: We really need help , dark harvest is destroying aram right now and its not even funny.
I'm here for the same thing Can you guys please sort this? It's so stupid it's unreal. How is this legit still in the game? How is this not hotfixed? I mean I know you tried, but I don't get why you didn't actually just destroy the talent, and then rebuild it after that, rather than let us play in some glorified PTB environment where all we're getting is a whole lot of INSERT DISEASES HERE because of it.
: why do i get chat restricted when im in promos with ezreal mid lane stealing my camps
first off all nobody is "stealing your camps", they're not yours, you will take plenty of lane farm as the game goes on taking camps as a laner is completely normal and any jungler who thinks differently will be forever stuck in silver look at any game from plat onwards, even high gold, and you will see this is the norm, you whining at him i'd report you also, because not only are you wrong, you are flaming him and then you wonder why Riot punishes you even if you were not wrong, you have no right to disrespect anyone just cause you feel they disrespect you. and lastly, like said above, this cannot be the first time you've been out of line. maybe now is the time to reflect on your behaviour instead of making forum posts
Jim Rat (EUW)
: No option to uninstall League?
Use ccleaner if you can't find the uninstall heck use ccleaner or similar even if you CAN find the uninstall or the windows one if you cba downloading something (look for Add/Remove Programs on your pc)
bilous (EUW)
: Stuck Bronze 3 need help
Hello! fear of ranked cause fear of demote - that was me when I started the game! Everytime I'd queue ranked I'd get really high heartrate and sweaty palms and it was really hard to even QUEUE let alone play properly, and if we'd lose I'd feel like I lost a piece of my soul or something. At some point, around silver 2 or something, I decided I need to man up, so I set some really tough rules for myself. - No queuing after 2 losses no matter what. - No queuing in weekends. - At that time, there were periods of time where queuing was a bad idea, because... I don't know. I guess because people tired from work or school logged on and played. So I did not queue, if I could avoid it, between 4 and 8 PM. I also did not queue after 2 AM. My ideal playtimes were somewhere between 9 PM and 1 AM. It may sound silly, but it mattered a lot for me, and I saw a serious difference in quality of players back then when doing that (not only in skill, but also less trolls, less afks, less toxicity....). Nowadays I just /mute all and I no longer care about climbing, so this is no longer an issue for me, but when you have fear of ranked, these kinds of "protect yourself" rules can really help a lot. Make up your own so you feel better. Lastly: - Twitch.tv, watch streams. - OP.gg, download replays of the match up you just lost (for example Talon vs Zed and you lost, go find on OP.gg Diamond 2 and higher games Zed vs Talon and see what that player did different from you). This helped me TONS. And I mean TONS. - Watch your own replays. Download plays.tv for example.
: If I'm a supp with no ADC in our team - am I supposed to stand bot lane alone, no matter what?
Hello, No it was not trolling or griefing, but the kinds of players in those lowlevel games are toxic by default and I can easily believe they flamed you for it. Don't let that discourage you, those games are few even in lowlevel games, and eventually they will completely seize to exist! At any rate, I'd have still stayed botlane in your case, because all that experience of those minions there would otherwise go to waste and you lose the game by default if you have nobody there. That being said, those "hard supports" can hold a lane by themselves, you can play and build them differently (for example, Soraka wouldn't level W in this situation, but Q), but yes, it's far from optimal, no doubt about that! You're completely right though, initially, when you call your lane in champ select, you can really not go anywhere else when the game starts because everyone is playing and picking around the assumption that you're going to that specific lane. In this case, your entire team had coconuts for heads, and you got in this really weird position. Don't worry about it and keep it up. Most importantly honestly, best advice I can give anyone, don't ever flame anyone, and always show everyone, in life and in game, respect and politeness, even in that kind of game where you feel you could throw a rock through your monitor. Then nobody can ever accuse you of griefing, either!
