: Looking for friends .. high elo ones
Hello. Just decided to give some general tips. Took a look at your latest ranked games history. - First thing I noticed is that you have the same builds for garen every game. You need to change your builds accordingly to situations. I don't play top or garen. But I do know that, if enemy team has alot of AA champs or a really fed ADC you wanna get ninja tabi and if enemy has really fed or alot of AP champs you wanna get merc boots. That is just an example. Sometimes depending on match up, you might also want to buy items in a different order, It is all situational but it is good to learn about which items to get for each game. There are many other good items to buy as a tank. Thormail has a really good passive now against lifesteal and is one of the better items to get versus AA/ad champions. Also, if you play top, do consider to take teleport so you can use it to aid your team. (Not just for going back to lane) Don't be afraid to experiment with different items, you will learn more if you try out different stuff to use. - You need to buy more wards. I know in bronze, some supports don't even buy sightstone, but wards are very useful. Even when i don't play support I always get a pink and make sure one of them is on the map. They are specailly good when you are taking objectives such as dragon and baron, you place one in the pit. - You need to work on your cs. You have an average of 100 cs per game. Try set a goal to get... say 150 at least. Good players usually have average of 180cs ish / game. And that is almost the double of what you have. - If you have a lead, try get objectives. If you kill an enemy, win a teamfight. Check what you can do on the map, to push, get a turret or anything and not just back to base and buy. It is a common mistake low elo players do.
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: is the server having issues?
I managed to log back in. And guess what, i get a leaverbuster warning! Really? Seriously??? Not only did I lose LP in ranked game cuz of the server, I get this too? Thats just really unfair.
Febb0 (EUW)
: Disconnected then can't log in
Same happen to me, but ye, my team lost the game for it. Lossprevent dream on... v.v (Still cant log into the client)
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Jewer (EUW)
: LF team to play Invasion with [EUW] Pref PLAT +
: Dont waveclear with Q early, use it only if there are few low hp minions you can lasthit with aa cause youre getting zoned/wouldnt manage to take them with AAs before some die. You need to have it at least on level 4- then caster minions fall on one aa after you hit them. You can use q+w to take down all casters at once. Just remember to cast W after Q returns - otherwise Foxfire may hit just one target. At level 5, with around ~80 AP you should be able to take caster minions on Q only. Also, dont use AD marks. the mastery that deals 5 additional dmg to monsters is just enough. If you absolutely need to, take just 2-3 marks. This way you will be able to kill melee minions under tower at level 1 too.
Yeah, I swapped out the ad reds to magic pen again. Cuz apparently they remove the runes at preseason anyways. And I guess it would be weird if I get used to csing with more AD than I'm supposed to have. >.<
: go into the practice tool and do 5-10 minutes of csing every day with no runes or mastries. it will be hard at first if a little disheartening so i usually put some music on and you will start to see an improvement in your csing on most champs. try and look at how many minions are hitting (look at what the castor minions ) the one you wanna hit. with ahri i dont even bother to use my q early to farm it only makes it worse but thats how i got better at csing over a bunch of champs. Oh and i guess start with the castor ones cuz the others all have a bunch more armor make sure you can tell how much each auto does on each type of minion. i know its super boring but its the only way to get better xd Ahri has pretty solid autos so if you practice a little id say in 3 - 5 days youll be flying from a support main who sucked ass at farming but is pretty decent at it now lol
Alright. Thanx for your reply. I guess I take that advice in avoiding using Q for farming at early then. xd Yeah, as you said... it really messes up the cs sometimes.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Don't use your Q on minions if you don't want to push. It drains mana that is useful for trades. Other than that, just practice lasthitting.
But say, enemy is pushing and I don't want to cs under turret, I have to push back as well.
: Play a custom. No runes, and practise. Thats all, do that a lot and gg
I know I know... but it is so ultra mega boring. I wanna play against people. xd
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: Real Solo Q
As much as I do like to duo with friends. Yup, I agree with this. Solo Q for single player only. :))
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Krymons (EUNE)
: Bronze who wants to become support main
Soraka is the easiest support champ imo. xD And she is very effective too. Try her, why not? (I play soraka a lot)
: I finally did it! I got Platinum!
