: I was just recently perma banned. Was it really justified? Id like to hear your thoughts.
Doesn't look like you were toxic or anything. But you certainly typed a lot in game. (Even if it was for defending yourself against flamers). I guess Riot don't accept that either...
fimpi1 (EUW)
: Game disconnect
Same, just now in ranked... so annoyed xd i was winning
: is this deserved?? be honest
Dont think it was THAT toxic (ive seen worse) but this is still toxic.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Sorry, but basically everything you say here is either wrong or would cause more harm than good if it were to be implemented. For your first 4 reasons you write: "There can be other reasons too, but these are probably the most common." and the key world is "probably". You don't know it, nobody here has data on this. Maybe the main reason people smurf is to simply stomp lower elo players because they can't keep winning on their main elo. If that were the case your whole post would just fall apart and we don't have data on it. Basically your whole point is based on you assuming that every smurfing player thinks the way you do, or at least the vast majority does. That's a far leap. >Make it take longer to level new accounts. Or add some other extra requirements. I don't think it would affect real new players too badly if they needed more time to level to 30. Oh but it would hurt new players. Even now, when lvl30 is not required for full runes anymore, being able to use every functionality of an account is very important for new players. And while i agree with you on that beginners should be discouraged from jumping into ranked right away unless they absolutely want to, making the life of a new player harder is never the right answer for any game that wants to survive. >Add some extra, that is something cool with leveled accounts.... Again, this only matters if the other smurfs thing like you do. If they just want to stomp some newbies, then none of this will matter to them. Without data there is no point to this. >Maybe add an extra... idk. Practice mode? Or something similar for players who wanna learn something new. Like, a ranked practice mode. Of some sort...with the same ban rules and that you are limited to max 2 premade. Are you aware of the fact that including EUNE, almost every server around the world has one or more queues disabled either partially (like ND is only available on EUNE from noon to midnight) or completely, because Riot calculated that there are not enough active players to keep the queue's healthy? While i do and will fight Riot on their decision regarding EUNE, i simply must mention that your new practice mode would either not have enough players to be considered competitive on any scale or it would require Riot shutting down an existing game mode on any server they implement it. Because of this, the second half of your post simply falls apart, and in fact the title of your post too. League the largest cohesive player base out of any pc game, yet because of the demand for matchmaking, the game can't handle any more queues. In the end, i see that you are trying do suggest something good, something that would improve the experience of both regular players and smurfs, but Unfortunately this suggestion is just not viable.
This is not based only on my personal opinions. Yes, I did include my own opinions too. But most people who have a smurf account. I did ask them why they create so many. And majority of them said that either their main account got banned, or that they wanted to practice a new role/champion and see how far they can get. Once I asked a friend how I could improve on getting better with adc. Him being high elo player told me that I should make a smurf account and only play adc in it. I didn't like to, and asked why normals wouldn't work. And he gave me a bunch of reasons for that too. There are also those who said they keep a smurf account in case a low elo friend wants to duo ranked. A few others actually admit that they planned to sell a smurf account after getting it to d5. I have not heard any smurf saying: 'I like to stomp new players' - I started playing since s3. And back then it took LONGER to level up account to lv 30 than it is now. Back then I didn't feel it was bad or anything, that it took quite awhile for me to reach lv 30. And when I finally got to lv 30 starting playing ranked. It felt alright. Have you seen how many people complaining in forums about 'omg why am I getting totally newbs in my silver games!' This could be partly cuz new players level up twice as fast as how people leveld up before. And they are still not skilled enough to enter ranked right at lv 30. Therefore, I don't think it would hurt complete new players to take more time to level their accounts.
Viggo (EUW)
: Master Supp LF aram players to lvl new acc (all ranks)
Hi Viggo Mortensen, I guess I can play a few arams every now n then. I like arams when I don't play ranked. I usually play arams in the evening tho. Add me if you want.
Modifi (EUW)
: A quick Game of League (true story)
Had a similar game today. Except that I was on the one winning the botlane. I had all chat muted, so I can't tell if anyone typed. But enemy pretty much stayed in base cuz they gave up so easily. Game lasted about 11min.
: I shall inform you that I am a human that belongs in challenger.
challenger animal :p 'rank 1 animal' haha, imagine if someone would call the rank 1 challenger that. :v
: I'll let you guess.