Demigod1423 (EUNE)
: Ashe with Stormrazor
Too early to make sweeping statements about weak or not weak, strong or not strong, and I'm not accomplished enough as a theorycrafter to figure stuff out all by myself, so I'm gonna wait it out. This far, however, I feel weaker - I still have to wait for items, I still have to farm, even more so now because everything is more expensive. I still feel useless if I have 1 item, but now even more so because there's no real good FIRST BUY anymore, so before when you got Reaver first for example, you'd feel at least SOMETHING. Reaver first feels bad (I know, I know.. "feel" is useless as an argument, but it just doesn't pack the same PUNCH, the mana I get is less, and I'm not critting anymore with it, so...). So then you need a crit item (zeal now 1300 gold also, why? nobody knows), and THEN you need IE and NOW you start doing RIDICULOUS damage compared to before. The razor item seemed to do little to nothing, saw it being built on a Jhin and I could ignore it completely as an item. I tried it on lucian and to not build any crit but I hated everything about it, crit as a stat is just so good I feel nothing can replace it, and razor loses significant value if you build crit. So there's no real new items to replace old builds with, my instinct tells me Guinsoo adcs are gonna have a nice time not by virtue of having been buffed, but by virtue of getting to their powerspikes so much earlier and the other builds that were so good on f.ex Trist are, if not worse, at least worse for a long period of time. I also am trying to wrap my head around the "we hate too much sustain in lane, but let's go ahead and make BOTRK so cheap compared to anything else that probably everyone will be building it again, esp now that all other early sustain forms have been nerfed and we need to farm our heads off". Again.. Too soon to say, but these are my first day impressions so far. EDIT: I'm a strong believer of "less power spikes, more gradual strength increase" particularly in the adc landscape, so the new Reaver feel in that context is actually good, but the rest of the builds and how it feels doesn't apply to that same context - I'd like our dmg to increase more gradually and smoother. I'd love to have way more items as adcs I can choose from too, the variation is so lackluster. As a sidenote, I also really wish BF would build from a long sword. Right now too much hings on the "what adc gets %%%%ed so much he won't have ~42 farm before backing and after that lane is over for him".
Rioter Comments
: This is insane
Hey, 1) Yes you can play vs AI for as long as you want, you just get less experience to level up, but leveling shouldn't be your priority. I'm sorry to hear you had such bad experiences. I just made a new account and the levels of toxicity in lower levels is honestly staggering. It is kinda true what @Turtles Are Okay is saying, a lot of players playing there are not new but they're either banned on their main account or they're so tilted from playing there they log their "smurf" (even though most of these players are max gold level, where the term "smurf" really can hardly apply), and you get those games. League is really very fun but it's really mostly fun if you have someone to play with, especially as you're leveling and learning the game. Please keep being polite and saying you're new and need help, and I'm sure you'll find some players in your games that will be kind to you and help you, but there will also be plenty who will yell at you instead. Those players, instantly mute them (press tab and next to their name is a mute icon, you can also mute their pings). It gets better, I promise. Especially after you lose like 20 games or so, you'll drop to a rank where those tilted players on a second account won't be playing anymore. 2) Play. At this point, every game you play will make you better, even if you don't realize it. Play a lot and play some more and watch some streams and even the MSI or LCS (professional play), LCS really taught me a LOT about the game when I was new. 3) Wing it, practice it... It's up to you. Honestly most people seem to be winging it even in ranked max level games ;) At this point of your learning in League, the most important thing is to a) relax and have fun b) mute the mean people c) try out everything! 4) There are some clans and discord channels, but I've personally found them all pretty useless, but you can try and find some. If you want, you can add me, and we can play some games. I'm pretty much as tiltproof as it gets and I like meeting new people and playing with them. I'll help you out too!
WajdyFazza (EUNE)
: How do i find my main role?
Hi, I think you'll find it as you play! Way I found my 'main' role back then was someone who asked me the question: Of all the lanes in the game, which one resonates most with you? for me this was top, my feelings inside itched towards top so I went top. And then what do you like about a champion? Is it casts, auto attacking, big plays, roaming... glass cannon or being immortal, melee but not completely squishy, do you want 1v5 potential, do you like teamfighting or do you want to be able to do things by yourself? That can also help you find a lane that will have the most champions you like the best. As you start narrowing down what really makes you tick in this game you'll get to what suits you the best, but it can take some time!
