: Want to suggest a champion
What is with people and Yone ? Did he ever do anything interesting (apart from dying to his brother) that makes him a fan favourite ?
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Trap themed assassin
This sounds even more unfun than getting oneshotted by a fed cat, at least then you didn't activate the very thing that led to your death.
Kepizozo (EUNE)
: Summoners icons improvement
And I need that cause... ?
: Conecpts and Creations, Whats the point?
Most people that create concepts are doing it for fun or as an exercise in terms of creativity game design. Sure Rioter responding would be nice, but considering that they can't check every post (making people feel left out or treated unfairly) and any word of favour would have the community go mad with "Riot pls release" they are kinda forced to ignore these posts.
{{champion:44}} ? Obsessed with Gems Smaller than other champions Wears heavy armor
: Gamemode of the month
[They heard my prayers](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/announcing-rotating-game-mode-queue) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: new champion sigil (jungle)
I just think it's sad that you can clearly see that they didn't put half of the effort that went into the visuals into the kit.
: Is Riven a noob champ?
Yes she is a Noob champ AKA a champion that is incredibly strong against noobs, because they don't know how to counter him
Candurill (EUW)
: Awesome podcast :D
This is such an amazing idea, it's really sad that it is so unknown.
: It's not just about making little snippets of story and the occasional little video or comic though to attract players, they could start to actually create a proper expanded universe for it and start publishing novels and other extras for it. They just need to get a decent framework laid down that stories can be written in Many fantasy or sci-fi settings aren't just about the main product any more, they sometimes even have fans that have never touched the core product. The biggest case in point here is probably with WH40K setting, as I know people who have a dozen novels from the setting yet have never touched the actual game; similarly, D&D has had numerous novels and spin-offs within the setting that have some quite significant fanbases in their own right.
I personally think that writing for games like WH40K or D&D is much easier than for LoL. In LoL you always have the problem of new characters and reworks that might screw up the story you wrote. If you, for example, made a story playing in Zaun, before the release of Ekko, you would need to rewrite it or give a good reason why Ekko wasn't part of the conflict. There is also the fact that you will have a hard time introducing new characters with interesting powers and personalities, since the communtity will go crazy with "make X a champion already" posts. It would take a lot of work to write a good framework for LoL and I don't know if any writer would like to make that effort.
Zerelous (EUW)
: Well, an interesting and well written lore for a game can actually attract more players. But with league, they don't need the lore to be able to do that - Everyone already knows about league of legends and they have millions of fans, players and people to buy RP, so cutting costs in marketing and generating a player base can be cut to generate extra profits. Riot shouldn't do anything, but they "Could".
You hit the nail on the head :D
Gojiraw (EUW)
: To be honest, it does not have such a good structure and i never cared about it. I don't know too much about it, but, from what i saw on wiki, is something like all over the place, click on champion, you read something about it, click on places, you read about those, and that's all. They are not connected in some nice stories or something. As you said, it's hard to combine "MOBAs" with lore. The reason for that is the way the game develops. You get new champions that fill the lore, not let lore dictate the game development. Look at WoW. Most expansions and new characters were already in the story. They had the story, they created the game around it. It's hard to do that with LoL, but they could hire some writers into making some stories with existent champions.
Nice to see somebody who understands it :D Yes the very concept of new Champions and the main conflict are a nightmare for lore writers. And with 127+ Champions Riot probably thinks that the money and effort that would get sucked up to try to fix the lore is better invested in gameplay and visual updates. Though I would still love to see the lore fixed I don't think it is a priority and the game should come first.
: Because the lore used to combine gameplay and strong, determined characters, but now it's completely separate and the new characters are basically just very flat random guys with no real motivation or goals, just ordinary people milling about in Runeterra. Biggest case in point is Skarner. Skarner used to be a proud member of his own ancient race who had awoken prematurely and now fights both to protect his people from being awoken before the time is right as well as to prevent the abuse of magic in the lands. Now, however, he is just a random boss monster from a Shuriman dungeon with no goals or motivation, nothing that would lead him to actually do anything.
