: or, and this has happened to me and my friend in a game, you THINK the enemy is cheating but then you watch the replay and see that he was just lucky. i once thought a shaco had somehow reduced the CD on his Q more than the standard 40% then i watched the replay and saw that his Q really had a CD of 14 seconds (not even reduced by any CD reduction item) while my friend believed an irelia used TP without having the summoner spell because he was using nautilus and used his Q on the bush she was hiding (the leftmost bush of toplane) only to find her near te turret afterwards. watching the replay i saw that she just flashed in the middle bush then walked to the tower in the fog of war. adding the possibility to report players after the endgame lobby will result in players being able to check the replay, eventually make a highlight of the possible "cheat" then report it to Riot.
It's not about cheating necessary. It's negative behaviour.
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