Shãedow (EUW)
: Lagg issue when my brother's computer is turned on
When windows does something you don't like and you tried everything you can think of to fix it, you reinstall it. That's how I treat virtually every pc problem on Windows computers. Especially nowadays, reinstalling windows is so easy and fixes the majority of problems. There's software that tells you exactly what is using bandwidth, https://www.netadmintools.com/bandwidth-monitor/ this site lists a couple but I'm sure you can find something you like. Try to find what is eating the bandwidth. As to what is causing the lag, some ideas: - Malware. I'm thinking some mining malware in particular, those can suck your bandwidth dry. Try every malware removal tool you can find (not just one). - Router settings can help you by prioritizing people who are gaming over others (not all routers have this setting). I cannot remember the name of this, but yeah, look into this. - Automatic updates. I don't know what you understand as "nothing is running", but not having any screens on your desktop doesn't mean nothing is running. Make sure all software is disabled completely by force shutting it down through ctrl-alt-delete and see if that resolves the issue. If it does, restart pc and close them one by one until you find the software causing it.
: Monitor out of range whenever I play on fullscreen
Hello friend, Sounds like League is trying to use a resolution not supported by your GPU. There's a couple of (old, but still relevant) threads out there that may help you. In the meantime, could you please go to your Installation folder of League of Legends, and then go into the Config folder. There should be a file called game.cfg. Please copy that and paste it somewhere else as a backup, like your desktop. Now rightclick the original game.cfg and click Open With.... and select Notepad. It should open and you should see a list of settings. You're looking for Height= Width= So in my case, my resolotion is 1920x1200, so in this file it says: Height=1200 Width=1920 Make sure there it says exactly whatever resolution you're using, or if that's already the case, use a resolution you're sure the game will support, just so we can get the game to work in full screen mode, like 800 and 600. We can work from there. Now also go to: WindowMode= and put it to 0, so Windowmode=0 and lastly UserSetResolution= and put 1 there, so UserSetResolution=1. If this setting is not listed, just add it yourself under the [General] options, for example above the Height. **To recap: Change these values:** Height=YOUR RESOLUTION or 600 Width= YOUR RESOLUTION or 800 WindowMode=0 UserSetResolution=1 Start the game with this and see if it works. **IF IT DOESN'T WORK:** Please go back to the same game.cfg and now also look for WaitforVerticalSync= and if that's on 0, put it on 1. For that matter, if it's on 1, you can always try putting it on 0, though I doubt it will do anything. if that setting was previously on 0 and now start the game. If these changes don't work, you can replace this file with the backup game.cfg you made and play windowed as always.
: Black Screen for 3-5 when I Alt+Tab
Same here! The new Windows 10 update is definitely the culprit for me: this morning new game version, no updated windows 100% fine. Windows surprises me with a forced update and everything broke. Initially I'd just get bugsplats when alttabbing, but updating my Geforce drivers (and, maybe unrelated, my Malware Bytes) removed the crash, however, alt-tab is still a great adventure where I can get 4-10seconds of black screen or semi-crash. My ingame cursor still functions so while I'm trying to tab back in and clicking and stuff my character is actually moving ingame.... (this all tested in custom games). Specs: Win 10 Pro build 17134.48, version 1803 i7-5820k @3.3GHZ 16 GB RAM Newest Geforce GTX 970 drivers (according to dxdiag Alttab function is such right now that I actually dread going into a game, it's so ingrained in me to alttab during loading screens and on some deaths...
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Inckblot (EUW)
: How do you fix bad team morale in a losing Ranked game?
