AznaktaX (EUNE)
: "nerf a champion that hardly anyone complains about, and nerf him hard from multiple directions at once and call it a buff" That reminds me when they did a "nerf in disquise" buff on Soraka a long time ago.
Okay, if you want to go down that road: Where did they buff Veigar? Or Zilean? The only thing that I see that might be a buff is the double bomb stun, but it's not easy to hit on a moving target that tries not to get hit.
: RioT is slowly trying to get rid of "point and click" skills...and Zilean's bomb was a fairly long ranged and annoying one. I still think that Zilean was in need of a rework, more than some tweaks or buff/nerf, but whatever. I hardly played him so i'll leave it to someone else. Kassadin's nerfs...the more i see him being played, the more i think that good Kassas can perfectly live with it. It would be good, however, too see if others annoying dashes can be nerfed a little, now that the supposedly BEST one is no longer the best (...{{champion:64}} ...{{champion:7}} ...{{champion:103}} ...)... The junglers nerf are annoying, but i have to say that i barely noticed the range reduction of smite. Maybe i did not get it right when i read about it.
Yea, I can see the trend of getting rid of point and click skills. It still seems unfair when ADCs get an even easier way of doing damage though. And I'm not sure if I want to play the game if they remove the point and click thing entirely. I might just stick to eve and wot and stop bothering about lol. I mean, I hardly played midlane champions in ranked anyway but I just... like the game less with my favorite champions becoming something else entirely. To be honest, I'd like to have just kept the point and click thing, maybe reduced the damage a bit if that's a problem and change E so it only stuns the first two champions that touch it (or everyone hit at the instant you cast it, if more than two are hit when you cast it, which is already somewhat skillful, to instantly stun more than two champions but not leave a cage to threaten other champions, I think). I don't really see WHY they're removing point and click skills. I think that's the main thing for me here, they make changes to a system I liked and I don't get why. Veigar's role, to me, was that of a squishy short range single target burst champion with reliable group CC. Now he's just another skillshot champion that doesn't come close to Ahri or LB, who are competing for the same role but are, probably, just overall better.
: Being a player actually requires any amount of brain or knowledge or something? Instead of whining about nerfs how about you try to adapt? If not you shouldn't play a game that gets patched constantly. When Syndra got nerfed, did I (who mains Syndra in mid) whine once? No, i kept calm, saw what changed and adapted. I saw the same with a Veigar main (especially after that Veigar changes now that's something to consider). But no, 90% of the playerbase that commentates on the forum consists of whiny kids that, instead of adapting to a situation, like they should, prefer to whine and call the employees of a company from the game they like brainless. Sry, but no. Just no.
What do you mean, adapt? Stop picking those champions? I guess that's what I'll do with Veigar and Zilean. I guess I'll wait for the pros in LCS playing them to show me how they work now, since they're both so popular and strong they'll get picked in no time. What bothers me most about the changes is that they try to sell nerfs as buffs. Just read the description. Even with Kassadin's ultimate.
danatch19 (EUW)
: Wrong. Majority of players are silver. And majority of players can and are still using the champs fine. Without moaning about it every 2 minutes. I personally think that veigars E was needed, slightly over nerfed but I think that will be fixed
Veigar often doesn't survive for 0.75sec if he doesn't stun an enemy ambushing him. The point is, if you want to nerf E you nerf E. There is no reason to even touch Q and R. Also they removed deathfire grasp. They hit that little champion from so many directions with nerfs at the same time that I'm curious if he'll get picked again by anyone that knows about the changes.
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