Grats , good job, keep it up. :)
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: I see, i will try that out in my next games tomorrow, doesn't that leave me a bit vulnerable from the sides of the river though? I might see the jungler with my control ward or regular ward, but only very limited, right?
Usually, as support. I always try, if possible to ward there on my first back. If you have that spot warded, and your jungler takes the crab of the dragon side. The whole jungle path from that side is covered. Because you can see if he would walk out from both of the jungle entrances. It the crab would not be warded, jungler usually place (or you can place too) a pink on the tiny brush near the middle of the river. (You know the one that is just one patch of brush) Those are also good to ward on each side with pinks. If you warded like that. You have the dragon side completely secured. The best would be if your botside would ward in the middle of the river like that, but it isn't always the case. Ask your jungler to take the crab on the unwarded side. I tried to mark out the early warding spots on a map. Sorry it is a bit small. http://imgur.com/a/p5Qhd
: Hey Thanks a lot for your reply, sorry for my late reply, i just got back from a night out. I think i know what you mean with most of it. Thing is, about vision, if im red side midlane, i tend to buy a control ward first back (depending on the situation/gold) and place them at the tip of the brush near blue buff but at the side of the river, followed up with a regular ward in the long brush and i try to hug that side. However the vision that i can grant is very limited to that only, no? I dont like putting down a regular ward if i already have a regular ward up (so i dont like warding top and bot brush at the same time) since then i would have a period of time without vision on those brushes. So i feel like its a little out of my control there. About the ganks, how do i know where the jungler is (especially in low elo, where they are so unpredictable in their pathing)?
I know there is a good spot to ward with pink as early as possible. You can place a pink ward in the bush below enemy's wolf camp. Most of the time, it goes unnoticed and can last a very long time. Try there. And usually, don't use ur regular ward on the lane bushes at mid, try place it bit more up such as near enemy's chicken camp. You wanna see where the jungler and where he might go by which camps he is clearing.
Solomai (EUW)
: What is wrong with Diamond 5 ?
From what I have heard, the um.. 'learning curve' between D5 and higher Dia is pretty significant. So it takes longer time to grind there. On top of all, there are many players being boosted to D5... Another one could be the mentality that the player is finally Diamond and it is 'high elo' that their ego grows and forgets to keep a good attitude. In S5. I was hard stuck D5, basically D5 the whole season. Start D5, end in D5... And I played well over 1k games... S6 I finally managed to get D4, and D3. And now I'm D2. So... all in all, I had to play tons of games to get good enough getting out of D5. Have patience. :)
: Was hoping for some tips from high elo players (im silver)
I'm a support main and just reached D2 today, feeling very happy. :) Anyhow... Q1. You need to find a play style suitable for yourself. Maybe try out a variety of champions and see which fits. And then decide to main 2-3 champions for your primary and secondary role. A tip is that, play champions with easy mechanics so that they are easy to grasp and you can focus on improving other aspects of the game, resulting climbing faster. Q2. This question is not as easy to answer. But in general. These are the things I would look at. To prevent people getting caught, you need to ward properly. And ping! Also, in order to decide if you want to follow or not take into account: -Is your minion wave pushing? Will you be missing out too many CS/EXP if you go? -What spells/summoners did they use? How big is your success rate in helping your teammate/countering and getting a kill? What spells do you have available? How is your health/mana bar? -How does your other lanes look? Say, your jungler needs help on the topside of the map. Would your toplaner be able to aid as well? Is their lane pushed, or are they getting pushed? Where is everyone? How fed are they? -Will you be able to get something else instead of helping them? -How well is the vision near the area? So you won't run into completely unwarded places. You should be able to learn these by experience and practice. Q3. Generally, you want to gank a lane that is being pushed. -You need to know where they have warded, with vision so they won't see your gank comming. -Consider if the lane you gank has a form of CC, or if your champion has CC how well a gank can be set up there. -If the enemy laner you are about to gank has summoners up. Their health/mana bar. -Where is enemy jungler? So he won't counter gank you. -Play around objectives. You gank bot, you might be able to take the dragon if successful. -Lane that is losing way too hard, snowballing out of control. You might either coordinate a gank along with your jungler instead of solo ganking. Because if you die when you go for a gank, it will be so much worse. Sometimes you just have to ignore those lanes and farm up/play around other things on the map. Q4. I have never played with locked camera. I don't recommend that you use locked camera, because your vision will be limited. Regarding that if it is possible to climb with locked camera... well. Surely you can climb. But not locking it will simply provide you better info about what is happening in the game. I can't answer your last question... because I never play ADC. :( Hope it was helpful.
