: Aegis buildpath
That's going to happen actually. The change is already on the PBE however the healh regen is no longer part of the aura and the MR of the aura is reduced to 15 and the price got reduced to 1600.
: Atlantean Syndra visual bug with Scatter the Weak (E)
I knew i'm not the only one who noticed that and yes i've seen that too. I got a comparison between how it currently looks and how it should look.
Eambo (EUW)
: Who've we got online at 3/4am? :-D
It's 5am here in Germany and i'm awake because of League (who whould've expected that...) and i can avoid both the sun and the heat.
: Thats great! Why didn´t they use it for Parrley (Q) if they already had the animation done? :/
Maybe they wanted emphasize the power of a crit compared to a normal hit? That's the only explanation i have :/. Anyways his new E (Powder Keg) is awesome because is gives your Parrrley 60% armor pen, AOE and 200 additional damage versus Champions that can crit iirc.
: About "Special Forces" Gangplank Skin.
Special Forces GP still uses that animation but only for crits.
Depict (EUW)
: How much time have you spent playing lol?
You've spent about 3688 hours on League of Legends which means 154 days of your life. You are 16.899th on Europe West servers and 42.870th in the world. That's more than i expected...
: Been banned for 14 days...
If you really think you're innocent it shouldn't be a problem for you to show us your reform card, right?
: How do i find out how much RP i've bought?
Ask the support, that's the way i did it last year. However you might not like what you will see.
: how can you forget the day you get free cake?
Well i already need 10 min after i wake up to even remember who i am and where i am so this isn't that surprising.
: haha, the wait is real!
It won't kill me to wait tho. Let's see if i manage to forget my birthday (again).
: Todays my 18th birthday... (not a thread to ask for gifts but a question)
I still have to wait almost 3 months till the 27th August and before i forget it, like with every other birthday, Happy Birthday
Lazyswagger (EUNE)
: Yea but i dont have such a folder all my LoL files are in "C:\Program Files (x86)\RADS" :(
Weird... If you install it normally you should have the folder in this location :/ Have you tried to use the search function to find the riot games folder?
Lazyswagger (EUNE)
: Where is screenshot folder?
Usually they should be safed here C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Screenshots
: So much vision, look at [mine](http://i.imgur.com/TJ3iwhV.jpg) :(
Believe it or not, for over 1.5 Years i thought everybody can only as much as you do right now.... Then i saw videos on Youtube proving me wrong...
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Looks lonely =P
A little bit :( No minions (or H-28G Evolution Turrets) to throw around :/
Tarios (EUW)
: My hardware is not so bad for playing League.. But monitor :DD ke ke ke... Ehhh. My suggestion now looking like scream in the void{{champion:161}}. "Just open your window and throw out your monitor"{{item:3070}} . I hope someone who reading this can add image with midlane in 16:9 in good resolution. Maybe is it possible to get camera higher for 4:3 users? Something about 10-15 percent? I think it's good decision.
[This](http://i.imgur.com/APopscA.jpg) is how mid lane looks for me.
: pbe
You can sign up on [this site](https://pbesignup.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe). However it can take alot of time until you get a PBE account.
: Teemo+Undo button at Shop
This happens everytime something walks in a mushroom. Same thing applies to Azir's passive and other similar skills like Malzahar's E, Caitlyn's and Nidalee's traps that have the ability to deal damage while you're in base.
: I love my IP, but...
You could collect all T3 runes to get rid of the excess IP and do stuff with it (i have no idea what you could do with those tho, maybe a random rune page?). I'll need to grind IP for the last remaining 104 runes than i can finally rest in piece knowing that i got all of them.
: Bltizcrank overdrive not working properly
It scales of your base movement speed. Also there are 2 soft caps for movement speed at 415 MS and 490 MS, both affecting Blitzcrank in your case. The raw MS without calculating the softcaps would be at ~700 MS.
: what does packet loss mean?
"Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data travelling across a computer network fail to reach their destination." Could you run this [test](http://netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/)? It's taken from the Riot support and it will test your connection if you have packet loss and other things. If you're interested in the full article, you can find it [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues). It also contains different approaches to fix your connection problems.
: So there is no longer hope for euw?
Maybe you have packet loss? That seems like the most obvious reason to me why you have so high ping spikes if your internet is fine otherwise.
Lawful (EUNE)
: Gold Players are so bad, what happened?
The removal of clamping definitely made it easier to get to gold. Also nowadays we are alot more players than back in S3 and what i've seen from my Placement matches so far is that sometimes the skill difference between two players is just too huge. The problem is you might have been gold last season but stopped playing ranked the moment inactivity decay for gold and below was gone and only played normals or ranked 5's afterwards. This creates the problem that some games just look like your team is just horrible but in reality they are average for gold. I would say in a month or two it should be alot better because some people still haven't played their placement or only a few games after their placements but have improved drasticly. The problem will remain though since some people aren't playing alot of ranked but are constantly improving making some matches just a stomp. The only way to 'fix' this would be bringing back inactivity decay but you'll never be able to fix the problem completely.
