that find garen like a bot move to they're skillshot i'm pointing to assassins and bruisers also
Assassins and bruisers are not meant to kill tanks. Assassins job is to go to a team fight and use their kit as fast as possible to kill the enemy ADC as fast as possible before he dies. if he succeeds he turns into the mid lanner, no matter if he dies, it's his job to kill squishy champs for the sake of the team. a bruiser is not meant to go against tanks, actually, they are meant to go after his team's tank and focus on all the champs, starting with the more squishy out of all. he helps the assassin killing the adc, the mid lanner and also the other champs. usually a bruiser has dmg items that have some sort of lifesteal or HP regen so they last as much as possible dealing damage. none of them were ever made to kill tanks.
GodyrIsLove (EUNE)
: Trying to win more
so you are a jungler right? from what I see, and I am also not a pro player: - place more wards. in average, you spend 5-8 minutes with no wards placed. majority of your games, you don't even reach 20 vision score! - buy pink wards (control wards). you don't purchase them. - focus more on objectives instead of farming from what I see just from your volibear game, you didn't focus objectives that much... just for comparison, you dealt nearly 10K damage, nunu dealt 22K! that is a huge difference! as soon as you see that a lane is gonna push a tower, forget about farm and go there and help kill the turret! you will get passive XP from minions that die near you and you can farm minions as well there! - you die a lot in solo battles, meaning, you go 1v1 this has to do with warding and mindset. as a jungler, that's not your job, if you see a lane being pushed, go there and farm the minions, you may attack the enemy but the intention is not killing him is to scare him off. - from the match history, you seem not to know when to stop... jax, rammus and voli games you seem that you just charge towards enemies even when you are feeding, you should play smarter than that, try to go around them or gank them when they are not expecting it. - improve your jungle round-up. you seem to play only jax voli and rammus... you should start to play other champs, for example, on the jax game where you had nasus, lux, ziggs and jinx, you probably lost because nasus just hard fed, he seems to have been countered by trynda, with nasus dead they would focus on you and you would be insta dead because without your E you are just dead, than lux, ziggs and jinx would be insta dead to due to no protection... that game would have been much better if you played maokai or other champ with a hard CC ability. - you sat on bot lane while your top fed (same jax game). that is never good. forgetting the feeder is always a bad idea, he will just continue to feed... while you fed jinx, you forgot top and mid, they would just die and feed the enemies, no wonder you lost the game. a little tip: don't neglect the feeding lanes, those are the ones you should focus, if you helped nasus with tryinda, he would be OK to lane tryinda, get fed and just with that you would probably had won the game. - as a jungler, it's not your job to take kills, I would say you should take a kill for each 4 you give. a jungler is something like a secondary support, you are there to help your teammates kill the enemy, not kill them yourself. - you get solo killed a lot and also you camp a certain lane a lot, usually bot and mid... and every time you camp a certain lane, a guy from another lane just feeds over and over... try not to camp a lane... just marking your presence in a lane is enough to scare the enemy away. I do that many times when I play jungle, I just pass right in the middle of the lane to make sure they know I am around, they will play more passive, allowing your team mate to farm more easily. usually I pass in the middle of mid, when it's top I just go top and I go around the rock that leads to the enemy jungle (so that the enemy top leaves the lane to go check and the jungler comes thinking I am stealing his creeps, but while that happens I am already ganking bot) and on bot lane I do the same but towards my jungle. you might think not, but this kind of things have a huge impact on the psychological area of a players brain. just those extra 3 or 4 minions your teammate farms that the enemy doesn't farm is the difference btw your teammate getting his ultimate or spike item first! __________________________ I think this is enough to assimilate, that is what I think, but hey, I am just a bronze player nowadays, I can't even make it to silver nowadays, because work kicked in LOL.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Did Riot make it harder to get S-?
the S is based on the community... so, let's say you and me are very similar players... you got an S+ on Garen. so when I play garen and I am missing just 1 assist to get the same KDA as you, I will get S-. the more people get better KDA at a certain champ the harder is is to get the S... so for example, if you go singed top it will be extremely hard to get an S+, you will have to get a better KDA, help more on the game, have more presence, more gold, etc than average singed main. but if you go singed mid for example or jungle, the player base is much less on that lane playing singed, so if you play good there, you might get that S+. so yeah, with time it's harder and harder to get an S...
