: > i highly think that you should read this 5 rows below: > dont tell me its cause of my rank cause hell no! i have lots of friends in master and chall. İ used to play in high diamond for a long time. dude for real. wtf are you talking about?? "i know a lot of challengerz so i know a lot about the game"? Your first point is a contradiction in itself. You say the game is either they win fast or you win fast. also you played high diamond for a long time. 1. tell me. How can this be possible when the game only started to snowball this fast 8 month ago? 2. CLEARLY higher elo games are faster. The adc get a lead after 10 minutes? he knows how to close a game? gg at 20 and this is fine! because you shouldn't be able to get such a lead which leads to the win that early! this means you are better than the enemy. second point. u think writing is needed? dude there are 5 different pings ingame. u want to make a call? ping it 2 times with standard ping. you want to make a call after next objective? omw ping to the objective and then to your next target. Dude it's for real that easy! [high diamond did you say?] uhm again 1?: you. can. pick. what. you. want. and. win. and this up to high challanger. If you know how to play against enemy composition with your own compostion you can compensate it! 4 you are flamign and blaming here rightnow pretty much, don't you? 5. you just said you win or lose fast. so how can you need 3 hours for 3-4 games? your last point without a number: No. League did NOT take any time. You spent it into it. It was your decision, your own fault ("Are you really blind enough to see flaming is not helping?") It is a game and it looks like you forgot about that
You are just an other reason why i stoped leauge. İ cleary wrote my point there. You can agree or not but you can’t assult. When i was reading your messege i felt your anger. You are addict of this game. You are flamer who is tryinf to make things right by flaming. Good luck in life
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: Whats ur opinion on adc now?
Look sneaky stream, he is not taking any adc recently, he is playing brand jayce recently on bot lane and funny thing is his enemy bot lane was vlad and pyke. İ really hope high elo playes are gonna be keep doin that. So riot can see something is wrong
: Please add voice chat for everyone.
İ couldnt agree more. There are lots of things goin on in game. its so naive to believe you can cominicate eachother by only using ‘signals’ im not even saying ‘type’ cause when ever i try to type something eighter i lose my focus or i flash or i get caught by the enemy. There are critical moments where you must talk with your team mates. Voice chat can help that alot. if you basicly dont like your team mates just mute them and keep talking with the ones you like to. Please open an account and write your toughts in NA much more people will see it. And i believe riot is more effectful in NA.
: How does protect vayne skiin ?
For thoose who wonder. this skin is not worthy it feels heavy in game. İts not smooth at all
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Helsìng (EUW)
you are so right my friend most of the matches finish before 20m or around25
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Brathmans (EUW)
: Support Main LF Duo
hey add me im main adc im sure we can do well
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: Looking for an Adc to play ranked with. I'm a plat/gold player. Climbing from silver 3 atm. o:
once (EUW)
: if you knew all these stuff you wouldnt be silver 4 LUL
i always say, i dont play as good as i know the game, sadly. hope it will happen with time
Gojiraw (EUW)
: So... You are Silver and you wanna play with Challenjours? Why would they want to play with you?
i didnt ask to challenger players play with me even in low elo there are people who knows the game, the things i've matched it are just the basic things in game, no need to be genius to understand this.
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: As a main supp player since s2 i can tell u what I would like my adc doing with an early feed ^^. First of all Dragons are important. If your fed wait for your jungler and do drakes, if possible Herald too! Beware that in Teamfights the enemy frontline will mostlikely ignore anybody but you! Give farm to your jungler and to get him fed aswell. Getting Towers is important had hold a global preasure on the lanes! Buying 1 def iteam like a Qss or Maw if the enemy team is strong on ap. Make sure you help your other lanes.
thanks feed other lanes ill keep in my mind^^ add me if you like to brw playing with a main support always great!
