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: Prestige Points forging options
they said recently that they will do a prestige point shop at the end of the season with several stuff to unlock with them beside pp prestige skin
: Team Pass & Fan Pass Hit the Rift on May 31st
I'm on EU and I prefer the fan pass option (reward being more generic will age better), will it be available beside the team pass or are we stuck with the "chose one team" stuff
: botlane lux+morgana
banner of command rush used to be good again that kind of botlane, now I guess the best strat is a rush solari + mikael
: Icon drops from the Orb... Banner is leveled up by winning in Clash.. If you dropped out, its probably not enough Victory Points to level up the banner.
well, i had no icon in the orb, only xp boost and team logo for next clash :) Hope beta content will be back again, not having a shot to it just base on pure rng feel pretty bad
: > [{quoted}](name=Llama Bell,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=fyw6dwnb,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-18T22:00:24.161+0000) > > Me and my team was waiting for 1 hour+ we finally dodged our team is now gone... That is sadly an Edge case where the teams then Autolose the tournament. You will still receive your rewards for Clash. This still was a Beta test and we will do our best to identify why this happened to prevent it from the actual Clash.
banner and icon too, i got the orb but the rest seems to be missing?
: What do you mean ?
they plan to send ranked reward close to the end of the weekend, I can see a world were one of those botch because of the other (to much data to deliver at once)
: Will it Crash?
same timing as ranked reward distribution, of course it will crash :p
: golden chroma championship skins
all the token stuff come back this friday (for the weekend I suppose but better to unlock it friday to be sure ^^)
GioRgSaVv (EUNE)
: Hidden Missions
I'm not against hidden mission as long as there is no missleading stuff. When the esport reward page show "you've complete all the watch and reward mission" while there are still some who are hidden it's a trap if I didn't check how to get the 50 vod icon, i would have miss that too
: When do we get a new Ivern skin? (or other champs with low popularity)
we are close to snowdown event, wouldn't be surprised if ivern end up with a festive skin in the same vein as maokai
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Upcomming Champion Teased???
Pretty low chance. As the next champion is a colorfull champion with probably some colorfull spell, having a laser gun as a weapon will clash hard with the concept
: Yes, this is something you can do, but everyone doesnt have premades to play with. I for example rarely have anyone to play with, and when I do, I end up losing us the game from my inexperiance with the new champ aswell as high MMR from previous play, with other words, my friend needs to be smurfing and do really well to be able to carry me to a victory with an S.
in which queue did you go? from experience, you can pick anything into normal (5v5 or 3v3 ) and, as long as you apply lane basic (aka how to not feed and avoid gank :p), your champ pick doesn't really affect the game to a point you are a dead weight for your premade.
: 14 days suspension for using "Int Sion" strat. (Controversial response from support)
on what account was the int game. (can't manage to find it) That strat is a double edge sword, if your team is ok with it and play around what you do then it's a pretty valid way to win (the int is an agreement with your team) If your allies are not so open to the strat (champ select discussion), you force it on them and as they didn't manage to use it, it cost your team the game, then it's not the strat (need all the piece to work together, not just you), it's closer to just inting and hoping for the best
: wtf is this
Well it's a chat ban, something to tell you you don't use it the way it's supposed to be. If you are honest with yourself, you can agree with me than maybe 20% of all those log is usefull information for the game, the rest is just you arguing with poeple. The best advice I can give you for the future is just to not threaten to mute poeple but just quietly doing it withtout even saying it in the chat
: The System For Getting Chests Needs An Update To Avoid Negatively Impacting Players' Mentality!
for box, there is still the premade option. One pick a champ he has high chance of getting an S with (even if he already have the chest) the other pick a champ he still need chess on. Reverse the place for the match after. I did this almost every week the first season of chest reward and never miss one at those time
Leïtoo (EUNE)
: Coven Camille
not this time but around june 2019 probably also something we still don't know is if bundle exclusive chroma will be available or not in the be shop at a higher price (like the content creator stuff), so it's possbile the coven chroma you want will not be in the essence shop at all
neropa (EUNE)
: I would say that banning someones champ is grieffing which is reportable.