As already mentioned you can ignore the entire retcon as the old stories are still online. It's true that a lot of characters lost a lot with the retcon (personally I think that the biggest case is probably jax who now is just a guy with a lamppost) and that is terrible, but I think it's a bit harsh to hate Riot for trying to make a great lore and failing, especially since no other company seems to try at all.
Zerelous (EUW)
: Do you know the real reason why there will never be a real lore rewritten for this game? It's because it's been 6 years and not enough people care anymore for it to be profitable! - Why hire writers when they can just pump out more skins, recolor packs and merchandise, don't forget to buy your tickets to "pro" games! (You are welcome Riot) EDIT: I forgot to mention, only games have lore, but league of legends is a "Sport" it has history instead now, match history.
Maybe it's true that video game companies don't value lore and therefore don't hire lore teams, but why should Riot be the only company that pours effort and money in the lore if no other company does so and still cashes in ?
Rioter Comments
How do you even now your MMR when it's hidden ? (btw most sites just guess it based on recent games)
: If you could have one ability from League Of Legends...
{{champion:98}} Ultimate: "I can be anywhere on this planet in 3 seconds" :P (Just a substitute for teleport I admit) Otherwise {{champion:16}} Ultimate: "Multiple severly wounded civilians aft...*pops ult*seem to have miracelously recovered from their injuries"
Campin (EUW)
: So...Whats The Deal With Taric?
[Google is your friend](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/4GhvvrBj-judgment-now-deals-25-reduced-damage-when-hitting-multiple-units?comment=00070000000100010000000000010000)
katsaroulhs (EUNE)
: Very deep, I almost cried. But if the stones are 10 tons each one time, and 9 tons the other, they ARE lighter, but still, 9 tons.
10 tons each ? Sure there are some games you can't win, but unless your entire team is feeding or disconnected that seems extremly exagerated. Why exactly do you believe that your teammates only drag you down ?
katsaroulhs (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FloRaider42,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=LGEIU7K2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-09T18:06:16.454+0000) > > I don't know if I should tell you that there is no Elo Hell, or not. I am going to tie 4 heavy rocks on you. 1 around your waist, and 3 around your neck. Go ahead, carry them.
{{champion:83}} is that you ? --- Luckily every few steps you can throw of the old stones and get a pair of new ones (some heavier some lighter) and at the end of the day how far you managed to come doesn't depend on the stones but on yourself.
: To all Concept Designer (urgent!!!)
{{item:3157}} 24 hours left{{item:3157}} I hope everyone interested submitted their work
: To all Concept Designer (urgent!!!)
: thanks for letting us know. its a real service to all the designers out there. I've submitted one of mine (it was a toss up between Sorath, harbinger and kor'zan, but Sorath came out on top). thank you and i hope you can let us know in better time next year.
Once again sry for the delayed post :(
Rioter Comments
: Am I the only one who thinks Trynd needs a rework?
A) Freljord isn't even a part of Trynda's kit How would you make a nation a part of someones kit ? :P I guess you mean he needs some kind of slow or ice power, but I don't think that it is an aspect that should be focused on. B) His Sword is only used for Whacking things Show me a sword that isn't used for whacking things :D C) His only Rage is a Passive Crit Steroid, and innabilty to die for 5 sec. Getting angrier the more he hits stuff and being angry enough to cheat death sounds valid, dunno how you would like to introduce more rage... --- Fiora always was potrayed as a duelist and her rework finally made her kit part of her identity. Whereas Tryndamere basically is just a pissed of barbarian and I don't know if changing his personality enough to warrant a new skillset wouldn't piss of fans of the current trynda
: as always thank you for the help. that observation on how diseases get worse without treatmnet has given me an idea, what if secondary effects of the plagues got worse over the duration but if the target affected by a healing spell from an ally (say kalye's or nami's W) then the power of the secondary effects would be halved for the rest of the duration nad contagion effects would be weaker (weaker sheild, shorter stun, weaker resistance reduction), like a doctor treating the symptoms so the disease is less likely to kill you. That way he would be very deadly to attempt by a single enemy trying to stop him without back up, but if you send a support off as well then you could easily shut him down as he would need the bonuses from his plagues to effectivly work, making him a top lane pressure champ like singed (diverts jungler attention while the rest of you team takes an objective). So i could give red vein a accelerating heal rate over the duration, frost fever a strengthening slow and death rot deal flat damage plus an amout of the enemy's max health that increases by 1% for every 5% of thier health they are missing (don't realy want to put in missing health health scaling so he doesn't turning into an executioner). All that plus the single target nature of most plagues means he losses a lot of power agaisnt multiple enemies without his ult.
