: New jungle No TNX
If i ever play jungle again, i am going buff,buff gank and then TAX the hell out of the lane so i can get ahead somehow :D ( i wasnt that type of jungler) you know i rarely taxed lanes, from now on i will gank even only to back enemy lane and tax my laners.... i dont care if someone flame me... since riot wont give me my xp back ... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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SRT Hook (EUW)
: Emotes no working?
well i've paid for something that's not working #rito
Eambo (EUW)
: Where's the "At least we're getting a discount" option? I mean, I'm a fan of cheaper stuff of course - but they don't *have* to discount us anything. I'm just glad they're doing it cheaper at all, and a quarter off the price isn't terrible. Maybe they shouldn't have gave discounts previously, then we'd have no precedence to complain about :-P
If skin was 3200 rp in release they would lose around 70% sales that's why they have to do discounts but i dissagree with 25% this is just greedy
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