it's not everyone as a vote for a reason, removing a champ they don't want in their game, enemy or ally (like new champ the first week of released) They were red side, letting zed open was taking the risk of a first pick from the other team. Imo, op shouldn't have state anything about the ap need of his team (could have go ap himself) and just say "don't wanna risk facing this champ"
Eambo (EUW)
: [01-11-18] Cancellation of Clash for this weekend
As long as it's after the end of the season (thing that should have been done for this test in the big server), you can reschedules it whenever you want without impacting player base too much in case of failure
NayNays (EUW)
: ty
well, it's victorious orianna this year
: oh yeah i forgot the caps lock is the official language of anger on the internet WELL BECAUSE I LOST LANE SO HARD TWICE BECAUSE OF DUMBASS ENGAGE SUPPORTS playing them/with them and playing agianst them isnt the same thing first game I was playing garen (dont mock the pick lethality garen with dark harvest is pretty op) i got first blood almost got a double but i misplayed and we died ok my bad I want to farm now support hooks them again and we die LEONA STARTS FLAMING ME I leave lane I stop feeding and get kills, but she doesnt, clearly i was the bad one here we won the game barely, I contributed, I didnt do that good, but i did pretty good damage and got a bunch of kills and towers second game I wanted to try lethality mf, for some reason, i am not that good with her, so i am gonna play her extra safe support locks in shen (oh god no) guess what happened? enemy bot lane got an easy double kill and first blood I afked..not gonna have this shit all over again later in post game screen that mastery 6 shen score was 0/7 my bad for leaving this amazing shen with no adc vs two adc's if you quit making excuses to defend your favorite role would be better than scrutnizing others yes you dont know how many accounts i have and what level is each making assumptions is pretty stupid when i play leona or shen i play them for their goldy cc in teamfights not for their piss poor 1v1's or 2v2's when i had a lux support and she was (good frankly) i did amazing with garen bot so make out of that what you want
you sound like a nice person to have on your team...... you should take a (forced) break from the game anytime soon
: I swear the missions ruins the game more than helping.
time to go twisted treeline, every world they code mission to make sure that only 3v3 player are left out of it. (even during harrowing/tales of the rift :s) On the bright side, at least aram count this time so it's easy to do those there without forcing poeple who don't like 5v5 to play on tha map for 1 whole month (just have to draw a lucky pick/team for the 3 death one, pretty simple in the end)
KatScript (EUNE)
: RIOT WANTS US TO BE SLAVES OF THIS GAME. Why you cant get 6 world 2018 tokens in bots anymore?
6 token in bot was a bug. (table for token based on grade, you don't have those in bot so kinda implied it's for PvP) just be glad you were able to get some with it during the early days of the event (like the kah'zix hextech bug)
: Victorious Skin 2018
galio, seju or zoe most impactfull champ this year
: No... It's gonna end around the last of November. They will start giving out a hollowing border and missions the 16th november. And such events always last for over 4 weeks... never been a 1 week event.
you know, I don't pick those date at random. That's just the date they have use on the world event FAQ for tales of the rift aka harrowing
Moo Samuels (EUNE)
October 25, 2018 at 01:00 BST – November 4, 2018 at 06:59 GMT
That Pat (EUW)
: no it ain't the first one when charged max keeps being the outter circle you can see how the arrow one casts in this video:
ok, I just chilled in the sandbox mode and, apparently, it's because you have turn off the option "see projectile trajectory" (translate so can be word differently) in the interface menu (in the attack/ability part, the second option)
That Pat (EUW)
: How do I change Pyke's Q...
isn't the arrow one just the first when charged max (so no more need for the circle to be there)
Cryssys (EUNE)
: Gifting champions with Blue Essence(BE)
Would open the gate for BE selling :s
: Esports rewards bug ?
is this even clickable before world event start? I thought those mission goes live at 4 pm
Wannes (EUW)
: Paid Worlds Missions 2018
if you count the pass icon (250), the 4 orb (worth 250 each) and the 200 token that you can transforme into ward+icon (640+250) here is your guarenteed loot. (2140 rp stuff for 1650, nearly 25% reduction) this is just a nice bundle imo with the token reward tied to it, you don't just pay only for the mission (that would be a scam, but this one is not)
xZabaksx (EUW)
: Riot has different language options... how do you use them?
you need to pick the language in the loading screen before you log into the client (there will probably be a MAJ to switch to the chosen language)
Arnoter (EUW)
: Viktor ? Its like the only real name tho
katarina, taric and some other sound real to me too :p
: Odyssey: Icon + Border = Useless without skin?
