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Manevră (EUNE)
: It doesn't matter he is still playing the game and doesn't do it public nothing more if he does it public then he gets banned on twitch and league again
Why exactly would Twitch ban him?
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: Rengar has issues if he doesn't snowball the game, especially late game. If the enemy team sticks together and is as fed as you are it's very hard to pick them off. Tank Ekko jungle is the obnoxious tower diver who can just smack you in a lot before having to retreat. Depends how you want to play; the option of KSing to the point you just run anywhere and pick up kills willynilly as Rengar, or being a tower diving constantly repositioning nasty piece of work as Ekko.
It does look both fun and powerful, thanks man. I'll try it out :)
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: No I didn't. Mainly because I wasn't playing a lot of midlane lately. But he is fun, I'll probably pick him up again.
Cool, fun is the main thing.
: I tried him out a few days ago. Went 21/9 and received a S+ It was literally my first and only game with Ekko... He isn't hard to get into.
Impressive dude, you played him again since?
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Gadar (EUW)
: I didnt even have a chance to connect, straight after champion select bug crash... What is even more frustrating is that we will get leaverbuster and lose ip... like for real?
Mine did that, but wasn't even a bug splat. Everything just froze and I couldn't reconnect.
Freebs (EUW)
: So can anyone else not connect to games?
I've been able to play a different game since, but thats shouldn't happen.
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Hoodwink (EUW)
: Mained actually isn't a word, lol. But it's pretty much internet slang, so you could say "main'd" or something like that. It really doesn't matter.
I'm usually really good at english, being english xD I googled the word and nothing came up. Blew my mind haha
: My personal suggestions: {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:64}} Positions they can go to and be at least somewhat useful in my opinion: adc: {{champion:157}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:126}} support: {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:412}} ~~(Let's not forget Vvortic's ap Lee song support)~~ mid: {{champion:268}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} top: {{champion:7}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:126}} jungle: {{champion:64}} {{champion:92}}
I'm seeing a lot of Lee Sin's as jungle recommendations! Wow thanks, I could play Lee top too. Thank you for the recommendations, Im gonna try Lee out. Bard does look fun as a support and I mained Jayce top for a summer, hes a blast! *I have no idea if Im spelling 'mained' right and its bugging me haha.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: I don't personally play him, but I imagine Lee Sin wouldn't get boring. He has a high learning curve, and a lot of potential plays with his kit that boggle the imagination. I guess it would be very rewarding to learn him. I've personally never gotten bored of Syndra. But that's just my personal taste as a midlaner. Bard is hilarious. I find him so much fun to play. And when you pull off a good play, or turn and kill an enemy pursuing you, it's the best feeling ever. Never underestimate Bard. As for lane, I can't tell you which is the most entertaining. I honestly don't know because it's a matter of opinion. I personally find botlane highly frustrating 50% of the time, toplane painfully tedious, and the jungle stressful as your team relies so much on you. So that's why I go mid a lot.
I've never been a good Lee but I never gave him a chance, but I do remember having a good time with him. Bard does look fun, my friend mains him! I get trolled by the ult all of the time haha. Yeah over the years I've 'mained' at least every lane but never settled down on one. Jungle was my longest but I got kinda sick of the rage as I wasn't good at the time.
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: they are totally different haha TF is wave clear and roaming Lissndra is protect the adc Oriana is late game zone control looking for the perfect shock wave. Ok, what they have in common is that they are ranged, and based their whole kit on a single skill to make the difference. Option A) {{champion:10}} after buffs come out Option B) {{champion:117}} Option C) {{champion:134}} - also very difficult to play, and sadly out of meta Option D) {{champion:112}} (close to all of your choices together) All of them ranged to some extend. All of them ok wave clear All of them with big impact ultimate
Yeah I tend not to have a single taste in roles haha. They're interesting! Used to love Syndra and I have Kayle so I could give her a shot when she's buffed. The other two have interested me before, especially Viktor. I'll look into them, thank you! Rare to find someone this nice in this community sometimes :)
: after reading the pbe patch that will come tomorrow. the AP mid meta might change, others might be strong tomorrow night over who is now. what do you want from a mid-laner? maybe i can help you pick something ^^
I'm not sure, I do however love Twisted Fate, Lissandra and Orianna. Maybe you could base some off them?
kiwishrew (EUW)
: No. Just don't. Trust me
Haha, simply put. Fair enough!
: I am a mid main and top sub. Ekko in both of those positions is INSANELY DIFFICULT TO PLAY LATE GAME. That's why you don't see Ekko anymore spammed. He has a very very high skill cap to use efficiently. Even if I or the enemy ekko gets feed in lane, even with a lot of roams. If the enemy has a good disengage (alistar, janna, braum, nauti), it is very difficult to do much of anything, ESPECIALLY LATE GAME. So, he can be fun. He can win your lane without to much skill because most enemies haven't seen a good ekko (i recently just lost lane to an good early game ekko, since he did stuff i didn't expect), but after the laning phase is over, that's when the nightmare starts.
Ok thank you, really helpful :) I'll look into other mids I can get.
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Try to disable peer to peer transfers when you start the client (Under options). Or click on the windows-key+r and write "services.msc" in the box that pops up. Press ok and a little window will open. Then find "IP-helper" or something like that. Disable that, and change it so its deactivated by default. This should fix it.
Thank you, I hope this works. I've stopped IP Helper before but forgot to change it to be deactivated by default.
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