: I realized I am complete shit this seasson as I deciced to play few games monthly (4-5). But as my advice even you are fed, you are still paper ADC, just let your team fight for 3-4 seconds alone, and when enemy waste their cooldowns on your team, its your turn. Its better than go in fight in same time and die because they focus you.
yea specially now like you said any champion 1 shot adc so yea
: If you get feeded as adc then its important to start collecting assists rather then kills and maybe buy a defensive item or two instead of just damage since they will focus you. Its hard to carry if your team doesnt protect you regardless of how feed you are whitout your own defense. Im not a high ELO player and its usually no use to ask Diamond-Platina players for help Before you are high silver or low gold. In many cases they dont know the caos you are going throu and assume that your teammates has the same skills as you. That is simply not so in low ELO.
: silver+=+bronze
its just the way sysyem works, low silver play with bronze low gold play with silver low plat play with golds, you need to get higher thast it
AstralDream (EUNE)
this is seriously wrong, leauge is not just a game. people give their time their effort and now this? riot seriously start to punish bad behavivours trolls afk much more effectively if you ask me
JNArtist (EUW)
: Reports and Ping issues
İf you have a ping issue and if you know it, you should not play rank games. You know that everyone give their time and try very hard to reach somewhere, and its not respectfull eigher supportman thing to play rank games. Try to upgrade your internet or use killping programs
M5Fisker (EUW)
: Supp Main Lf ADC
hey, im adc player over a years add me if you like to^^
: LF Adc and top for our Team Gold-Plat
g5 last season , silver5 solo now. Check my profile im true adc player. Add me if you like to
: Looking for something new to master
Mid is just great, push farm and keep roam easy carry
ILiRixx9 (EUNE)
: Thanks a lot. PS. Do I need to save a spot for elixirs in inventory so I can purchase them and consume after or I can just buy & consume immediately?
ablut elixer, so let me tell you my advice about elixir's, if your items sections are full already for sure buy it anytime when you can. But if game is like late game but you still trying to finish your item ignore that last item peace and buy elixer cause most likely, The tf you will do proablly gonna be the last tf so any extra damage would great ^^
: Vayne also gets so close to enemies that half the champs int the game can one-shot her like nothing... so stop crying... I play vayne... if her Q didn't crit she would be useless... the only reason she is playable is her huge dmg... because to play vayne in a teamfight where everyone focuses you is playing like an acrobat... jumping round to avoid everything... remember before you say stupid stuff... VAYNE has 1600 HP... Camille can have 3500 with a super OP build because her Q does TRUE DMG... that's more OP than crit... because tanks have damn armor... lets say Camille's Q does 800 true dmg... she does EXACTLY 800 dmg every 1 damn second... it has no CD... Vayne Q has 5 seconds at max level... Vayne is ridiculously hard to play... and because you get killed by a super fed vayne that busted her ass to get so many hard kills while assassins and top laners get super easy ones, you cry about her dmg... instead of thinking how many outplays she has to do to get them!!! Learn the facts...
yea! her aa is really small and her early game also not easy at all but people still crying about it . its not even easy to play adc every single champs 1 shot you full tank zac or full tank brand no problem! 1Q boom people seriosly need to wake up and see how hard to play adc .
: Hey Bacon and Weed... you think vayne is obnoxious and gets easy kills??? I dare you... play vayne and get 25 kills easy... without huge outplays... without tricking every opponent while you have all the champs in game chasing to CC you or one shot you... Vayne's range is CRAP... total CRAP... it's so close that it's little different than a melee attack... since all the on target spells in game have longer range than your basic attack... I dare you... go kill Annie with Vayne... walk up to her and kill her... if she sees you and you don't stun her... you die... again... if you stun her and the stun ends before you kill her... she stuns you and you die... yeah... vayne is OP... keep telling yourself that... Twitch is OP... because of his ulti range... and how it works with Runaan's.... Don't ever complain about ADCs... I main ADC and we have the most underpowered skillsets in game... why? not because we can't kill... we can... but there are 4000 HP tanks that can one shot us!!! there are mages who one shot us... there are bruisers who one shot us... there are hard CC supps who make us a free kill... and there are even supps who one shot us... (AP blitz does almost ALL my HP in burst dmg...) while one wrong step is bye bye for us... so don't tell me ANY ADC is OP... and simply because our HP is so damn pathetic, we should at least have the luxury of having AT LEAST more dmg than the AD champs with more HP... but sadly we don't... because one vayne Q and one flash every 5 mins is not enough to save me from all the jumping skills and one shooting bursts coming at me... While Camille for example has her E with the ropes... which is 2 times longer than any other jump in game... and it's CD???? 5 GOD DAMN SECONDS... I can't even kill her... she just jumps away... but I don't see you complaining about her... nope... I bet you play her... and some poor guy with Vayne had the nerve of killing you before you could cowardly jump away... or when it wasn't in your best interest to trap her in an cheat ulti she can't even FLASH or Q out of... These are the facts...
truth has spoken , seriosly while playing as an adc its so god damn hard and theese people still ah! like i said on my comment they need buff for their brain.
