: What is the most unbalanced thing in the current preseason and how would you change it?
{{champion:157}} remove both his passive shield and his windwall... compensate them with something else but not any form of defense or CC so he can actually be killed. He can keep his high crit damage but just removing his safety gives him an element of counter-play.
: This isn't about Bruce lee its about u not liking the champion cuse u don't main him and most likely don't know how to counter him. Btw if he ganks and misses his q he can do alot more than wat u described. U are scared of this champion because u don't know him all u need to do is play him to understand his weaknesses. He has been nerfed. ALOT. he stays viable during most patches? That's a GOOD THING it means riot has made a balanced champion and hasn't ruined him with over nerfs or over buffs. He is balanced. That's why he stands a popular pick. That and the fact that his kit is fun rewarding and just like zed takes a long time and amount of effort to master.
No, its because I hate his design and his completely inaccurate display of "martial arts"... since you obviously don't know what actual martial arts are. If he more closely respected those ancient techniques but he is just a rip off and insulting to the legend that was Bruce Lee, he didn't fly around in the air magically, bouncing from person to ward. Lee Sin has been a favoritism protected cancer in this game for YEARS, its time to stop and him to fall in line with the other champions.
: if you ever play more than 20 games with sin you will realize that there is nothing broken about it
This wasn't really a discussion about his power, its asking why Riot wants to protect him from the nerfbat so much and why he is so popular when he's just a bad asian stereotype that incorrectly displays martial arts and that Bruce Lee would be rolling in his grave.
: There are stronger champions than lee right now that are 10x easier to play.
That doesn't really stop him being the problem he is, since his release.
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Silisa (EUNE)
: Not really. They are just that arrogant. It's a national trademark.
We aren't arrogant, we are just tired of the abuse we get from Continental Europe both outsides and inside the European Union (hence why the UK is going to leave that corrupt administration next year). This is basically the treatment we get from countries we saved in World War II, that used to be our enemies. People, like the Americans would never call us arrogant but that is a surge of nationalism in this country at the moment.
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: Ah, but don't you see. Women have no right to be sexy. They need to be puritan because that's what SJW tell them to be. Otherwise women won't ever be independent in society, forever forced to listen to what patrharchy orders them to be. And they should listen to what feminists order them to be!
: i answered u this. its a lane crushing cute bunny person. i am a girl i like it its cute its fluffy its fun. they have women of all types. yes most are very sexy so wat? i like lookin at them and playing them they are bad ass and i dont care if they have big boobs. i dont look at that i chose my champs like everyone: by how good it feels to play them. we also have illaoi and reksai arent they sexualized as fuck -.-"? hm?
It isn't fun, its sexist, just like Frostblade Irellia with that HUGE ARSE that she has which sexualises her. As a girl, you should be offended by the figures of all these woman because they are basically idyllic and not close to reality at all.
: Lack of LGBT Champions
I love how Riot tried to cover this up because I am not the first person to actually notice this about their champion design and how it sets a bad example and shows that Riot is predominantly male.
: Lack of LGBT Champions
Lets clear this up... Yes, Ahri can be excused by "asian culture" but she is still a sexist portrayal of woman... IN THIS GAME... the same as Battle Bunny Riven... have a look at this article for more information. Lots of people have agreed that Leagues portrayal of woman IS sexist. http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/12/the-summoners-guidebook-is-league-of-legends-sexist/
: Ok, since you identified yourself as person of such orientation, would you mind answering some questions? How would you suppose the LGBT character should look and act? LoL is a game about combat. One's sexual preference doesn't seem to be very important during combat (well, unless we are talking about Sacred Band of Thebes, but that is pretty unique). I've read a lot of reviews of bad young adult literature and one oft repeating flaw are the gay characters. The probles is not they are gay, but that they are gay for gayness sake. They have no other characteristics than being stereotype gay. This brings us back to LoL. If there was gay character, how would that be reflected in them? Should Riot go for a stereotype? I don't know, a very feminine male? Should Riot maybe act explicit lines about what that character would do? Wouldn't stereotyping be more offensive than not having a gay character at all? And if the character was not stereotyped, how does being part of LGBT affect them? A throwaway line in the lore? "Oh, by the way, he/she/it is gay, just so you know!" That'd be pretty cheap and token, don't you think? So, how do you imagine an LGBT character in League, that isn't either tasteless stereotype or cheap token?
