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Shadòw (EUW)
: "we are not favorizing NA"
same goes for archlight varus for reasons or hm remember maybe compensations as well ? etc. fcking euw is dump of servers how about price change on RP and then they ask us why we mad hahahahahaha blow me rito
ZartarUK (EUW)
: What is wrong with peoples game knowledge in this game?
game is boring ppl just want to end and play again thinking they will have fun been like that for me since season 2/3 drake is useless and can only set you back so is baron thou you get some gold split pushing is unreliable when you cant properly communicate and also borin farming is dum as balance is fcked so fight - end - next .
I am silver (EUNE)
: 9-1 provisionals
hard reset ? duno why ppl cry so much about it if your not bronze worthy you'll rank up easy if you were boosted you wont way better than keeping rank removes noobs from 2k+ elo at least before they pay for boost again
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: riot you little high bastards you. YOU DID IT!
i got trolls leavers etc. when after 20 min i get in and someone hopefully doesn't leave
: The new draft mode experience....
i get 20 min que time all the time and half of them are left by someone
: it wouldnt help me at all and still, skyrim chars dont work that way... Meshes will help me with armor/weapons, but the hair and the body which will need own skeleton, which wont be supported by anything... You think it's that easy in 2-4 hours? I've literally begged friends who are pros at modding and none managed to do it... So I pretty much did from scrap to that... The original 3D model wouldnt help at all... In some other game like dragon age or something? Yes, in skyrim? No... That game has its own mind... I'm not sure even why is my game currently running with all the chaos in it already... Douh... if I get the 3D model by riot by some miracle... I'll pretty much import her in every game I got... And by saying "Needing the actress", I mean that I know every single audio dialog Katarina has, I even got them all in my PC... There ARE audios which are needed in skyrim, but not in LoL so they do NOT exist ^^ I already got the current audio which exists in LOL in Skyrim and it's still not enough to fill all the gasps... So understand why I need the actress? And Im using her from the 3rd picture you posted... Obviously the skyrim engine didnt allow me to make perfect fits... Im pretty limited, Fallout 4 has more open minded race menu, but I dont own Fallout 4 and my PC is too stone age to run it anyway... And still, I never stop trying to my "art", I see what's wrong and it's eating me... Every day new stuff which remove my limits come out, so little by little i manage to improve... Maybe in a year, or in the next elder scrolls game, I'll have her perfect ^^ *cough* and my friend who drew the tattoo... Said really unpleasant things when you spoke, about how "wrong" the tattoo is... She is using an art of the tattoo which was posted by Riot far as I know few years ago... Plus it looks the same as in the splash art (current) ^^ And yeah, Kata has a weird face... Every angle looks different... You can see it in the new dawn video, she literally looks like 4 different people in every different moment of the video... Even if the model is the same... And I find that to be her charm ^^
Well am losing you a bit and am not sure if you understand me well enough here are the steps i would use Ask Riot for movie model (if they gave you go forward) -> Do re-topology (if needed separate armor peaces for stats purposes and so NPCs would not comment on you being naked) -> Rig it (placing skeleton) -> Replace already existing model/s -> Replace already existing sounds -> get creative whit sounds from different lngs or try using vocaloid processer on extracted sound samples of /dont know the name in English ''vauls''/ to create search patterns and then you can make Kata say anything like Miku Hatsune rly hard job thou voice actress is easier one xP -> try and correct mistakes //hair can be extracted from ''hair'' mash to polygon mash in z brush and C4D fairly easy// probably missed thing or two but that is what last step is for :) sry but am pulling out of this conversation it's to much time consuming gl whit the project :D
: The tattoo is exact copy and the face is a no how to get better, because of the huge limits and skyrim doesnt actually work the way you think, so inserting the 3D model from the "movie" as you call it, will be too impossible... But people who are hardcore fans instantly found out from which art I used the face and stuff, in exactly 1 second after looking at it... Or you are reffering that the face is off from the old art? And it's totally different of the Asian arts, becase they tottally change the champions there with it... Merc Katarina art is proof of it with the reverted tattoo and stuff... edit: *cough* I can actually add it, but then I'll need to make a brand new race, new ingame skeleton, record the voice assets, which are NOT able to be extracted from LoL, which will mean I'll need to find the actress to record them for me, which will take me money... Then I'll have to change a bazillion scripts in the game itself so it can work propelly with my quests and stuff... Which means either I need to be a proffesional coder and script writing and hell knows what else, to manage to insert her "movie" model even if they gave it to me... I could probly do it if I stay 1-2 months in google reading and learing how to do ALL THAT... Pretty basic really... And if im lazy I'll probly need 5-6 months to do it? Or 1-2 years ?:D *cough*