mjsbang (EUW)
: NERF GAREN ( RIOT NERF HIM don't be Ret*** like everyone else says please Do good thing once)
so you are worried about a garen dealing 1000dmg with ult every 40 seconds, but not with a champ that deals you 700 damage with every basic attack? (lucian, jinx, vayne, etc). makes sence... garen is easy to play against, if you want to kill him easy pizzi, just play an adc and he is toasted... vayne kills him like he is butter, jinx, MF, lucian, etc kill him like he is a puppy... but quiin kills him like he is nothing... when I get to play against garen I insta pick quiin. in late game, I just hit him E and Q and start basic attacking and he runs for his life... if he gets too close just E on him and you get more far... or just play a mid lanner or a ranged top lanner (except jayce and teemo) and you are good to go, you kill him like butter. if you play any ranged champ with some kind of escape ability, like a slow, a stun or just bigger mobility than his, garen is just dead and there is nothing he can do about it...
Cadelanne (EUW)
: Why does Vayne still have invisibility on her ult ?
it's a 1 second invisibility, easily countered by a pink ward... yeah you can only see the silhouette, but that is enough to know where they are heading and hit them with a stun or snare... I don't really see a problem here, I think having tanks building a Tri force dealing as much damage as an ADC with infinity edge and having twice the HP is much more worrying.
MLG Vayne (EUW)
: Losing LP after a player gets banned!
you know what's also good and much better? help that guy out... it already happened to me when I started playing top, I didn't knew how to play against a certain champ in lane, I would warn about it and the team would auto forget about me and I would end the game like 0/10 and still be raged for it when it was not my fault because being under tower as a lot of people say, it's bad, you will lose farm to the tower, they will snowball in farm, get better items and soon enough not even your tower will protect you from them... so what do you do? stay in fontain? no, you go there and even though you will die you still try to defend the tower with your life because your team is shiet heads that only think about having good scores... yet, they will lose the game because they didn't help the feeder out. so yeah, I don't agree to giving back the LP when you have a feeder, because usually, it's not his fault, it's the team's fault so if there would be a rule for that, I would say the rule should go to the feeder not to lose LP on losse, when it's proven it was the team's negligence.
CholMan (EUW)
: Client bugged?
that is very unusual... I don't know how to respond to that, but send a support ticket to rito, attach log files if you want to get a quicker response. all I can think of is maybe your computer running out of resources... it happened to me on an older computer I had with the game Blade n Sould, after some time playing the game would just close because my computer would run out of resources and would kill the game process. try opening your client, login and than write down the resource usage for league. play a game and do the same... if the resource increased, it's possible that your league might be wasting more resources over time and when you run out of resources, the game crashes and windows kills it's process. also, try playing the game with no other programs running.
: Adc player looking for a friendly support
well you can add me, I like to play support, I was main support by season 5, but now many champs changed, meta changed, etc, so I am bad right now playing support, but I still know a few things :D add me on league of legends and we'll see how it goes!
: Open then load... Firstly let’s you know that you’ve actually opened it, instead of clicking it and having no idea it’s actually worked or not... or getting impatient and opening the thing multible times from spam clicking. And also loading screens can be aesthetically pleasing
honestly, in my defense since I prefer load before opening, I can also see if the program will open because the loading mouse pointer comes up. one thing I hate about the "new apps" is that if they take ages while loading what will a person do? close it and start it again... and also, they open, than you minimize them and when they load they come back up to the front in the middle of something... microsoft's email client does this on my computer, also league does it, if I open it and I open a messenger for example, league will come to the front 2 or 3 times before I actually get to the login page and these programs just make me hate them because they want me staring at a blank page or a page with an icon... even in front of my messenger's pop up for quick replies they get! it's just annoying, so I started this poll to know what people think and why to see if anybody complains about this too...
