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Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Unskilled Player. Being bad won't get you banned, and It shouldn't.
yeah sorry i should've said report option. it's just a bit different than being unskilled as you can be skilled but still be like silver because you don't know when to make the right decisions. hence the tutorial
Labrat (EUW)
: I may be dumb, but I don't see what that has to do with OP's suggestion. **Edit:** Nevermind, I read that too fast it seems. Thing is, even if the support would be considered "the most important role in the game" (which is kinda subjective) it still is a support. Meaning, a support can't carry a game alone, while a carry, whether it be an "adc" or an apc or a fighter/juggernaut, can.
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: Replace role name" ADC" to "BLC"
Why? Support, when properly played, is the most important role in the game because they are not only attempting to get the bottom lane ahead, but they also roam to gank other lanes without the need to farm in the jungle, and mostly engages or uses CC as an attempt to get the entire team ahead.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: A simple way for Riot to check the positivity/negativity in the game
Well why should you be positive when there's nothing for you or your team to be positive about.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: F*cking spoiler alert, some people don't watch live games.
dont go to the forums then your fault stop crying
: As EU, gotta admit that CLG vs TSM series was more exciting
**Fnatic vs Origen** Series went to five games and even Game 5 could've gone either way. This was the first time a team competed with Fnatic since SKT beat them at MSI **CLG vs TSM** TSM got dismantled in champ select and failed to play out their supposed strengths we have seen at Spring and Katowice What you are basically saying is "Fnatic vs Origen was boring because Huni played Lulu"
: The jokes don't end. Instead we just end up talking about TSM's P O T E N T I A L
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Jens DV (EUW)
: Technically he is playing professionally, since being a professional literally means that you do it for a living and he streams for a living.
i would rather call it professional streaming though.
: why would he? he is average the most yeah he has been challenger but so what he is still an average player.He is fun but that's all.
feed l0rd is average too then and he played for dignitas
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Lsayu (EUNE)
: Yes, rest assured that the entire twitch crowd jeered and leered at her.
> GRILL OMG GRILL GRILL Kreygasm GRILL PogChamp EU GRILL DansGame twitch chat
Yuki KYP (EUW)
: Cute Female EU LCS Stage Referee
yes i noticed her, mainly because i watched the entire semifinal
Neonchan (EUW)
: But dragon does
so they get 2 dragons = 10 stacks but by then fnatic won game
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B00B00 (EUW)
: a turd could replace wild turtle
Emillie (EUW)
: That's as impressive as watching grass grow.
wow give me a break you are more allergic to fun than i am to zed
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: Am I the only one who thinks Trynd needs a rework?
i hope the rework includes deleting him from the game there are only two types of tryndamere 1) the ones that get triple or quadra kill every 3 minutes 2) the ones that die every 3 minutes there is no inbetween with tryndamere and that makes him useless in my opinion.
: Actually, it depends on the sum of results of Spring Play-Offs and Summer Play-Offs. Yet, since SK and Giants aren't qualified for Play-Offs, they are automatically disqualified from Worlds =)
giants were qualified for summer POs they played saturday vs h2k
Llewangau (EUW)
: Question about EU LCS qualifier and SK Gaming (spoilers)
The regional qualifier teams are not seeded by championship points, but by the results in the summer split.
: all what is related to EU LCS & NA LCS is your choice
: Me because TAM fanboys annoy me so much.
laugh at them just like people would laugh at me if i would say UOL will win worlds
Marox003 (EUW)
: What is the time of the game Gravity vs TSM today GMT
As soon as Unicorns of Love vs Roccat ends. Game 4 took roughly 60 minutes, so it could be as late as 9:30 GMT/10:30pm UK time when Game 1 of the NA LCS quarterfinals start
: I think the hardest thing will be getting from the airport to Friedrichshain lol.
tegel you said? edit: lel no actually regional trains won't serve friedrichstraße station during worlds
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: Thanks for the info :) I managed to find a hotel called the Innside Berlin or something like that. My German is a bit rusty though I think I'll manage xD
yeah i didnt realize the thread is over a week old lol. still i can get you public transport information if you need them
Comp1 (EUW)
: Wie komt man in die Challanger series?
Ich denke mal, du musst Challenger oder mindestens top tier Master sein und hoffen, dass ein Team auf dich aufmerksam wird, oder selber ein Team gründen und hoffen, dass andere LCS-ambitionierte Spieler dem Team beitreten.
Zaκ (EUW)
: Worlds Finals Tickets
It doesn't help that the venue of the arguably greatest esports event is in an arena that can only host some 16k or so. They should have picked Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen if they wanted to have a roof. Veltins Arena, a football stadium, already hosted the opening game of an ice hockey world championship with over 70,000 visitors, and it has a retractable roof.
Raynolf (EUW)
: World's final ticket management is a joke
So the ticket management is a joke because of something the ticket management can do nothing about? And why are they scammers when they sold every single ticket legally? Aren't the black market sellers the real scammers?
: EU regionals going to games on?
It's invalid information then.
: Berlin Hotels for worlds?
