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: Lame excuses. I have played six trillion games since season 2, at best saw 1 maybe 2 cheaters. Stop being so bad at the game! Then you don't need excuses!
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: Yeah i'm going to go out on a limb and say they aren't as rampant as you think and that you're just really bad at seeing what is going on :P
2K damage in under a second with 2 people under fountain and in the center. Even Vayne's can't burst that hard.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: All stats are sever base, so there's no way to cheat with what you say like heal more than you should or heal without resources or do more damage There are no cheats in the game, there are scripts that help you with auto aim and other stuff but not real cheats to give you power: like money, damage, resistance, speed etc! - Soraka E is very easy to hit - Scripters exist, cheats do not exist ! nobody can deal more damage that it should (at least if there are not some bugs which are fixed fast). so stop thinking others cheat and that's why you can't win, you just need to play better !
So how did Kai'sa deal 2K damage in under a second while both me and Akali were under fountain? She escaped after killing us both as well. Huh? Or is she so stupidly broken and Riot haven't nerfed her because reasons? Soraka E always landed perfectly, even if I flashed E'd towards the enemy. That is suspicious. Oh and, apparently W does 200 AP damage at level 2? Don't know about you but that smells BS like you posted.
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: Well, apparently you've already mastered the most important league related skill of all: Complaining about unbalanced champions{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} On the real though, Triforce is a good item on certain kinds of champions. Mostly the ones that like to weave in auto attacks between abilities or have an ability that can proc the triforce passive called "spellblade" (iirc). Champs that like to build triforce are: {{champion:24}}, {{champion:41}} , {{champion:114}} (sometimes), {{champion:122}} (sometimes) and others like them. However, in general, what you want to build depends highly on what champion you play. Champs like {{champion:92}} or {{champion:266}} for example would much rather build things like {{item:3812}} , {{item:3071}} and {{item:3026}}. Whereas tanks like {{champion:516}} would go for things like {{item:3025}} and {{item:3001}} and {{item:3083}} . You can check popular builds for champions on sites like {{item:3364}} is an item used to detect and kill enemy wards. You can get it for free, however warding strategies are somewhat advanced and not very important for new players (or most players below plat, really). Therefore i'd recommend sticking to {{item:3340}} as your trinket and using it as often as you can to make sure no enemies can sneak up on you undetected. Fiora has an ability called riposte (her w) that allows her to block all incoming debuffs, including exhaust. However, if she doesn't use it and u cast exhaust on her, it should work. So that is either a bug or a mistake on your side. Smite can deal damage to champions if you get one of the upgrades of hunters machete ({{item:3706}} or {{item:3715}} ). That is not champion specific. However, unless you're a jungler you should never take smite, it's just not worth it. Warwick is designed to be a tanky auto attacker, so he will probably win a 1v1 auto attack competition against most champions. However, he is vulnerable to crowd control (stuns, roots, slows) etc that prevent him from getting onto his target and will allow you to kill him pretty easily. Also, champions like yi just straight up outduel him (in late game at least). Yi is a bit of a problem at lower ranks since despite the fact that good players can easily stop him from snowballing and getting to his very powerful late game state (yi has a very bad early game), new/bad players often wont do that, making him seem stronger than he really is. Yasuo suffers from the same effect. He's good for EXTREMELY good players (professionals, here's the best yasuo player atm wrecking some scrubs: , it also shows how to shut down a yasuo though) and against pretty bad players, but for everyone else, he's pretty weak. Good players will understand how to lock him down and destroying him. Please don't join the "I hate yasuo"-bandwagon, we have enough of those ppl already xD Btw, what do u usually play, if u tell me i can give u some more specific advice.
The only champions I've played so far are Ahri and Caitlyn. So smite can be used to do damage... sounds like a pain. Yi and Yasuo don't sound fun to go against and Yi was free. Fiora was never parrying when I tried to exhaust her so I have no clue what went on there but the other stuff makes me thing it might be a cheater since their ult was always up within 30 seconds when they were level 10 (Unless it's meant to be that short).
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