: What about making it so Vayne's Q cannot crit?
Are you god damn serious? do you have any idea how badly is hard to play adc in this game? every god damn champions focus on you and sadly most likely you dont get a good peel from your teammate's, almost anything 1 shot you, mage's , jungler's, asasain's even god damn full tanks even support karma brand one shot you! and you are sayinf nerf vaye? seriously go and buff your brain.
: Small lag spikes
same , im playing for over years never had any issue until new client or new update came, i have no idea what happend , it jumps too 300 sometimes really annoying
: Jng Main LF Good Duo Q Partner To Climb With !
: Supp Main LF Good adc
hey, im main adc gold3 was my highest rank. Add me if you like to im sure we can do well^^
m3di (EUW)
: Sup main lf duoQ
hey mate you soınd good^^ im adc main for over year my highest rank was gold2. i know how to farm , trade or take a good place in teamfight so add me if you lik to, im sure we can do well^^
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: lf duo smurf g5 rn
hey add me if you like to main adc here
Brathmans (EUW)
: Main Sup LF Silver+ ADC
add me, main adc here
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: I don't know about any games like the ones you mentioned, but terraria is a good steam game. Battleblocktheatre and Spore are also both good, although the latter is unplayable on a mac.
thanks! ill have a look
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: League needs to get harsher on people
Thums up! i totally agree wih you, this game is not just a game people seriously work very hard to reach somewhere and such as people like you said are just wasting our effort and time and giving us stress but nothing more
: gemstones
they are for craft soulsstealer vayne or hextech annie or some ward . 10 of them you need to reach the things what i say. or 1gem equal to chest and key so its pretty hard to gain them
: How do I carry when my team disintegrates into flaming
my advice is ( which works with me often) remind them why they are here ( take lp and get out from elo and do better match up if you take lp's youll better match up in future etc..) also tell them there is only one enemy and its on otherside , argument not helping to anyyone anyway , noone accept he is wrong amyway so flame is useless. hope you best luck
: You should do that even if you still play league. SMITE actualy requires skill as long as everything is a skillshot; you have daily quests, login rewards, you get Diamonds for free (its like RP in League); there are special events where you can get limited avatars, borders, skins and everything for free; skins purchasable for Fervor (IP in this game). Its really really good game but it needs bigger community. Searching for a game may take 5+ minutes :C
sounds great, should better looks like!
Infernape (EUW)
: I'd probably try out smite but I would never, in a million years go back to DotA 2.
lol how about heroes of storm? i actually played like 1/2 months and teamfights are really good action never ends but leauge mechanic system is just the thing i love about
Not xPeke (EUW)
: If I could go back in time to 2010ish, I'd play WoW again. Too bad it's gone to crap now. I still view WoW as the best game I have ever played in my life though. If only it hadn't gone downhill.. + it does get quite expensive to carry on playing it and buying new expansions, etc.
somehow i never liked wow i gues its because of graphics its just not my type but yea proablly wow is the best mmorpg in novadays
Octavia (EUW)
: already stopped because of autofill, FFXIV right now.
i also want to stop because of toxics and unfare matchmaking system. Not sure what to start buy meh
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Not trying to be rude but.. How old are you?
12.5 i want to believe hope, he'll hear me
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Seriously? Do you expect ''Santa'' to be here on the boards?
yeah he is Santa he can be everywhere my fate is pure^^
: A friend introduced me to Black Desert Online recently. It's pretty awesome, and i haven't even explored the whole map yet. It's a huge world. But it's certainly worth to try out now that they give 7 days for free.
oh i didnt know that 7days free i should better try it!
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