hm i was trying to help you get better results easier if only Riot would help you out on giving the model actually if they gave me model i could do it the way i did whit lightining geralt etc. (have only cracked version so i could not steam upload or w/e) moding skyrim is fairly easy that is the point of bethesta games for long time i guess... And you can just exchange already existing assets whit new one instead of making new race (in cracked version again not sure on steam etc.) also you can find all sounds online and in lol folders so you would not need actress (how do you think surrender at 20 gets them) no need to code as you can just replace... i can remash it for you in 2h whit all texturing in just zbrush. Well tbh i was thinking on her ''movie'' face not splasharts as they are not rly centered etc. well i guess her face is weird sometimes or something references i found got to speel work in 4h
: Rito told me to post it, so I post it
Why don't they give you 3D model from 'movie' by Blur studios and you just re-toplogyze it and rig it would make fcking retardedly good results ... good job anyway i think her tattoo is of and face is not rly there yet try tracing it from a reference.
SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: Tryhard Does not exist, Not in Ranked, Not in Normal... It just doesnt exist.
> Just ask Your self this, If a boxer wants to become a good boxer, why isnt he boxing against opponents rather then spending time in the gym? same answer.. :) Cause it's money game he gets hurt he cant box any more and he is useless and money wasted ? Only way to get better is to learn from mistakes which you can only see by doing the real thing and yeah it's game so muscle memory is one of most important things but unlike things like fighting games in lol you have way more tools to outplay especially as it's team game and being a game means you should have fun on top of anything else (i stop'd playing as it got very boring). Anyway there is tryhard mode in game real life everything and no just cause person is unable to preform better when try hard mode is on it's because they don't know how to get into it try harding is also real preparation etc. not just focus in that moment . There is not try hard in this game because thy hards are more prone to flame so basically Riot/community banned them.
Dotje (EUW)
: If you tell someone to kill him/herself
wow that is sooooo gay grow a sack. Some online told you something boohoo how old the fck you are ? YES it's a game you should come here to vent out or have some fun, better argue whit RANDOM ppl online and went your job/school mental? frustrations here than on your family or friends you know ppl you should actually care about and keeping stress or bs in is not healthy . So fu go jump of a bridge die in a fridge faty . w/e and yeah you cant mute me i cant mute your fail flash 0/40 a$$ cya
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µµµ (EUW)
: I need help adjusting my behaviour?!
well next flame will get you perma baned i can tell you that on how to remove flame ? well i would say you cant you could try to direct it other way but i fail to see any problem whit flame same as someone has right to have bad game someone can have bad day i think it's same thing just different way to express it some players play poorly cause they are tilted, (even when they cant see it) some flame, some play bad and flame... it's just different manifestation of it am having tilt problem when i forget to eat my concentration drops and i don't even notice it it's only when i lost 3,4,5 games that i go eat and understand that i was hungry but than dmg was already done and that is it... It's weird as i don't flame or tilt when am pissed off irl i tilt cause i forgot to eat xD I watched my friend play and there was BIG difference when he was going from gold - diamond in like a week or so he did not tilt at all he did not see any mistakes others made in his team he just played his own game and had like +30-40 LP per win huge kdas skipped ranks and what not ! But when he tilted after beeing drophacked and having bad games in diamond promos he went to gold in a month or two on a tilt he noticed way to late (same for me i did not notice it much or at all till we talked about it) Fact is he was not on tilt as he did not play in month or two so he was not involved whit game and just played for fun and win but when he got back into community and everything he slowly tilted and that is what happens to most if not all of all we just show it different ways . . . Things happen that are out of our control like internet issues, euw issues, bad players, hell even patch notes, others ppl flaming you and eventually things out of our control makes us go out of control, seams logical right? you can see that if you try to look for it also you can see it in
: > [{quoted}](name=FoTonS,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=NpA9HUaE,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-12-20T02:09:55.736+0000) > > How ? learning/ watching videos of how to cope with stress and anger on league, etc etc.... also IRL you have to adapt a different mindset funny cos i used to be that player that flamed 24/7 and had my other account perma banned but i changed so much that i have a teamwork badge now :D
no i meant how did they lower your ban timer what did you say to them what proof of no flame did you pose to them as all my friend got was we are not unbanning any permaban ever... so yeah how?
