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: When to commit to ranked
You reach lv 30 first, and once you feel confident with a couple of chapms in one or 2 roles you can consider trying out ranked. I started playing in ranked quite early when I was new, and hit lv 30. I remember I got put in bronze 2. xD It isn't that hard imo, if you have a good attitude. Cuz in my first season of league, I got to plat 5 at the end.
: Tips on improving?
Hum. This is what I probably do, play the easier champions to gain more game knowledge. Like, I see you played Nid and Kayn. Personally, I feel Nid is one of the more advanced champions to play since she has 2 forms. Play something easy, like Ashe, Annie n' stuff. And start with getting better with CS. You can't get better with everything at once, so focus on one goal at a time. Such as, get xxx cs at xxx min. Or, practice to make good trades in lane/winning lane, avoiding ganks and mapawareness.
bloodhore (EUW)
: ADC LF SUPP (Diamond V)
Hi, I usually play around this time. Add me if u want.
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: Your Predictions for the next victorious skin?
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: If u don't get support lock in Nunu with smite and ghost, steal your jungler's first camp with Q+smite then active ghost and run down mid. Teach them a lesson.
You can't be serious. -.- No, I don't troll. And I don't have Nunu.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I don't think it's really correct to call geting auto-filled when all that happened was you got your secondary role instead of primary one.
But my level of playing another role beside support is pretty much the skill level of autofilled. Except that the role I picked as 'secondary' is one I know wont feed on, that's adout it... so in a way, it is still autofilled.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Tip: queue secondary mid lane. All your problems are solved.
I am always doing that, cuz I thought mid is popular and less chance for me to get. But it happens that I get mid and they don't want it. xd
Raykuyem (EUW)
: i would say you should always aim to place offensive vision ( in the oppenent jungle) or place vision at the entry of the oppenent jungle. i'm not a main jungle but i've decide to train this role and started main it becaus it's quiet easier to carry as a jungle than an adc, btw i'm not good in english so please have mercy and also some of thoses informations may be false but i hope some of them will help you. I've been playing this game for a while now so maybe i can help you: Early jungler: they often try to counter jungle or kill you early game. mid game jungler: they won't try to do a lot of gank except if the enemy is overextend with 0 summoner spell, they often simply farm until 1 item or once they hit 6 and their gank are strong late game jungle: afk farming jungle then try to 1 v 9 alone becaus they are supposed to be ahead somehow.... Lee sin: strong early game ,mid to late game depend onthe skills player, he will be useless or kick their adc in the midle of your team elise: strong early-mid game, late game suck asf, her early game is based on diving player with less than 50% hp so be careful. olaf: ...medium early, strong mid, garbage late game amumu: i don't know about this one... his ulti seem to be good at every stage of the game ivern: if he's against a good early jungle is %%%%ed...but his mid-lte game is very good nunu: i hate this champ, he only know how to put the oppenent jungler otherwise he's not that good mid game but his late game utility potentiel is big with the solari + gargoyle combo. Kha zix: hm..his early and mid game are strong, if he snow ball you will lose, kha zix player tend to invade rengar: already R delete one champ,early is medium, very strong mid game but the late game is not that good anymore with the recent change to GA and all the peeling items support do(solari redemption,shild sheild sehild....) volibear: the last time i see a volibear was 3 month ago pantheon: hm...good early, strong mid game with his ulti, his late game completly disappear, you go in you die basicly if you don't have GA master yi: bad early game master yi player tend to simply farm until they hit 6 then farm more somehow,very strong mid late game, don't let him snowball....just don't, zac: good early game pressure,mid and late game too, wait this champ is op now that i think about it ww: same as zac but he fall off a bit in the late game sejuani: mid and late game are very strong, and early game is bad until she reach 6 J4: medium early game,strong mid game, medium late game, if j4 snowball you will have 0 adc or apc until 30-35 minutes skarner: his early is not bad , his mid game is strong with his ulti and tankyness, and he don't fall off late game, he's a good jungler i guess jax: strong in every stage of the's jax so yeah evelynn: very good early game pressure and mid game also but she fall off a bit late game use deep vision to know where she is and place pink ward rammus: he's strong at every stage of the game, very good gank, place deep vision to prevent gank becaus he's very fast hecarim: the adc and apc's nightmare, his early game is medium, place deep vision to