: Installing the game
Hi LeFiery Whiskers, How long hasn't the percentage moved? The download speed of 0 kbp/s is a normal behaviour of the Launcher. In this period of the time the patcher is usually verifying and extracting the files you just downloaded. This can happen multiple times per download so don't worry if it should happen again unless it stays on the same percentage for more than 30 minutes.
: How do i apply for pbe?
There you go [PBE Sign-up](https://pbesignup.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe)
: [Stats] In how many game, a flamer?
Toxic people are something i barely see and maybe even less considering i voted only based on my 100 (+/- 10) most recent games. I've had times where i would see 1 toxic person in 50 games+. Considering all my games my answer would be more like 17 (+/- 2) instead of 8. Take into account that this is only my perception of things and the actual toxicity would most likely differ.
: When Windows 10 preview users can expect help?
I have some good news and some bad ones. The good ones are that they already have a fix that seems to work fine. The bad news are the fix is only on the PBE and will most likely come with 5.6 unless they decide to deploy a hotfix for it.
Junogold (EUNE)
: My provisionals this season
It seems like you had a lower MMR than the necessesary MMR for Silver IV, most likely around Bronze I/Silver V last season thus causing you to be placed lower than before. Your MMR determines where you get placed after playing your placement matches, how much LP you gain and most importantly it determines the matchmaking.
Quiz (EUNE)
: Being new to this game isn't easy
Back when i started playing this game 3 years ago i thought i'm going to try that game a bit and forget it after some hours again... Well it went another way. After hours of learning the basics and getting some experience in this game it got me in the end. Now i'm standing (or typing) here after thousands of games and hours and i'm happy that i'm a part of the community. One thing i've learned and it's a really important one, stay positive. Ignore those who flame, those who are toxic and you'll see that they are only a small part of the community and we aren't as bad as everybody wants to tell you. Have fun playing the game and have respect for your team and your enemy. For me this includes this inlcudes to not smurf since i'll destroy the experience for the new players and that's not something i wanna do. We all once started without or only little knowledge about the game and we all got it after playing this game for hours and i think we should give everybody the time he/she needs. I for example didn't know that i can put point into my abilities or that i can buy something else than the recommended items (back in S2 every Champion only had 6 recommended items). Have fun ^^
Rustam (EUW)
: I bought it 3 days ago. And I reinstalled my software... still the same issue. :( I think I'll bring it back and take another one.. But still, ty for your help mate ! =)
Seems like it's a problem with the headset than :/ I wish you luck that your new one will work ^^
Sffc (EUW)
: [Resolved] Saving ScreenShots (SS) in-game
Go to your Riot Games folder then open the folder League of Legends and you should be to see the screenshot folder. The path should look like this C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Screenshots
Mllenox (EUW)
: [bug] EUW "please reconnect to the game" -> but game ended already
It seems like you are stuck in a ghost game thus it should expire after two hours maximum.
: My account is assigned to a non-existing game
You seem to be stuck in a ghost game. It should expire as far as i'm aware after 2 hours maximum.
Rustam (EUW)
: OK thank you for the software =) But my PC is not outdated or has not non existant drivers.. Its all updated. And my headset has Dolby 7.1.... But when I turn it off, the sound comes only from the right side.. The left side is muted... I just realized sometimes when I use an ability, it kinda echos... For example: I use Rivens Q's and the sound echos... My headset might be broken, or?
Give me some minutes and i'll check if i can hear some sort of echo but i'll let my defrag finish first. By the way how old is your headset? Also i would suggest you to install the drivers/software of your headset again because it might be the case that the software is not working as intended. Edit: No echo on Riven's Q for me
Rustam (EUW)
: Yes. Its all done. Or do you mean my whole set up? And btw does LoL support Dolby Surround ?
I ran in the same problem when i got my new PC but in my case it was outdated/non-existant software/drivers. I'm using a Headset with Dolby surround 7.1. As far as i know the only way to use surround sound with LoL is with 7.1 because it can simulate surround sound without having the need of actual surround sound output by a game or something similar. Edit: Found the software from Dolby to simulate 7.1. It's called Dolby Pro Logic IIx
Rustam (EUW)
: Logitech G430 Headset Problems
Have you installed the latest software and drivers? This might be the reason for your problems.