Your name. A sheep. Cheap sheep baaaa
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=t3B1TPhB,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-17T06:37:53.423+0000) > > You need to look into the reasons people smurf. > > - Most people want to practice a new champion or a new role. But they want to do it in an environent that is 'serious and competitive' and ranking up so they are able to keep track of their improvement. > > - People want to play together with a lower ranking friend in ranked. (Or they simply are duo boosting) > > - Players want to show off and feel good about their amazing stats and winrate. (But I think this reason is a minor one) > > - Person is toxic and gets his account banned. So they make new. I don't buy the first reason, at all. That, for me, it's just an excuse to smurf. You can learn a new role in a normal game. It doesn't take too much to be filtered in this "serious envirnoment". My normal games are just as competitive, if not more, compared to the few ranked games I played. While on that topic, you don't even need to play against humans to learn a champion. Notice I'm not saying "learning a role". To learn/practice a role, unless it's jungler, you'll need a lane partner. Once again, Normal games are ideal for that. The excuse of "Normal games are not as competitive" just doesn't stick. Take gbay99 for example. He's the type of guy "Normal games are for casuals". He's correct on that, but he uses that as an excuse to dismiss Normal players skills and yet gets his ass handed to him quite often. This is just one of many cases. *** > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=t3B1TPhB,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-17T06:37:53.423+0000) > > - Maybe add an extra... idk. Practice mode? Or something similar for players who wanna learn something new. Like, a ranked practice mode. > > It doesnt need a LP gain sort of score. But maybe a more 'mastery' sort of score (but a score that actually hold some value in matchmaking) a score that shows how good u are... or a 'rank'. You get the idea. It sounds like you are describing a Normal game: - Useful to practice - Check - Doesn't have LP - Check - Has an hidden number that tells how good you are - Check Normal games also have MMR, like Ranked games. You'll often be matched with people of your skill level. Sometimes you'll see the oddball, but that's because those haven't played enough games on the Normal queue. When I say "Normal" I'm talking about Normal Draft. Normal Blind is for madmans and general public in EUNE. Regardless, Blind pick also has MMR. *** What you are suggesting only "fixes" one part of the problem, which is smurfs that exist to learn new roles. Even if that was the case, you'd still be missing the other reasons you mentioned. The truth is doesn't matter what Riot does. As long as the game is F2P and making new accounts is easy, smurfs will always exist. There's no system capable of preventing them. That said, smurfs are not as common as you'd think. I wish I could give you numbers, but I believe smurfs are a minority. They exist, but when you look at a large numbers of games they don't have any impact. ######Talking specifically about Ranked play.
To me, there is a huge difference in practicing, if I would be playing normals than smurfing. (I'm doing neither tho, since I decided to practice in flex instead. But ofc, then people would be still having issues with me 'trolling' in flex') I'm d3 support main. I never play any other role. So if I go play adc. I think I would be around silver/gold skill level. In the beginning, I have tried practicing adc in normals. And I hate it. 1. Teams are very inbalanced, all over the place. Sometimes someone gets stomped because enemy is several tiers higher, and yeah... team are random. Some people actually play their main in normals all the time meanwhile others don't. 2. People are not serious or competitive. Random picks, off meta, not tryharding. it is normals, what do you expect? It is hard to learn properly like that. 3. But they are not flaming less because of it. You have no idea how many times I get flamed by silvers for not being very good on adc while having a diamond border. And sometimes, they would troll me, by leaving me, not helping, because it doesn't matter for them if they win or lose since it is a normal game. And that is not fun. it is very demotivating. I want to play with players who are trying to win, not trying to argue with me. If that would be a ranked game, most players would just still try play because they don't want to lose the LP. 4. If I would play ranked on a smurf as adc. I think I would likely to get placed in silver or gold, and I would get enemies that wouldn't be that overwhelming, but still not easy to play against when I'm practicing. Nor would anyone know and complain about me being a diamond player either. And I know that majority of the players in my team and enemy team are all trying their best to win. 5. I can see my actual skill rating by climbling in solo q ranked on a smurf. If I slowly manage climbing to gold playing adc, or if I would be a hard stuck silver. Or if I actually manage to diamond pretty fast. I can keep track of my progress with ranking up. And when I finally make to the rank my main is at with the smurf account, I would feel ready to take the new role into ranked on my main. ALL of that. it is a HUGE difference compared to normal games.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: I thought by "animal" everyone meant "monkey".
They didnt specify it to be moneky. Since they didnt it can be anything :)))
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: Still struggling to climb as a support in low elo and not sure how to improve my games. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks for the advice!