prevent gank too, at level 6 it will be hard to survive hi gank if you are not under tower. vi: her early game is quite weak but once she hit 6 she become a true nightmare, place deep vision mid game, her late game suck if your team know how to play as a team. kindred: seriously why riot put an amazing ass on a lamb...? well kindrad is an adc but in the jungle just like twich but she's more mobile, her pressure depend on the player playstyle i would stay but her gank are not that dangerous, but her mid/late game got a huge potentiel, place offensive vision and contest her mark. shaco: he will invade if he is a good shaco but you can deny him by invading him when he's placing is box, he is at every stage of the game if he's good. Gragas: hm....depend on the skills player either he's good and do amazing gank our is drunk and try to hit your tower with his belly, the champ is strong at every stage of the game, good tankyness and cc. xin zhao: strong early game, but his mid late game suck...he's an ad diver so..he go in then he die.... y graves: he's good IF and only IF!!!!!! the top laner is a huge tank like galio, otherwise he suck, he can snowball but at some point o the game if nobody help him deal damage he fall off becaus deep inside of his heart he's still an adc twich: just be careful at his early game pressence, he's quite strong if you play to aggro...but then again if he don't get a kill just kill him in his jungle, he's super squishy destroy him, tell your jungle to pound him so hard that is mum is gonna be jealous. his late game is very strong becaus razor is a fcking botrk booster. Shyvana: she's just like nunu or mastr yi, but don't try to fight her...she's a strong independant women. her mid game is strong and her late game is...quite...average actually, she's not that tanky but she's still a danger for your carry. nocturn: rengar v2. Rek sai:....GRAGAS V2....litteraly but with the recent buff she's a bit more dangerous but not that much. Riven: well she's the one i main in the jungle right now, i'v manage to FB everyone in my last 3 game when i invadein the early game, her clear is not bad,her early game is strong, she's is very mobile and her gank are very good, her mid game is medium, she's good a picking up isolated targt but her teamfight potential is not great, her late game is medium also, either you splitpush and try to lure people to you or you stay with your team and try to protect your carry...but you are not a tank so good luck with that or you are a crazy riven player that pull offf amazing flash combo destroy their carry. Fiddlestick:...who the fck is that?
Thanx alot, very helpful. :) Lots of notes for me to take and remember. ^^
: Damn, by the name I thought you're another fellow Ahri main fella. xd
Ah...I really like Ahri, she is one of my fav champions too. I'd love to main her. Except that I suck with every other role except support. T.T
jonisen22 (EUW)
: The worst part of this honor update
They cant think whatever they want. But only you know the truth about yourself. And that is the most important.
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: Is that bannable? o_O
Hey. This is what I think. You sure are not very friendly in the chat. However, if it is the case that your team is blaming and performing badly...I can understand your frustartion. I would not consider this as hard flaming without reason. But it is clearly negative behavior. Getting banned 'only' because of this... imo is a bit too harsh. But if this is something you do often then you definetly need to better your attitude. When I have frustrating teammates, I do my best to ignore them. And mute if necessary.
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: How often does a sup get honored ?
I usually get 1 or 2 honors each game if we win. But sometimes still getting if we lose. However, if botlane is the one lane that has carried hard, adc always gets 3 honors from the other guys. xd
: that hard life of being OTP :( Having 16 full keys and no chests -_-
You can try play aram with friends. maybe someone will earn a S for you.
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: Sorry to tell you, but beside {{item:2031}} it's the most standard Soraka build and strategy there is. Nothing new to Soraka mains. Also pls remember that Solari now scale with your HP so it's better now on tanks than Soraka, but what ever suits you
Well. The vast majority of Soraka I have played against in this elo and below, all start w and coin. A few do start q, but they still seem to only keep 1 point in it and max w, staying rather passive in lane and healing.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Spy on ur teammates on opgg in champselect and dodge when you have a terrible teamcomp and/or a teammate play a champ/role they suck with or if they are on a super losing streak. That's a recipe for disaster imo.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=LERIl5NA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-01T14:49:26.524+0000) > > That's a recipe for disaster imo. You may think it is bad. I never bothered doing that before. Because...who cares. But I noticed that once I started domy checks and dodged a few... I ended up with a bit less losses than usual.