Hey there, I want to reply first to your dislike of muting. There's people like me who /mute all from the start. I do this about 60% of my games. The reason i do this, is because 80% of the games will have at least one guy who will ensure we all know how much he think we suck, and it will make me sad. Yes, sad, not angry, but sad. I take things very personally and as with most humans, especially silly plat humans, I make many mistakes and I know them, without someone being mean about them on top of it. So when I'm already feeling nervous, there's no point inviting ugliness from others. Ask yourself this: can people in chat really tell you something you did not already know? Can they convey something to you that they cannot through pings? I admit, there's been games where I've been happy to have chat. With more difficult comps or games, it can be nice to lay out tactics with the team in chat. But, the games where this happens are so excessively rare, even if the situations that would warrant such communication are more common. So, I really respect your bravery. In those games where I have not muted people, I really appreciate it when someone says "%%%%, mb" or something along those lines when they made a mistake. It makes me smile and I usually tell them "dw, happens" - compared to if they had been silent just after completely %%%%ing me over by diving 1v4 and giving my lane double buff, which, honestly, would have made me unpleasant to say the least, even though I try to not flame. If people, after you admit your mistake, lay it on you anyway, then you should mute them instantly, protect yourself - there's nothing you can say anymore that will make them more positive or more friendly, unless you're a miracle-worker. Then also from champ select you can get an idea already what kind of players you're dealing with. Some are instantly passive-aggressive. From these players you already know you're gonna get nothing but grief and you also know that nothing you say will improve their play or their mindset, so you can just mute on the spot and focus on other people in your team. Sometimes, teambonding means excluding the one toxic person: "yeah that riven is not gonna help you, but it's ok I'll come instead :)". now your jungler is not tilted to the maximum on pull, and even though your lane could have a better start because you had to go leash, your team as a whole will benefit from it. Then: prevention is better than curing, so back in my non-muting days, like you I was trying to keep up team morale. I played support, so it was not only easy for me, but my job to know what's going on everywhere else. If my toplaner died in a 1v1, I'd immediately jump in and tell him it's ok, he still has same cs, he lost only one wave, could be so much worse, and while I don't think he can 1v1 the enemy irelia again, I'll make sure to drop by soon, or something along those lines (I was a former toplaner, so I was in the lucky position to know about these things!). I'd tell him to not worry and he will be relevant in the game anyway, because he can just split or because he's playing a tank or whatever reason. More often than not people were happy someone on their team got their back, because you're your own worst enemy when you %%%% up, and it doesn't help to have 4 more that are supposed to be your team. Telling him everything is gonna be ok if he's already 0/3 is a bit too late, if you get my meaning. Also, I tried to pitch in here and there, I'd say look, we have a Sej jungle (old one), they have Lee, Sej's gonna have a rough time so can you please try to push your lane and be ready to help her on her red because Lee may be coming for her. That way if Lee does come, our mid or top was more likely to go help and a dead Sejuani, irrelevant jungler in first 20 minutes and sad team has been prevented. Anyway I admire your strength and in many ways I wish I still had it for this game. No doubt I could have saved some games I lost if I'd put in the effort you are doing now, just like I used to. Keep up the good work and I'll try to be more like this in my future games, too.
: While this chat excerpt isnt exactly spotless, I dont really see a reason to punish it either... Is that the entire chatlog?
> [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZMcE32VB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-17T08:55:57.140+0000) > > While this chat excerpt isnt exactly spotless, I dont really see a reason to punish it either... Is that the entire chatlog? in my opinion it's absolutely spotless, what about this chat is not spotless? He's stating facts, without being mean, flaming, or using words that could get filtered. Go into a league game right now and I guarantee you chat there will be about a million times worse and still those are not punishable. I agree with OP, that trolls like that zyra are not punished fast or hard enough. Just two days ago I had this jungle ez in my game who did pretty much the same, stand afk watching turrets fall when he could defend them, die on purpose, watch us die on purpose, flash in base, ult backwards while in base, you know the typical inting drill - not even an acknowledgment that my report was received, let alone that anything was done about this person. I believe that such excessive bad behaviour should be met with consequences immediatly, after one game of seriously making the game miserable for 9 other people, you should not be welcomed back on normal grounds any time soon. Waiting for another relapse and then another and then another, until some certain amount of ruined-games-quota has been met, is infuriating for people like OP and me, who are trying to do their best and are also trying to remain friendly all the time. What is more, people like OP should be rewarded for their excessive patience in-game, most people would have lost their minds over those kinds of games and said about 1000 things that are, in themselves, bannable, but he applied himself to politeness and for that he was punished. Just my 2 cents.
