: Rune idea to replace future's market
Well I use it. It's really decent with glacial builds to speed up the slowing items. Please don't suggest gamebreaking runes to replace a perfectly fine rune. 6 doran rings/blades > sell for 100% Extremely OP for minor rune
: Just wanted to share my first win.
Honestly your synergies were pretty weak too, but you were insanely lucky. There is simply no reason to keep 1-star varus or 2-star nidalee, warwick or even 3 star kassadin when you have a 2-star Cho'gath benched. And you should always be on a lookout for a complete synergy, because 2-part synergies are all weak. 19 item parts!!! To put that in perspective, when I got past the dragon and won the game recently I had only 4 full items. that's only 8 parts.
: League of legends client not working.
I can't even login into my account, it keeps authenticating. Something broke?
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XBlade312 (EUNE)
: That feeling when...
It's all about the MMR ^_^
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: Should I be permanently banned for this?
1) Yes, you were really toxic in these games. Permanent seems a little bit too excessive of course, but I have no doubts there have been warnings before. 2) I'm interested how long did it pass between the 14-day ban and the permanent ban? I'm pretty sure there should be leniency and resets - I was personally chat-restricted for 10 games twice on my account because I went mad in a game where my team decided to absolutely troll me(My only regret here is not being able to control myself. Wasting hot air on idiots was my own folly).
Magneset (EUW)
: If you did absolutely nothing wrong in terms of toxic behavior then you have nothing to fear from them. They can report you a million times if they want to and you will be fine. The only thing that happens is that if they have done that kind of thing before, assuming they are even going to report you in the first place a lot of people just say it as a scare tactic. Then the report will count as false and in the future their reports will have less of an impact. Now for what you should have done. You should have screenshotted everything. The champ select aswell as everything said in the game, and made it available for the other team to see in the end game lobby so that they can make their own judgement call. From what i know Riot cant see what happens during champ select and the end game lobby. So make sure you include the screenshots of what happens during both in the report.
I'm not really afraid of their reports, I'm just appalled how they're allowed to get away with that.
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: [BUG] still bug with azir
Same with his Ult occasionally. Also his W damage is bugged, it does far more damage than it should when 2 or more soldiers hit a single target.
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Japanese voiceovers... Weebs unite >^<
Wooxy on mapskins.com can help you do that quite easily. Link: http://mapskins.com/2016/01/08/japanese-voice-pack/
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Double standards. I like the way you think. It's like saying stabbing is a crime, but extortion isn't ( or you wouldn't report it. )
More like saying that mugging is a crime, but beating a mugger isn't. Flamers are of different kinds, after all. These who start it and these who react.
: This Feeling!!! A good One!
I don't even know what you must do to get punished now. I've legitimately had a flaming disco nunu in my game(D1 ranked) and he's still playing fine and dandy. I'm pretty sure back in the days players got banned for saying "gg easy". Just not the same now. On a side note, don't you feel bad about feeling epicaricacy? :P
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Agidyne (EUW)
: When some random guy trash talks your AD Azir build.
marksman azir* Which he really is, you just spec into fervor and more attack speed rather than Thunderlords/magic penetration.
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: They aren't basic attacks...the mastery is on hit, that's how it works, hence why it does get amplified by sated devourer... azir soldiers can't proc on hit effects hence why it shouldn't work (I've done research into this matter, so this isn't BS, it's fact). If azir soldiers are procing it (which shouldn't be happening) then that's a bug which means that riot will likely look to get rid of it at some point so it's likely not staying (the only reason it's probably still around is that azir doesn't deserve the nerf atm). The wiki even has a 'list' of on hit effects which actually work with azir... And by list it just is ferver (the boot enchantment which gives move speed for hitting things), if it is working it should have turned up on the wiki by now, and even if it is it won't stay this way.
You're entitled to be wrong I guess. Just the classic example of a player who gets muted right off the bat by me, though. The kind you can't reason with.
: Huh that's interesing then the wiki has it wrong. There it stands as "on-hit". Think i'm going to test that. Btw. why did you vote me down? xD
I can pinpoint around 10 things I don't like on Azir's page but I'm too lazy to change anything. Keystone tooltip clearly indicates that it should work with Azir: It states that basic attacks deal bonus physical damage. Soldiers are basic attacks which don't apply on-hits, so there's no problem there.