: > [{quoted}](name=Player3Th0mas,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BnVRB8Ag,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-09T17:10:05.726+0000) > > In the league client or in your associated email. > > I'm not sure where, since I've never had to deal with this. I never received a mail from Riot, and ingame, i only got a notification after i left a game that i was gonne be chat restricted for another 9 games.
oh okay "another 9 games"... so you were already chat restricted I am guessing...
Zom1k (EUW)
: pls help the lvl 1 crook. cant play league
have you checked your computers actual resolution and put the same on the config folder? also, I had a similar problem with my old notebook, but because of the graphics card... I had 2, one was for low/medium work loads, like office programs, browser, etc, but when I would get into the loading screen my computer would have to switch graphics card to the gaming one because the Intel one wasn't powerful enough for the game, it was for the launcher, but not the game... so something similar would happen to me, I wouldn't go to the loading screen, my screen would just be black but if I switched to the desktop or other program it would be fine... turned out to be the driver for the gaming GPU, it wasn't properly installed... so try reinstalling your second GPU, if you have one... if you have a heavier game than league of legends (something like Tomb rider 2013 or similar will do, specially if its open map or GTA5) try it. if it works well than I am guessing it's league and I suggest removing league and install it from scratch.
: Support : 4/0/17 --> A- Score ?
oh it's not that easy, to get your S- your score would need to be better than mine.... now I can be mistaken, but or nami or soraka, you need to beat my 4/7/33 score (I think it was soraka though)... now jokes apart, everything is taken into account, not just wards and cs as Hansiman said, but also deaths, kills, asissts, time in lane, if you stayed always on the same lane or if you were the "second jungler" (as I call it) and you started roaming other lanes to help out... if you helped killing drakes and how much damage you dealt to them, baron, how much HP you gave to your teammates, how much HP you took from the enemy, how many Q/W/E/R you hit and how many you used and particularly what build did you use, because more specifically builds reduce the ammount of "competition" you have to hget your S... for example, I created a build for soraka (before the update, it doesn't work that good anymore) that was very unique and pretty much a score of 0/0/9 and with some wards placed/killed, etc I would get an S... same for shaco, I created a build (before his rework) that worked for me really good, would give him not that much damage but insane movement speed and 40% CDR and that really worked for me and made shaco easier to play, but also granted me ease of getting S rank. everything is getting into account but the build at least I think that filters the players and if a player with the exact same build as you has even 1 CS more than you, you are not getting the maximum rank... I think, but hey, I am just freaking bronze 1, I don't know this game! (but I am surely the Rank 1 S+ with soraka with that build I got her, it was so fuc.ked up that even my plat friends didn't know how I could play her and not die ahhah, it was just awful, but hey, it worked for me!)
: Report System SUCKS - I will prove to everybody this system can punish innocent people - FU RIOT ;)
(sorry in advance for long reply) get into account that you were playing with silvers and against silvers... Lux as a support in silver rank is considered a troll pick to start off, at least in my opinion because you can't just protect the ADC, you can protect him by killing the enemy, but what if you fail your Q? both of you die... also, Jinx was gold 4, not a noob compared to you or lucian and she took advantage of you being a lux support, she just punished lucian hard when you failed your Q/E right? at least that would be what I would do to punish lucian and make him recall and get CS advantage and with that, I would get more gold meaning more items and since you rely on being in lane and since you are AP and you don't get money from enemy falling minions like a Tank/support does, you would also fall behind... opening my ways to easily killing lucian and you... and Jinx clearly did that as she got double CS compared to lucian... so, basically, all of that happened because you picked lux and you didn't kept your mouth shut... I mean we all have our bad times, we all have our bad moments and days... I also have some games where I rage, really hard... but also, bans rely on several reports against you, not just one or the entire roast of the teams, just because you get 9 reports doesn't mean you'll get banned, it comes also from reports from previous games and you need to stop answering them, if I post my chat logs all you'll read majority of them is "do drag; hi; gj; hf; WP; how are you; steal red; steal blue;", etc... that's what you need to do. although chat is important, you can just mute everyone at the beginning of the game from now on and tell them "I mute everyone" at the start of the game so they ping instead of writing... so if you got chat restricted let me tell you that game was just a percentage that fed up the "ban meter"... if you know what I am saying... if you get reported sporadically that means you had a bad day, a stressful day, whatever... but if you get reported for days in a row for example? you are not having a bad day, you are being a dic.k and a flamer. it's not that I am saying you are completely wrong, I would need to read the entire chat log (including your team's) but if that was indeed what you wrote if it was me I wouldn't report you for your words, but for picking lux support. nobody gives a crap about a lux support on unranked/bronze