: also elitism in this game really makes me angry.... people look down on other people because of their ranking??? i think the major issue with this game is not how good or bad someone plays but the people who play..... i mean seriously how can you be so douche-negative-blamer and fit into society? or in society you facade it?
I don't look down on players with low ranking. We all started as new players. And I have friends in low elo, silver and gold. To me, it is about their attitude. They they are willing to learn, acknowledge their flaws that's what counts. It is a fact that high elo players has better game knowledge than low elo players. And maybe mechanics too. It comes with practice. We all try to improve right? The thing I find is so bad that, people in low elo THINK they are so n so good that they never feel it is their fault. Nor do they want to listen or cooperate. Yesterday I was playing in the morning, ranked. And at higher elo, apparently the player base is low during that time, so I get matched up with D1 players. And I know for a fact that they probably knows the game better than me. Because the difference between D1 and D3 is pretty big. And whatever advice they were giving me in the game, I took it as something helpful. I don't think I could managed to this elo if I didn't have my attitude that I would listen to my team's advice and learn from it.
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Purejoyce (EUNE)
: > I had to grind tons of games in plat because of the champs I play. Simply because they are team reliant, utility based. Exactly, you had to **GRIND** games, because you're not carrying. You're playing passively and count on your team, which is what I said above. >**But I carry in the sense that I actively make calls. And once I get a team who listens, even if we were behind, I win.** No, you don't ""carry by making calls"", but I guess that's the way you found to cope with the fact that you're getting carried by your team. The fact that you think you need to be a "shotcaller of your team of PUBs" is pretty funny though. Naive, but funny. > But my point is not about which champions I play. **My point is that, this elo sux because players doesn&#x27;t listen or want to cooperate and think they are all pros when they are not. ** High elo players have no problem ramming though lower ranks, so yeah... you're wrong. From what I see you're D3 and YOU think you're some kind of a "pro shotcaller". Then you complain about people that "don't want to do what you tell them" -well, guess what, there's probably some other people EXACTLY LIKE YOU in your team and they complain that you didn't listen to their calls. You think your calls are better, because.. well, they're YOUR calls, right? You're most probably the type of person you're complaining about, buddy :D > You are saying that I got carried to my current elo. By who may I ask? By randoms, what do you mean "by who"? > Don&#x27;t try to act like a smartass. ??
You don't seem to get the point. Shot calling is one way to carry the team. Or you will have these teammates who decide to chase kills like they do in gold and ignoring objectives completely. It is only in these lower elos when players has no idea what to do during mid and late game, running around randomly. Sure, I'm not PRO like a challenger. I still have a lot to learn as I climb. But in low elo. I don't THINK I know better. Because I DO know better as I see how enemy and my team's poor macro play. And I honestly don't mind people making calls and take charge, and in most cases in my games, players know what to do. And it is enough with a few pings to coordinate with your team. If I happen to have someone who in my team are able to give me advice in game considering something I've missed, I take it as a good thing. Most high elo supports would not bother playing Janna or Soraka to smurf with in low elo unless they are duoing. They either pick Zyra for massive damage, turning into an AP carry or picking champions with strong roaming potential. Good players still do carry with whatever champs they play, but some champs are just easier to climb with than others. And the games I win, I carry depending on the impact I've made. But you don't seem to get any of that do you? Oh wait, ofc you know! You talk like a know-it all, surely you've reached a really high elo already? :D Because there is no way you could be anything of Platinum or below... xd
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: >And no, I didn't duo with anyone to reach my elo. Majority of my games were solo only. Did you even understand what I wrote? You duo'ed with your lower elo friend and couldn't do crap, hence the first part of my post. "try to spam shields and heals and see if you also make it to d3" -you just did it with your buddy in duo queue and failed, which made you come to boards and create this thread in the first place. That's my whole point, now what's yours again?