You climb most effectively as support in low elo with either: AP damage support such as brand/zyra. You will be the carry in your team that way even if your adc suck. You play cc tank play making support and roam with it. Thresh, blitz, leona and the like. Gank and set up kills for mid when you roam there. But mobi boot. If you play utility support... imo is the harder compared with the other 2 to solo carry. But if you plat say Janna. You need to try out poke enemy laner and try roam. (Not as effectivr as thresh and blitz tho) And last thing they all have in common: vision. Always carry a pink for objectives as well. I try to always have 3 pinks during mid/late. Don't randomly ward. Ward at places that matter. If you are ahead or even, try ward in enemy territory. If you are behind, ward defensively. You need to predict where enemy might gank from and ward that area. Different junglers gank differently. Also, lane with ignite and play aggressive. But not mindlessly aggressive. Ignite is a spell to pick when you intend to win your lane. Im support main. :)
: If you play the game for fun and to enjoy it, then... you should always play _not_-ranked?
Besides just playing the game itself. It is a lot of fun to rank up and see my improvements. Simple as that.
: can any '' high elo '' player suggest me what to do ?
You play what you like. And in bronze, if you are good... you can basically carry with anything. xd I'm not mid main. But I do happen to play mid when I get autofilled. Midlane is a lot about roaming, having map awareness, being at the right place at the right time. You also have the responsibility to ward properly. Takes time to gain game knowledge. But if you want to improve fast, I suggest you either watch video guide or play with a higher elo player in normals to learn about rotations and strategies.
Lleajy (EUW)
: > Flex. With the current exsisting Flex ranked. It is an alternative for players like myself. When I want to learn something new, but not making a nee account. However, it is still not same as solo q. *But at least more serious and conpetitive than normals*. And it shows me progress. Until a troll like you comes with his first time champ and %%%% the game. "Lol it's just flex". You are aware that trio premades are forced to go flex right ? Why would they have to deal with your learning ?
I could say the same 'it is just a game' concerning ranked. Just because you want to tryhard, does it not make me being wrong for not tryharding. I play most and foremost to enjoy and have fun playing League. I'm not trolling when I intend to play my best and win, even if I am new with a champion or role. Do you even know what trolling actually means? Besides. I did not make this topic so you could argue about this. I'm making the topic concerning smurfing since people complain about it all the time. I hope you can stay IN TOPIC if you are commenting here. If you have an opinion or idea considering smurfs or how to improve the situation about smurfs, please share. Otherwise, get out.
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: Player reaching out for advice to reform
Hi. The most common things to do (and probably what most say) would be: -Mute all and disable all chat. (If you don't see your team being negative it might cause slightly less frustration. (This works for me) But since you said that it still tilts you when you have an 'inter'. Maybe you would need to try have a better understanding of yourself. -Why would you get so tilted because of that? -Is he/her actually intentionally feeding or just having a bad game? Imagine if you played with someone trying their best but just fails. And they are losing their spirit to try more and wanting to give up. Is that really someone would want to tell '%%%' to? Ok, if they actually ARE losing on purpose. Then think this way: If that person is ruining game for others, what difference does it make that you are flaming him? You are only risking yourself getting banned. And he will not care what you tell him. If someone doesnt care what you tell him, why wasting your time? If a moneky is dumb by nature, will you yell at it? In your next game you are most likely playing with others. If he is ruining your game already, why let him ruin your mood aswell? Basically. You are a good player. A good player is not only skilled in the game, but he/she has a good attitude as well. And manners. You don't want to get down to his level. But if you flame, you will. So stay cool. If you see a moneky, do not copy and like it. It is more like, monkey sees you, monkey should copy you instead. If you are a positive non toxic player, there is a slight chance you can Influence others to pick that trait up too. But in the end, it is not about how I tell you to think. If you don't want to be toxic. You need to understand and convince yourself about it - down to the core. Another thing you could try: Play together with a non toxic friend who always stay cool. And let them influence you. Personally, if I would play with a person I like. I don't want to disappoint them. So I try my best playing the game and staying positive. Cuz I want my friend to have a good game as well. One recent game I had. I got flamed quite hard. Even tho I'm not the type who flames back. It made the game very unfun to play that I wanted to just afk and leave. But because I was playing with a friend and he was telling me to ignore the flamer. I kept playing because I did not want to ruin the game for my friend. I feel frustrated in games too. Sometimes I get a bit passiveaggressivr and a tiny bit toxic if Im really pissed. But mostly I don't type at all. The stuff I told you works for me. I played since s3 and never got a single warning or chat restiction this way. Goodluck to you, you can do it! :)
: As for my experience from playing all roles , the easiest role is adc and the hardest role is support and mages , no jokes adc only need to auto attack what's in range , they got the supports to babysit them , they just need to move and attack which is not hard at all while supports got tons of things to do , supporting isn't only warding , you gotta use locket and redemption at a good time , and use your kit in a smart way and in a good timing , and you gotta know what to do
I do not agree... I'm support main. I feel it is plenty easier than adc. Because I don't need to cs, I don't get focused. So I can calmly play my role. I'm trying to learn adc. VS golds in flex... And it really isn't that easy. Because I lose all the time. v.v Most likely because everyone jumps you, and you need to position correctly exact to do damage AND not dying. AND having good cs. That is a lot...