How about a male {{champion:103}} who seduces in the same way that Ahri does... since her character is all about sex essentially.
: Lack of LGBT Champions
Its been almost 7 years since League came out and Riot are still afraid to touch that.
: I actually 100% agree with you <3 Since I am gay myself, I would like a champion that is actually gay/lesbian, trans etc but I guess we would never get it! However, Illaoi could be considered really butch but theres not even an inkling that she is gay or whatever. Stuck to spamming Soraka then :(
Cheer up my fellow Gay (I'm gay too, thats why scantily clad woman don't appeal to me), there is always {{champion:44}}, though Riot has refused to confirm his sexuality on several occasions. To be fair, {{champion:254}} and {{champion:51}}, {{champion:131}} and {{champion:89}} just scream lesbian to me but I'm talking about actually wanting a full transgendered or gay character where its not a big deal but it helps define them.
: Maybe, just maybe, it is not relevant and adding LGBT champions just for the sake of LGBT champions is tokenism and stupid? I hate the way Bioware gone around adding homosexual relationships to their games (maybe with exception of DA:I, which is relatively ok in this regard). They were crowbared in because "LGBT option is progressive!". If there should be a character that is gay, let their orientation have a meaning for the story and not just write character "cause we need a gay". Contrast it with Persona 4, where one of characters have a whole and deep story arc about coming to the terms with their orientation. He's not added just for the gay, it is integral part of the story and an explored issue. I am not in a minority, but I'd like to hear someone who is, tell me if my feeling on the matter is right, namely I'd be more offended it developers added an LGBT character just to say "hey look, there's a gay character, are we not very progressive?" than if there were just no such characters. Because the tokenist attitude is rather patronizing. But what do I know, maybe we live in times where having character's preference be their only raison d'etre is perfectly ok.
Well I am gay and if you think scantily clad woman are ok to run around a jungle with their boobs hanging out, why can't I have a champion to represent me? Hmmmm... I wonder why... maybe because Riot try to appeal to teenage boys with their champion designs so all the female champs have massive boobs rather then being inclusive. I am not saying "because we need a gay", I would just like to see one in League and not a big deal made of it because League is such a varied and fun game with the male champ designs.
: Exactly! The independent, emancipated women should only dress and act in the way they are told to!
There is "Freedom" and there is perpetuating to a female stereotype created by horny teenagers which is what a lot of the characters in League are.
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Kamimiko (EUW)
: That's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion ^.^ I always thought of Ahri as a temptress/succubus. She uses her charms as a weapon and she empowers herself with her attributes. You may call her appearance sexist but I just think she looks badass XD
I don't believe that, she's made up to appeal to a male fantasy. Its actually pretty disgusting that all the woman in this game apart from {{champion:222}} are big boobed, idyllic woman meant to appeal to a male fantasy, but thats what you get when a company is run predominantly by men. I'm not defending what QueenD88 said but I can understand it and I'm a man anyway.
Jubran (EUW)
: Do you want the rift to snow?
No, I just want a balanced game and this AD cancer removed for Christmas thanks.
: Because he has pitiful health stats and armor growth in that form, so the "tank" part doesn't kick in before 100 rage... which sacrifices speed and range instead... Durr...
He is still a tank and having a squishy other form should be a COST to his real power which is his Mega Gnar form.
: * Listing cherry picked facets of a champion's kit without providing actual arguments. Check. * "AP CHAMPS ARE SO BAD COMPARED TO AD CHAMPS". Mhmm. * "You don't need skill to succeed". Found it. Just another FMH thread.
AP champs are bad compared to AD champs and their new sparkly broken items. I am not cherry picking at all... why does a tank have a longer range skillshot then fucking {{champion:101}} does. It is completely over-indulgent for that particular champion.
: Gnar is meant to be an off-tank champion. He's resourceless just like Garen, a champion that can snowball easily.. His Q is some of his damage while in mini Gnar form. His "stacking passive" is supposed to be his damage output if he went full tank. Since his Q has a decently big cooldown, it would be good to have something that reduces its cooldown for a higher damage output. Gnar is designed that way, and honestly he isn't even strong..
What I am saying is there is NO NEED for him to have such a long range skillshot on a champion that is essentially a tank. He even out ranges some of the best mages, Oh and I forgot to mention the free slow on any target he hits.