Don't know about the healing requirements as that would enforce the enemy to pick a healer, I was just thinking that the slow and damage start of weak and their effect increases over time (when they are near him?) instead of decaying over time. But the idea of making him a solo pressure champion is nice (ult is a very good tool for that), but somehow it doesn't fit the plague aspect as diseases are deadlier the more people can spread it. But I don't know how to properly present that and if it even fits the way you want to lead this champion.
: completly replaced his ult, incrased range on abilites and made W less damageing but more disruptive. let me know what you think when you can
Here are some things that I would like to mention regarding the latest changes: The new ult shifts his role more towards splitpushing and dueling, which is fitting as you intended him as a fighter, but the name seems a bit odd. When I hear outbreak I am thinking more about killing nearby minions and champions and controlling their infected corpses than to summon two draugrs. The extra range on E is nice but the animation would look odd (saber and claws extend ?) --- How to bring diseases into gameplay: I think an interesting twist would be the introduction of increasing effects over time (lot's of slow's gradually weaken), since diseases get worse over time without treatment. Another aspect of diseases is the terrible effects even the most harmless infections can have on weakened immunity systems, which just screams %-missing health damage in my opinion (rather than %max health) :P --- All of the above mentioned was just a rant and can be used or ignored :) Edit: Kinda want to do a disease champion now aswell, just to see how my interpretation would differ from yours, but that would make me feel like a copycat xD
: Which champions can be played support?
I guess that you would be able to use every champion as support with some success.
: thx for the feed back, its always helpful. I guess i'm the kind of guy that makes monsters, its just how the cogs in my head fit together. The undead are things to be feared and reviled. I made him with the intention of making a champion based on using diseases, horseman of pestilence seemed like a nice fit since shadow isles doesn't really have one to represent pestilence, hecarim is war and karthus is death but no pestilence ( or famine for that matter). as for the role i could boost the range of his Q and W so they can be better used for harrassing enemies to make him more mage like but i'd want to keep the E melee since its is his main damage tool when committed to a fight, he doesn't have enough disruption in my mind to be a tank. I will definatly alter the damage on the E so its has lower percentage damage but has flat damage as well so it its less oppressive to tanks and better on squishies, suppose the DoT effect made me think there was more leway in regards to how much damage it would deal. i could make the plagues overlap but with a reduced intensity to thier effects for subsiquent plagues and make it so his passive only trigger on the first one placed, so you need to choose whether protection, disruption, or damage is most important agaisnt a target. i'm not the best at lore so you'll have to forgive my writing. Wanted to make to so there was secretly some one behind the harrowings that has only just stepped out of the shadows, that kind of assault is too big to be guided by "swarm intelligence" so some one had to have been co-ordinating it. Also though that he could have a "it worked, just a bit too much" backstory. He wanted to make the shadow isles what it is now but he thought he would be spared from undeath and just given power the control his own undead army, instead he's a been made into a grotesque ghoul (not what he was planning) so he is trying to compensate for his loss by taking over the world and making everyone like him (pestilence is actullay called conquest in the bible so it could fit in with his ambitious nature). Now that i think about it maybe hecarim could be his enemy as he could blame him for what happened to him and karthus could be using his ambition and military background to spread the infulence of the shadow isles so he would be given command of the harrowings if that was the case.