: Reset settings
yup i just went into a game and everything was reset UI so big my 95 year old grandmother, God bless her, could read everything from a 100 meter distance Heck I don't even use QWER and I had some special in-file settings that I had (but are thankfully now supported through the client, namely mouse attack click on left button), so it really sucked and no I didn't mess with any file or folder, I was playing on my other acc just fine, then logged this account and played with my friend and bamboozled
Wolfbrother (EUNE)
: I got chat banned, and I learned something very important, here is what:
I can really respect that you thought about your behaviour, and that you also sent him a friend request to apologize. I usually decline such friend requests from flamers because they usually just want to continue flaming some more. While it's understandable that you feel guilty, you should also be proud of how you handled yourself afterwards! I do as you do now, /mute all, and pings. It's good advice if you can be made to rage, or, in my case, if you're already feeling a bit insecure about your play and you don't want to see anyone say anything bad about you, because that makes me play even worse.
: how to report boosted accounts
i really don't know, I usually use the cheating option and hope it does something
basod (EUW)
: Decision making help - to peel or initiate
hello, Leona excels at peeling. While she can engage, as a general rule of thumb, a support's job is to protect the carry. In this particular case, I fully believe you should have protected Twitch. It is not your job to deal with the enemy fed Lucian, that is this job of your teammates, in this case, Olaf and Malzahar. Warwick and Kayn both are big threats to Twitch, and as Leona you can easily peel them both for him. You had a hypercarry, and if protected, he should have pentakilled them all. Always think of what your role is in a game, and think of what the other players' roles are. Talk about it before a fight. "malz, can you flash ult that lucian" or "olaf, can you go on that lucian, and I'll protect our twitch" kind of communication really goes a long way. If everyone's on the same page, you can make it work. Olaf can be like "yeah but the veigar oneshots me", then tell him he can try to flank, for example. Make a plan together. Also, engage is not the holy grail of this game. Especially in lower elos I really feel there's an unhealthy emphasis on it: you always engage, fight, and hope for the best, whether you're stronger or weaker, even if there's nothing to fight for. That's really not always the answer. You said, in every TF you got aced. So why did you TF after you got aced the first two times? That would mean you can't TF in a full blown 5v5, if you couldn't TF the first two times, and for every TF you did and died you guys made a wrong call. Where you really in the position to contest that cloud drake? They were obviously stronger, so then you either have to pick your fights with extreme care ("Lucian is 30% veigar has no ult gogo") or not fight at all. Instead, you can think to split, ward defensively, stall out the game so your twitch gets farmed and gets to end-game, because then you can look to fight. Questions in game as a support to ask yourself: - Is my ADC gonna carry? subquestion: is he good? Yes, but he is behind. How do we get him back in the game? Place correct wards so he can farm safely. Is he bad? Yes, ok, so then he's a waste of time, who is gonna carry instead of him? How about your toplaner? Support whoever will carry this game, even if it means your adc dies in the process. If that 12/0 Riven survives and wins you the TF it really doesn't matter your shitty Draven dies in the first 2 seconds. WHO HAS PRIORITY ON YOUR PROTECTION? - How strong are we? Look at enemy items, your team items. Throughout the game, try to assess how good your individual players are and how good theirs are. Don't look at score only. Look at farm. 50 farm at 10 minutes? He's probably bad. 120 farm at minute 12? That guy is probably a smurf or just actually good. Also, look at how they move. Assess carry potential and threat early on. % chance of winning a TF less than 60%? Avoid confrontation. Ward up where people can farm safely and where you can make a pick. Look to organize a splitpush. Ward the midlane, people often get cocky and go too deep alone. It's a chance for a pick. - Are we gonna splitpush? Discuss with your team. If so, look to pressure with your team, without getting caught, so your splitpusher can actually do his job. Ward your flanks, ping everyone back the moment they're getting too close to the enemy. Can you fight 4v4 if their most fed guy goes to deal with your splitpusher? Then do it. Can't you even then? Then back off, let the pressure off, and resume asap. Are you so behind you can't even do this? Then ward hyperdefensive, don't contest anything except maybe that one baron that will cost you the game anyway, and try to farm without losing too much, and without getting caught. Ask yourself when you're behind, what is the insta-loss condition? Probably getting caught. So, baby sit your team and ping them back all the time. - And most important: If a TF happens, **what is our wincondition**? Twitch needs to live? Then protect Twitch. Vayne needs to die? Organize a way to kill her with your team, have your exhaust ready.
