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: Tell me about your luck
I got perma banned 3 x in a course of season 2 to 9 ? so basically every 3th season a perma ban for being to toxic apperently , just milking accounts in my opinion .
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: Halloween event
give us a bewitching yuumi cat or some shit not miss fortune ...
: That might impact games really negatively by people always trying to play for KDA to get the lose forgiven.
What are u getting at, the system cant see that i had 95 % of the kill participation , so only 1 kill of our team was without me being there ... thats just straight up ... bg .
Infinitty (EUW)
: I feel your pain... but in the end it's only one game in the middle of many, some games are not winnable, just deal with it and next game it will go better. Also I don't think that system would work because people would start to exploit it and then someone encouraging the rest of the team to play bad and lose hard while him get a lose forgiven...
Abuse it how u can only use it 1 or max 3 x every split u know how long a split lasts? 3 months ... so every month 1 game where u just feel like u did all u could and you could not win, tbh i find this more then fair .
: Did you report those 4 players tho ?
No, but when i play bad i get not only reported but my client shuts down and i cant play for 14 days . PogChamp .
: Lose forgiven
94 % kill participation that game my god ... echte droeftoeters 4 x ... i dont think ranked reflects how well you do ... it's all luck based.
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: lol critical error ?
Ill help you out buddy it's a simple spell but quite unbreakable :) Just add me and ill tel you how we can fix it, and for everyone else wondering if u got the same issue : You will need a friend who you trust and skype or a way to send files to each other. ( just take the lol folders contents and send them to the person who has the critical errors .
: Phase rush does not work on kayn
Also does not work on kaisai .
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: He needs a nerf... Damn all those 1v9 champs.
He's got a 49 % win rate and never see's pro play ? needs a nerf...
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: how is kai'sa balanced?
she needs a buff tbh .
Ticklok (EUNE)
: DO NOT remove Twisted Treeline from the game please!
Just bring back dominion but then with ranked ...
: It's better to play pyke and yell "stonks" everytime you kill a a Champion with R lmao
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Nice matchmaking Rito
thats nothing , check this one : the ashe and lulu have new accounts and 11 wins in a row, strong .. now it shows in game how they crushed enemy ... they got 100 % win rate both against some noobs lol with 40 % ,, ahahahaha matchmaking op .
DeejayF (EUW)
: Looking for someone who could coach me a little in the jungle for free
Talon Bοt (EUNE)
: Hey Gamers, I might know a way to maybe save TT
Just bring back dominion with all the new champs out it will be even more fun , and make ranked .
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jacktjong (EUW)
: Really? Delete TT instead of just upgrading servers?
Yep and banning more people to milk more money . i was never banned when i didnt buy a skin but now i own some im getting suspension after suspension for saying normal shit, not even flaming .
: %%%%ing cancer game...
Wtf i just go 1-10 with xin vs a mordekaiser, i cant do shit vs it, he even gets camped by lee, and then i say something to my team mates about helping me early cause morde has no mobility and his early is weak, and i get suspended for it ? riot has its priority straight .
: Just witnessed something disturbing (Ranked games)
Do not play when u get chat restrictions u will be dealt 4 deadbeats ... no joke .
: You beter not mess up Pantheon rework ! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: katarina e doesnt work in mordekaiser ult.
In all my years of conquest, blood, violance, but to what end i ask . IT removes all zones so your shunpos too ... i played a lot of morde and i can tell u it removes more then just katas shunpo's .
: oh man, I envy you :D keep it up!
oh boy and another win cause they dont ban morde , i just use it till its nerfed :)
iaapvper (EUW)
: Guys how and why do I know when I lose or win within 2 minutes of game time?
I could not agree more, but i made it after 5 promos to gold . and wow even won 1 after the promos so didnt lose mmr .
: Come watch me lose promos
Wait i won :O with my old boy pantheon mid . i am gold 4 :D the hard grind was real .{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: You beter not mess up Pantheon rework !
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: Make option to surrender at 10 minutes
come watch my promos as a example .. ill be live in game soon .