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: Why take an AP
Better Waveclear - {{item:3087}} More Burst/AoE {{item:3074}} Most AD champs have some form of CC Abilities are just as powerful on AD champs
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Weelah (EUNE)
: They have a multimillion company and you don't .I think they know what are they doing. Plus they are a business before everything else Do you know how expensive their software is ? Their hardware ?I don't but I'm pretty sure maintaining a couple of servers that can house millions of players doesn't cost 15 bucks a month
Yes, that is true and I'm sure there are certain costs that are high but League is the most played Video Game in the World and Riot are full on driving it into the ground in a quest to be "different" then other moba's, mainly DOTA. But in doing so they lose what made League great in the first place.
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: '' She should be nerfed hard since she is by her very natural toxic and uncounterable.'' aren't there like 100 broken champs now that can kill annie ? pick anything from ADC to Toplaners and im sure we can find one. shes great in teamfights, but then again we can list many that can faceroll teams. you consider annie broken.. well then shes balanced by being among many broken champs.
You do have a point, she just shows up a lot and she's always picked and is incredibly boring
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: You can't compare those... And Thresh only beats them in one thing: Engage. He is a pure engage support with the bonus of his lantern. Janna is DISengage and has some form of sustain - Thresh has no sustain at all. Karma has spammable poke and shields - Thresh has none of those really. Nami has disengage, some engage and A HEAL aka sustain - Thresh has none of those. Taric is THE armor support. If you didn't notice, Thresh does not gain armor per level, whereas any other champ gets this increase of base stats. The reason why that is okay because he has the POTENTIAL to get more armor than them, if enough time is given. That is a highly unrealistic scenario though. Thresh also doesn't deal more damage than a Nami or Karma, put away your bias and look at them respectively at what they are good and bad for. However, Thresh does serve as a staple support as he is simple yet effective and offers a good potential for gamechanging plays and shit like that
Its not Bias, Thresh is BETTER AT EVERYTHING {{champion:43}} and {{champion:267}} do and he's a HELL of a lot more tankier.
A Luo (EUW)
: because thresh leads to more action then any other support so when it comes to entertainment (pro scene) thresh is a top pick. do you really want to see nasus stacking for 60 mins by dyrus?
Thank you for the honest answer, well I would rather see something else then the 500 Thresh picks we always see.
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Sephyrias (EUW)
: Lets take a look at why AP mages could have a high winrate by comparing them to other possible picks for the damage role, they have: - Less damage Less relyability (most of them use skillshots) more mana and cdr dependency a weak early game no to little self-protection no benefits from the Preseason gold increase (due to cost increase) + cc (Brand, Anivia or malz with {{item:3116}} ) and point 'n click cc (Annie) range (lux) Meaning: 1. Both teams have a shitton of damage 2. But only one team has cc 3. The ads can kill the enemy ads while they're cc'd -> Mages are not main damage dealers anymore, but cc machines for the real carries
The arrogance of this made me throw up a bit from that last line. I am not a fecking support tool for {{champion:157}} and {{champion:92}} mains egos
: Oh look another "Wow Mages are so bad right now, because I think so, even though it's completely false" thread. And Yasuo does take skill. Deal with it ¯ \&#95;(ツ)&#95;/ ¯
He really doesn't he has such a safety net to wipe your arse if you fail that there is no risk factor to him. Windwall effectively stops counter play and a shield for just moving about... genius
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Riryz (EUW)
: and how is this a knock-off? so what they may look a little like each other but thats the only thing as far as being the same... of course there are gonna be things form 2 games looking like something from another game the chance exists you know. and why do you care? its not that riot stole the idea. riot still designed illaoi and her kit themselves. i dont see anything about a dead krakententacle monster being there with this "sara". if something is such a big rippoff then riot wont be able to use it in their game because of copyright you know. if they can use it then its not a knock off, deal with it.
Relax, its a fun comparison, I'm not meaning to be horrible but just noting the similarities.
: ***
I know, I just thought it was funny to point it out as both a League Fan and WoW fank. Them sueing was a lighthearded joke.
Raentwo (EUW)
: There is no copyright on Amazonian women.
So you say all woman who live near and around the Amazon look like that?
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: BECAUSE SHE HAVE TWO FUCKING STUNS...YOU "*&$("*£$** kid ! Imagine a champ with two stuns and a reposition ability on low cd....why do you even ask about Lissandra, are you maining her?
Tristana has massive burst potential, much more then Lissandra who got her Q nerfed and her ultimate, while good doesn't last as long. I am saying an ADC should not have that level of safety.
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