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: Well a month ago got a ban cause I got people like them in several ranked games in a row. Now I won't get rewards because of that, I'm really disapointed because I fought hard for that and no matter what I've said in chat there hasn't been a single a game where I didn't do everything for my team and contributed in the teamplay. You know as much as I would love to stay calm when somebody just comes and ruins the work you've done and the hours you've now just wasted(at least in my case) I just get really frustraited and I think that this is a normal reaction from a competitive player. Its simple while you are working someone comes and sh*ts on all you've done.... and what you are suppose to be nice with that person... great thinking. I've been restricted many times and not even single time have I told anything bad to someone that didn't desrve it. Plus first I always tend to ask them to stop feeding and play safer, just farm under tower, ect. But they never listen and in the end of the game you are literaly forced to lose because of them. Not to mention that many of these players try to flame you but when you respond them with "well you feed not because of our jungler, but because you are bad.." they can't think of anything to tell you back so they bring the ULTIMATE ABILITY OF ANY LOL PLAYER - "R" - Reported. Riot point of view on disconnets is that even if you have no fault for it you still have to be punished because it is unfair to ruin the game of 4 others or when you are flaming you ruin other players experince and thats why you should be punished( there is a simple way though - mute button but I guess too hard to understand) but if you are playing really bad it is not punishable. WTF. THIS IS COMPETITIVE GAME FFS. I understand eveyone has bad games but 0 7 in lane REALLY WTF... how hard is just to farm safely if you can't win a fight vs your opponets.... just farm don't feed so your teamates can handle the game and help you. These players always get away without punishments and this is really frustraiting because you know they are losing the game for the others too and they have fault unlike the dc people so where are their punishments. Now that our cases are cleared from chat, ban, ect, I won't say a word in game because Riot punishes players only for what they say... and as bad as this is even you have a person that ruins your game you can't do anything about it you can't even talk to him. Feel free to do anything you like in the CHAT OF LEGENDS new chat room for people all over the world where you have to learn how to speak nice to everyone that don't deserve it and you can, but just if you wish, play some game on the background.
I feel you mate, I've been there (or nearby at least) and that's why I decided to create this thread before the new chat restriction system forces me to retire from LOL prematurely. Till very recently, I was saying "I love the game and I hate the community": the nice players are invisible - they just play the game, don't do anything peculiar that is noticable and are not talking (which makes perfect sense when you wanna win) - while the Trash Players are all over the place. And I used to feel alone quite often, in presence of in-game"injustice", as silent/non-supportive players were not helping. I was hoping they would do something. There is this saying that describes well my thoughts "All that is needed for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". However, my view point evolved and I now think that: (i) You can't waste in-game time and thoughts on Trash Players because (1) you may still win this game (25% chance or something ? I believe I read a more or less reliable stat somewhere); (2) you are wasting time to improve your skills (this is utterly hard in such games cause Trash Players are paining asses let's face it! BUT!), be it just focussing on last hitting better for instance or making it a habit to time things like opponents' TP's, CD's and stuff. If you watch Challenger gameplay like RF Legendary, for instance, besides crazy mechanics and skills, he never misses timers. He's like a robot, it's unreal. Hence his ranking on NA laderboard (#72, when I write this). (ii) It's easy from an automation view point to punish bad chatting manners and hard to punish behaviours. So, even though I wish they would do it, they likely don't have the tools to do it. (iii) Because the smart players are focusing on their game and not on the Trash Players and because they know the system won't do much either anyways, they don't have the time nor the resources to help fight crimes. The environment isn't fit for enforcing best practices. Let's become like the "good guys" who are invisible: ignore-block-report & focus on our own gameplay & try enjoying the game. It leaves us on a bitter-sweet note, cause I wanted more from this game. But more is - individually - less in League of Legends. See you around!
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