skinTDM (EUNE)
: not ban-wise, cuz not even once I saw Lulu get banned. xD
Well, in games I play Lulu gets banned more than Nami. But if you're new to support... I think Nami is a bit easier than Lulu. Because W is easy to trade with. E can be a little more tricky in lane, because you want to use it at a right time. And Q isn't super easy to land, but it is a skill shot you can always practice on. Her ult is good for for follow up and peel. Having a heal is also a little bit more forgiving if you make a mistake. Lulu you will be more decision based to use your W/E on ally or enemy, to use ulty as cc or save. That is my opinion at least...
yknurD (EUW)
: It's still an achievement, as long as you stay in your confort zone it won't be a problem. Problem is if you play in the same elo and get autofilled to another role or forced to play another kind of support with a different playstyle you know. That's when people might call you boosted and all that shit.
If I would get autofilled and I know I would 100% lose my lane and be useless, well...then I would simply dodge. xd But well, I'm not concerned about autofilled. It wasn't what I was worried about in this post.
: Why wouldn't they deserve it, if you switched to any other lane sure your elo would fall but put a top main in support and the same would happen. You play a different role within your team as a support or utility support, this game isn't about k/d/a and damage (not fully anyway) Look at the context of why people call you boosted - If they're lower elo than you, then most likely they're envious of your elo and feel they "deserve" higher and that you are only higher elo because you play an "easy" role. Putting it blunt, people will abuse something to gain elo if they could, so if support really was a free ticket to diamond everyone would do it. That's why people play meta champions, to win more. - You're beating them ingame, they're tilted and can't handle it so lash out at any excuse they can find other than the fact that you're simply just better than them - Your team is losing and you are getting blamed. Again people just blaming everything else except for their poor play. Imo utility is only easy in certain metas - in assassin meta like we have right now it's the hardest, because everyone one shots you. No one will peel for you. So if an assassin has your number you need 10/10 positioning, map awareness and clarity of what is happening and where they could come from or you're just dead, simple. Atleast Darius or Illaoi who call you bad have hp, defensive stats and can lifesteal.
I really like to think that way. That it is the same. I like playing support actually, and it fits my play style to pick the utility ones. I never played certain champions because of meta. I have been playing the same champions for a long time even when they were not OP. I feel good about ranking up, and if I manage to get higher up in diamond, I do it partly so I could be proud and brag a little... But then yeah, there are just too many players would say like: 'oh wow, u got to that elo by playing janna, so impressive -.-' 'ah u spam heal/shield champs, who boosted u' 'u are so lucky, u must got carried every game' Even in certain ranked games that I won and did well. Just because I played Janna, the enemy team can say 'u got boosted/carried'. (This actually happened yesterday, when my jungler and mid came ganking botlane for us often and we won it hard because of it, the enemy support was like: 'you guys are egirl boosting'.) If I had played another role, or another support (thresh or similar) they could not harass me that way. If you know what I mean...
skinTDM (EUNE)
: lulu or nami
Nami cuz Lulu gets banned more often.
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: As a guy and a Lulu main...that's REALLY purple! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It would be nice if guys like it even if it is typically girly style.
: That's a pretty cute sketch, I can't seem to find pix in it tho ? :thinking:
Did not draw pix. This is just a super fast sketch. Was too lazy to draw properly... maybe I will someday I feel for it adding in details.
Marissa (EUW)
: That's SUPER adorable - I love it {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zENK9XIe,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-04-14T10:14:51.818+0000) > > It is frustrating when you get trolls and stuff. But there have always been trolls and rude players. > > The game has advanced but in the fiundation it is the same. I still like to play League the same. > > Try mute all and disable allchat. I do that and it helps! https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/173973400694292480/434660867020423189/Screen259.png? I'm legit going insane.
