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: Cursor shakes randomly
I had that problem once. And i was using a wireless mouse. I changed to one that wasnt wireless and it fixed.
: > I thought I never got warned before, but apparently I have once. (Because I found an old screenshot) And that was back in the end of 2014. Since I never got anymore warnings for saying offensive things, I guess I'm fine. Does stuff like that 'reset' after some time? Or is it that my account will never be 'clean' again? How much have you played since then? It goes off of the number of games played. If you continued to play normally, you should be just fine. If you stopped playing, it's probably still active. > Apparently you can get banned for typing too much in chat even if you are only defending yourself. There's no such thing as defending yourself. If someone is toxic towards you, you mute them. Fighting back is just being toxic as well, and you will get punished for it. People always bring up the whole, "if someone attacks you in IRL, you have the right to fight back", but in reality, what is happening is a kindergarten fight where the teacher says: "I don't care who started it, you are both to blame." And while you could say you can defend yourself without being toxic, I simply don't see a point to it. Why would you waste your time, and allow yourself to get distracted from playing the game. Just mute and do your thing. Trust me, I was at the same spot you are now, thinking these same things, but this is just way easier.
I played uh, a lot. I can't say everyday. I just never took a break from league. You get my point... Well, yeah. I usually don't waste too much time when it comes to flamers. Sometimes I manage to insta mute and report after. But sometimes they actually say something that offends me (esp if I wasn't in the best mood to begin with). Yes I don't flame back, but it isn't always so easy to just complete ignore someone who is being rude to you. Look. For example, if I play something in normals. And a random silver in my team will call me boosted, just cuz I have dia border and didn't perform well in the game. It kinda pisses me off. -.-
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >Does stuff like that 'reset' after some time? Yes it [scales]( down, but it is more after XX positive behaviour in games, and not after XX days/weeks passed. The more positive you will be, the faster you will climb the ladder down. >How likely is it that you get banned for ONLY defending yourself against people who flame you? The best defense is muting them, you don't need to answer to their flames. And if you do, but not says anything that is against the rules (for example: it was your mistake, not mine), you will not be banned. There is a huge difference between defending yourself (still, you just should mute them) and retaliating. Defending yourself is okay (just mute them), retaliating is not. What is the difference between this? Example 1 (defending yourself, example from a real game): X: You %%%%ing noob, uninstall game, you piece of shit (it was something like this, can't exactly remember it, and it was way longer) Y: praise me more! After this, I was not flamed anymore even once. He probably though that it is not worth it. Example 2 (retaliating): X: You %%%%ing noob, uninstall game, you piece of shit Y: Stfu you piece of shit, %%%. The first will not bring you any penalty, the second will. You can read more about reporting system [here]( >I don't type anything else beside a few 'gj' nowadays because of the 'random unfair ban' posts everyday. I was singing in all chat when I was dead with a long death timer. Still nothing happened to me (and I learned, that enemies have a bad music taste :D).
I always mute ppl in ranked when I really want to win. But if I play normals I usually dont bother to mute every single time. Like sure, I wont spend the whole game arguing with a flamer. Would probably mute when it feels like it is too much. But if they attack me first, I usually don't like to just stay quiet and let them keep flaming me for nothing...
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Matuš (EUW)
: Sorry if it sounded aggressive, but i'm getting fed up with the crybabys on the boards. Literally every day, there is multiple posts about some people crying that they lost a game vs a certain champ that they think it's op and so i'm slowly losing control... Well you said it yourself, unlucky games happen, better pick (blackshield kata) can win games in champ select already. And since your initial post sounded just like the kiddos crying over a lost game, "bCz mAstER YI is BROken" etc, i acted accordingly.
No, my post was more just that I was getting annoyed that I couldn't carry as Janna in low elo. I am significantly more successful as Janna in higher elo (D5+) compared to lower elo. But I wanted to make it work to carry as specifically Janna effectively. Without duoing with another smurf. It wasn't really about complaining other champions. Master Yi and Kata are strong, but they all have counters. And even if they had a good set up, our teamcomp was still fine. My Teemo could have blinded Yi. And we did have Anivia for some CC. (But that Anivia literally did less damage than me and only contributed with 2 assists in a 30min game.) That Kat was fed - but it didn't mean he was good, we could still have played on their mistakes and we could have won. But I just can't play for my whole team...
: Wait are you making some kind of sick joke? How is it hard to carry as Janna? Lmao, just stand INFRONT of your ad and pressure the enemy botlane. Dont shield 2 seconds later after your ad took damage? learn to use your summoners properly? I see that you have a really low count of pink wards for someone who aspires to be a support main. Janna is legit one of the most braindead supports you can play. It´s not the champion´s problem, it s the player´s problem. I can´t even count how many Janna mains there are in higher elos. hundreds. non of them complain. So, if you step up your game as a support player overall you shouldn´t have any problems on winning with janna. If any of my statements sounded rude I apologize in advance. I just don´t get it why is it hard to carry as Janna.