because nobody takes the oportunities to punish the enemy or anything, most of people are only there to have some fun and waste time (like me for example) so that people doesn't give a crap what supp, adc, top, mid or jungler you pick... it sucks anyways to lose a game but that's what we are there for, losing time, get our brain occupied while we wait for our wife to come home, while we wait for the right time to make dinner, when we want to relax and take our head away after a stressful day of work... Silvers are more into the game, they rage, they turn into a devil when they lose a game or someone makes a mistake, they punish you because they take league more seriously (and they also think they know something about the game, they think they are pro players or something) and want to advance on the game because they need to win quests, need a good win-rate, etc... so if you are going to play with silvers, at least pick a decent support, something like lulu, soraka, leona, in silver you also can use Janna if you have a good team, you are gonna help out your team a lot more and while you do that just for using your abilities you get assists and with that an S rank that will make you feel satisfied... I wasn't there on the game, but next time at least just don't respond to the flaming. also, play decent supports, I am not kidding when I tell you YOU made your team lose that game, if you played Lulu for example, would be easy to win, your team got more gold and kills than the enemy, your team had 2 silvers and 2 golds while the enemy team was all silvers and 1 gold... just that lux pick that fuc.ked everything up because it's a snowball: if you can't help your ADC he will die... if he dies, you fall behind and eventually die... than both of you start dying in team fights, enemy gets fed and starts killing the others... than they make an ACE and destroy your towers because you are on very big timers because you are all level 16+ and they win the game... all because someone picked the bad champion... but again, not your fault that the teammates may be dic.ks or something, for me you were harsh and all but for me not enough to report you, I wouldn't... but, people have different minds, what for me is acceptable for others may be not, that's why you should keep your chat small and clean... you know I am usually that player that has a very small chat log, I have games when I don't even say HI and with time I got to notice that when someone on my team starts flaming and someone responds, the game is automatically lost. and 90% or more of those times, I am right! just mute everyone at the start of the game or try to be less hot head and deal with it, punch a wall or something when someone flames you and try continuing doing your best, don't answer to them, because (something I learned at the army) if you don't back and trust your comrades you won't win the war!
Rickycek (EUW)
that would give a lot of work to do those abilities I think... too much work... and basically that champ would have to be a lot nerfed than you are saying... the R is freaking broken, more broken than even master yi's R, it's like, as soon as your enemy gets an inhibitor you can just cast your R that aparently will have a big time on effect since it works with minion waves, and fight those super minions out... so your R would need to work just with 1 minion wave, whatever it is... and than you can cast your E to add even more minions to it and if it gets a 5 second or less cooldown like majority of champs on Q/W/E you can just "spam" your E and in no time you are making 3 or 4 X's minion waves btw each game's wave... so you go to lane with a doubled or maybe tripled minion wave... so I am guessing to normalize that you would need to add like a 30 second or more cooldown to your E. W is too broken, needs a fixed distance and a really small radius to get attached to the target, meaning it would only catch one at a time and would have to be a skillshot, something like blitz crank's Q and since you are an AP champ and you have Zhonya hourglass and items giving you 120 AP damage or even the deathcap that gives you AP and increases your overall AP as a passive, you could have 1000 AP, depending on it's scalings and that with your passive and R you would have your minions stronger than super minions... so to compensate that the scaling rate would need to be very low on your passive and R, which would mean your champ would be basically a retired, crippled bag of bones with cerebral diarrhea till you get all your items... and even with your items, you will hardly kill a tank... also, if you don't have minions around you can't do anything, so I am guessing to kill an enemy majority of the players would just be a bait, run under their tower or close and while they are not covered by their minions you can just do your W, pull them inside your tower, hit them with Q your minions focus him and even if he doesn't die to the tower he will die to your minions/basic attacks (since all you can do without your minions is basic attack, pretty much), so people would make AD builds, so you dealing as much as an ADC, your minions having increasing damage and you pulling your enemy inside a tower would be a guaranteed kill and make it impossible to kill your champ when a tower is nearby... also if you build AP minions would still have to scale AD because minions only do basic attacks, they don't have abilities to use their extra AP... we already have a champ like that, just plants mini guns that take a while to kill, that scale AD based on AP and you can farm safely behind your little mini turrets and if someone wants to kill you they need to put their neck at risk... yes, I am talking about heimerdinger, nobody likes to play aggainst him and so would nobody like to play against your champ... but that's my opinion and I am just a fking bronze 1, I know nothing about league of legends!