I had to grind tons of games in plat because of the champs I play. Simply because they are team reliant, utility based. **But I carry in the sense that I actively make calls. And once I get a team who listens, even if we were behind, I win.** I could have carried and won easier if I played an offensive support by dealing pure damage and killing the enemies off and making calls. But my point is not about which champions I play. **My point is that, this elo sux because players doesn't listen or want to cooperate and think they are all pros when they are not. ** You are saying that I got carried to my current elo. By who may I ask? Don't try to act like a smartass.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >And right away the jungler comment 'our bot is so bad' i like it when the jungler never comes to gank but doesn't hesitate to flame bot for losing the lane when the enemy jungler didn't forget that the lane exists {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Thing is, we didn't lose the lane. We did not even die. Only a idiot would stay under turret as 2 vs 4 enemies... -.- So we were forced to give the turret for free since we got no reinforcements. And we got flamed for losing the turret.
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: You keep playing passive supports spamming shields/heals -you probably got carried to your current league, so obviously now you can't really "carry" anyone from low elo by yourself by duoing with them in the same style.
Why don't you try play the same supports, spam shields and heals and see if you also make it to D3? By your logic, every Soraka main should be able to reach a higher elo then, cuz all they have to do is to stand back and heal right? And no, I didn't duo with anyone to reach my elo. Majority of my games were solo only.
: How to get to challanger?
Not that I am anywhere near challenger. But I guess, sure, you can aim for it as your goal. Challenger players have extremely good game knowledge and mechanics. And if you are a low elo player, you will learn and improve very slowly since you play with and against players of low skill level. You need to play with/against good players to learn faster. If you lose, getting stomped, you need to learn why it happen. Always focus on improving. Maybe watch some guide/coaching videos by high elo players. Mechanics takes practice, but imo, game knowledge considering rotations, item builds,team comps and stuff as such, takes less time to grasp if you are paying attention. Playing with strategy that is.
: Try to play in Silver 5. Trust me its even worse. The worst thing is ppl who are 0-3 go base buy one item and think they can win the lane. Its amazing how bad some guys are. And dont forget 80% in gold 5 are boosted kids that want the skin. I come from gold and gold 5 is indeed the worst elo after bronze 5.
It has been such a long time I played in silver elo. But from what I remember, silver was still easier to deal with than gold/plat. In gold/plat, players are starting to have some more game knowledge. They are not completely %%%%%%ed in their plays anymore. Some even play with good mechanics. And they are getting a ego because they are not a silver and bronze anymore. Silver/bronze on the other hand. If you are smurfing, and you know what you are doing. And these lower elo players actually do listen more, because they don't have such a ego as gold and plat players who think they are so and so good.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Im serious why the hell should they listen, there are plenty of people claiming they're smurfing just to get a role. Also making baron calls and such is fine, but telling people what to build is just going too far.
