: PROJECT skin shard
Any project skins at random except the new one (vayne, vi, jhin)
: Question for anyone who is in diamond
S7 i been d5 several times. Players are bad there and their attitude as well. D5 0LP does not even tryhard. Some d5 are boosted from what ever bronze silver..
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Techzar (EUW)
: Very depressed because of just a game
Sometimes on losing streak you get worse teammates as well. But more importantly is your mood and attitude that also affect the games, maybe without you noticing it. I suggest taking a break also, and play some normals with your champions that you play in ranked. (Maybe with a friend) Add in maybe watching some guidance videos about your champion/role maybe you will find some new to pick up. Make a change. All this is to relieve some stress from the lost ranked games, and create some positive motivation. Losing streaks happens me as well, and I do this, it does help to an extent. Otherwise, good luck, I hope you start winning again.
Gibo51lt (EUW)
: You can get banned for talking sense into your team, prevent two guys from inting, and winning game
Uh, that was a lot of typing in one game. But I understand your efforts, trying to get your team together. Really weird that you get a punishment for that... literally dumb. xd
Naoto Ii (EUW)
: toxic smurfs
just report em + mute
: What Tier was the best/easiest/worst to climb? (Poll)
D5 is worst u dont have d5 as option
Proppa (EUW)
: What's your Age / Rank?
Grffon (EUNE)
: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2154005i think that should help you if you can read.
That is for new players. .-. And way too old...
vąlo (EUW)
: people for normals / practice
In low elo, if ur good support, the role still matters plenty and you can carry with it. I'm support main, trying to practice adc. So like, yeah I'm no good adc. And I get flamed at cuz of it. xd If you want, you can play support for me in normal games. And I could advice you about rotations/items/warding if u want.
DeRoo (EUW)
: Congrats bro! Diamond 2 is much better than Diamond 3. Just FYI for future :) I'd recommend you practice the other roles exclusively in flex queue next season if you don't want to use another account. Or just in normals. Then keep solo q for supporting! I hit diamond 5 as an ADC main but then I changed to maining support. I recognise I definitely cant get high diamond playing ADC. I'm hoping to climb up diamond a bit as support main as I've big win rates on some supports. I actually carry hard as support (to my surprise).
I'm aware that D2 is significantly better than D3. I managed to get there several times, but wasn't able to keep it. xd But I'm pretty sure I can make it to D2 or higher in the new season. I did plan to play mid/adc for flex, eventually pick up a new role aside support to play in solo q. I just feel real discouraged, cuz u know that feeling when you have been playing so badly every single game, and even those you win it is cuz u get carried. It is just no fun. xd It feels better to lose when knowing I've performed well than winning when getting hard carried...
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: From what rank would you consider someone 'good'
: Coach Looking for Team
There is hardly any difference in skill between a d4 and a d5. High plat is about the same... Would make more sense if you coach a silver player.
Screwed (EUW)
: Looking for friends? This is the right place
I never been in a club before, but I can join this n' test it out.
: Amount of rune pages
I had 20 pages (not counting the locked free ones) and I tried to buy one more. Now I have 21 pages. I didn't buy more after that, but the limit pass 20.
: [EUW] Diamond Marksman Looking For a Support Main of Any Rank To Play Normals With!
Do you want only support champions to be played or can it be that anything goes as long as it is played as support role?
Yavimawa (EUNE)
: Level/reward icon borders in login screen https://imgur.com/a/jaRAH
No, just no.... Imagine people yelling 'OMG U ARE lv xxx and you still play shit' or 'OMG U ARE lv xxx and you're still bronze' that kind of stuff...no ty.
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: well if you have a smurf you can also flex queue is an option :) Why a girl hmm easy answer cause girls play the better support, easy as that. They don t get upset as much as guys about the game.
Not true, skill and attitude has nothing about being a guy/girl, it depends completely on the individual.
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: Dia ADC LF premade support for next season. D1 Exp since season 4
Hey, normally I dont like to duo with people cuz it feels better to achieve ranks on my own. I have been playing support since s3 when I started this game. This season i peaked in d2 but ended in d3... playing almost 2k games. I feel disappointed in my own performance sometimes, i wanted to aim for higher. But just not doing well enough. So basically if you have more experience in higher elo and more knowledge than me maybe I could learn smt from you. For this pre season tho I was planning to practice champs I failed to do well with, also maybe some new champions in support role. Next season im going to play solo flex to pick up a new role but also normal ranked playing support. Im always trying my best in games . If this sounds fine to you, you can add me.