Curion (EUW)
: I assume you think its not consistent cause you cant carry as a support? At the moment botlane is really important with the ardent meta and supports can carry really good. The ones that say supports cant carry just cant play ;)
> [{quoted}](name=Curion,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FzZdlX2o,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-08-24T18:46:00.552+0000) > > I assume you think its not consistent cause you cant carry as a support? At the moment botlane is really important with the ardent meta and supports can carry really good. The ones that say supports cant carry just cant play ;) as with everything, taken out of context, everything loses its value. sure, supports can carry. sure, supports can have consistent winrate. sure. however, compared to playing midlane, or jungle, and being good in those roles, the consistency of support carry is simply inferior. the end. if you like playing support, it's viable to climb with it. if you only care about climbing fast, and you don't particularly care what role you do it with, support is probably the poorest choice.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: i have questions about your nickname because it seems to indicate why people flame you...
> [{quoted}](name=Voldymort,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=52KJbm6A,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-08-17T07:12:44.666+0000) > > i have questions about your nickname because it seems to indicate why people flame you... there's never an excuse for toxic behaviour or bullying, period.
: Getting your ass outta bronze the easy way
"it's the bottom of the barrel that ranges from "slightly below b4" to "wood 6 should be a thing". I cracked up :D what a wonderful read, thank you, honestly even for me this is useful and I'm a silly plat (who's too afraid to rank queued at the moment - but you put some perspective on that. Not all games can be won, and I definitely should take more bullets for my team.)
: Yeah, not sure how it would work in practice, but the idea is fundamentally sound; a player shouldn't get autofill protection by gaming the system in this way.
> [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IzoGsWK0,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-08-17T06:47:50.186+0000) > > Yeah, not sure how it would work in practice, but the idea is fundamentally sound; a player shouldn't get autofill protection by gaming the system in this way. and why not? you were gonna play support, just a nice guy on your team offered he'd play instead cause he doesn't mind. I think it's fair and reduces stress for everyone if, when you get autofilled, at least next game you're guaranteed your lane without having to diplomacy your way out of a lane you suck at or hate EVEN if the previous game, you negotiated your way out of your autofill lane. That reminds me of before this system, where every ranked game was a cointoss on what you'd get to play and how nextlvl people were gonna get in champ select. Then again I have absolutely 0 experence with anyone holding any game hostage the way you guys describe. That brings me to a new suggestion though: just add a report button for someone in champ select and punishments exclusive to champ select misbehaviour. I'm pretty sure the current report system does not take into account any champ select or after game chat or behaviour, but maybe I'm wrong.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Except that it's not "Hate Speech" as such. It covers exactly what this guy got banned for - the repeating of flame/hate speech/whatever for any reason, either to call for reports (bannable by itself as well) or to try to reason with a flamer or whatever else. I agree with you in that it wasn't hate speech, but Riot have a rule and they stick to it - which I can respect them for.
> [{quoted}](name=TTekkers,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UhPM2xXh,comment-id=00060000000000000001,timestamp=2017-08-16T16:37:10.885+0000) > > Except that it's not "Hate Speech" as such. It covers exactly what this guy got banned for - the repeating of flame/hate speech/whatever for any reason, either to call for reports (bannable by itself as well) or to try to reason with a flamer or whatever else. > > I agree with you in that it wasn't hate speech, but Riot have a rule and they stick to it - which I can respect them for. The response literally said he created a negative experience for other players. He did not. For bad words, etc., there's an adult filter. Their system of punishment is based on whether or not you grieved other people. It literally does not matter what words or way you use to grieve someone else, calling them all words in the dictionary of mr bad boy or by making his game experience miserable through spam ping, following in game, etc. This guy was banned on the usage of one word, which he did not use to insult, but to discuss. That is not only silly, but it's a scary precedent.
marcus85 (EUW)
: So I just get dishonoured and potentially lose out on my end of season rewards for no reason and just be like "yeah it's all good" if people just accepted things then the world would sure be a different placed
> [{quoted}](name=marcus85,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UhPM2xXh,comment-id=000400000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-15T19:49:46.529+0000) > > So I just get dishonoured and potentially lose out on my end of season rewards for no reason and just be like "yeah it's all good" if people just accepted things then the world would sure be a different placed I like the way you think friend. Keep your head up and keep trying!