: I strongly believe players can re-form This account was perma banned also, but the support knew it was a harsh offence so they reduced it to two weeks players can change for the good, ive seen it and ive experienced it first hand good luck :D
: When someone is cocky.
When their team taunts you and you say 1v5 get quadra and fing lee sin lands flash Q to steal penta xO their team calls lee sin x9
fruhest (EUW)
: What is Riot Games' stance on Sesame Credit?
If you rly think about it it's kinda the same whit report system...
xCillion (EUW)
: Alright thanks for the Information. As i said to candoodle above, Santa is already sleeping, so we can't really do much at this Time. We will contact Proxy oQ on his email, **the one he used to submit his Icons**, once we have an Update.
Np sry for inconvenience it's oQ not QQ xD tho he is pretty sad since he was baned xS sure tnx he is 80% of the time near me when i pay or am on line as you know no PC op xD
xCillion (EUW)
: When did he get banned? Was this recently? Mind giving me the exact date? (just the day is enough^^)
4th December Edit i added you so we don't have to spam forums if it's easier
FoTonS (EUW)
: It is as am playing on his PC (i don't have mine :S) he is here he wanted to send email to support but we saw answer so if you can help help :) He is so happy he won but he is so sad he can't play and that it would be a waste to just get this RP on banned account.
here is proof am at his house and he just called his job to call in sick they told him to fck of and that it's 00:00 xD
: Did he get permanently suspended in-game?
It is as am playing on his PC (i don't have mine :S) he is here he wanted to send email to support but we saw answer so if you can help help :) He is so happy he won but he is so sad he can't play and that it would be a waste to just get this RP on banned account.
xCillion (EUW)
: The Volunteer Icon Contest - Winners!
Hi my friend PRoxy oQ said he wanted you to transfer his gifts to me as his acc was perma banned :S
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Chose yes,that would be awesome and i have to ask you. Do you rly think riot would make fun mode stay ?
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: You are right, just played a ranked game, we could win but no riven troll afk, syndra adc and more. fck this game man
I've got to say i dont have any problem whit the fact that someone trolls i get that they are title or w/e or plays random crap if they think it might work sure but i have problem Riot not allowing me to trash talk them when i get frustrated by getting same troll 5th game in a row and that they will ban anyone. I would just ban troller from ranked something like 1 Day 1 week till next season? But that is just me...
: "GG WP", "Open mid", "this is lost" ~min 3:30
I CAN TELL YOU WHY sry for caps but this is applicable to any elo as none wants to get even more frustrated than you already are riot removed solo carry potential since S2/S3 (all pros and any longer standing players agree it was bes time in league ) so you are basically powerless to do anything and it's not just that game it's far reaching in every patch and every game since a long time etc. etc. and one of BIG problems is part of best players are so called 'flamers' aka tryhards who got baned cause they were trying to win and now there is none to balance out MMR that sucks and ppl are droping elo left and right...
PPR Indi (EUW)
: anyone else gets frustrated?
I've got to say this problem doesn't stop even after challenger but at least you can 'flame' and make them try harder .
MonstaX (EUNE)
: I completly agree with that.Its nice to see someone on this forum who thinks with his brain istead just belive that every rule riot has is a correct rule.90% people on these forums look at riots rule like they are from a god and cant be changed
actually he had many great ideas on how to remove toxicity and how to remove frustration on of which was to lower the gap and remove so you can only play whit ppl in same rank like gold vs gold plat vs plat etc. and many more thou he got perma banned go figure. You got no idea how fun are lv 22 games when you get plat - challenger player good thing he is helping me so am at gold-diamond lv (he says) so am able to have some fun real new players thou RIP.
