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Riryz (EUW)
: yep tt is the worst map for hexakill. why? all the reason angel mentioned and the fact that after 4 minutes the game was already decided because once someone was ahead he would become even stronger and stronger with no way to kill them exept to go all in on that 1 person while leaving 5 man unharmed. thats impossible. i was like "why would i want to play hexakill there again? it was bad last time so why would it be better now? why would i play this? for the icons you get with most featured gamemodes? oh wait there are none this time... ok lets just not play it then" so riot i expect you to place hexa back to sumonners rift where it fits best or i wont play it. (not that anyone cares but im just not gonna pla it if its again on tt next time)
I didn't realise we didn't get anything this time round. Apart from the ability to ban. Yeah, it wasn't balanced at all.
: Mod like this will be good :D
That looks really good. I think a bit of frames will drop. But it looks good.
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: Hexakill levelling is frustratingly slow.
It just lacks. It's so slow, and there doesn't seem to be a lot going on. I think this game-mode was better on Summoners Rift.
: LF Jungle advices.
I never really was a jungler. I tried with Vi once, and she just wasn't for me. But I did learn with Sej, and she's really good. She can be op at times as well. She's has great wave clear, and heavy cc. I play her AP. That's the best. Play her with with a lot of cooldown. It comes in handy, and make sure you have one of these{{item:3285}}, and {{item:3001}}. Good luck ^^
: Champion select rework [Suggestion]
I think it's a great idea. It makes sense, since so much has changed and improved. I do have to admit, champion select does look a bit boring now.
: Five more pool party skin!!!
This is cool. I like the Jinx one a lot. I think there needs to be more themed skins like this. Some champions have a few skins. It would be a great addition to have more. I don't play zac much, but that is one heck of a skin there.
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Rich (EUW)
: Considering he's an ADC shuriken master I would imagine he builds on AD and is ranged.
Ahh ok, thank you.
: Champion Ideas
I like this idea. Maybe his E could be a passive. Umm, I don't know. Will he be an ad or ap champ? Would he be ranged or melee? What's his lore? I want to know more about him =3
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Fakeyyyy (EUW)
: Why do people say "omg" in chat when they die?
I too, have wondered this. It doesn't change anything. **[All}**This person who plays(Ezreal):OMG!! **[All}**This person who plays(Ezreal):Really!! Or this one **[All}**This person who plays(Ezreal):O **[All}**This person who plays(Ezreal):M **[All}**This person who plays(Ezreal):G I don't know why folks do it. Sometimes they flame afterwards. Sometimes they don't. It's best to ignore it and not respond.
: noobs in ranked
If you're ahead in your lane, go and help the rest of your team as best as you can. Try to suggest what they could build, and where they could be next time.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: looks intresting, so much trolling potential.
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: Roids - Mundo Gems/Fabulous - Taric Short - Veigar ManBearPig - Udyr Bot - Blitz and Ori Bol - Cassio Bro - Olaf Ezio - Talon 300 - Pantheon KFC - Anivia
: New Skin for Leona?
This is a great idea. I love {{champion:89}} . I think if {{champion:131}} had one too, that would be pretty amazing.
Emoticons (EUW)
: [Skin suggestion] Flying Spaghetti Monster Vel'Koz
JordiTK (EUW)
This is a great Idea. I think that you're on to something =)
: This guy has a point
I suppose you can set them individually for each champion you pick
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