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Just checked your match history. What stood out to me is the low amount of control wards. I also only used to buy 0-2 like you do, but then I started realising how important vision is, so now I buy around 7-10 control wards a game. If you have the money for it, try to always carry 2 of them, and don't only place them when the previous one expired, use them when you need them. Like setting up drakes, baron, you can just put down 1 control ward to make sure the enemy has no vision of the given objective. And I know the red trinket exists for the same reason, but there's a little difference. With control wards, you can ward the drake like a minute before you'd do it, and they can't ward it with normal wards, unless they walk up to destroy your control ward, which you can use to bait them. Having control wards in your inventory is very handy, denying enemy vision in an instant is way more powerful than I first though. And if they don't see the map, ping them. Try to ward out areas that the enemy jungler would need to pass in certain jungle paths, and that way you can guess what their current path is, and what lanes will be available for them to gank at what times. Whenever one of my wards sees the enemy jungler, I tend to call it out in chat, like "Lee botside river", so that top will know they can play aggressive for like half a minute, they can invade the enemy topside if the enemy jungler didn't fullclear, and stuff. It can get your team some smaller advantages that will increase your chances of winning. Don't think I'm saying all this to shittalk you by the way, I just want to help you see what ways you can improve your winrate and carry as a support! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
The underestimate what 75 gold can do ..
: DCing and lost LP for being a leaver for what i couldnt do aynthing about
We all had it today, 1 game in ranked where i go wukong , and then suddenly cho in my team not connected me and enemy 1 guy too, but who gets the punishement , me ofcourse ME .
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: Toplane/warding/ganks
tldr : buy a ward dont push so much , wait for your jungler ...
: riot needs to implement a system where if i end a game 0/10 i lose 30lp because somethings clearly wrong and im not supposed to be there, or im a troll. if i end the game 10/1 i lose -5 or -10 for a match instead. this would improve the system so much (to the people saying "what if im a tank and i need to soak damage ect" / if you're a tank that's not a reason to fking feed every time to engage on someone. you're doing it srsly wrong if that's the case, and deserve to lose more lp and play like a bronze
This was my suggestion for like 8 seasons ago .
iaapvper (EUW)
: How many riot points have you bought after being banned?
when u stare into the abyss to long the abyss stares back, dont give up .. i got perma banned 1 x in season 3 i couldnt help it to much people getting on my nerves , now i just focus on the game, yes i see im stuck in silver this season , but the hard grind can be tough, my main goal is getting atleast gold , and if i have luck yes luck cause mostly enemy has the smurfs ... ill go diamond :)
: Nope i agree with op. remove flex, and make solo q solo q ... not that u can duo with someone .
and make duo queue . where u can play with 1 friend, and for 5 man premades u can play in clubs / tournaments ..
Cräfty (EUW)
: SoloQ: My suggestions on how to fix it
Nope i agree with op. remove flex, and make solo q solo q ... not that u can duo with someone .
: Well u are a monster with 53% winrate. It's only fair things are made tough for u in promos cause it happens to everyone. Stuff get amped for u in promos cause of ur winrate. All I can say is try ur best in those games without going to tilt and u will pass them at some point.
The zed and vayne have a 90 % win rate how does that balance out then ? :)
: Can someone explain to me why I only get 16lp per win when this is my match history?
Can someone explain me how this guy is silver then ?? 32 won 1 lost... and yes he fcked us brutally in game promos to my gold it was fun , nottt bye byeee , dota 2 here i come .
: Dota 2
yey i am downloading too .
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: Getting to promos = getting trolled
Getting to promos to face this type of player is most fun i most tell you ":
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: Getting to promos = getting trolled
ad nasus top in my promos :D gets caught ahahaha "_0 dies in 1 sec ohh shocker . bot
: i found the secret to beat the promos lol !!! just pick a random champ u never played before and go solo lane with it ... and tada victory ... went xayah top vs a lvl 7 fiora and lvl 7 enemy lee jungle was pretty much mostly top.. guess who won ? ME .. fb me tower plates down me ... haha xayah is fun :O
then u get a 1-14 lulu top who has no id how the game works :D and a yi giving trades left and right .
: Getting to promos = getting trolled
i found the secret to beat the promos lol !!! just pick a random champ u never played before and go solo lane with it ... and tada victory ... went xayah top vs a lvl 7 fiora and lvl 7 enemy lee jungle was pretty much mostly top.. guess who won ? ME .. fb me tower plates down me ... haha xayah is fun :O
: Getting to promos = getting trolled
couldnt agree more. .. see my promo games ... just take a look
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