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Maiziea (EUW)
: Yea you can, you can just not play ranked or just your promo games. If someone is actually around diamond level but he only ever plays his promos he's probably like gold or silver in ranked, or they could just not play ranked whatsoever and it'll say unranked. And there are plenty of people who do not play ranked but are still good/decent at the game. Also it looks like you're playing premade with a level 27, you can't complain about match making if you play with someone with such a big skill gap (assuming he's an average level 27 and not a smurf) There's just no way to get fair matchmaking that way.
He isnt really level 27 his main was gold 3 (it got banned)
Tarolock (EUW)
: ranked and normal mmr are different, so if you play normals while you lvl up and at lvl 30 you jump into ranked and get to challenger your normal mmr would still be low, since you can increase it only by winning, thats why you can get those matchups
but why the hell is it like that, why do you have a different rating for normals and ranked? Its not like you can be good in ranked and bad in normals and vice versa...
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Pokku (EUNE)
: And anybody who didn't play TF2? Would you (or anyone familiar with the matter) mind giving a summary of it?
With the introduction of trading, people started to use specific items as 'currency' for trading and it developed its own mini-economy. However, people started to offer real world money for some items (or even items from other games), this caused the game's primary purpose to become a trading hub. This completely killed the in-game store, as people would just buy the items they wanted from someone else at a cheaper rate. Basically, people forgot about the game and only used it to trade items and to make money from it
Pokku (EUNE)
: Hextech Crafting: Trading
No. Anybody who played TF2 when they launched the Mannconamy update will understand
: Hextech crafting when you got all champions
What actually happens if you re-roll 3 champion shards into a permanent champion when you own all of them?
: You can use the essence to fully unlock skins. So think of champion shards as "loose change" so you don't have to spend high ammounts of RP for it.
No, the orange essence is obtained from skins and used for skins. The blue essence is obtained from champions and used for champions
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: 0/10 wins= bronze 5 | 1/10 wins=bronze 4.......
that was the old system before season 4 i think
Ryùuzaki (EUW)
: they should make it loss prevented to only the 3 others in case premade buddies try to abuse that system this should work i suppose
Yeah, and then the boards will be filled with " I LOST 20 LP FOR MY FRIEND HAVING A POWER CUT RITO PLS"
: How do placements this season work?
last season i think the system was: 1200 + (current mmr) / 2 = new mmr but now apparently everybody's mmr has been soft reset to silver 5 mmr so i dont really know what the equation is or how placement games factor into that
: F your placements rito
there isn't really much they can do about afks, if someone has to leave because of something irl then they will still leave regardless of however harsh the punishment is. and you cant really argue that "you shouldn't start a game if you are unsure if you can finish" because anything can happen suddenly, like internet problems. And people keep suggesting to give a loss prevented to the team that has an afk when obviously that system can be abused so easily by just queuing with a buddy who can just leave if you are losing badly They haven't thought of a system yet because there isn't a real solution to this. now can people please stop spamming the boards with the same crap eveyday
Juyi44 (EUW)
so? its only 1 division below where you were before. Did you expect to be silver or something?
: i tried with twitch in a custom i go on lane and skill nothing just do an auto on the enemy and deathfire procs....?
You must be mistaken for something else, because i just double checked in game and it does not proc deathfire touch. If it did it would be beyond broken. With standard Twitch runes and masteries (with deathfire) at 79 starting AD, your passive deals 2 true dmg for 6 seconds, and deathfire touch deals 16 damage over 1 second (so for 6 seconds in total for the duration of his passive) In a single auto attack you will deal 96 (DFT) + 12 (passive) + 79 (AD) = 187 Damage With just a single auto at level 1
LA Losty (EUW)
: Analysing Rengars upcomming nerfs (Unbaised opinion)
I think the "!" appearing earlier is a very fair nerf, as if he builds rapid firecannon he can pounce almost immediately after it appears, giving you no chance to retaliate (not that there is much you can do anyway, but still)
: Thunderlord / deathfire touch procs on teemo
> [{quoted}](name=Random Nickname,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=87ldQdPo,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-17T11:45:58.072+0000) > also twitches poisen activated deathfire and teemos not. that makes no sense? First off, twitch's poison does NOT proc deathfire touch, i main twitch and can confirm that it doesn't, however it does proc when he uses his W or E. Secondly, teemo would be hilariously strong if his passive poison could proc deathfire touch as well (especially if used with liandrys too). Teemo probably does not proc thunderlords twice because of the initial damage from his E + passive poison counts as 1 ability replacing his standard auto. Twitch's passive however, procs immediately AFTER his auto, thus making for two instances of damage sources (also applies for his W)
Houssém (EUW)
: Can EUNE codes be redeemed on EUW?
I don't think skin codes work anywhere anymore period.
Nadyetje (EUW)
: Fix 3840 x 2160 in game resolution
I had the same issue where the cursor was so small i would often lose it on the screen. But there is a program called 'Yolomouse' that changes the in-game cursor, as for the rest of the scaling issues, you just have to set the size to as high as it will go and just deal with it :P
Pothatho (EUW)
: champions icons bug
Mundo looks however he pleases
: Please help with Tahm Kench's Devour/Regurgitate combo trolling on allies
tahm or the devoured ally can choose where/when to be regurgitated just like the kalista ult
Stell (EUNE)
: Chroma packs, let's be real. Why not purchasable with IP? -Riot
: League has soooooo much Diversity
I haven't seen ali supp or diana mid in ages Same goes for maokai or gragas (except in competitive)
: if someone makes a suggestion and that is implemented they should be rewarded
But how do you know if their idea wasnt already planned and in devlopment by riot?
giligoop (EUW)
: Pool party Palooza bundle (no bundle for this years skins)
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: Let's be honest. You are in silver, same as me. I haven't lost to a LB even ONCE in lane. Just because you do it doesn't make her OP. You probably give her kills and then complain about her dmg output.
ok badass so you can beat her in lane so you reserve the right to assume everyone else is bad
: He will get nerfed because he is a newly released champion. On another note, I won against a platinum LB playing Syndra. The lane was one of the easiest in a while. If you give her kills or a lead don't complain about the dmg man. Every champion can do this.
Ok guys lb is no longer op, this guy beat one in lane once
ScreamisT (EUW)
: Recently released champions should not be able to be played in ranked
Then why don't riot just disable champions that you haven't played before in ranked? Why don't they disable champions that you have a bad winrate with? Why not disable champions that you don't have a lvl 5 mastery for? can you see where this is going?
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Pitaah (EUW)
: League of Legends summoner app
why not just wait until you are at your computer? its not like you can do anything with them until you get back to your computer anyway
: I can't pick bard?
he is temporarily disabled due to a bug {{champion:72}}
MujinTengu (EUNE)
: Jarvan I
cool beans
Yuka (EUW)
: How to make your own DJ Sona Headphones
i came here thinking that you were making the ones that she wears in the skin... {{champion:37}}

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