: It's funny how these "mains" come out every time. And if you were really a "main" then you will have no problem adapting to this new malz. I did and i had fun with him. So why can't you? being a main from season 1 after all. I will continue to main Sorka no matter what nerfs she may get. Changes should be seen as a challenge and not a bad thing. Too many complain and not enough people try to learn the new changes.
I'm not a "main" because u can check my history for example on lolking and u can see im playing him for long time. My main concern is not about adapting - because any player can adapt evenyone knows that, but they took all the sophistication that player could brought to game with his own playstyle of Malza. They riped him off and make him more OP - just that. Lately everything in League of Legends is about - if something is old or do not work with new meta - lets just changed it, or just make it more op - so we can nerf it in 2 patches and then it went to closet again. As my main Malzahar - change for me is - like they would change my MMORPG character I have been playing for 6 years - because they simply can - not respecting opinion of community anymore, hype is more important. P.S. You can main Soraka for the rest of the days as u wish mate, but I liked the old one better - she could TOP anyone and crash balls :)
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