Awenohi (EUW)
: How do you choose what skin to buy for your champions
Uff... That's a hard question to answer actually. For some Champion like Kog'Maw i've just bought them all 'cause reasons. Other skins i bought because when i bought the skin they were my most played Champion. Some skins i buy because i just like the look of the skin and another part are mystery skins. Also i've this strange urge to spend RP and i can say it's NOT healthy for your wallet. Currently i'm just buying those who got released recently since it's hard to find new skins... i want number 264 now :(
Borbland (EUW)
: As a big s2 Cassiopeia player, her Q always was ín smartcast. I even learned to play smartcast with her, because non-smartcast Cassiopeia isn't too good, and I realised her Q is smartcast already. Other automatic smartcast skills are {{champion:103}} {{champion:161}} ultimates.
Didn't play her much back in S2 but thanks for the information. But i miss the lvl 2 first bloods ;-;
Good Be3r (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fume Knight,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=p7fHkoW6,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-03-13T15:40:11.873+0000) > > It's designed to work like that because the designer of those Champions deemed it necessary. For example Karthus can use his Q without any CDR once in a second, making it pretty weird to use without smartcast. If i remember correctly Cassiopeia's Q wasn't auto smartcast back in S2, the last time i played without smartcast. Maybe they changed that with her rework? In most cases where abilities have auto smartcast the ability has a rather low CD (1-2s) or are more useful if cast immediately. > Other abilities are: Ahri's R, Fizz' E, Irelia's R, Riven's Q and E, Vayne's Q, Yasuo's Q, Zyra's W, Nidalee's W and Flash But except Flash which is not a Champion ability, all of these abilities are not AOE which can be lauched at some random spot (within a range). All implied a dash, and Yasuo's Q is more like an aura with a stick shape than a skillshot, but still an aura at a static place, in front of Yasuo (and during the special Q, max range circle is displayed). Maybe the design for this 2 spells is not right... :\
Not sure about Cass but playing Karthus without smartcast on his Q would feel awkward in my opinion.
Good Be3r (EUW)
: [Bug?] Karthus Q and Cassiopea Q are NOT intuitive at all
It's designed to work like that because the designer of those Champions deemed it necessary. For example Karthus can use his Q without any CDR once in a second, making it pretty weird to use without smartcast. If i remember correctly Cassiopeia's Q wasn't auto smartcast back in S2, the last time i played without smartcast. Maybe they changed that with her rework? In most cases where abilities have auto smartcast the ability has a rather low CD (1-2s) or are more useful if cast immediately. Other abilities are: Ahri's R, Fizz' E, Irelia's R, Riven's Q and E, Vayne's Q, Yasuo's Q, Zyra's W, Nidalee's W and Flash
: You mean, this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZa0RgdqIT8 XD
Well done my friend well done ^_^
Solash (EUW)
: Early clearing with Kha'Zix...
Hunter's Machete got changed on the PBE Health regen lowered to 6 from 7. New Effect: The amount of health gained per second increases to 12 while below 50% health (no regeneration is gained while in combat with cowardly monsters) If that change hits live your nightmares will be gone. I'll get some data about Kha soon™. I can already say i finish every camp with at least 40% HP.
Solash (EUW)
: Early clearing with Kha'Zix...
Have you tried kiting the monsters? This helps Kha'Zix alot in his first clear at the cost of 5 to 10 seconds if you take both buffs and two mini camps.
Bralon (EUNE)
: Bard is bugged
It's an intended behaviour since you're in same stasis like somebody who used zhonya's. Look at it from the bright site, now you got a new thing to counter Zed's Death Mark or be the new Jarvan. "I'm Bard I'm helping"
: It's stuck but I'm patient/ish
It's a big patch according to Pwyff and Scarizard because they've updated the SR once again with slightly altered textures but i understand your frustration :/
: no it is just doing the notifications however it is making the game lag really badly when it does it
Be sure to report the false posivite to [Avast](https://www.avast.com/contact-form.php?subject=VIRUS-FILE) so they are aware of the issue and can hopefully fix it ASAP.
: yeh it is avast might have to have a change then i think it is just false positives though
Avast seems to have a history of problems with league which sucks for all those who use it. Is it kicking you out of games too or do you just get notifications?
: If you were in the desert dying of dehydration and the Support Staff had water and you asked them for some of it, they would tell you to check your Internet.
I never had any problems with the support, maybe i just got lucky hmm. Anyways was Eambo's post helpful?
: are the notifications in getting from my antivirus from league false positives or have rito f***edit
Is your antivirus program Avast? I've seen other posts with the same problem that you have and they use Avast. My antivirus (Avira) has no problems with league.
: Patcher, 0 kb/s am I the only one?
Eambo made a post about some if not all of the problems occur. Here is the post [Click me](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/UAEILA9R-info-issues-with-patch-55-please-read-here) and if the tips don't work you can either wait for Eambo to help you out or ask the support.
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