Praes (EUNE)
: Your call is irrelevant, the best call is irrelevant. You go for the call the majority of people go regardless if it's the best call or not. Even if baron is the right call but your team goes for mid tower, you follow your team not you call. I'm not gonna coach you, don't have the will, interest or well anything to coach you with. So your point in the game doesn't really matter to me, I just asked the question you asked.
There is definitely some value in this. I have started trying to just go with the call of the majority. I guess 5 of us committing to a bad decision greatly increases our chances of turning it into a good one. Thank you.
Praes (EUNE)
: I'm currently plat 2, was plat 1 earlier this season and diamond V last season. The rule isn't to only gank winning lanes or to not gank losing lanes. The rule is to not gank LOST lanes, since they can't snow ball of it. Giving you a proper answer is hard since there are too many variables, but one of those should be decent always usually optimal but sometimes all of those can be shitty options. You should decide what's the best thing based on the situation, you can't possible give me all the information you've when making the decisions. Since the position of waves when camps were cleared where did you saw their jungler last time, gold, experience and a lot of more things change what's the best call. I personally go what I think is the best call. P.S. I should mention that my forte is mechanical skill rather macro game play, but I'm still better than most people due to my ELO. P.S.S, The best call is to get your bot change with top and take top tower with bot lane or then made bot rotate mid and take mid tower with them. But assuming you can't make your bot do that this information doesn't help you at all.
Thank you so much, you have been very helpful! I definitely understand that one can't really make a crystal clear call on this as there are too many in-game variables that would fluctuate outcomes and be determiners. I feel like over time, I will develop a feel for things. I can tab a lot and try and get as much intel as possible in game to help me make the correct choice. I have found LoL is really about being adpative, a chameleon, each situation is different and you need to adapt quickly to it. You can't really be rote about decisions. Esp jungling.
Praes (EUNE)
: I'd say it usually turns to a 4v4 since both mids will roam bot, it depends on which mid laner is pushing, since the one pushing arrives bot 1st. This is the matter of who has a tp advantage and team comps, I think trying to fight bot lane is the best shot if you win either a 4v4 or 5v5 since that's what it most likely will be, at least in high elo. In low elo it's probably gonna be 2v3 or 3v3 depending on your location. I don't like the idea of going top since you give up a lot of pressure bot side which is your winning side so now you've no pressure any where. Your top lost a tower so he's probably a lost cause, so just focus on bot and mid. You don't have enough information to give a proper answer since it depends on summoner spells, champions levels, gold and a lot of different things, too many variables to give a proper answer if you ask me. Watching that good players do and then somewhat copying them in similiar situations is your best shot.
To both your responses above... I have found that at times I do get an 'intuitive' feeling about how a situation is going to go down. I don't do it enough, but I am going to work on tabbing and seeing cs counts, kda's etc and ultis (like MF ulti in the situation with a Leona or Braum) to determine whether we can take a 3 vs 4 or not. I do watch quite a bit of LS, started watching Tarzaned recently. It is quite difficult to explain where I am at in the game but I see it like this... My mechanics are not good enough to go into situations and 1 vs 5 in a way that a smurf may. I have very bronze/silver mechanics, but there are definite times where I can see that a situation will turn out good or bad for us, I see clear moments for objectives and so on. I am not saying these are the right calls as such, just perhaps better ones than a lot of the players I do play with sometimes. The thing I am working on is when I see a call for a clear engage and kill, or to push mid turret down, is to ping my team, try and coerce them into helping but determining whether they are going to go for it or not. I have found myself committing to something that hasn't been backed up, when if it was, it may have turned out well. I don't blame my teammates for that, I am just trying to explain to you where I am at in the game. My micro is poor (I also play on 200 ping, not sure if it makes a difference) but my macro, I feel, is decent.
Praes (EUNE)
: At that point top is probably lost, so you don't want to pressure top side. Hanging around bot side or getting vision deep in their jungle to cover for your bot is probably the best course of action. You could also hang around behind them for a counter gank or try to get something done mid. Or then just don't care about your laners and farm up. You wanna focus on the winning side generally.
Nice! Different perspective to everything else I have heard in this thread but correlates with the common 'only gank winning lanes' adage. What is your elo?
Hantusa (EUW)
: Start the surrender option (literally). You can always hope for some magical turn-around, but it's 99% certain you lose the game when people don't have a very basic understanding of the game. Overextending without warding up is what I'd call being clueless, and the only way those types of players win anything, is by shere idiocy of an enemy team.
I mean, while I understand this philosophy I very very rarely surrender. I have probably surrendered about 3 times in ranked and that is in clear-cut losses and when my own tilt has just been thrown way over the limits. A few reasons are that I am by nature, a really optimistic person. I also feel that if you are in an elo where your teammates don't have a basic understanding of the game, then it is likely that your opposition doesn't either. I have stayed in games that are completely tormenting, I must admit... But I try and keep a clear head in those games, and do my best to ward off the tilt and in fact, decline the surrender option... The reason being is that if my team have complete afk brains, even if it is a sure loss, I use the game time to work on my own stuff. Even if it is just trying to farm raptors and polishing the ways to do it correctly. I have also been in situations where a few games have been pulled back, despite being pretty down and out. I played a game last night where the enemy had a Pantheon and Nidalee (duo queuing as well I might add), and they got ahead quite early with a few kills and they secured a few turrets etc. The thing is, I know, even in my basic low elo knowledge that these champions do fall off. We had late game scaling champs with some decent ultimates. I asked my team to just play around each other and limit the deaths, that if we don't die, they will. They will also fall off. And that is exactly what happened. We ended up winning 4 team fights and won the game. They got early kills and turrets but simply didn't know how to transition the lead into a snowball enough to win. They were on the clock and it showed.