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Verdaloth (EUW)
: [Known Issues and FAQ's] Preseason and End of Season
Not a bug, but I hope riot can notice this. Many players are unhappy with the lv up reward - getting like 2 random champ shards, the very slow BE gain in comparison to the old IP gain per game...
: IP > BE
I hope riot will pay attention to this. hate how slow we gain BE/IP now compared to before.
AngmarPT (EUW)
: lvl up sucks?
I prefer gaining BE the same way IP was earned after each game rather than this new version which sux.
Modifi (EUW)
: DDaaaym thats so much, yea i wish i had more to open all the juicy icons
Nomis c (EUW)
: Not even interested in urf warwick i guess? ;)
I don't play or own WW... so I will not be getting that one. :)
Verdaloth (EUW)
: [Known Issues and FAQ's] Preseason and End of Season
I came across a bug. It is the summoner icon. Just now I could not change mine. Clicking on it, the box shows up grey and the save key is grey too. I tried relog, but it did not work. As for now I cannot change my icon at all.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Best Moo Cow Alistar Chroma?
get all of em, all are funny :) But if i had to pick...i would either go for the brown one cuz of the funny dotted eyes .. or the pink, the green or light blue one cuz of the colors...
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Best Popstar Ahri Chroma?
I like the pearl and ruby the most
Modifi (EUW)
I got like 450k ish BE. :))) So far I bought - 20 ward boxes - 45 chromas - Blue essence ward - 1 gemstone for 50k I have 218k BE left and tomorrow I will buy the rest of the ward boxes and then icon boxes. :))) And then depending on what I get/how much I have left I will either buy the poro emote or another gemstone...
: Anyone got FPS drops since this patch?
Rismosch (EUW)
: Attack Move On Click is basically the quickcast version of normal Attack Move. There is literally no difference there, except for your input. Since I practiced a bit ADC I developed the habit to attack move all the time instead of regular attacks. It may seem not so bad at first, but there are a few issues you will encounter: If you try to attack move someone outside of your range and you miss clicking on him or lose vision, instead of chasing you attack the nearest other available target. If this is hard to understand, let me give two examples: 1. Let's say you play Twisted Fate. You are in lane and your opponent is low health. You can kill him with Gold Card, but you need to chase him first. You W, get the gold card and attack move on the enemy, however you don't directly click on the enemy, so instead of chasing the enemy, you actually attack the nearest minion and you fail to kill the enemy. 2. Let's say you play Ekko and gank botlane. The enemy ADC and support obviously run away. You E, because you want to jump on their ADC and use attack move. But at that moment the ADC goes into the bush which is not warded. The timing is unlucky, because the lane minions are in your range, so instead of going into the bush like you plan to you actually dash on the minion, away from their ADC and you fail the gank. In practice tool you can see this effect for yourself: Take a ranged champion. Place 2 enemy dummies. Now position yourself, so that you are in range of dummy 1, but not in dummy 2. Now attack move on dummy 2. If you attack move directly on dummy 2, your champion will start walking and attack dummy 2. However if you are slightly of and don't click on dummy 2, your champion instead stays at his position and attacks dummy 1. You need to be aware of this effect, because it can be super frustrating if you just autopilot use attack move.
So basically, um. If I understood it right... I should first normal move and then maybe normal click on target. And when in decent range, click on attackmove key with mouse hovered over the target? I think it would work well if there aren't too many obstacles in the way. But like... Imagine if I would be in a minion wave, or in a teamfight with several targets... it would be so hard to select location to move to and also select target to attack - while trying to avoid being attacked.
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: Finally Quitting
I got 2 random skins that I did not like and would not ever use...it was like not getting anything tbh for the purchased rune pages. :( So I know what you mean...
Verdaloth (EUW)
: [Known Issues and FAQ's] Preseason and End of Season
Might not be bugs, but few things I noticed could have been better... Runes creating page. - It would be much better if it was possible to re-arrange the order of the pages after creating them. Because I always liked to have them sorted after making changes. - The were some bug I think when naming the pages, sometimes it would not update. Game. - When playing I felt I got sudden lag spikes/ping spikes much more often this patch and even got disconnected once. I don't know if it is my net or the game... .Finally just something else. - The rank insignia... is disappointing. :( It is small and doesn't look much fancy, liked it much better around the summoner icon like before.
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AAP8En5B,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-07T09:18:33.169+0000) > > Anyhow, I really hope people will spend less time typing and insulting each other in chat. It is true, you disturb your teammates and yourself by doing that. If you really want to win your ranked game, you better focus. This is true, but I think that you chose the least offensive of things written in LoL games to get offended by ... I mean you think hardstuck is annoying and you make a topic about it, but death threats and terminal diseases are below them in your scale of insults, so the second thing that bothers you is "egirl" .?. I find that ......... amazing .?.
