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: Riot why crush my skin dreams
I hate {{champion:142}} , but this skin concept looks super cool
: 0+21=18
Ohh did not know that was a thing. Thank you all {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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xdalawneh (EUW)
: Name for a lee sin main please
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Pressing Spacebar for "MATCH FOUND"
This would be such a good quality of life change and also so simple
: Towers still weak
Just a little bonus to damage and hp to towers would be a good improvement to the game
: We need more wards !
I would love to see sight wards come back, miss them. 2 control wards would be overkill, especially in high elo
RageFuel (EUW)
: Can we please make Client Volume NOT reset whenever there is a patch?
MdoublEU (EUW)
: Cant login it says incorrect username or password
It seems theres a bug atm, a lot of people have the same problem. Riot is working on a fix, so i dont think this will take a long wait
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