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: No that’s a clean hit... as vivilou said the lines either side is the hit box, as you can see Kalista is within those lines therefore it’s a hit. So you can clearly see the size of the hit box, Riot have been doing stuff like this recently to make these hit boxes visible
How the %%%% is that a "clean" hit? It's not even on my body.
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: While he can fight people early and clear waves it costs a lot of mana for him to do so, a few trades or waves like that and he’s defenceless.
Yeah until like lvl 4 when he gets tear then he can spam his abilities without end so you have what 3 minutes to get a big enough lead to stomp him good luck
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: Anivia is op and needs nerfs
I only get negative thumbs cuz no one understands she is op I knew it this game has become a very bad thing very toxic people.
Ðouble B (EUW)
: There are these things called punctuation marks. You should try use them. Anivia can be overpowered, yes. However if you just play an assassin you will see it doesn't have to be hard. Mobility counters her, so play a champion with a lot of dashes, such as LeBlanc, Fizz or Zed if you like AD better.
I played Lux and she was really op and I could not do anything and I could only die and it was very sad to see what this game has become plz nerf.
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: ***
I'd rather face Yi than Malz haha, Malz just tilts me before the game has even started
MeGusteak (EUW)
: See i do not agree that he takes no skill to play, because he can be quite difficult against a lot of champions. As well as this as soon as he has used his ult he is very vulnerable until the cooldown is over. But i will agree on the fact that he is braindead... I used to main Malz and over time he just got so boring to play because there is no skill shots or difficult spells to test your ability. And he is not like most champs where it takes a few games to learn all of the little tricks and skills you can use to outplay, it takes next to nothing to learn how to play malz and i think that is what makes him boring to play.
Yeah exactly, like I said I'm not saying that he is OP or too strong, but his design just makes me go "what happened" cuz it's so dumb
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Minstrel (EUNE)
: That happened with three champions. Trundle, Sejuani and Karma. The Traditional skins are exactly that, they were given for free to whoever had the champion before the rework. However, I'm pretty sure that Riot was asked about this and said they don't plan on continuing that trend. I don't really remember why, and it'd take a lot of digging to find that post, so you'll have to take my word for it :<
Ohh, I had no idea this had already happened x) I wonder why they didn't continue doing it! I think it's a really cool idea. I guess people who play a champion is more likely to buy that skin, gotta get money somehow :p
Aosi (EUW)
: I think they already mentioned this at some point, not a free skin as such. But they did already mention thoughts about further ranks after Level 7. in doing so they said the boarder changes could be a possibility in the future but I know for a fact its not on their 'To-Do List' {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I'm not talking about mastery xd I meant when they rework a champion and make a new design for it, they should take the old design and make it into a skin that you can buy, but people who have mastery 5 or higher will get it for free cuz they're put time into the champion
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