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yamasaki632 (EUNE)
: Why the fck s1 play with g2 it is balanced or what?
I just think rito is running out of players... what makes me think that? I have around 150 friends on the game... the amount who plays daily is like 10 people, and another 10 or 20 just come ocasionally... the others don't play at all anymore... I never thought this would happen: it was some weeks ago, I went visiting twisted treeline, didn't play in there for like 3 seasons... all to find myself, already as Bronze 1, playing vs Level 2 to level 6 players... and I was like on the Rush Hour of the day, when kids just came home from school, adults from work... I had games on Summoners Rift where I was the only one with an ELO, others when I was unranked and would find myself playing with and vs people who weren't even level 30... 2 seasons ago (i didn't play S7) being Bronze and playing against a player under level 30 would be unthinkable, just impossible... nowadays I just start thinking this game is dying lol
kevlarr1 (EUW)
: Looking for fellow Bronzies
well I am B1 so if you want you can add me :)
Ökami (EUNE)
: What??? there's no EUW PBE only in NA.
yeah there is no EUW PBE, just NA, BUT players from all regions may register to the NA PBE, the problem is the ping... many people got into PBE but they can't play because the server is too far away and they get like 400ms in-game... too bad they should make PBE for every region, not just NA.
Sand1r (EUW)
: Jungler Mains
1. I don't agree, and I agree. I am not main jungler, but what I try to do is to make the laner come back. when I see they are both equally skilled, but the enemy is just killing him because he is just playing Pantheon and my teammate is playing teemo, I'll just gank that lane when I see a window to make that teemo come back and start winning the fight, because otherwise, forgetting that lane, the enemy will just keep on killing my teammate and eventually pantheon will be fed enough to tower dive and kill teemo endlessly... the part I say I agree is... if that teammate is braindead, like, doesn't listen to pings, keeps dying by his own fault... I will forget ganking his lane and focus on the best laner I have and feed him so that he can win the game for us because the objective of a jungler is being almost like a support, you are there to help killing, not to kill. at least that's my point of view. 2- I would agree to securing all drakes, herald and baron. even if they are soo bad, the buffs from all those creeps will give them a boost and make them at least delay their death. in TF this will be helpful that they deal the most damage they can so you and the other lane you chose to camp can kill them easier. you can do everything at once, your creeps will run out so or you go farming on the enemy side (risky) or you can just go camp the best laner you have to help him out. 3- you can also look into your minimap more often. the enemy jungler will be focused on ganking his allies so he won't counter jungle or anything... you can go steal his creeps, but you can see the map more and watch your wards carefully so you know where the jungler is and warn your teammates about it. before the towers start to fall I would place wards: on the place where rift scout is when you kill him; on the bush in the middle of the river (close to mid lane) and mirror that ward on the bottom of the river and another ward on the rift scout on the bottom river. 2 normal wards on the rift scout, 2 control wards on the bushes. the importance of having them a bit more far is to give time to your laners so they can back off or prepare for the ambush. as towers start to fall down I would use the same setup (2 normal wards and 2 control wards) but this time one around red/blue another by the rift scouts. the closest bushes to their lanes it's the laner job to ward, not yours. so I pretty much agree with you, just added more information lol
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-23T20:22:06.127+0000) > > so now you agree it's possible to change those files... to someone who talked a lot about how riot encrypted the files... Scroll up. I've been saying the same thing all the time. You can't change those files because they are encrytped. In other words, you can indeed pull assets out and change them, but you can't lock them back, so it's impossible. In essence, you can't change files. *** > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-23T20:22:06.127+0000) > > yeah I don't know everything about how riot does stuff, all I know is encryption? I don't know everything either, but I researched this stuff because I tried to change files myself. What I'm telling you know is what I found. *** > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-23T20:22:06.127+0000) > > and is your computer soo poorly in ram? I mean, 4GB isn't a thing and I can have several programs opened at the same time Pentium Dual Core, 4GB of RAM. The most I can have running on my computer, when playing League, is League itself. Anything else will make me drop performance. I actually need to restart the client, on this machine, every few games because of what seems like a memory leak.
