: Am i the only one in the World that thinks that the new Client looks like shit?
I think most of it is nicer than the current apart from the lobby queue screen. I prefer the animated one personally but It'll probably stick after using it for long enough
BlancoHUN (EUNE)
: Alpha Client log-in
Anyone can download, only approved members can log in. Sorry bud
: Why does "Play" instantly put my in a normal 5v5 lobby?
It puts you into the last gamemode you were in. So if you select ARAM, it assumes you will play ARAM again. In the top left is a large arrow, press that to get the list of gamemodes. I like it personally.
: also double click to centralise the client is useful. Currently missing
I never thought about that. But that actually could be super useful
eux0r (EUW)
: hm, that is interesting, but i think that might not be how it is intended to work, you might wanna report that
Ok, can confirm that Thresh is not my frequently played champion right now and I last played him 6 games ago. https://conf.6f.io/c20078c5c9d43dd5f0f4f.png Yet https://conf.6f.io/c0d7643c6d921a0e77777.png Where did you see that it's supposed to be frequent champions?
eux0r (EUW)
: hm, that is interesting, but i think that might not be how it is intended to work, you might wanna report that
Well, actually, Thresh might be my "recently played" champion, but I havent played him in about a week xD.
shroomzeh (EUW)
: Masteries
How'd you find the mastery page? Is it when you are in champ select only?
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eux0r (EUW)
: profile background
My profile shows Dj Sona because I have the icon, However, if I remove it, I don't get my recently played. I get my highest mastery champion.
: LOL Notifications ?
Bump. The amount of times my game automatically muted when I am browsing the internet or doing some work and not heard the invitation is annoying. It should also be optional though. Sometimes I don't want to see notifications.
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Maluber (EUW)
: With the new client having pre-selected champion groups for sorting.
If I am correct, Morgana's secondary is support, therefore I reckon they should show the secondaries in the roles too. Maybe in a separated section to show new players that these champions are not as good in these particular roles
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Tufio (EUW)
: is gone forever
Riot made a post a while ago about them saying that they want sandbox mode but it is on their low priority list
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