: I think flamers are people who can not handle a (for them unfair) lost game, They want to win their games so badly, when things dont go right, they flame their team, because (for them) their team played bad. Anyways i hope in the future things will get better :D Good luck and have fun, The game was meant for fun in the first place :P {{champion:17}}
You think it's flame when someone says you wont win 0/3 at 2:47 dies in all lanes tp/ghost boots->boots->boots ends 0/58/1 says '' your momy got aid.s and your same as her life your promo is lost biach '' yeah blaming team more like one feeder courtesy of your gold - diamond rankeds ;) and oh yeah my friends acc got banned he is still feeding nothing happened tnx rito. I'll provide some of my friends screen shots that he has to show how lovely and not frustrating league can be : in like a minute or two we need to upload it :)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why League of Legends is so toxic, the real reason
Duno who this dude is but guess what i saw this on Froggen stream and nothing saddest thing that i ever heard is that one of pro players saying i cant do sh.t to him i cant say anything to him because i will get banned and he wont there is nothing riot will do to him . and guess what how many ppl did flame that mofo ? since when is this a problem ? and what can be done ? well first of all retarded banns for flaming or w/e are just bs those fckers abuse the system they troll so you would get banned i played in 4 man premade game where they flamed and trolled dude just to call reports after so he would get banned i felt so fcking bad i did not play for a long while it's not about community Riot is punishing wrong people all the time and guess what proof that your 'not toxic' is not doing sh.t you only need to play the game and you get icon or skin or w/e and that is reward for good behavior ? riot doesn't know sh.t most games are toxic cause you get ppl like IMIDORYOURMOMYDIES every second game one some days every game and then someone wants to report flamer ? instead of 0/10 instantlocking flame in loby but silent in game sh.t ! pft #better permaban my friend for dude saying him he wont win promos dying 3 times by 3rd min that is like 3 deaths in 1 min btw yes he said what everyone in team tough he tried his best and carried random dude who said it's his promo just to get permabaned for getting players like him every time... and cause i watched game at his home (i don't have my PC) he was like i can carry in gold but it doesn't mater but when i get drophacked in diamond or a troll etc. it's way more punishing as that is my elo... .. . Now he trains me every time as he wont make another acc but it's rly shity riot to do that he did not even play whit me unless someone in game room shared his acc whit him just so that we would not brake fun of other players who are low lv as well. . . Oh yeah there is 1 to 10 new players to smurfs in low lvs or just bots in 3v3 not toxic at all!?
MonstaX (EUNE)
: I do agree.And i like to add i dont think that talking shit should be bannable if i can say fuck you to a random stranger on the street why cant i say it in a game?Not that i have the need but sometimes i do i need to vent out my frustration when someone is trolling i should have the right to insult the shit out of them
My friend proposed something like when you flame any word in game full sentence gets changed so none would know who it was meant for... also why can you turn of word filter and not use mature/''abusive'' words . I don't get how they want to make it a sport or w/e without real passion i troll and flame my friends and opposing side when i play football or well anything so it's pretty crappy having balls or guts is something that should not be bannable game will grow stale just like Formula 1 etc. etc. And it's not like Riot had those rules since beginning they just make up sh.t and excuses to make money instead of improving game or giving players what they want. Atm there is only ''Pro'' play which is mostly not even that good just over hyped.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Why would i get banned, it makes no sense, doesn't league support modding? It's nothing like hacking or something, it's just customizing the game on your own tastes. Visualy wise, not mechanical.
Well i told you what i know if you mode don't use main acc on that client you will most likely get banned.
MonstaX (EUNE)
: Its when you have that one god on your team that one god given player who says what the rest of the team is thinking but doesnt say cuz they are scared that riot will ban them for standing up for themselfs(that includes me).When that one guy flames the shit out of a troll that decides to troll when he dies one vs one and proceeds to go to everysingle lane and give kills.Every single time a "toxic player" that will flame the shit out of a troll will get an honor from me!