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cllara (EUW)
: Honor & dodging
Nothing will negatively affect your honor lv unless u get a punishment
TheHammy (EUNE)
: Yes this sytem will always favor players that get kills and seems that they "carried", so for example me as main support I'm sure I will not get an honor ever, or maybe just in very few situation. Before I got a lot of honors as support, but now I do not think somebody will ever chose to honor the support over a guy that maybe get feed and have 20kils. Also because this season and meta punish adc so hard that they always die instantly from so many enemy champions, I think except few situations when an adc play very good or enemy play very bad and can't kill him, the adc will also get few honors. I think if they will make a statistic of most honorable position top and mid will be favorite by far in this honor system. Now people will come here and say that honors will not be given to whoever kill most, etc. Maybe not in diamond and above but in bronze, silver and gold people always are impressed by that 25kils champ. So maybe less favorites positions to receive honors will get honor in losing games where everybody flame and is toxic and maybe a support will get honor from his adc and adc form his support if they did good on lane.
I played a 3 games after the new honor system was implemented. 1 win and 2 losses. But I managed to get honor from all 3 games. 2 for the winning game and one each for the lost games. So it doesn't seem like players are only giving honors to the fed guy or whatever and support is unnoticed. And some still do give honor even in a lost game. I feel that the new honor interface, appearing after a game is like a 'in your face reminder' to honor someone that people do it more often compared to before.
Doomley (EUW)
: I personally prefer it like it is now. Why? because everyone would just honor everyone if they could so that everyone will reach the max honor level. If you can honor everyone, the honor loses a lot of value. Now taht it is only one person you can honor, the honor has actual value and actually means something.
But look. Most people would likely just honor the guy who carried/had most kills. Say what if you have one teammate who is having a bad game but managed not tilt and kept trying their best. Being humble and cooperative. And then you have the guy who might not play the best, but tells the team to not give up and gives encouragement. The guy who makes good calls and actually leads the team to victory. And the guy who is fed and carries the game. It is a team game, and sometimes everyone deserves a honor because they all kept a good attitude and put effort. Like, I wouldn't honor someone if I don't feel they deserve, even if I could. I don't think it is something one would abuse if there would be an option to honor more than one teammate. It shouldn't be an competition 'who gets the one honor point'.
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nigod88 (EUNE)
: Why my client is lagging ?
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: I used to rush Lich Bane and Tear in Bronze and Silver, but that build is too expensive for Gold games already. Sona is too squishy to force the lane so forward, unless you get proper attention from your jungler and mid to catch out the incoming ganks, which is a nice strategy if your mid gets slightly ahead. I've done that. My deaths recently are something that's utterly bogling me... I used to die like 5 times total for a game, even if we were losing it. Now it seems I am prone to catch every WW ult for my adc and it's just OHKO for me later in the game. I can do decent on lane, but then someone like Katarina, Oriana or say Darius will just push through the entire team to demolish me so I cannot ult in teamfights before they even start properly. It's something I have to work on, but it doesn't help if my team is chasing kills across the jungle while one enemy is split pushing top which I cannot hold solo. My want to go build now is a rush on Sightstone, because some junglers can take those drakes before you can even sneeze 400 gold. Then I try to grab a Forbidden Idol and rush for Eye of the Watchers. I will build into Ardent Censer, then Athene's and then Redemption. But recently the games end before I can get three items. I am a bit puzzled about the build truth be told... Redemption was changed into a... 3rd or 4th item with it's scaling now and it's poop on lane alone. Censer will outscale it 100% of the time. But if my team is losing to much, I will fail to get the Censer before lane phase ends, as we will lose towers left and right. I feel like I am constantly behind in gold and exp now days.