You dont seem to have a clue what you're talking about. And you don't seem to be able to read the content I wrote before you try to make a smartass comment. And for your information. Janna is easier to carry with in higher elo compared to lower elo. Because her main strength is utility and will make your allies stronger. But if your allies are bad, it will only help so much. In lower elo ppl usually climb easier with AP support such as Zyra and brand.
Matuš (EUW)
: If you really think that TWO games are representative sample of Jannas ability to impact game, then I have to laugh.
Ofc, those 2 games were rather unlucky. That one of them had to be a 4v5 when we were slowly turning the game and the other one I had a 0/12/2 mid and a losing top as well. I still saw a chance to turn it even then. But when my team grouped close and Morgana E on a superfed Kata she deletes everyone with ult and I could t cc her cuz of the shield, the game was done for. It prolly would not be that bad every single time. And if I played 20 games or more it would be better. But I sorta expected to play and carry any situations. Even these 2 games. Or at least the latter one. Thus I was rather disappointed. Only positive thing from those games was that no one hard flamed the midlaner. Sidenote. I wont call it rude. But you are not having a very friendly tone the way you write. But is just boards I guess. At least you're not a troll.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That account seems to be around gold, but your main is in Diamond, you should be able to carry those even if it is only Janna. It could be only bad luck since it is only 2 games. I would say the likely issue you're having is not being used to playing among lower elo players, you get used to your elo players so there are certain expectations you have for them that lower elo players can't meet, which causes you to make mistakes. You have to adjust yourself, your playstyle has to become more self-dependant.
Yes they make mistakes, which caused enemies to get fed both of the games. Once I get out of lane I try play on enemies mistakes. And it kept my team for an actual chance for comeback. I actually start to think I would needed to build heavy AP on her to have a better chance to carry...
MadEclair (EUNE)
: Then why not go for playmaker support instead...?
I know it is easier to carry with playmaker or ap damage supports. But I really wanted to try carry with a Janna, because I want to think that it will ve just fine to carry with any champion in any position. I think utility is really hard if I only solo. But I wanted to do my best. Making calls, roaming, vision and even supporting my team 'mentally' by being positive. You know, as a typical support... Basically I wanned to believe in my low elo teammates are cooperative.
zealotbeast (EUNE)
If you played those games without a duo, then gj.
: Because you're not building 600+ AP Janna
I was playing Janna in support position, not midlane.
Matuš (EUW)
: Are you literally crying here because of two lost games? :-D ROFL
Yes, I do feel annoyed that it is so much of a coinflip for me if I attempt to solo carry with Janna in such low elo. Or do you think that you could do better than me to carry heavy teams like those as support Janna? Id like to see that.
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: Its so hot today
24C at my place which is significantly warmer than usual.
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: I would undersstand this if you wanted mid and you got support but other way around? Personally I would pick any role above supp if someone offered it for me, not a fan of supporting if I don't play premade. Also why would anyone in their right mind flame you for asking to play support -_-
If the support is a support main, he wouldnt wanna give up his main role. And then I would be autofilled.
: I hope you left them an honour then...!
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You don't get focused? I get focused quite a lot, sometimes I'm quite surprised how hard assassins tend to focus me even while a perfectly good and squishy adc is right next to me. My playstyle already used to be quite lacking in self-protection, but this became a problem so I became more careful about that.
When I play support, I rarely get focused. Probably because I'm positioning quite safe at the back. But it happens that assassins (Zed especially) such really aim for me hard even if a do so. But they usually die if they do that. (Most wouldn't don't do that hard for me.) When I play against fed Shaco and Rengar, they could aim for me more often. Sometimes go for me before adc. But other champions... not so much.
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Atiw9TRz,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2018-04-16T19:14:15.510+0000) > > I do not agree... > > I'm support main. I feel it is plenty easier than adc. Because I don't need to cs, I don't get focused. So I can calmly play my role. > I'm trying to learn adc. VS golds in flex... > > And it really isn't that easy. Because I lose all the time. v.v > Most likely because everyone jumps you, and you need to position correctly exact to do damage AND not dying. AND having good cs. That is a lot... You can not agree , and you will not agree , you already explained , you lose all the time , and that's because you are just bad , doesn't mean the role is hard , do not defend the adc role , it's literally the easiest role in the game , having good cs is hard for you ? oh nice joke then go play a mage in mid , position well ? of course you have to , even as support , everyone jumps on you ? you know that the fight is won when they focus the adc while the support is an enchanter , and that's not a lot , actually you get screwed if you play Lulu and you force the shield on yourself , you can't proc Ardent to give the adc that attack speed buff , I as a support , I do a lot more than any adc player , I do damage as , I do kite more than an adc , I do have specific times when to use my heals and shields, when to use Redemption , when to use Locket , when to use other support items , if you are bad even as support , don't defend the adc role.