Death threats and all the very toxic 'common' things are debated all the time. And whatever normal toxic things people say usually get them punished/banned. So I'm not concerned. Cuz those players will get it back at em when they get perma. But these things, and the lesser toxic things people say, are still rude, however, they are not bad enough to be punishable I think. That is why I'm annoyed by them.
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Wolvahulk (EUNE)
: I made it from Bronze V to Gold V in about 2 months
Khumban (EUW)
: A little bit about Redmercy being boosted by duoqing with smurfs
I don't think it is like...exactly the same as boosting. But it is not the same as getting to whatever tier on his own. Duoing with someone significantly more skilled is basically getting majority carried. And reaching whatever tier imo, is not 100% deserved. But it is not as bad as real boosting which is having another person playing on one's account.
: Yeah, I know what you are saying, many others recomended transfer aswell to me.... but I keep postponing it cuz of people that transfered on this one cuz of me, and mainly PING.. that is higher, for like +15 or 20 sometimes. I really hate "high" ping ... Anyways good luck next season ..
I noticed no ping difference. I heard the server host for the 2 are at the same place
werister (EUW)
: LF other Dia SOLOQ players to RUSH Gold in FLEXQ
Hey I'm about to play some flex today. I'm only going to play a practice role rather than my main tho. If you wanna play you can add me.
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: Just to clarify, Preseason is not at 23:59 - that's end of season. Preseason comes with the patch, with times mentioned [HERE](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#euw). It's only a few hours difference (assuming no delays) but an important distinction to make - don't expect new runes as the clock strikes midnight :-D
Hey, in the patchnote it did not say about the essence shop. I really look forward to it, will it come this patch even if it wasn't mentioned? xd
: im toxic, and i wanne change that.
Mute all @ start of the game. Don't type in chat. That is all you need. I swear.
: you think too much about what others opinions are , keep in mind most of the community are manlets and kids with low testosterone so their only outlet is letting out their anger and stomping shouting at their PC and you. once you stop caring what others think of you , you will perform much better and even see them say "sorry i was wrong" etc. mute all is your best friend in this game sadly. with voicechat 90% of brats wouldn´t act the way they do atm but for some idiotic reason riot refuses to implement it.
I already do mute all. But people still talk in champ select and in the post game lobby... Even if you mute the chat, you still have those question mark ping spammers...which you then have to mute their pings as well. x.x I hope there wont be a voice chat. And if there would be...I would not use it. Uhh...it is like, I'm here to enjoy a game in silence, not hearing a bunch of people yell in my ear...
: That was the main reason I changed my name in the first place, after having it for year and a half I just had enough of stupid coments, even tho this one isnt really manly xd p.s. do you maybe have an EUNE account, would be nice if you could share some expirience and advice for HARDSTUCK platinum support..... IK its offtopic but still, you seem nice :)
I do have an account in EUNE, but I never log there. I did an account transfer from EUNE to here. If you don't find it too hard to part from your friends, I would actually recommend you to transfer to EUW. There are still flamers and such, but I do feel a slight improvement in game quality. I feel like EUNE games are too...messy in comparison. I was D5 s6 in EUNE, and apparently it was on the same MMR scale as low plat in EUW. After transfer I was put in P4. So it is like, raising a skillcap which I really like, having more to work towards.
: Yeah. I heared someone else say it's because like 80% of diamond players are in diamond 5, and the gaps in mmr between divisions in diamond is much higher. That sounds logical.
From experience. Many D5 0 LP are usually trash players who got boosted. Regular D5 is not much difference from D4. But the skill gap between D5 and D3 is pretty big. So most players are pending between D5 and D4 majority of the time. Gap between D3 and D2 is not THAT big. But D1 is a bigger difference. I was told that skill gap from D5 to D3 could almot be counted as full divisions of 5 on its own.
: being diamond is an accomplishment in itself , you should be proud and not undermine your achievements.
Actually I'm still content I got D3. Since last season I was still D4 - in EUNE. So I suppose it was a lower elo compared to euw. I know I improved a lot through this season. Maybe it is just me. But I always felt that D5...is just really nothing to brag about, D4 is just D5 being lucky. D3 is like... good, but not too fancy. Then...D2 for me it is finally the starting to be 'high elo'. That I could say 'woo-hoo I've got it!' about.
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