Hum, if that way of building Sona doesn't work for you because how the enemy top/mid/jungle are snowballing... I could only suggest that you pick Soraka for the global ult to help your other lanes during lane. If you play Soraka, you can still poke almost just as well as Sona during the lanephase. By starting spellthief and Q. And you will build a standard support build with Raka. You can give that a try if you want.
JamenFar (EUNE)
: Its not viable to have a strat that depends on the other team to be %%%%%%s imo.. but if it works for u.. i just thinks its a shi t advice.. and it will waste alot of his time.. if people harrass sona back or ganks her shes %%%ced.. And WTF is that build.. Dude ur leading him to DISASTER.. i really need to say that this is bad advice.. I dont play sona ever but isnst she like a late game supp?? This strat is only working if the other team is EXTREMELY scared and doesnt fight back.. And imo u can go even in lane as Sona and outscale.. if u build a supp build that is.. This is also a really fakin hard build to play with.. U gotta be really good at positioning as her in teamfights..
That is how I have played Sona and it is working for me. She is the only support I don't build typical support items on. The items might seem unfitting and not support like. But for me it works very well. The edge with that is that, I can snowball in lane with the damage. The con is that, it is hard to escape when getting ganked. I don't recommend people building that once they hit higher elo. But anything Gold and below, it is a breeze. This guy said he is having problems with what to do if his teammates are feeding. If everyother lane would feed... then unless enemy make major mistakes before the lane phase ends. It is very hard to win. And if I would be playing traditional utility support Soraka, Janna whatever. I'd say... you can't do much. This way is the only 'hard carry' support I know that Sona can do. Unless you wanna play Zyra and build AP, you can hard carry with that too. But this guy was talking about playing Sona.
JamenFar (EUNE)
: i stopped reading after u thought u could 1v2 as Sona... As a zyra main a DESTROY Sonas early on.. They always think they are gonna harrass until they die instantly lvl 3
In most cases she can. It depends on how skilled the Zyra is. But brand and Zyra are harder match ups for Sona that she needs to be more careful of. But it is still possible in gold to do that.
Lea Flamma (EUNE)
: Carrying as support
Hey. You cant always carry a feeding team, if like every lane are losing and you are even. However. If you play sona in gold elo. I believe you can can carry most of your games with her. Simply because it is quite a low elo. You need to always put pressure to your lane, and draw attention from the enemy jungler to your lane if needed. As you play Sona. Make sure you win lane. Not going even. You have to win the lane by outharassing enemy. And as Sona, you have the potential to do so versus most matchups. I main Sona as well. I cannot really tell how you play her. But by looking at your stats and build. First you need to make sure to cut down the death numbers. Secondly, you can try it out by building Sona AP. See if that will work. What I usually do when I play her is: 1st items: {{item:3303}} {{item:2031}} or {{item:2009}} (if you have a hard lane) run {{summoner:14}} You harass the hell out of the enemy adc. Even if your adc is only farming, as Sona vs most supports you can almost 1v2 them. (But be careful if it is a Blitz or Leona) Once you hit lane, make sure to ward the 2nd bush to play offensive. You must not stay at the back and be idle. Tell your adc to ward to the small river bush when you push and take turns warding it, because it is very important. If enemy jungler ganks early. And if he is attacking you (running ahead of enemy adc and support) ignite him, attack with your adc and he should be dead before enemy adc+support reach you. Ofc it depends on what jungler it is. But early they are usually squishy. I've taken out junglers that way and turned ganks to kills for us. Once you hit lv 6. Try harass enemy low, to 2/3 at least. Ping your adc, you flash ignite enemy adc and ult them. Use your Q and Q powerchord. You should be able to burst them most of the time. You should be able to get a kill. 2nd back: If you can afford: {{item:3057}} right away. Otherwise. {{item:2049}} or {{item:3098}} . And get all these items first. Then buy {{item:3070}}. it is for mana sustain and you will pretty much never run oom. After that, get {{item:1001}} , upgrade {{item:3100}} asap. You should be able to deal tons of damage that way. And everytime your ult/ignite is up, be ready to look for a kill. Once you get bot turret. You can always tell top to go bot, you swap that way and take enemy top turret asap, then you rotate to mid. Keep dragon and herald warded whenever you can. And ward deeper into enemy jungle if possible. I usually go with this build at the end: {{item:3020}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3135}} get {{item:3504}} if you wanna be a team player. Otherwise: {{item:3102}} or {{item:3116}} or {{item:3165}} You will be able to deal tons of damage and carry noobs that way in low elo. :))))))) I play Sona very often, and even more in the past. That totally works until you reach higher plat and dia. xd Hope you find it useful, give it a try. Good luck!!