if you don't own the skin, where would you want the border linked to it to be used
: Aram-Arama 6 missions luck of the draw completed but no chess
did you guys had the pop up of a new mission yesterday without the new mission showing in the list? I think that's the bug preventing us from getting the 6 mission chest
: Second chest reward is missing
I think the mission bugged yesterday, I got a popup I had one new mission after doing the 5th one but that new mission never shows up Now I think that this mission was the one for the second chest so I hope they will fix this before the event end
: Blood Moon Akali Recall
still not finished, they ddn't had the sound for it during this cycle if I remember right
: Perplexed by last patch(es) - further ADC nerfs?
they also reduce the cost of 4 early crit item by 100 without nerfing any stat for those. I feel like the stat nerf from infinity is to compensate for that without impacting early purchase but more the effectiveness of them togeter
C9 Tridde (EUNE)
: Skin Preview wasn't and isn't a cheat, Riot! Skin Preview is not avalabile anymore!
depend on what skin you use tbh a skin riot doesn't sell and 100% fan made, should be ok an official skin on the other hand, you can easily understand why riot should disable that
: -That's not a profile icon m8. cmooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon -But there's another icon that u should get for completing the buddy missions, but i dont got it. Anything 'bout that? im going to do the last one tomorrow. but is not an icon is an emote
there is only one icon and one emote for completing those mission tho, dunno what other icon you talk about (just check the new icon tab in the game and there is none like the one you describe in the first post, it was just the picture for the mission who was about killing nash)
Nepperoni (EUW)
: Buddy quest
lucky you for finding there rare low level player :p regarding that icon, it's an icon you can unlock only buy purchasing the new starter bundle with 5 champ, 1 random ward, 1 random skin and this icon
: MISSIONS: Im under lvl 15 - smurf
is this offer still up? Hard time finding a level < 15 buddy since none of my friend use smurf >-<
: Riot making bots a realistic experience?
if somebody had trouble with his internet (dc/connect late to the game), usually a toplane bot go afk to even the match (need to remind that this is for beginner) but never comeback
LostCh1Ld (EUW)
: Show Them Who's Boss - Looking for invitations.
Glar (EUW)
: 2018 Season and Honor help desk
about the play with freind tho, I have some doubt about mmr being kept from only last season cause we played all our 3v3 match together during 2 whole season before s7 (3v3 was team only so mmr was the same) and the final result after new flex ladder made us no reach the same division. so my conclusion is that more than the last season is taken into account when calculating mmr :p At this point, I just hope that i didn't do those 10 match for my first season when I reach 30 4 days before season end, it's just a pain that it still count now. As a player who don't do more than 20 ranked a year, I just drop division each time due to the soft reset even if I start last month (point one faq should be "at the satrt of **your** season" instead of "at the start of **the** season" imo ^^)
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: Dynamic Q Champ select Toxicity
happend to me one time, decide to go bard jungle instead (if I can't play my champ because you want to troll me, I do the same)
Ymir (EUW)
: Shoulda, coulda, woulda is more for us. We'll always retro after issues to see what we could have done rather than spend time delving into it during. It just slows down actual fixes :) Confidence is not a bad thing, it's not based on gut feelings but good data and info that informs, and you make decisions based on it. Going live on the same day as Ranked is where maybe being overconfident comes in. I like to think we can discuss things with some frankness. There's times we have to be cautious and a little sterile, that comes with the territory of trying to make sure a message we put out doesn't make anxiety worse. It's so easy for words to be taken out of context with such a vast global community. Thanks for being patient.
so in the end, the lesson here is that next time a big change will affect the queue system, it should be test were there are the biggest queue population out there
: Why would you not test on EU during pre-season. How does it even make sense to release a huge new queuing system on the opening day of the new season for just one region without knowing 100% it would work...? I think people would have been 10 times happier loosing out on pre season games due to issues than the first day of the new season; especially whilst other regions are playing without a hitch.
my guess is that the team working on that feature is located in NA, so they run the test on NA server to not make them work during the night (it's the only reasonable excuse to run the test on NA and not on a most crowded server)
: Yes it might be a team game. That shouldn't mean we have to have friends to play with. Because what that really is: "Hey everyone, have an extra something. Solo players not included."
no need to play with friend, just go in a chat room (some of them must already be there for the event) and invite some random player. That work for the last ip boost event, no reason it doesn't work this time too
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