That is a lot of nonsense you are saying that I actually thought you were trolling. But you're not. Yes I must be bad with adc and support as well. I have no clue what im talking about and that is why im not in silver like you. Must get better. xd
: i need a op summoner name for vayne main on euw server pls i gift the winner :O
looonster (EUW)
If youre toxic you get banned. If you dont wanna get banned then done be toxic. Learn to follow the rules. Simple. No one is forcing you to write toxic words in chat. If you have trouble controling yourself, better work with your own attitude first before playing more online games.
looonster (EUW)
: How many accounts do you have?
2 My main and one other I never use.
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E5WbFzg2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-01T12:48:35.588+0000) > > Losing streaks happen. But at least you're not having ranked losing streak. happens too much for me causing me to lose motivation .-.
: Feeling misareble af ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌
Losing streaks happen. But at least you're not having ranked losing streak.
: Looking For Serious DUO Smurf Player To Rank Up The Ladder! Stuck in Bronze!
If you really player on dia lv in older seasons you would still at least be gold or smt. .-. Ex dia stuck in bronze...never heard of
Rwobba (EUW)
: pff, so arrogant :P dont judge people using your experience, someone improves faster, someone slower. Not the reason to be jealous
It is not me being arrogant. Do you realize how big of a difference there is between p1 and master tier?
SKT Cutie (EUW)
: p1
Impressive that you are confident about getting to masters in this season already. You must be improving really fast. :)
SKT Cutie (EUW)
: I've got 30 on smurf and i need someone who will help me get dia/master
Ãrthas (EUNE)
: What can i do ?
You seem to have a high winrate on Lux, why don't you just play whatever champion that you have been successful with? It is either: Climb elo > Play champs you WIN with or: Play for fun > be hardstuck
arvidbest (EUW)
: The two new tiers for 2019. What are they going to be?
DoubleDream (EUNE)
: I need serious help ASAP please
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: Is it possible to climb in solo Q playing only support?
Playmaker and ap mage supports if you are below diamond. With those you can carry easier. If you play shield mages you will rely more on your team
: She is kind of squishy compared to the rest. With no real heal/peel. Silver players can't really dodge, rather not see my support one shot 5 times before lane ends.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
She scales really well into the late game tho. But yeah, she isnt as strong early anymore as she was before..
: Can you play her?
Yeah But i was just wondering why you did not include her
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Since you're support main I would suggest Ashe, for an ADC she's very support-like and she's pretty simple. A lot of what you know about support would easily transfer over to Ashe. Sivir would be another option, while I would say her spell shield could be harder to use.
I tried play Ashe, for some reason... I do more damage when I play Ashe support than Ashe adc. v.v
Cheini (EUNE)
: if you are supp main, i would pick Jinx (nice att speed passive, a good amount of cc yet no spells to keep track of), Ashe for the same reasons plus global stun & vision (again supp stuff), MF because she is ridiculously simple and you cant deny it, personally i find her even boring (and hate her chara :d), or Xayah because she.. idk i just feel her having common with the supp role as well. You might like siv as well, however she is significantly harder to play.. or Kai'sa :p if you are good at positioning yourself, go for twitch or siv - as long as you are on the right place, you will rekt them.. just, how do you feel terrible as adc? Like failing yourself, or being trolled by your team? i mean, yes the second answer is obvious but if you think it twice, you might see better what kind of chara you can try first :)
The only adc I have been successful with is MF. She is the only adc I manage to do damage on... I don't have that much of a trouble in lane. I have good mapawareness so I don't die that much. Tho I struggle with cs. It is more like, in teamfights... if my support isn't helping me enough, I would either end up doing nothing at the back, or die when I try to damage...
IRFodder (EUW)
: Cait, Tristana basicly anything with a get out of jail free card, people say Ashe, but honestly I would say her skill floor is pretty high even though her kit is less micro than say Vayne. Oh and I would recomend picking up Sivir at some point, even though her range is pretty short, I believe she is decent right now. That spell shield is strong, like really strong.
The main problem with me playing adc isnt that I die a lot, it is that I don't do damage...
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: Probably achieving diamond.rank chances raise because diamond population is way lower than rest
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