Pee Sin (EUW)
: EUW getting disconnected randomnly often in game
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: How rare is my icon?
Not very rare, I have it, just never wanna use it. xd
: Tried to answer it but it escalated in me writing another Soraka guide so nope, sorry. xD A lot of these questions are very situational too and there are "diffrent" Soraka players out there. I mean which item should Soraka buy first? That's %%%%ing situational. You don't follow the same build all the time no matter what. Will the lane against her be easy? Hard to might run into a decent Soraka or just another auto-filled heal bot. You have to see how it plays out. But what is the purpose of all those questions? Do you play Soraka and you want to know what players expect from you? I can tell you that the majority of players (soraka players/or other roles) have no clue how to play with Soraka or as Soraka or against Soraka. Especially around bronze to plat. THey just don't put much thought into it, they saw a video from their favourite youtuber saying Soraka is easy to play, you just are a dumb heal bot, you mash W and win and you always build items A B and C. Don't let their expectations irritate you.
I wrote these questions, mainly because I'm curious. Because people always go like 'I hate having Soraka support, cuz she doesn't do shit, just heals.' And I have recently changed my play style of Soraka from passive to more aggressive. Well, I feel quite annoyed being stuck in plat and I was having a lot of Soraka games, usually hanging around 50% winrate which is getting me no where. I picked Soraka mainly because I wanted to try prevent other lanes feeding early, using the global ult for top/mid/jungle rather than my own lane. In the past, I always bought the coin. I found that junglers always want me to start W, to give them an extra heal. And when I started Q, they be like 'What soraka are you, starting Q?' So I used to start W, max W and basically heal adc rather than try poking with Q. I found myself having to heal the adc most of the time, and if I was playing against a Sona, Zyra, Brand... I'm 100% pushed under turret and pretty much cannot put any pressure because I use up all health to heal the adc who is constantly getting poked down. It was like trading my own lane pressure for having that global ult for other lanes. Recently I changed my play style with Soraka, because I need to win my own lane as well, or at least hard pressuring it, I can't expect other lanes to do well in soloQ... So I started building spellthiefs, starting Q and putting points in Q, going full harass mode. Tbh, it seem to work much better for me now playing like this. More aggressive. I'm able to even pressure down Zyra and harass her back, Sona isn't that much of a big problem either. And I still have that global ult for my other lanes. So, lately I have been winning a few more games than usual. But I honestly can't tell if I have just been lucky. Because I still feel very team dependant if I'm winning or losing. :(
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Coolnave (EUW)
: Looking for platinum+ support mains to answer a question
If I were to play support in silver. I will just pick Sona and build AP, outharass and kill enemy carries. Most people pick Zyra and Brand, they are good carry alternatives and can 1v2 in lane. You need to position well to deal damage and peel. And that is how you have a higher chance of carry. Right now I play in plat, and I need to use the same strategy, cuz plat players are not very good either. If u wanna play utility, imo Soraka is an option too. You can still harass a lot in lane with q. (Dont just sit back and heal) And your ult can help your team in other lanes at lv6.
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: you don't, you can try win lane, but winning bottom lane doesn't mean much last 2 seasons also you can try shotcalling but nobody ever listen, in solo ranked game decisions are based in short timeframe and pinging baron when they already moved towards enemy last 2 towers is too late anyway and in such case you as supp can only follow them doing the stupid call and then most likely lose the game after losing majority of my games with supports like nami and janna I started maining Teemo support and got better results with that {{champion:17}} {{item:3092}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3020}} {{item:2033}}
Seriously, Teemo works better? xd I'd be called a troll if I tried to pull that one...
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