Modifi (EUW)
: oh my god yes!!. Only played one game so far, but it doesnt seem bugged!! i hope it stays this way. Finally!
Yeah i hope aswell that they don't bring back the old one!!
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Taari (EUW)
: Please fix death recap
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: Patch 8.6 Still Fps Drops - Unplayable
Yep, im getting aswell fps problems i hope they will fix it soon
: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , man, play just garen in every role you will get intro challenger 800 lp
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: There's no need to go to such extremes, play one champions in it's supposed role when you can, but have an alternative pick when you have to play it something else(autofill) or one-trick support and don't bother with autofill. Also to OP, besides what ChiTenshi said, another problem you have is that you don't play enough ranked games, you barely have any ranked games played, previous season it looks like you barely had 50 games played and this one looks like only, i don't know 10? We're already geting close to end of season and you've barely played.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , man, play just garen in every role you will get intro challenger 800 lp
: Could say the same about vayne. You are a vayne player, you want a skin for her. Yorick, cassio and viktor players want a skin for them.
But i didn't see nobody asking for those skins so NOBODY WANTS IT, do the same than me man speak my idiom
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: You need to focus on improving 1/2 roles. You currently have a dab on everything (which isn't necessarily bad) but it's dividing your skills and it doesn't allow to improve properly in one area.
No, play one role , just one role and one champion in every lane, Garen top garen supp garen mid garen jng garen adc
God of Seas (EUNE)
: How can you have such a negative win rate i didnt know it was possible. Here's a tip from a platinum, take a break from ranked, you are not ready. You need your time to learn the game and improove and if you keep playing at this win rate you ll make your future climb harder. So take a break and play normals to practice. But be careful, dont play normals to win, play them to practice. A good practice is after every death you do, think of what lead to this death and what you could do better. Play to improve and not to win for 1 month and i assure you you'll get better at the game.
Don't listen him, You have to play rankeds for improve, not take a break, breaks are fine but just if you are tilted or without motivation, you need to play Garen, spamm Garen, improve with him and become a OTP, like this you'll give your 100% potential with Garen and you will be able to get out from Bronze and start to climbing up, sometimes watch actual high elo Garen games or high elo toplaners Videos/Streams, will help you alot, try to understand their stretegys and playstyle.
: you want to talk about last skin dates? oh here we go {{champion:69}} last skin 8.2.2013 {{champion:83}} last skin 22.6.2011 {{champion:112}} last skin 1.10.2013 and some of these even have less skins than vayne.
but who wants a viktor or a yorick or a cassio skin man rt {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Treycos (EUW)
: We already have so much... including Soulstealer (wich i love) There are a LOT of champions that needs skins more
Not everyone can have Soulstealer Vayne , remember that this one is exclusive
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