: If it does then it's a bug which means it's gonna get squashed one day... But... > You gain stacks of Fervor for 6 seconds whenever you damage an enemy champion, stacking up to 8 stacks, based on the type: 1 stack for ranged basic attacks (on-hit). > 2 stacks for melee basic attacks (on-hit). 2 stacks for ability damage (2 second cooldown). Each stack of Fervor adds 1 - 14 (based on level) bonus physical damage on-hit against champions for a maximum damage of 8 - 112 (based on level) This is what the mastery does, note the on hit part. Here is an extract from the wiki entry for his soldiers > This spell doesn't count as auto-attack and will not receive any benefit from auto-attacks Aka it doesn't apply any on hit effects that an auto attack would proc like life steal or fervour of battle... (hell it's debatable if it should even be stacking as that's on hit as well). So either it's not applying any on hit effects and you are just thinking it does (placebo effect and all) or it is and its a bug which is gonna get squashed in due time.
Please stop writing complete bullsh1t and test it for yourself if you don't believe me. The mastery tooltip clearly reads "Basic attacks deal x-xx bonus physical damage". Azir's soldiers ARE basic attacks, they're just not applying on-hit effects.
: Wait... it doesn't work on him though.... Soldiers don't apply on hit effects, fervour is an on hit effect... So you get no damage out of it unless you aren't using your soldiers.
Except it does. But I guess you'd know better than one of the best Azir players on EUW... Amirite?
: It works on him but only if you aren't using his soldiers to aa. Ofc you can gain the fervor stacks with the soldiers but the fervor dmg is "on-hit". That means triggered by AAs. And Azir's soldiers aren't counted as that. The only thing for which they are counted as AAs is for the furor boot enchant. So if you're right and it works on him then that is unintentional.
Except it actually works. The same way Furor boots do, because they are autoattacks but not "on-hits", really. Unintentional or a special interaction, this is of no concern. However, it has been working for 2 months already.
Wards Bot (EUW)
: When someone trash talks you on your main
"fervor on azir haha noob" in all 100 variations Instant mute from me. Somehow majority thinks it doesn't work on him.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TeiX,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=wR38ZffI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-15T13:21:37.531+0000) > > a even dumber question would be why are tier 2 runes still a thing > > they are nothing but a trap False. Tier 2 runes are the most cost effective option right now.
Tier 1 are 6-7 times cheaper for 33% less effect, so they are a much more sensible option if you want a temporary boost. Both of them are obsolete after Tier 3 becomes a thing, though. And because of that Tier 2 doesn't really have a sensible place...
kírts90 (EUW)
: Can you guess which is the new champion with the lowest winratio in game?
I mean {{champion:268}} is only behind by 0.1% winrate. And what they both have in common is that both are extremely strong when they are properly utilized... :P
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
Congratulations! You nominate for a Darwin's Award. By the way I'm Challenger S3, was free from the curse of league in S4(Inactivity decay = no rewards), and Challenger S5. So all of what you wrote is absolutely wrong and you're jealous at the same time. http://imgur.com/M8UgmMl and I hope you drown in your jealousy :)
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: The stupid thing is you could lose 10 games and still land in Bronze 5 .
But then his MMR would fall from wood league to stone.
Mr 44 (EUW)
: 10/10 = Bronze V
Since bronze V has no floor, you were actually somewhere in the depths of imaginary wood V. That's what you get for losing many, many times at 0 LP. Well, the league is imaginary, the MMR isn't. Season reset pushed you from Wood V to Wood II, and going 10/10 pushed you to average MMR of bronze V. So seemingly nothing changed. It's all about the MMR.
Perilum (EUW)
: I really think the majority of Gold and Plat players are from Ebay. I have on Bronze ELO (B4) Gold and Plat people, which constantly flame, never ward and are mechanical super bad.
It's called being drunk or not giving a fиck happens everywhere
Cypherous (EUW)
: Riot, i Feel like its my birthday and christmas all in one
: new Loading-Screen?
Look, animations might very well be excessive, but having a chat on the other hand seems like a splendid and useful option.

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