This happen in my games too sometimes. It is really annoying. But that is how it is. Your teammates got beaten hard by the enemy laner, just like you won your lane hard. It comes down to who carry the hardest and which team has the better teamwork.
: I'm losing my mind and its tearing me apart
It is frustrating when you get trolls and stuff. But there have always been trolls and rude players. The game has advanced but in the fiundation it is the same. I still like to play League the same. Try mute all and disable allchat. I do that and it helps!
: Gbay99 doesnt like new Irelia
I like gbay99 :p Also like irelia :p
Sandro99 (EUNE)
Even if you hit master with that strategy. Do you think you would be able to maintain in master without a duo or abusing that strategy? Cuz personally it doesnt feel like a real achievement unless I made to a peak tier all by myself in solo q without relying on duo. (Idk about you)
: Looking for people to play LoL with!
Hey, I'm looking for a support who is online often. I need a friendly support to play flex/normals with when I practice adc (not so good with it). However, I mostly play ranked solo q. (So it will be very random when I'm able to play flex/normal) I'm silver 2 in flex and diamond 4 in solo q. Add me if that sounds good to you.
devotress (EUNE)
: Please, help me find a player from PBE (it is urgent)
Hey, you're really nice. :) Hope everything will be ok. ^^
WindSheep (EUW)
: I mainly play versatile and aggressive supports (Leona, Lulu, Nami, Bard, Thresh) who can poke and initiate fights. Lulu is also the safest support you get as first pick (she has no counter). It is not that rare I end games with rather similar damage than my tanky jungler (between 10k - 30k damage). Sorcery : - **Ultimate Hat** gives you -10% cdr on your ultimate which is invulable compared to a +250 mana (and almost inexistant manaregen) or 120 shield every 60s. - **Transcendence** gives you +10% cdr and since you will be buying a lot support items will convert every 1 extra cdr into 2 ap (you will not benefit a lot from +3% ms speed or conditional stats). - **Gathering storm** gives overall any time the best stats (you wont fight a lot in the river and scorch damage is not as good as getting extra AP). Inspiration : - **Magical Footwear** at 10min you get free improved boots. - **Cosmic Insight** +5% cdr rules over all. Why I do not take Resolve second ? You have only one 'weak' shield and your R does not benefit from Revitalize since it is not a healing. I prefer to max Q over E because the upgrade gives more damage and the mana cost raise is also lower than E. W maxed second because of how well it scales. A good Q can be used at greater range than E for poking and prevents Blitzcrank from zoning you. E is most of the time used for shielding. When playing against Vayne to prevent her from becoming invisible. E is rarely used for the Q range boost. Always save your R to bump enemies if possible. Remember your auto attacks are greats with pixie. Pick items and summoner spell as you like to, you have a lot of choices anyway. I like sticking to exhaust with her because you can/will have longer fights with Lulu.
I guess I could try swap out mana flow band. But the movement speed runes, especially waterwalking feels very important for me to ward and roam, and the route I take is usually the river, it gives significant speed there.
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Rena (EUW)
: git gud
really srs really omg omg fdijfsaojf x.x you! ...grr
: its probly not u but the adc. with lulu u need better teamwork to be succesfull compaired to janna.
I would like to think that way... But I don't like to blame my losses on adc alone. xd
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: the thing I recently discovered is for your runes you go sorcery first for the **aery** (and **ultimate hat**) and for your secondary path you pick precision for **presence of mind** and **legend alacrity**. **ultimate hat** + **presence of mind** enable you to use your ultimate way more often and **legend alacrity** is awesome on {{champion:117}} since your auto attacks don't need AD to hurt, they also scale with your AP thanks to your passive so you can have a meaningful DPS with just auto attacking people. and an obvious one is you can poke exactly like {{champion:238}} does with his W + Q combo. you put your E on a minion and extend the range of your Q for long distance poke. and a mistake that I've seen {{champion:117}} players make is not using their ultimate as a CC. when a fed {{champion:92}} is coming toward your ADC you don't press R asap you wait for her to use 2 of her Qs and you interrupt the 3rd one with your ultimate ( or any other dash type ability ). and the most important {{champion:117}} trick... I'm not sure if I should say it or keep it to my self and abuse the power... ok I tell you, you start the game, walk to lane, AND SPAM THE HELL OUT OF CNTL+4 !!! her laugh is almost as disturbing as {{champion:99}} and {{champion:222}} so spam it like crazy and tilt the enemy to oblivion.
