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Febos (EUW)
: Amazing work. Wasn't expecting that. When you started with "Welcome back motherquack" I thought to myself "here we go". But you proved me wrong. You got me at 1:46. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you for taking the time to compliment my video ^^ I really just like the word i dont know why, probably a few too many samuel l jackson movies :/ So glad that i got you there xD I'm farely new to after effects so this little bit took me way longer than im willing to admit, but now im happy i did put in the time :D
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reticxE (EUW)
: is it a real cam you are using for facecam? :) the quality is insane tho
Ye i use my sony alpha 7 s2 as a facecam xD Its a pain in the ass in post because i have to sync it with the video file of the gameplay, but hey i'm always trying to go the extra mile ^^
4dc0nly (EUW)
: Yeah, kinda annoying when they just downvote without further argumentation on a "forum". Upvoted because I learned something and you are chill. Btw.
So it is not just me..thats a relief xd Also thanks man apreciate it ^^
: You and how many of your smurfs liked this? XD
:D to be honest i liked it with 2 accounts ^^ but i also got 4 downvotes and no explanation from them as to why :3 I'm fine with downvoting but at least let me know what you disliked people come on! :D
: smurfing is against tos..
Danneyftw (EUW)
: Hey man, you're pretty chill. I enjoy watching you :D
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: Unranked to Challenger Episode 4 :) Still appreciating any criticism!
damn..thanks for the upvotes <3 btw i messed up with the title its master and not challenger. cant edit title though. my bad
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: New player on EUW streaming! AMA =)
what is your name supposed to be spelled like? Or what is it?
: Looking for an editor to make a Yasuo montage
just saying buddy. you should really record your screen, the whole exciting part of watching outplays is how you manouver your mouse and stuff. Just seeing it happen isn't all that exciting. If you have an nvidia card check out shadowplay. If your pc is fairly modern you can use obs or stuff like that.
Solahri (EUW)
: HEY im building a flex club for platin+ Players ( in flex) who want to play TRYHARD
not related but damn do i miss teamrankeds... flex just isnt the same
: Nasus for Dogs
i dont know what this is... but i like it ^^
: i like how you're super enthusiastic in your intro but if you skip to literally any part of the video you just sit there quietly even when tense stuff is going down. criticism appreciated? well, your intro is kinda weird, i'd skip that or redo it if i were you
Ye youre correct.I started to loosen up a bit in the 2nd game. I already apologized in the comments that im still not used to talking to the camera, so ill work on that^^ As for the intro imma just try out some different things. Thank you though :)
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: Unranked to Master : Episode 1 (my second video overall) Feedback is highly appreciated!
canR (EUW)
: Support Main SoloQ - Stream
du bist übrigens im englischen forum ^^
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MowerSouls (EUNE)
: earnest request
you deserve your ban 100% make new account and prove it there youre not toxic. also learn english before u request sth in english
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