Perilum (EUW)
: 1) Press Enter 2) Write: "Yo Botlane, push out your lane and take Mid 3) Go and try to pressure Top 4) Get both towers 5) ??? 6) Profit.
Lol! Thanks! Rinse and repeat this enough and hopefully I will rack up some more wins.
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Depends. In this kind of situations, there isn't a clear answer. Is Dragon up? Could you take mid? How gankable is top? Rift Herald up? First of all, bot shouldn't be bot anymore. Once they take the enemy tower, they should move mid and try to take that one. Now, if you go joining bot lane in their adventure for T2 tower, you will, most likely, end up in a 3v4 situation, as their jungler and mid laner could join the gank on bot. Now, of course, mistakes can happen and you can end up winning that 3v4, but usually you will lose. In that situation you should look for trades. Trade your two monkeys on bot side, probably Dragon too for top laner + top tower, maybe Rift Herald. If that does not work, you can always invade the enemy jungle on the top side and take jungle camps. Always look for getting something out of a bad situation. You shouldn't go bot, unless the mid laner wants to join too, maybe top laner too, or your team is way ahead, and you can win 3v4 and take a Dragon afterward. Go for sure things, not gambles. Top side should be the safest course of action though, as you will know there shouldn't be jungle pressure.
Thanks for this reply, very helpful. What is your rank? 'Now, of course, mistakes can happen and you can end up winning that 3v4, but usually you will lose.' - This is important for me. While I try and be as adaptive as possible to situations, I prefer to base things on theoretical outcomes in LoL as I think there is more consistency that way. Theoretically, unless really big, we shouldn't win the 3 vs 4. 'Always look for getting something out of a bad situation.' - I try my best to employ this strategy. Even when we lose a teamfight, if I survive, I try and take what I can... Even if just enemy chickens! One factor I have realized that greatly influences whether I win or not is being proactive. There are games when I feel lazy, and I play drone-ishly... There are others where I go the extra mile, try and invade the moment their jungler is down or I have vision of him, type to and try and coordinate my team etc. It greatly improves my chances of winning. I am from South Africa and play on 200 ping, with fluctuations. I still wonder how much of a factor this is at low elo? But it is why I try and spam the jungle, so I can stay out of the lanes and work on my macro instead.
: Use psychology. "Bot can u help us take mid etc? We really need you now guys"
Lol, yeah! You gotta give them something enticing to work with. I will try that. One of my favourites is 'triple kill in jungle. Come!' :P
Iao (EUW)
: Ask your botlane ever so kindly if they would swap with toplane, and then gank either botlane (with the toplaner) or help push down the toplane turret with three. If they don't want to swap it's often best to try and dominate the topside jungle and look for mid/top ganks. There's really not much you can do if they won't swap, especially not on the botside of the map as it quickly escalates into a 2v4 (As their midlaner also gets easy access to botlane). On the other hand, however, since there's so much pressure from botlane you basically get the opponent jungler's topside jungle. You'd 'break' this situation by either getting all the outer turrets or by getting the top turret and then having your toplaner swing mid, so basically you _have_ to focus on the topside to prevent your botlane from feeding (too) much
I really like this perspective. Thanks a lot! I am low elo, so asking for help doesn't always get much response but one alternative I had thought of is if my mid was doing well, I could try and get a gank off mid, force a recall on their mid laner and try and coerce my mid laner to run down bot with me, or get them to go top side while I look for a counter gank bot side. As a jungler, however, I really like the idea of running top side and taking the enemy's jungle and weakening them over time. A really good suggestion, thanks! It could be my imagination but since I started playing last season, I notice that now more than ever, if you are able to counter jungle and negate the enemy jungler's leveling, you have huge influence over the game. I was in a game yesterday, playing Graves vs a Hecarim. He had gotten off a gank bot side which put them ahead, and their mid laner killed ours. I counter jungled pretty hard (by low elo standards) and Heca, despite being their biggest carry (5 kills), fell two levels behind by the end of the game. In any case, this freed me up and helped me gank and pressure the other lanes, even the losing ones, while underpowering him. My teammates all recovered and it lead to us securing objectives, dragons, baron and ultimately the win.
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: Bronce and every 5th division are tilt city. Dont let the tilt get you. And the freewin you get on your next promo kinda shows that your claim about "bad teams in promos cuz rito wants it" is false.
True. I mean, this isn't my theory, just one I had heard and considered. I was bleak last night but confident that I will get the 100LP back today. I hope it works out. Thanks.
Mada (EUW)
: gold 4, gold 5 and silver 2 :-D I like levelling accounts. I think I might be a little bit weird. Would explain why I'm a supp main :-D
Nice. Do you have to go through the whole process of the first 30 levels each time?
Mada (EUW)
: Yes, it really sucks if someone bans your pick. Sometimes it's by accident. They were tabbed out while waiting and panicked when it finally starts ticking. But if someone does it on purpose, it's _so_ annoying. If it's my first dodge of the day, I also tend to dodge, just to prevent this player from making me angry. But sadly, that doesn't work in promos... But not every "troll pick" is an immediate lose: I won a game with le blanc bot and lucian mid and I nearly won one with Syndra bot.
Thanks for the comment. Yah, it definitely wasn't by accident. I have been reading that people do get very poor teams in promotions, some theories are so you can 'hard carry' the game? Like, proving your worth, so to speak. I have been invited by a number of players from previous games for good performances etc, my solution to this is to earn my way to the 100LP requirement again, and queue with one or two friends in my promotions, just to lessen the chances of trolls. What division are you in?
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: New Server in Africa
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