Arzzo (EUW)
: I am toxic as hell, any tips how I can reform to a positive player?
First: Take a break from the game for 3-4 days starting now. It really helps. Then, after that soft reset, from now on, instantly /mute all everyone, not just when someone is saying something - that's already a point of no return for you. Just /mute all the moment you hear welcome to summoner's rift. The moment some clown starts spam pinging, even if it's not on you, muteping that too. Then, your approach. You focus solely on negative things, and you forget the positive things. Sure, you can %%%% up. Sure, your team mates will %%%% up. Sure, they'll probably %%%% you over as well, even unintentionally. But sure, you also do good things. Your team does good things. That really beast thresh play, that LB that just got this really good pick, that amumu who just flashed the malphite ult and helped you guys get a double kill, or just simply the kill you guys got from a gank well-executed. Allow yourself to say, "hey, that was good", "hey, that kata really did something there, I'm happy she's here", etc. And not just from your own team. After awhile, try to recognize good play in enemy. Just now I got dove in a really spectacular way. Sure, it sucked, but I recognized the Lee did really well and how fed he got afterwards, so that makes me feel less bad about dying there and losing two waves. It sucked %%%%. Yes, it did, but wow, that was pretty cool too. Even if you don't really mean it. It's an old psychology "trick" where you practice to see the good things, practice feeling good about them, until they both become automatic.
Honzikca321 (EUNE)
: Should we players really be able to ban your picked champs?
yes, because i don't want enemy to pick that shit before you as 5th pick get to do it. Ask for trades next time. People are unlikely to ban your champion if you're an early pick, but if not, ask if you can trade. You'd be surprised how willing people are to help you out if you just ask. And if there's the random guy once every 20 games who bans you out when you're first pick, well, he was either rushing his ban and didn't see or just a random asshole. No need to change a system for those people.
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: What do laners aim to achieve by standing by their towers waiting for a wave to arrive?
You're playing in really low elo so it's really not surprising that your fellow mates may not know what you know or want them to do, just ask them and ping where you want them to guard. Be weary of invades, that is probably why they are afraid.
suteko (EUW)
Hello, This is not a bug but rather a problem on your friend's end. Could be plenty of reasons, but I can quickly suggest a few that are probably the culprit. 1. Administrator. Run League as Admin, see if that works. 2. Disable your firewall or any software that may block downloads or installs, including any Windows protection, and/or manually add rules to that software to ensure League gets to do what it needs to do. 3. Reinstall the game completely again, but make sure to install it to a folder that the software can write to. Try your My Documents folder, for example.
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: Looking for small, friendly clan or just some nice people to play and talk with
Thanks guys I was on my other account let me log there :D
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Profile (EUW)
: Under 5 FPS and sound crash
Remembering an issue my sister in law had in a different game, where her audio output settings ingame conflicting with the settings in Windows causing her to lose so much FPS. It doesn't take much time so why don't you ensure the audio output settings in both Windows and your game are the same. I'd also recommend changing your audio settings in game, any change. You should definitely update your drivers also. And finally, you could disable all sounds in league and see if the problem persists.
: Deleting PersistedSettings does not fix my keybinds, help?
Seems it is working, in the sense that I can change keybinds there and they will be reflected ingame, however, my leftmouse input seems irrevocably broken even though the input ini has been the same for ages and I did not touch it. Any thoughts? J/k it seems 100% random if the keybinds are updated or not
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ilijanoob (EUNE)
: Login Is not working again
Please prevent losses, just started ranked game, stuck on loading screen so I tried to restart game but GG nothing is happening, this is my promo last game too... :(


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