I know what your talking about my friend had about 600 honors and what not but got permabanned for flaming trolls. Everyone would flame him /the troll/ after game etc. but none would say anything in game as they are scared of ban. Riot has systems to reward and punish ppl yet only thing you need to get rewarded is do nothing ? I got crappy random skin for not even playing kappa so noob system yet my friend flamed cause he got drophacked, trolled, flamed (in pre game) and told he wont win promos as he is not diamond while being in promos for them. If that happened to me even for silver i would flame the hell out of that troll xD Best things is riot is so contradictory about everything they said : They said they nerf champions by numbers or when their kit is toxic yet hmm well you know how this goes They removed borders and yet you can see everything on lolnexus and They keep removing toxic and overpowered champions just to sell skins instead of reworks (which also turn out the same way but at least have more skins) they reward the same way no1 challenger player and worst gold 5 player xD I wont even go on but point is they ban people hoping to get more money not remove toxicity even when my friend sent email about how he wants his acc and wont flame etc. they told him he can make another one while in the same time ban note said he is not welcome anymore ... we can replace Riot whit joke in dictionary and yes i need one am not English so feel free to buy and send me one i like physical? books.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Hmm .. nope.. I WILL laugh when there is a flamer in my game :D Trust me I always do.Whenever there is flamer on my team or enemy team flaming me I just spam <3 while laughing and making them even more mad :D I have learned to ignore such people and not to take their flaming seriously.Its internet after all! As about feeders .. yeah they do hurt the game and make it a negative experience but there will always be next game in which I can win :) Anyway thank you for wishing me luck ^^ same to u :3
spamming <3 or ok etc. can be read as taunting basically you encourage flame sou you should be banned as well ! Also it's not ignoring as you are responding .
: Both the flamers and the INTENTIONAL feeders are wrong, by the way not everyone with a bad score is an intentional feeder, you can end up 0/8 while trying your best
Same as saying something on chat if it's your friend and others report you.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Exporting rigged models
pretty sure it's gray area so you'll probably get ban as for anything else in league look on youtube as far i can recall you need Maya but you need specific version and some plugin to read files properly.
DraskoGames (EUNE)
: Same happens to me...
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FilipBonbon (EUNE)
: Snowdown wallpaper
You can find it at surr at 20 they post most of things in 1080p or higher
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: Snowdown Skin contest!
> **As the Xmas drew closer - and it started to snow I heard snow bard going ho ho ho !** >**In the white planes of the Summoners Rift We all took slays out for a drift** >**We fall we laughed we threw many snowballs We picked we played did not care about roles** >**We were all trolls from snow cave of League And when we rage like Gnar we grow big** >**But don't forget this is time for fun Just let loose and make League our Sun** >**Sorry Leona but its time of snow Call your friends and let all go yolo** >**It is time of ARAM It is time of Poro King It is time of ranked I got ganked oh I doesn't mater Kata wont snowball Dame one two three she is on the roll ** x2 I've also done the beat for it :d art is coming soon :3 feel free to propose edits etc. :)
Sk1iZZi (EUNE)
: Mystery Snowball icon BUG
i cant buy them for anyone and none can by them for me as well wtf
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Cosantoir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ForDemGainz,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=z7r4A1vy,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2015-10-03T00:35:04.216+0000) > > I think when season ends and some players that were banned will not get their rewards I have never seen any athlete bring their gold medals into competition or their trophies etc. I cant see why not having the awards to show in the loading screen would prevent you from competing further.
Actually most matches have statistics like that both solo and group in every sport i folow and loading screen with borders icons names skins is just that
MynadarxCZ (EUNE)
: Wind casts no shadow tho :Z.
I think that is the point it's like that dark cold creepy wind that chills you to the bouns
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PRoxy oQ (EUW)
: Said ex wrenchy who verbally abused players on old forums (all who posted against dou q in ranked including my self)
How did this verbal abuser Hansiman go up in riot ranks ? Oh yes he has his little army of downvoating people on forum that will remove any thread that is not to his liking !
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