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: I like it but i think ezreal would be a cool kda member
I wanted to involve him first but then I remembered ... hes in inlcuded in so many other skinlines so i decided to give Varus a bit of love {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: {{champion:44}} KDA Taric
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Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: I deleted that comment because I thought again and I said I won't play again. Well, the girl may be curious what I said, so that's it > What people see in this post : > >- Friendly >- Funny >- Childish >- GIRL > What I see in this post : > >- A crazy Lux main >- Lux one trick >- With half a million points on Lux >- Can protect me from Evil People (Vayne) > Nice, I uninstalled League today, but I'll install it tomorrow so you can protect me from Vayne :D > Add me : QuM1tSuk3 YT :P Jungle main. I'm not magical, but a Shadow. We can duo sometimes but not permanently cuz I have friends to play with sometimes :P > > I'm dumb when I'm fed btw
Think you got the main Picture of her then :P sparkle, rainbow, friendship and ofc unicorns {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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SheepBoyo (EUW)
: Silver Jungler LF some 5v5 flex
I'll add you, I may be able to get you 4 other people if you dont have enough already
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: We are talking about a **Passive ability** Mundo's R has 90s CD. Thats a big difference
Ik and dw i scaled down the heal quite a lot already ^^but still its less than mundo heal :P
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SoniaQT (EUW)
: Looking for Team/Duo/Friends lol
Hey! If you still don't have any luck finding anyone feel free to join our discord server / community and check for players there :)
: everyone should get 1 free dodge per day.
I wouldn't say I agree with the free dodge in normal circumstances but i can understand it in promotions its kind of annoying that you auto loose if you want to dodge, mby they could give an alternative for that.
: New Skin line Concept - Clean Up Crew
How about singed and give him a vacuum cleaner on his back that has a disfunction and sprays around dirt?
: Champion concept: Cupid and Deon
I find it a pretty interesting design (including backstory), mby you could use some clearer stats and scaling on the abilites (how much dmg / range etc each spell has.) I usually use this site to compare: (in this case olaf ^^) coming to the abilites: passive: I assume its like gp with his ult (how does he gain that currency is the question here). I would also tune it down to 1 item, but make it stronger (similar to victor you can choose 3 different staffs in this case 3 different items which give you either) Q - looks fine (i assume its like camille, casting it 3 times? or more like lucian passive in this case 3 aas instead of 2?) w- you could probably trigger it, lets say deon gives off a little explosion upon dieing. e - the duration is too long imo olaf ult is 6 seconds, and thats his ult ability maybe tweaking it down to 2 seconds would still be good enough. r- i like the usage of Deon in this (reminds me a bit at nautilus ult ^^) and are the auto attacks flying after the enemy for 10 seconds (doesnt matter the range) or does it have a limit? If it does not have a limit the duration needs to be lowered by a lot (down to 5 seconds imo) or you lower the dmg the further away they are. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: uhm? 80hp per second at lvl 18?! Not even Mundo heals that much...
Mundo heals his full hp in 12 seconds tho x) lets say mundo has 3,5k hp -> 290hp per second which can not be reduced by healing reduction effects (at least in lategame). Shed probably heals around 1k over 10 seconds but that has the condition that she is always next to an enemy with her aura. Ofc you can reduce it a bit if it seems to be a bit too strong (and its at lvl 16* ^^) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Marcua (EUW)
: Looks like an exciting champion. Her current kit could be a bit too much like a mix between Azir and Zyra though. But nonetheless, looks like she could be a really cool champ :D
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: [EUW][Plat and Dia] Looking for members to join a competitive Team
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: Annie's Q seems to have a lower range than her AA?!
wth? seems like you found a bug there o_O
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WoOxèr (EUW)
: Is E skill shot or not? If point to click way too broken.
imagine it as a mix between taliyah w and thresh e.
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DutchPro (EUW)
: Thank you for proving my point. I think we can all agree that this is the only important thing: "The normals did not affect your MMR. Although, the skill gained from them translated into your ranked games."
The only thing i watned to point out here, normal game mmr and ranked mmr are 2 different things, and what is meant with that is, that the experience you gain in normals can help you climb ... lmao if you don't believe me check this out: "hey are separate. You can have high normals MMR with low ranked MMR, and vice versa. It's rare for them to be the same." "I wouldn't say rare. There can be a big difference if you only play ranked, or only play normals. If you have been playing for a while at a semi-consistent level, most people will have consistent matchmaking in normals and ranked." "separate, each queue (except solo/duo which is a singular queue) has its own mmr; the golds and plats you play with probably play few enough normals games that the system has over time moved them back to the baseline" "After approximately 2.5k normal games played, my normal MMR is a lot higher than ranked. I often can get matched with Diamonds who play a lot of ranked and less normals, and very regularly am paired with and against Plats. They are different MMR values and have no effect on each other at all. Personally I don't find myself a plat-level player so it is pretty disheartening at times. But they're totally separate queues and MMRs." "I am plat 2 but I have lower normal draft MMR. The biggest thing is when you solo queue in draft u get 4 randoms that can %%%% the game for you and you are playing vs organized enemies. This isn't like ranked and in a draft normal it is a lot harder to carry than when everyone is alone." if you still don't want to believe me ask a riot employee
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DutchPro (EUW)
: If your smurf is silver the average mmr will be around silver. There could be a diamond in your game but that is probably compensated by a bronze. It's not like if you play a lot of normals on a silver acc that you will play vs diamond just because you win a lot. Just play on your main it's a challenge "People have a separate MMR for ARAM, ranked 3v3, normal 3v3, and each individual RGM, as well as the 3 SR MMRs mentioned." "No, normals don't impact your ranked mmr, or vice versa." "The normals did not affect your MMR. Although, the skill gained from them translated into your ranked games." {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Thanks for sharing this with us, here are some "complaints" or "compliments" rather about it :) his atk growth is far too high, As of Ms, more than 335 seems like too great since you can almost escape from champions like vayne you could be more presice in the passive,people might not understand you have to use basic attacks for it to work for the W you could describe the "explosion" radius in units or... teemo E is kinda confusing me since it works with stacks. and ult doesnt sound as the most useful thing in the world (+ i think wards should have 80% reduced vision range in smoke instead) Still, I'm not saying it wasnt a good champion showcase but I kinda smell the 2016 inside of it :) But thanks for posting this great Idea anyways, hope you'll keep this up!