no I believe someone cracked the code... because I actually have been using ModSkinLOL to try some community skins. One thing I noticed was that even if the program was closed the custom skins would still be loaded. also, the program also changes the default skin on _every champion_ to it's most used skin automatically on launch... and everything loads even if the program is closed and I am sure there is no service or process opened at any time by that program because I checked it myself... your computer is very similar to mine, I have a Celerom 2GHz dual core, 4Gb ram, intel graphics with 128mb... and I can have league open all day, listen to music while I play, go to OP.GG to check the MMR for example, etc... I guess you have an older computer? but that's pretty shitty tho, the need to restart the client, can't have at least Windows Media Player playing something while you play...
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-23T11:17:04.663+0000) > > so encryption? probably just a story tale from Rito. You just confirmed you don't know what you're talking about. Yes, they use encryption. Previously they used ".wad". Those were encrypted, but was possible to changes files. Then they made something new called ".wad.client" and this one is trickier. They started replacing files with this new system a while back. *** > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-23T11:17:04.663+0000) > > what you say "it allows to view the files but not makes changes to that" sounds stupid, because an encrypted file can't be viewed or modified You don't know how encryption works. You can, by reverse engineering, figure out how to decrypt something. In this case, the problem isn't the decryption, but rather locking the file again. As I explained previously, Riot encrypt (aka lock) their files with a private key. The client itself unlocks them with a public key. You may be able to view what those files look like without the lock and, by extent, change them. However, if you don't have the key to lock the files again, then whatever changes you make will be detected and force an update. This is the crux with the new system. The modding community actually "cried out" to Riot to allow modding. I remember reading Riot's stance on it and they said they'd look into it, but I can't find the source for that right now.
so now you agree it's possible to change those files... to someone who talked a lot about how riot encrypted the files... yeah I don't know everything about how riot does stuff, all I know is encryption? poorly... to test that out I got a program, installed a skin, closed it and still the skin was there on the game... so locking the file again? maybe, maybe the program does that on it's own... and is your computer soo poorly in ram? I mean, 4GB isn't a thing and I can have several programs opened at the same time, allied to my amazing dual core 2Ghz Intel pentium and a 128MB VGA...
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-22T22:27:15.308+0000) > > as of your last point, it doesn't work like that. league doesn't send MB of animations constantly on your internet, if you go see, if you send 5MB in data packs during 1 match, that's a lot... league works locally Did I say ever say it downloads the information from their server? Here, I'll help you out: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-22T20:50:51.115+0000) > > Last point. Even if you could change someone else's skin, the game client will still fetch the information Notice the wording: **fetch**. I didn't say download, I said fetch. I know how the system works. It will fetch the information from your client files and it **will** take up RAM. I can literally see the difference in different games. *** > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-22T22:27:15.308+0000) > > then your client will show you the animation, but the animation is stored locally on your computer, therefor, if you change it, only you can see it Which is still loaded to RAM during the loading screen. *** > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-22T22:27:15.308+0000) > > the injector replaces the game files, you can close it and still have the custom skin on the game. I seriously doubt that. I don't know how the program you're talking about works exactly, but I doubt it can just replace game files. One of the reasons is what I said earlier: everything is encrypted. You need a key, a private key (which only Riot has), to encrypt those files. You can **see** what is inside those files, but you can't change them directly if you can't encrypt them back. Last time I looked into this there was still no solution. I will say it again. Show me a website that details everything, otherwise you're just talking out of your arse.