I really like manaflow band, so I mostly take it. I usually run the ultyhat on Karma, Soraka Dunno if it really is worth getting it on Lulu, she does run oom easily too. Clearity and waterwalking is a good combination as well... Like, sure I can try change my runes - trying something new. But I don't think it would make THAT big of a difference.
: Bronze : Extreme noobs Low - mid silver: noobs High silver low gold : okay High gold low plat : decent High plat low dia : good High dia : very good Masters : extremely good Challenger : amazing
My experience: Bronze - clueless about the game claming to be unlucky Silver - angry players complaing more than they play the game Gold - newbs trying hard to rank up Plat - bad players with a big ego cuz they are better than newbs Dia5 (1): boosted players/ebay acct Dia5 (2): bad players tryharding who spams games Dia 4: D5 got lucky, they get back to d5 soon Dia 3: D4 prove they were not d5 getting lucky and have the potential to get better if they keep tryhard Dia 2: Finally gettibg good with the game, but still bot good enough Have not been higher than D2 so Idk what happens after that :)
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: The SoloQ climb.
I was in eune before too, then I moved to euw. EUNE d5 = EUW p5. more or less. as for anti tilt. mute all, disable all chat, focus on your own game, communicate with pings. if teammates spam u pings ???? mute their pings
: Im Toxic, Help
mute all, disable all chat, dont type. meanwhile youre playing, instead of thinking 'omg im so mad, omg my team is so trash' keep developing a strategy how you can win/the best you can do out of your current situation. if youre ahead, how to push your lead win asap if youre behind, how to recover, what mistakes to watch out for that is what i usually do and i rarely get tilted if i focus on the game that way. also a good way to improve, because you will be like 'aha, maybe if i did that, it would been better' for the next time. sometimes 'playing bad' isnt about missing a spell, or failing to dodge something - the mechanical things, but your strategy through out the game. should you have went in, should you have saved a teammate/should you have left them, where should you have warded, where on the map should you be at.. and so on. if you keep your focus on all those things, which requires a lot of real time strategy thinking, you wont have time to get tilted and act toxic.
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Zulkrix (EUW)
: played Ezreal and had alistar support, was against Varus and Leona i ended up with 2 early kills so my support alistar decided he become a "roaming" alistar, it ended up with enemy jungler camped the shit out of bot and alistar never came he had to help his buddy Dr mundo in mid whole game xD so they were 3v1, after he helped his bot get 1 kill leona and varus was able to dive me 24/7 and we ended up losing lmao
As I said, it depends on the match up, when it is good to roam or not. And in the case you described, it was bad of your support to roam since you were facing a Leona. He should have stayed and snowballed the bot lane. Plus that he was ganking for Mundo - a tank. Which doesn't pay off as much. But this doesn't mean it is bad if a support leaves adc to roam and help other lanes. It all depends on the situation and the champions.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > So whrre is the quality? Your actual behaviour. That's the most important factor in the puzzle. --- > I can play flawless 10 games a day and 20games badly Honor isn't about how you play. It's about how you interact with others.
I can say from my own experience. 1. Personally. I never write anything toxic in chat. At least since this new season started. I can claim to be 100% positive. Infact, I barely write anything at all. (I muted all, and only write for game strategy, so I would never write something offensive towards another or defend myself incase someone flames me) 2. I play A LOT of games. At least 5 a day. I play ranked, and most of the time. I get at least one honor per game regardless win/lose. So let's say on average, I get one honor / game. (And I'm pretty sure I never get reported, unless someone will falsely accuse me for 'inting' when I'm having a bad game.) 3. I have a friend who does not play nearly as much as me. I don't know how well he behaves in the game. But let's say he is a friendly player as well who is never toxic. He play maybe, a couple of times a week. But when ever I get a honor level up, he will also get it. So I really don't understand exactly how this works. So is it like... doesn't matter the number of honors I get, due to the number of games I play. As long as I'm positive? But then by this logic, if I play like, One game a week and positive all the time. I would advance the same like someone who plays 10 games a week and positive all the time? It would be like of...idk. Meh.
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: Cannot tab out of league when im ingame
Hey, I don't know for sure. But check if you have your 'videos settings' on 'borderless'. Then you should be able to tab. If you have it on fullscreen, you should change it to borderless. If this is not the case...the I have no clue. :(
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