Does it have to be cheap? If yes, the Happy Bed Hostel in the Hallesches Ufer neighborhood might be perfect. It's starts at €29 per night and you are very close to two metro stations, _Mönckernbrücke_ and _Hallesches Tor_, where you can take the U12 directly towards the eastern terminus, _Warschauer Straße_ and walk from the station towards Mercedes Benz Arena I have visited Berlin three times, and stayed there for a few nights on one of the occasions. I went to the A&O hostel near Berlin Central Station which I do not recommend. I have also been to the venue of the Worlds finals for an ice hockey game. I can only say that the rail transport network is very great. To be honest, though, I have never understood how to validate tickets, so I would ask the people for help if you face the same problem. Greetings from Hamburg, Germany Robin, aka. FreekyFreezer **Edit:** If you need more information regarding public transport just message me on Twitter @FreekyFreezer
xCillion (EUW)
: If you got unbanned that could also be because of the Error that happend recently with the System punishing people undeservedly. As a result all Bans made during that Time period got unbanned. Did you perhaps recieve another email from Riot Lyte apologizing for a mistake etc?
yes that email which is obviously computer generated because i doubt lyte speaks fluent german
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FreekyFreezer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fqp0Fxf7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-05T18:03:54.184+0000) > > no its 14 day but they still didn't tell me the exact time like other services i have been temporarily banned from, for example habbo. > > its just that i dont want to sit there tomorrow and refresh client every 5 mins to see if i can play already The time of day you got banned is not always there yeah, apparently.. idk why either. You can ask support about the exact time however, but since it is tomorrow that is a bit late ^^
well ok apparently im not banned anymore seems like the chatlog was not bad enough to get banned > i try gank teemo before lvl 6 after lvl 6 its just suicide ty gotta go top now no ganks anymore sry wow stop complaining need to lvl now gg i didnt even get assist noob i babysit where i want to flamer vayne red question mark you lose malzahar vs a talon you cant even use malzahar ult learn malzahar point and click ult before you flame grammatik? dude you have no clue what you're talking about stop using german words in english language dropet? dude you have literally no understanding of the english language what kind of educational institution does not include english teaching? you talk about grammar but can't even spell correctly using some german words i go farm for sated devourer you should report malzahar instead and yes i am german you say first doubt it why should i waste time and money for you? see how my team wrecks you 4v5? do it you are the one who refuses to say it you say it then i do talon push mid jokes on you you still can't beat hard counter trololol gg easy
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FreekyFreezer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fqp0Fxf7,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-08-05T18:07:10.730+0000) > > cant see the time, only that it lasts 14 days. The email you got, did it contain anything else aside of the Reformcard you posted? And as i said there doesnt always seem to be the exact time with those. But support could have told you if you asked. I dont know why its not noted anywhere in the mail, but my guess would be thats due to it beeing automated in case of suspension cause of negative behaviour.
>The email you got, did it contain anything else aside of the Reformcard you posted? a kayle artwork > [...]my guess would be thats due to it beeing automated in case of suspension cause of negative behaviour. alright thanks
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings The Date of expirement is always added in the email you get upon beeing suspended. (check spam folders on the email account associated with your LoL account.) If you did not get that email or cannot access it for whatever reason, you can [Submit a Request]( and they will gladly send you the Information to any email you specify.
> FreekyFreezer, > > das Konto freekyfreezer wurde für 14 Tag(e) gesperrt, nachdem es einer eingehenden Untersuchung des Spielverhaltens während League of Legends-Matches unterzogen wurde. > > Deine Mitspieler empfinden dein Verhalten als weit unter dem für die League of Legends-Community angemessenen Standard. Denke noch einmal über deine Kommunikationsweise und das, was du gesagt hast, nach. Bei League handelt es sich um ein intensives, wettbewerbsorientiertes Spiel, doch jeder einzelne Spieler verdient Respekt. Hier kannst du mehr darüber lesen, wie wir versuchen, sportliches Spielverhalten zu bestärken.: here. > > Hier sind einige Chat-Logs, die andere Spieler aus der Community als negativ identifizierten. > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > [all the bad words i said, i am fully certain i deserved the ban] > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > Solches Verhalten wird in dieser Community nicht akzeptiert. Wenn du nichts Nettes zu sagen hast, dann sag lieber gar nichts. Wir als Community glauben auch nicht, dass Vergeltung eine angemessene Antwort darstellt, weshalb in solchen Fällen beide Spieler Strafen auferlegt werden. Dies ist die einzige Warnung, die für dieses Konto ausgesprochen werden wird. Weitere Vorfälle inakzeptabel negativen Verhaltens können zur permanenten Schließung deines Kontos führen. cant see the time, only that it lasts 14 days.
: Maybe it's permanent.
no its 14 day but they still didn't tell me the exact time like other services i have been temporarily banned from, for example habbo. its just that i dont want to sit there tomorrow and refresh client every 5 mins to see if i can play already
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: is that real? or just a joke?
The swatting is a joke The ban is real trkBan the ban was lifted yesterday, trick streamed with prison bar overlay over his cam
Shiroe x (EUW)
: isn't gangplank, Tf greaves, MF bilgewater?
graves is born in bilgewater and tf near bilgewater according to league of legends wiki
: Why?
because the maritime theme is just the best thing in the world, whether it's in real life or in virtuality
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: Let's Be Honest....H2K isn't going anywhere....
lets see if they even get past origen. on the other hand, everyone is 0-2 against fnatic so most other teams don't stand a good chance either. for EU, it's really fnatic vs the rest of the world.
Xrozz (EUW)
: real life nerd
I don't know man it's quite good but I don't know if I can run that on my PC
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