Tbh, it takes some effort to pay attention to ur teams build too. And build matters a big deal. Considering that game I spoke of. Our mid was a very fed fizz. And as enemy has 4 players building MR against him. Void staff is nowhere to be seen. He was our major damage source. But guess what, Fizz building Abyssal mask. It was late game, he was full build. Enemy had fed AD champions, he could at least got a Zhonyas, but nope. Yes. It isn't a big deal at all. Cuz his build just made himself pretty useless late game. And I should not comment on it at all, because it is rude. But hey, I just want to win the game. :D
Qbert (EUW)
: Hi, I as a Main Support can totally agree with that. I was Dia3 promos in Season5 (it was my Peak) and was this season already P2 ... losestreak and a break happend now I am stuck in P5. I, for myself, work hard now to climb .... nevertheless, yesterday I played some games and one i remember most - the last one(if you want to check op.gg). I went as Lulu and had a Xayah as my laning adc. We did not won bot, it was okay, but we did not lose too... the game went on and my Team was WAY ahead, enemy top already tilted... BUT then it happend: The Team stopped working together, sometimes Xayah was farming solo, sometimes Orianna. Orianna then started to tilt in Chat, she said we HAVE TO peel off the enemy from Xayah, which is correct ... but ... she obviously lost the Focus on her own gameplay. She used her ult several times for enemy top(gnar) who dove into our backlane to xayah while Cho'gath and me were already there to Support Xayah ... after the used ult, the enemy just engaged on use and we died ... because we lost a HUGE CD ... IMO the Problem in this elo(you may correct me if I'm wrong) is, that People often get too selfconfident and/or lose track on their own gameplay ... and can't take advices. So Long, Q. P.S. you think it's easier to climb into Dia with a premade? I actually thought of searching for one, but had really bad experiences over the years :/
I feel that it totally depends on what kind of support you play. You know they say that if you play AP damage support, you can pretty single carry, because you do damage too. Zyra for example, solo is fine. But if you play utility, Janna, Lulu... I feel the best would be to duo with a jungler. Jungler over adc, because you will have impact for more than one lane plus you can coordinate with jungler for roams. I mostly just played solo, it was such a struggle. Because I was forced to go with teammates, despite bad decisions. I just had to work with them as a team. Since I played, this season. From the start of the season I was in plat, and stuck in plat until last month. From D5 I managed to get to D2 within a month. But apparently I don't play consistent enough to keep myself there. So I'm hovering around D4/D3... And when I played in the slightly higher Dia elo, I learned so much, the difference is just mega huge. -.- Games were harder in the sense that enemies skilled. But very rarely I had to argue with my team which objectives to take and about rotations. Made each game so much more fun to play.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Why should they listen to you? in the end you're just another random person on the internet.
Yup, these guys with attitude exactly like yours. :) Dream team. xd
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: One bad game and elo hell is real? Don't you think it's pretty silly to judge it like that?
I played more games this season around that elo. So no, it was not just one bad game. But a very good typical example of the games and players in that elo. To be real honest. Playing in diamond comparing with gold/low plat is just way more easier for me. Because half of the time in low elo bracets I have to guide a bunch of guys who refuse to listen. Compared to my current elo, when everone knows where to go. And I can play a game without arguing about decisionmaking.
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The Febos (EUW)
: Your wish came true: [Star Guardian Soraka](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqSuxCFgXCU). I admit it, I wasn't expecting it so soon. I guess she won't receive a Christmas skin until next year.
I saw that too I was soooo happy. xD But I hoped it would have a slightly different voice over or something. Such nice special effects and model.
House x33 (EUW)
: Start: {{item:3301}} {{item:2031}} First back: {{item:3096}}{{item:2055}} + {{item:1001}} if possible After that, if you're not pushed in 24/7: {{item:2049}} {{item:3341}}
> [{quoted}](name=House x33,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qwWG7cbj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-03T10:31:04.005+0000) > > Start: > {{item:3301}} {{item:2031}} > > First back: > {{item:3096}}{{item:2055}} + {{item:1001}} if possible > > After that, if you&#x27;re not pushed in 24/7: > {{item:2049}} {{item:3341}} I second this. (But skipping boots sometimes and gets ruby instead)
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: When to commit to ranked
You reach lv 30 first, and once you feel confident with a couple of chapms in one or 2 roles you can consider trying out ranked. I started playing in ranked quite early when I was new, and hit lv 30. I remember I got put in bronze 2. xD It isn't that hard imo, if you have a good attitude. Cuz in my first season of league, I got to plat 5 at the end.
: Tips on improving?
Hum. This is what I probably do, play the easier champions to gain more game knowledge. Like, I see you played Nid and Kayn. Personally, I feel Nid is one of the more advanced champions to play since she has 2 forms. Play something easy, like Ashe, Annie n' stuff. And start with getting better with CS. You can't get better with everything at once, so focus on one goal at a time. Such as, get xxx cs at xxx min. Or, practice to make good trades in lane/winning lane, avoiding ganks and mapawareness.
bloodhore (EUW)
: ADC LF SUPP (Diamond V)
Hi, I usually play around this time. Add me if u want.
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: Your Predictions for the next victorious skin?
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