I think that there is something missing about his gameplay, but I can't put my finger on it. Currently his gameplay seems to revolve around sustaining himself with Q and weakening the enemy with E against melee opponents, but against ranged opponents he seems to need to use W+R to get close which won't guarentee that he kills the enemy, which probably means he needs some compensation or an easier engage. About the lore: It just seems odd for an Plaguebringer to control a dark mist that awakens the dead (more like Morde or Karthus) instead of just sending deadly spores.
QuinnVH (EUW)
: (Riot) Are there any rework plans for Quinn or Yorick?
You could just google yourself :P [Here is a page from Riot](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202294884-Champion-Update-Schedule)
: champion concept Ortheng the plaguebringer
Since there seems to be a lack of feedback, I am going to add my two cents. --- Appearance: Sounds rather grotesque and maybe needs to get scaled down a bit, but then again he is supposed to be the Horseman of Pestilence... Role: He is melee, has no good escape (W can only slow/stun one guy when chased) but good CC and sustain (W and Q) which make him seem more like a tank than a fighter/mage and since you need to get close (QW low range) (Passive/E melee) you would need some tankyness to apply those stacks. Abilities: All abilities are interesting on their own, but since the plagues can't overlap there is no real synergy between the base abilities, which makes me wonder if focusing on one plague would work out better. Theme: Contrary to Singed and Twitch the go to Plaguebringers he seems to be much more about the Debuffs from the "poison" than the DoT itself, which is fine on it's own, but doesn't fit the Pestilence-horseman theme that well Lore: I liked that you linked the burning tides event, but he doesn't feel very fleshed out (evil commander dies in experiments, gets eviler and decides to conquer the world) and he doesn't really seem like the guy controlling the Harrowing. Numbers: (don't really focus on them but I noticed some things) 24% target’s max health is a quarter of your health gone from one AA ! --- I hope I helped a bit and didn't come off as harsh
: a question. where have lifesteal, spellvamp, critical strike chance, armour and magic penetration stats gone on the new hud? those stats seem to have disappeared and i can't find them. apart from the i like the new hud, more streamlined and less invasive on the screen(plus the cooldwon gauge on your allies ultimates is something that was definatly missing and was needed)
press c and the extra info appears on top the old
: LoL on other consoles
Having a handheld controller with tons of buttons and/or several keys with multiple uses, just doesn't sound appealing to me. Smite works because it needs less buttons (3d person, less actives, etc...), but LoL would make a terrible port.
: Champion proposals. By Helades.
I wish I could read spanish ;_;
Agidyne (EUW)
: Sion is better at being a Horse than Hecarim.
How is a undead Juggenaut {{champion:14}} a better horse than a freaking centaur {{champion:120}} ?
Cænatyx (EUW)
: I'm CRESTLESS again.
Be happy, some people never had a crest to begin with
: Wan't to know the secret to be succesfull in this game?
Statistics have shown that 100% of games (that didn't end in a surrender) have been won by destroying the enemy nexus :P
: when is warwick rework coming
He may be boring, but there are other champions that need the Rework more.
: Well can you help me fellow wrenchman(others are allowed to help too) I want to make a champ concept of a cyborg of destruction(no he won't be any close to viktor or blitz, he is part human and part robot). So I want his passive to have something to do with vision. He has a robot eye. And yes some1 suggested the blind immunity to be an ability passive when ability isn't on cooldown, I like that idea. However is there any passive which would help something with vision? Bigger vision range? Bonus vision depending on hp? Anything with vision, might include more things too. For example hp regen boost + bonus sight. Just something with sight :p
Don't know why you are so fixated on vision, just because he has a robotic eye :P, as it is more of a stat you put on abilities than a passive. Some things that come to mind: Z31-Targeting system: Attacking enemies applies a mark (crosshair etc.) that grants sight of target and increases Damage/Critchance when continuing to attack the same enemy (switching targets sets passive on cooldown) Optical Augmentation: All trinkets are replaced by special items that can be upgraded multiple times to grant additional effects Surveillance Network: Your vision range, as well as your wards (and pets?), is increased by X
: why dont they make a system that pauses the game or does't let the game count if somowone is afk?