Thanks for the comment! The reasoning behind the e was, there are no stacking assassins rn so I thought you could somehow invent it, you could turn down the numbers, or make him stack something else instead (mby until a max % true dmg passive? instead of the ad) The radius of the w is described in units, you can compare on lol-wiki how much it is. (it's around half teemos attack range if that helps). As for the base stats, y you could probably tune it down to 340,but on the other side his base stats are pretty weak compared to other champions so he only has that going for him (which his ult also benefits form) as for the ult, it's not really meant to duel, rather to make plays with your team, make them disappear in the shadows where no wards can reveal them and get something out of.
DutchPro (EUW)
: I hope you do realise your ranked MMR is the same as your normal MMR. If are silver but you win a lot of normals, you will still play vs silvers compared to when you play in platinum where you will play vs plat players.
Not really ... normal game mmr and ranked mmr are 2 completely different things (at least from as much as ik) and even if it were the same thing, why does my smurf get high dias and masters in normals, while my main (which is ranked higher) gets everything between gold to low dia (sometimes higher dias)?
: To hear, it seems like you have smurfs too. If thats the case, this is not learning but ruin the match. As i said, go face your own rank and if i want to learn from pro players i will watch other video's like donghuap info video or lcs. So move out of those shi't accounts into other peoples match. Also why need smurfs to be in rank if they can do normal if they want to play with their friends. For rank you lose Lp and mmr losing for free and the opponents get boosted, you as a player should see this if you have a smurf account.
The thing with my smurf acc, I rarely play solo q on them at all (mby the 10 placement matches to get teh reward) I use them to practice stuff in normals (since the mmr in normals is higher than on my main) or the flex q to play with my friends who are lower ranked... not like I had in mind to %%%% up everyones experience in ranked >_>
: For everyone who is diamond and is on a smurf. Quit with it! Ruin peoples mmr is not cool
I can imagine the frustration of people playing against smurfs, but if you do encounter one of them, try to learn from that game, what are they doing? how are they doing what? ect. (not trying to defend any smurfs anywhere ^^)
WoOxèr (EUW)
: Whats the point of this tank then? His ult is basically useless during laning phase.
it's not supposed to be a tank .... it's supposed to be an assassin, (friend of mine suggested to build him tanky due to his cc that's why I added the bruiser option) and his lane is pretty weak, imagine it as a vayne, you scale up in early to destroy everything in late. You'd also more likely play him in jung than in toplane. His ult is meant for playmaking, not for 1vs1 dueling in early, imagine doing baron with your team and you can cover the baron in dust, while the enemies can not reveal it with wards, they have to go into the dust to be able to see barons hp, and during that you can trap them, or try to hide your whole team before a teamfight to make something out of it...
Atlas (EUNE)
: %%%% I remember when I had to collect 10 of Nightshades and its been such a pain in the ass... I just fast-traveled between alchemists til I had enough but it still took like a day to finish.
ah? ^^ friend of mine suggested this name, does it have a special meaning XD
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: I know this. but there is a glitch. If u look at the video i linked the timer is all %%%%ed up. when i have like waited around 15 minutes it says that i will have to wait 20 min more,
ah? well you better report it to riot then o_o
Frozic (EUW)
: Yeah, maybe now that I've learned it. But in my opinion, not banning a champ doesn't get you a queue dodge timer in other game modes. And as far as I remember, it used to be that choosing the champ locked it when the time ran out. I think it even chose a random champ for you if you didn't choose anything.
back with the old draft: it you didn'T ban it did not ban anything, if you did not choose anything you got kicked out of the q. Even with the old draft you had to lock in the choice what you want to ban. Otherwise for picking it was the champ you were hovering. In custom games yes, if you did not select a champ you wanted to play it gave you a random one ^^
szparista (EUW)
: League OF Apes
Aight I see 1 thing in here, what did YOU do in these games (yes ik it's frustrating to play with these kind of plp who don't take the game serious at all) but if you can't handle it, mby the game is nothing for you (Multiplayer that is where you have to rely on other plp)
: Its just the community thats nothing about the server EUW is just nearly the same. I'd advice u to get some nice premades ^^' then u dont have those problems :P
I approve! (That works at least for normals, flex Q and fun gamemodes for ranked welp, mute everyone and try your best ^^)
: Are players more or less toxic compared to season 5?
For me it depends on the account and what I play tbh. In normals, arams, ect. fun gamemodes there are rarely any feeders or trolls, in ranked there are more tbh. If you create a new acc, and I'm not kidding, there is at least 1 flamer in EVERY game and in 9/10 at least 1 tilted afk. So I'd say it depends on the gamemode, lvl and elo (probably?)
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