just search for Mod Skin LOL. the name sounds fishy but it does work, gives you all the skins the game has + enables you to download custom skins whithin the program. no need to have the game opened... I just tried yesterday to use a skin called Artic Ops Lucian, the program did it's work, I closed the program, oepned league of legends, and while on champ select I was seeing the Base skin, on loading screen there it was: Artic Ops Lucian. so encryption? probably just a story tale from Rito. what you say "it allows to view the files but not makes changes to that" sounds stupid, because an encrypted file can't be viewed or modified, that's the whole point of encryption, if you can view it than it isn't really encrypted, so there was no encryption, just a modify-write protection kind of policy, or if there was indeed encryption, the game had the need of a system to decrypt them so the game could load the skins... with some reverse engineering you are able to get to the core of a program like that and discover how it works, so you can create an engine on your own to trick the game into unlocking the files, so you can change them. Just because league uses the policy of Close source software, doesn't mean it's impossible to see the code they use...
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FixxeS,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWrtTGN7,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-22T19:02:19.049+0000) > > but custom skins are your solution. you can override whatever skin you want, there is a program online, free to download, that allows you to REPLACE whatever skin you want. It doesn't work like that. For starters, custom skins are dying because of how Riot changed the game files. Everything is encrypted now, so most custom skins 3rd parties don't work. Second, how those apps opperate is they change **your** champion default skin, not enemies. Also, they don't actually change X skin to Y; the default is changed. Besides, if you're talking about Wooxy, let me inform you their website is down. Anyway, if you want to prove me wrong, just give me the website to this software. Last point. Even if you could change someone else's skin, the game client will still fetch the information for the original on loading screen**and** it will still take up RAM space. On top of that, the injector itself will take some RAM too to work. This "solution" only makes the problem worse, so it really isn't a solution.
the old file is dead, but the new isn't that safe, and I found a program able to install the custom skins anyway... and, there are lots of videos on youtube that show you custom skins, just look at this video from 2 weeks ago: on the old file system there was this program called SIU, you could search the path for the skins, change their name to the names of premium skins, because SIU - and wooxy - would replace the files with the same name on the league folder, so if you changed the files on the zip to the names of a premium skin, the premium skin would be replaced. as of your last point, it doesn't work like that. league doesn't send MB of animations constantly on your internet, if you go see, if you send 5MB in data packs during 1 match, that's a lot... league works locally, that's why you need to download 6GB of the game to use it. what happens is when an enemy presses Q, their client will send an information to everyone's client, then your client will show you the animation, but the animation is stored locally on your computer, therefor, if you change it, only you can see it, because the others have regular files, you don't, so you are the only one seeing them. besides, the injector replaces the game files, you can close it and still have the custom skin on the game.
Febos (EUW)
: You don't understand the problem. We're talking about other players skins, not our own. For me, skins other people use is what causes me lag. In case you don't know, the "heavier" the skin is the more resources the game takes from your machine machine. Now imagine what happens if everyone on the game has Legendary and Ultimate skins. My performance goes from 40 fps down to 10. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
but custom skins are your solution. you can override whatever skin you want, there is a program online, free to download, that allows you to REPLACE whatever skin you want. so for example, on that program, you choose to replace forsaken jayce with a custom skin. so now whenever SOMEONE - not limited to you - plays Forsaken Jayce, you will see the custom skin. did you understand now my idea?
Caraméla (EUW)
: Its a busplat error with zigs on it idk if you can understand anything from it. I didnt really change anything when it started happening it started when a new patch came out some months ago and before that it never crashed. After that it crashes multiple times in a day
maybe it's some file corrupted file... try repairing the game...
Caraméla (EUW)
: Yes but with an already downloaded installer you think it might work if i also download it again?
try it. does your computer have resources to handle the game? do you use any 3rd party software while the game is opened? can you play a custom match (alone vs bots) without it crashing? have you sent a support ticket to Riot? what is the error that shows when the game crashes?
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