Making games not count because of AFK's is easily abusable by premades or bigger partys. Introducing a pause would disable all other gamers to play and force them to wait for a long time (fixed time / until reconnect) which could easily extend (bad connection / emergency / etc)
: league of legends on Xbox ONE!!
From what I have seen Smite was intended to get a console release early on: Since you control the characters movement with wasd in Smite it can easily be moved to a joystick, but LoL has an RTS control which doesn't work well with controllers. Smite also has a max of two actives and cosumables, compared to LoL's 9. TL;DR: LoL is a PC game and any adaption will feel messy
shileka (EUW)
: champion suggestion Keth The Gunner
His W is a bit to specific (Enemy support has heals or your support has no slow=useless) and needs some changes to be viable in every lane. His E seems to gain too many bonuses on low health and has no real tradeoff for it (Maybe only give MS when low health and only attack buff when high health) btw 70% more damage is a tad much. How does R work ? Does it automatically target or can you recast R to choose the target ? Otherwise interesting concept and idea
Ewoin (EUW)
: Improvement in Champion Sellect
You can search for Roles or the specific Champion what else do you need ?
: New Champ Idea
Wenn du willst das Leute diesen Vorschlag ernstnehmen, dann solltest du ihn überstetzen. Von dem was ich gesehen habe ziemlich langweiliges Gameplay (5 Passive und 2 aktive sind nur Buffs) und überhaupt keinen Ausschlag im Spiel (sicher du gewinnst dank Passiven und Q die early trades aber du kannst nichts gegen Ganks unternehmen und hast später keinen Einfluss auf das Spiel wenn das Gegnerteam auch nur ein bisschen Waveclear hat) Interessantes Konzept aber braucht noch Arbeit
Azuzuzuzu (EUNE)
: Nareth / Targen/ Sharnn - The Half Breed/ The Lost Dragon
DusanN00 (EUNE)
: What champion you got on mistery
{{champion:134}} Finally a champion with ballsy plays
: Well, woad ashe was availble on other servers, as was one of the sivir skins :/ Plus nobody ive talked to managed to get the alistar xxx
Some skins were handed out in certain regions for qualified players, but most were one of a time things. The three I mentioned are still avaiable. Strange I got him :I
: Will there be more free champions like riot girl Tristana?
There are already 3 champions for free. Tristana for Facebook Alistar for Youtube Garen for Twitter How many more do you need ?
Candurill (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FloRaider42,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=p4EL0BAR,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2015-06-30T17:02:23.804+0000) > > Things people hate: > Feeling powerless > Feeling not in control > > Great you introduced something that people will hate more than Teemo :P > On a serious note: Losing control isn't really fun for the peron on the other end and it would be the most op CC imaginable (Supression + Displacement) As if being ulted by warwick for example isnt losing control XP but yea i get what you mean :P i still think it would be a funny idea though and it wont last very long ^^
Depending on how you design it it could range from. Malzahar ult that makes your champion move in direction Y to a simple taunt or fear Yes warwick ult ain't fun, but losing control makes you feel worse, even if the effect isn't as strong since your champion isn't simply blocked, but controlled by somebody else.
Candurill (EUW)
: Sorry then for the comment about my already worked out ideas :x I did however also add an idea about a champion that can target the controls of the player themselves...Isn't that a new concept? :P
Things people hate: Feeling powerless Feeling not in control Great you introduced something that people will hate more than Teemo :P On a serious note: Losing control isn't really fun for the peron on the other end and it would be the most op CC imaginable (Supression + Displacement)
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